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Diana Espir, Entertainment Host/Content Creator

Diana Espir is an entertainment host, content creator, and podcaster from Geneva, Switzerland. Her natural ability as an entertainer began to take shape when she began taking piano lessons at 2-years-old. Later, as she began taking music more seriously, she realized that Switzerland was not the best environment to continue developing her talents. Her pursuit of a singing career would eventually land her on France’s version of The Voice, and later, she would explore new opportunities in New...


Stephen Carleton, Aspiring Late-Night Host

Stephen Carleton is an aspiring late-night television host from Grahamsville, New York. While he had an interest in theater and public speaking, Stephen spent most of his teenage years not quite sure what he wanted to do as a career. After a teacher encouraged him to attend Ithaca College to pursue a future in television, Stephen's path became more clear. Several opportunities in school began getting him even more excited about his talk show host goals, but suddenly Stephen's world was...


Jay Jackson, Drag Queen "Laganja Estranja"

Jay Jackson is an entertainer, choreographer, and drag queen best known as Laganja Estranja from RuPaul's Drag Race and So You Think You Can Dance. Jay grew up in Dallas, Texas, and has been a performer all his life. In 2007, he was awarded Presidential Scholar in the Arts for his dance choreography. In this episode, Jay opens up about a number of personal topics including his relationship with his parents, his post-Drag Race struggles with substance abuse, and how he hopes his latest...


Andy Cruz, Filmmaker

Andy Cruz is a filmmaker from the Texas town of McAllen. Andy has always loved movies. In this episode, Andy shares filmmaking advice he received from his favorite director, Judd Apatow. He opens up about the joy of making your own projects, and shares a harrowing story regarding a violent attack that changed his life and inspired his latest film "2 Wrongs." This episode also features a return visit from actor (and now executive producer) Jamal Johnson. Full show notes available at...


Geoff Ashley, Writer

Geoff Ashley is a writer who was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. Inspired by science-fiction television shows and movies, Geoff has been writing for as long as he can remember. In this episode of the podcast, Geoff shares how he brought his story and characters to life within the pages of his Frontiers comic books. He recounts how he managed to cast a Star Trek icon for his podcast adaptation, and explains why he believes it's never too late to achieve success. Full show notes...


Stoll Vaughan, Musician/Songwriter

Stoll Vaughan is a musician, songwriter, and producer originally from Lexington, Kentucky. After realizing formal training didn’t provide him with what he felt he needed, he set out to gain life experiences, and allow the road to be his teacher. He’s toured with musicians like John Mellencamp, John Foggerty, Def Leppard, Journey, Shooter Jennings and more. His songs have been featured in popular television shows like True Blood, Friday Night Lights, Shameless, and The Office. Full show...


Denise Salcedo, T.V. Host/Entertainment Reporter

Denise Salcedo is a television host and entertainment reporter from Los Angeles. Growing up, Denise dreamed about becoming an actress and began studying theater in college. However, early in her college career, Denise came to realize that a future as a professional actress likely wasn’t in the cards for her. Defeated, she needed to figure out what it was that she would do next. After an ordinary stroll through the campus library, Denise stumbled upon what she discovered would become her...


Jake Cannon, Stand-up Comedian/Podcaster

Jake Cannon is an aspiring stand-up comedian and podcaster originally from Chino Hills. Growing up, Jake actually hated public speaking, despite having a keen sense of humor. After reading a book by a Hollywood screenwriter that encouraged pursuing the thing that scares you most, Jake determined that he would finally try and perform stand-up comedy. After his first performance, Jake had an emotional experience, and decided to continue performing comedy. Full show notes available at...


Robin Ayers, Entertainment Reporter/Motivational Speaker

Robin Ayers is an entertainment reporter, motivational speaker, and author originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Robin had a troubled childhood, and television provided her with an escape. Throughout her youth, the bright lights and colors she saw on TV programs like Soul Train brought her happiness. At the age of four, Robin was sent off to California, where suddenly she found herself living among the same bright lights she had seen on her television screen. Full show notes available at...


Ronny Pascale, Comedy Writer

Ronny Pascale is a comedy writer, producer, and improv performer form New Haven Connecticut. Ronny knew he wanted to be a performer at a young age, but he would not begin pursuing it until his mid-20's. He attributes this long delay to the fact that he grew up feeling very insecure and shy. Ronny became interested in improv after seeing a show he heard an advertisement for over the radio. Ronny began studying improv in New York City, and slowly began breaking out of his shell. Full show...


Chris Maslen, Actor

Chris Maslen is an actor originally from Kansas City, Missouri. In this episode, Chris shares how acting helped him find his true passion. He opens up about finding acceptance, and why for many years he was resistant to make the move to Los Angeles. Full show notes available at http://ktla.com/SpokenDreams.


Ben Worley, Composer/Actor

Ben Worley is a film composer and actor from Nashville, Tennessee. He would discover in high school that he could combine his love of movies and music by becoming a film composer, and with the help of his brother, he got his first paying gig. After graduating, Ben continued to working towards his dreams in Nashville, but eventually realized he needed to do something he was originally dead-set against: He needed to move to Los Angeles. Full show notes available at http://ktla.com/SpokenDreams.


Julie Mintz, Singer-songwriter

Julie Mintz is a singer-songwriter and recording artist originally from Corpus Christi, Texas. While Julie loved singing and playing piano, she had a strong aversion to performing in front of an audience. In this episode, Julie opens up about following her true passion. She shares how she ended up playing on The Tonight Show, and how she's allowed herself to be more vulnerable and confident as an artist. Full show notes available at http://ktla.com/SpokenDreams.


Che'Nelle, International Recording Artist

Che'Nelle is an international recording artist who grew up in Malaysia, and later Perth, Australia. In this episode, Che’Nelle opens up about the many phases of her career as a recording artist. She shares her experiences of making music in foreign countries, and how she now hopes to recreate her success in Japan in the United States and beyond. Full show notes available at http://ktla.com/SpokenDreams.


Bellsaint, Recording Artist/Songwriter

Bellsaint is a recording artist and songwriter originally from Tyler, Texas. Perhaps the epitome of a rising star, Bellsaint's music is receiving glowing accolades from publications and media outlets.She has worked with some of the top artists and producers in the industry, and has written music for television, film, commercials and more. Bellsaint's talents a songwriter and performer are undeniable. Full show notes available at http://ktla.com/SpokenDreams.


Nathan Moore, Actor/Director

Nathan Moore is an actor, director, and multi-faceted storyteller. He was born in New Hampshire, but spent much of his childhood was spent visiting the home of his grandparents' in Wisconsin. It was there that he cultivated his imagination and developed a sense for creating stories. Full show notes available at http://ktla.com/SpokenDreams.


Danielle Savre, Actress

Danielle Savre is an actress from Simi Valley in the midst of performing one of the biggest roles of her career. She currently stars as Maya Bishop on the Grey's Anatomy spinoff Station 19. Danielle believes she was born to act; a notion that is supported by a long list of notable film and television credits. Entertainment outlets everywhere are raving that Danielle is one of Hollywood's rising stars. Full show notes available at http://ktla.com/SpokenDreams.


Parris Rose, Host

Parris Rose is a host originally from Fairfield, Connecticut. As a young girl, she describes herself as having been very outgoing and always craving the center of attention. She was auditioning for choir and school plays even though, according to Parris, she couldn’t sing and didn’t think she was a very good actress; she just enjoyed doing anything that gave her the chance to be in the spotlight. Full show notes available at http://ktla.com/SpokenDreams.


Natalie K, Singer-songwriter

Natalie K is a singer-songwriter from Hollywood, California. An only child, Natalie always enjoyed being the center of attention as she entertained her friends and family. Later, she discovered that she could sing, and it quickly became one of her favorite ways to perform. Full show notes available at http://ktla.com/SpokenDreams.


Haylee Graham, Author/Screenwriter

Haylee Graham is a writer from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. The daughter of two actors, she came from a background of wealth and opportunity. However, as a teenager, her entire life was turned upside down. It was during this time that she began writing stories. Haylee saw writing as a way to deal with her real-life problems in her own fictional world. During her lowest point in life, Haylee realized how precious life is, and how she could use her writing to make a positive impact...