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Kaila Yu, Travel Writer/Blogger

Kaila Yu is a travel writer and blogger originally from Upland, California. Kaila was raised in a traditional Asian household. Growing up a lot of focus was put on her academic future. She did well in school, but because she was under so much pressure to succeed, she lacked a real sense of identity. By high school, Kaila began to rebel, and her grades began to slip. Later, she discovered drugs, and the course of her life would take a completely different direction. Kaila achieved some...


Lovely Lola, Singer/Songwriter

Lovely Lola is a singer who grew up in the mountains of Sunland in the San Fernando Valley. She's part of the music duo Nomad & Lola. Lovely Lola has been singing for as long as she can remember, and shares how she found a way to do what she loves for a living. Nomad drops in too with a few updates on what they've been up to since his previous visit last year. Nomad & Lola also perform one of their new Christmas songs live. Full show notes available at http://ktla.com/spokendreams.


Spencer Trinwith, Actor

Spencer Trinwith is an actor originally from San Jose, California. The son of two actors, his love for performing began at a young age. Since childhood, Spencer's instincts told him he was always meant to be an actor. He went on to attend the North Carolina School of the Arts, which further solidified his sense of belonging. Spencer did everything he could to set himself up to have a career as a performer. But then, his future was then severely put into question. A terrible medical issue...


Thanksgiving Holiday Sampler

In this episode of Spoken Dreams, Bobby shares clips from some of KTLA's other podcast offerings from Frank Buckley Interviews, The News Director's Office, and California Cooking. Full show notes available at http://ktla.com/spokendreams.


Derek Warburton, Fashion Stylist/Creative Director

Derek Warburton is a stylist, consultant, and slew of other roles in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries. He is also owner and creative director for LAPALME Magazine. Born in New Hampshire, Derek's childhood was fraught with difficulty. He faced a number of challenges including abuse and homelessness. It wasn't until he was 15-years-old that Derek finally felt he gained something he had been missing all his life: freedom. For the first time, he was able to be himself, and...


Jordan Morgan, Actor

Jordan Morgan is an actor from the town of Truman, Arkansas. Jordan's performing experience began as a member of his church choir, and he also acted in plays there. While Jordan enjoyed acting, he had always considered it an after-school hobby. As he prepared to apply for college, he toyed with the idea of law school or a career in medicine, but never gave a future as a performer any serious thought. During his freshman year of college, Jordan discovered Shakespeare, and decided he would...


Rose Emanuel, Actress

Rose Emanuel is an actress originally from London, England. Rose comes a family of entertainers, so naturally she grew up with a dream to be a star. Her father, however, wasn't so sure that was the best safest path for her to follow. Ever stalwart, Rose was determined to chase her passion for performing, and at a young age, a future career as an actress started to look very promising. But as Rose was just starting to reap the benefits of all that she'd worked for, her parents pulled up...


Paul Sanchez, Filmmaker/Photojournalist

Paul Sanchez is a filmmaker, photojournalist, and fellow KTLA colleague. Twenty years ago, Paul was in charge of a small college radio station in St. George, Utah. It was something Paul was very proud of. He was able to share the music he loved and spread his voice in the community. One Monday afternoon, after a terrible incident, the radio station was shut down. Paul and some of his colleagues were left with more questions that answers, and while Paul always wanted to share the story of...


Shane Elizabeth, Writer

Shane Elizabeth is a writer originally from Chicago. What started as a deep love for television eventually led to a pursuit of a career in screenwriting. After studying in Chicago and New York City, Shane made her way to the place she obsessed over since childhood: Hollywood. It was there where she began working in reality television. Later, a feature that Shane had written got some promising attention, and just as the project was looking like it would become a reality, The whole thing fell...


Tara Bianco, Actress/Dancer

Tara Bianco is an actress, singer, and dancer originally from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Tara grew up performing in musical theater, and has always been a natural entertainer. She would later decide to take the leap and move to Hollywood to chase her dreams of stardom, leaving the comforts of South Carolina behind. Tara found a lot of success early on; She signed with an acting manager, booked a role in a national television show, and got into SAG. Behind the scenes, however, Tara...


Stephanie Nauli, Actress/Singer

Stephanie Nauli is an actress, model, singer, and author from Los Angeles, California. As a child, Stephanie did have a desire to be a star, but as she approached adulthood, her life began unfolding in a different way. After high school, she went on to join the Army where she became known among the ranks for her noteworthy performances of the National Anthem. Despite people around Stephanie urging her to pursue a career in Hollywood, she laughed it off, and after being honorably discharged,...


Keith Gallucci, Actor

Keith Gallucci is an actor and singer from Rensselaer Falls, New York. Growing up in the small village, Keith and his brother relied on nothing but movies and their imagination to keep themselves entertained. By the time he reached college, Keith had made the decision that he wanted to be an actor, and he was given the unique opportunity to study his craft at the prestigious Moscow Art Theatre School. After graduating, Keith knew that if he was really serious about his desire to be an actor,...


Diana Espir, Entertainment Host/Content Creator

Diana Espir is an entertainment host, content creator, and podcaster from Geneva, Switzerland. Her natural ability as an entertainer began to take shape when she began taking piano lessons at 2-years-old. Later, as she began taking music more seriously, she realized that Switzerland was not the best environment to continue developing her talents. Her pursuit of a singing career would eventually land her on France’s version of The Voice, and later, she would explore new opportunities in New...


Stephen Carleton, Aspiring Late-Night Host

Stephen Carleton is an aspiring late-night television host from Grahamsville, New York. While he had an interest in theater and public speaking, Stephen spent most of his teenage years not quite sure what he wanted to do as a career. After a teacher encouraged him to attend Ithaca College to pursue a future in television, Stephen's path became more clear. Several opportunities in school began getting him even more excited about his talk show host goals, but suddenly Stephen's world was...


Jay Jackson, Drag Queen "Laganja Estranja"

Jay Jackson is an entertainer, choreographer, and drag queen best known as Laganja Estranja from RuPaul's Drag Race and So You Think You Can Dance. Jay grew up in Dallas, Texas, and has been a performer all his life. In 2007, he was awarded Presidential Scholar in the Arts for his dance choreography. In this episode, Jay opens up about a number of personal topics including his relationship with his parents, his post-Drag Race struggles with substance abuse, and how he hopes his latest...


Andy Cruz, Filmmaker

Andy Cruz is a filmmaker from the Texas town of McAllen. Andy has always loved movies. In this episode, Andy shares filmmaking advice he received from his favorite director, Judd Apatow. He opens up about the joy of making your own projects, and shares a harrowing story regarding a violent attack that changed his life and inspired his latest film "2 Wrongs." This episode also features a return visit from actor (and now executive producer) Jamal Johnson. Full show notes available at...


Geoff Ashley, Writer

Geoff Ashley is a writer who was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. Inspired by science-fiction television shows and movies, Geoff has been writing for as long as he can remember. In this episode of the podcast, Geoff shares how he brought his story and characters to life within the pages of his Frontiers comic books. He recounts how he managed to cast a Star Trek icon for his podcast adaptation, and explains why he believes it's never too late to achieve success. Full show notes...


Stoll Vaughan, Musician/Songwriter

Stoll Vaughan is a musician, songwriter, and producer originally from Lexington, Kentucky. After realizing formal training didn’t provide him with what he felt he needed, he set out to gain life experiences, and allow the road to be his teacher. He’s toured with musicians like John Mellencamp, John Foggerty, Def Leppard, Journey, Shooter Jennings and more. His songs have been featured in popular television shows like True Blood, Friday Night Lights, Shameless, and The Office. Full show notes...


Denise Salcedo, T.V. Host/Entertainment Reporter

Denise Salcedo is a television host and entertainment reporter from Los Angeles. Growing up, Denise dreamed about becoming an actress and began studying theater in college. However, early in her college career, Denise came to realize that a future as a professional actress likely wasn’t in the cards for her. Defeated, she needed to figure out what it was that she would do next. After an ordinary stroll through the campus library, Denise stumbled upon what she discovered would become her new...


Jake Cannon, Stand-up Comedian/Podcaster

Jake Cannon is an aspiring stand-up comedian and podcaster originally from Chino Hills. Growing up, Jake actually hated public speaking, despite having a keen sense of humor. After reading a book by a Hollywood screenwriter that encouraged pursuing the thing that scares you most, Jake determined that he would finally try and perform stand-up comedy. After his first performance, Jake had an emotional experience, and decided to continue performing comedy. Full show notes available at...