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A bite-size podcast showcasing modern Hebrew and its slang. Host Guy Sharett explains what we can learn about Israeli psyche, society, and culture through the Hebrew language.




A bite-size podcast showcasing modern Hebrew and its slang. Host Guy Sharett explains what we can learn about Israeli psyche, society, and culture through the Hebrew language.



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#418 Is Someone Stealing Your Identity?

The Hebrew word זהות means identity. It’s a word we Israelis use many times throughout the day, like any time we call customer service in Israel. Any guesses as to why? Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Zehut – Identity – זהות “Zehut achat la-boker, achat la-laila” – One identity for the morning, one for the night – זהות אחת לבוקר, אחת ללילה Teudat zehut – ID – תעודת זהות, ת.ז Teudat zehut biometrit hachama – A smart biometric identity card – תעודת זהות ביומטרית חכמה Ha-meginim al zehutenu – Which protect our identity – המגינים על זהותנו Mispar zehut – ID number – מספר זהות Yitachen she-mishehu gonev lachem et ha-zehoot – Maybe someone is stealing your identity – ייתכן שמישהו גונב לכם את הזהות Ganvu lo et ha-zehut – Someone stole his identity – גנבו לו את הזהות “Ten li rak le’amet et ha-zehut shelcha” – Let me just verify your identity – תן לי רק לאמת את הזהות שלך “Ana zahu oti be-ezrat hakol sheli” – Please identify me with the help of my voice – אנא זהו אותי בעזרת הקול שלי Politikat ha-zehuyot – Identity politics – פוליטיקת הזהויות Zehut migdarit – Gender identity – זהות מגדרית Teomim zehim – Identical twins – תאומים זהים Zehe, zeha, zehim, zehot – Identical – זהה, זהה, זהים, זהות Playlist and Clips: Mercedes Band – Zehut (lyrics) Hava Alberstein – Sharaliya (lyrics) Tehudat Zehut – ID Card Mishehu gonev lachem et ha-zehoot Danny Robas – Ze Lo Ani (lyrics) Politikat Ha-zehuyot What’s zehut migdarit? Ynet – Identical twins – Teomim zehim Stephane Legar – Lifnei, Achrei (lyrics) Ep. no. 25 HEB EN Ep. no. 63 HEB EN Ep. no. 273 HEB EN


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#417 Procrastinating in Hebrew

It happens to all of us: we have a task to accomplish and we promise ourselves to do it right after this one last thing. So how did an entire week pass by so quickly and yet we’re staring at an even longer to-do list? Let’s talk about procrastination in Hebrew. Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Dachyanoot – Procrastination – דחיינוּת Dachyan, dachyanit – Procrastinator – דחיין, דחיינית “Ha-yom ulai nidche et bo ha-laila” – Today we might postpone the arrival of the night – היום אולי נדחה את בוא הלילה Dachinu – We postponed, we delayed – דחינו Lidchot – To postpone – לדחות Doche, docha, dochim, dochot – Postpone (present tense) – דוחָה, דוחֶה, דוחים, דוחות Lidchot hatsa’a – To turn down an offer – לדחות הצעה Ze beseder im nidche le-machar? – Is it ok if we push back to tomorrow? – זה בסדר אם נדחֶה למחר Ze beseder im nikba le-yom acher? – Can we reschedule? – זה בסדר אם נדחה למחר Yesh matsav lidchot et ze le-yom sheni? – Is there a chance to delay it to Monday? – יש מצב לדחות את זה ליום שני Bo naziz et ze le-yom acher – Let’s move it to another day – בוא נזיז את זה ליום אחר Ba-sof dachu et ze – They pushed it back at the end – בסוף דחו את זה Ze nidcha – It was pushed back – זה נדחה D’chiya – Postponement – דחייה Ikoov ba-tisa – Flight delay – עיכוב בטיסה Yesh lanu ikoov kal – We have a slight delay – יש לנו עיכוב קל D’chiya ba-tisa – Flight postponement – דחייה בטיסה Dachu et ha-tisa le-machar – They postponed the flight to tomorrow – דחו את הטיסה למחר Ha-tisa nidchata le-machar – The flight was delayed to tomorrow – הטיסה נדחתה למחר Od dchiya ve-od dchiya – Another delay and yet another delay – עוד דחייה ועוד דחייה Delayed Gratification – D’chiyat sipookim – דחיית סיפוקים Playlist and Clips: Dachyanoot – Procrastination Hava Alberstein – Perach Ha-lilach (lyrics) Dachinu – We postponed Ep. no. 89 about holiday – Hebrew Version Ep. no. 123 about likbo’a Ep. no. 182 about whining


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#68 The Choice Is Yours (Rerun)

We recently had our local elections here in Israel, and we're still talking about the results. A b’chira is a 'choice.' Guy Sharett teaches us how to choose, elect, and select in Hebrew. Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Bchirot – Elections, choices – בחירות Bchira, bchirot – Choice, choices – בחירה, בחירות Bacharti becha – I chose you – בחרתי בך Livchor be- – To choose something or someone – בחרתי ב “Ki banu bacharta” – Because you chose us – כי בנו בחרת Ha-am ha-nivchar – The chosen people – העם הנבחר Nivchar – Chosen – נבחר Ha-sikuy shel peres lehibacher gavar – Peres’ chances of being elected was higher – הסיכוי של פרס להיבחר גבר “At lo nivchart ki at isha?” – You were not elected because you’re a woman? – את לא נבחרת כי את אישה Ha-nivcheret ha-israelit – The Israeli delegation – הנבחרת הישראלית Nivcheret kaduregel – Football team – נבחרת כדורגל Mutsar chalav – Milk product – מוצר חלב “Nivcheret shel rechivim tzoonatiyim” – The ultimate selection of nutritious ingredients – נבחרת של רכיבים תזונתיים “Ha-bchirot shelach tamid nigmarot ba-enayim sheli” – Your choices always end with my eyes – הבחירות שלך תמיד נגמרות בעיניים שלי Playlist and Clips: Ayala Ingedashet – Bacharti becha (lyrics) Kiddush (Ashkenazi version) Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach – Kiddush Who is the chosen people / Avi Becker – London & Kirschenbaum, TV10 Collette Avital – interview, Knesset TV Channel 1956 football game, USSR vs. Israel, The Nathan Axelrod Newsreel Collection Israeli Dairy Council commercial Noi Roithenberg – Ha-bchirot Shelach (lyrics)


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#21 Saying It Twice (Rerun)

Why do we sometimes repeat the same word twice in Hebrew? Mashu-mashu, gever-gever, for example. Today we’ll talk about reduplication in Hebrew and… about Belize. Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Le’at le’at – Slowly – לאט-לאט Mashu-mashu – Great – משהו-משהו Ha-lasagna ha-zot, mashu! – This lasagna is amazing! – הלזניה הזאת, משו Ha-lasagna ha-zot, mashu-mashu! – This lasagna is amazing! – הלזניה הזאת, משו משו Gever-gever – Macho – גבר-גבר Hi isha-isha – She’s a real lady – היא אישה-אישה Chaver-chaver – Serious boyfriend – חבר-חבר “Oh, politika politika” – Oh politics – הו, פוליטיקה, פוליטיקה Kacha ze, politika, politika- This is how it is, politics- ככה זה, פוליטיקה, פוליטיקה Mishpat mishpat – Sentence by sentence – משפט-משפט Para para – Baby steps – פרה-פרה Ben-Ben – Diminutive of Ben – בן-בן Tal-Tal, ma nishma mami? – Tal, how are you sweetie pie – טל-טל, מה נשמע ממי “Benny, Benny, yeled ra” – Oh Benny, you’re such a bad boy – בני, בני, ילד רע Playlist and Clips: Sarit Avitan – Gever Gever (lyrics) Riki Gal – Yeled Ra (lyrics) Ep. 16 about how to curse drivers in Hebrew


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#416 I'm Finally Settling In

The Hebrew words להתיישב and לשבת are both translated as ‘to sit down’, but they are not used in the same manner. And how are these words related to the West Bank? Guy explains. Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: “Bo maher, hayeshiva kvar hitchila” – Come quick, the meeting has already started – בוא מהר, הישיבה כבר התחילה Lehityashev – To sit down – להתיישב Hu yashav be-bet cafe – He sat in a cafe – הוא ישב בבית קפה Hu hityashev leyadi – He just sat down next to me – הוא התיישב לידי Ksheni mityashev – When I come to sit down – כשאני מתיישב Hityashavti – I sat down – התיישבתי Rak hityashavti le-daka lishtot cafe, ve-kvar telefon – I sit for a minute to have coffee, and the telephone is already ringing – רק התיישבתי לדקה לשתות קפה, וכבר טלפון Lehityashev – To settle, to inhabit – להתיישב Hityashvoot – Sitting down, settlement – התיישבות Ha-hityashvoot ha-yehoodit ba-aretz – The Jewish settlement in Israel – ההתיישבות היהודית בארץ Halutzim – Pioneers – חלוצים Hitnachlut – Settlement – התנחלות Mitnachlim – Settlers – מתנחלים Mityashvim – Settlers – מתיישבים Meyashvim et haaretz – Settling the country – מיישבים את הארץ Yishoov – Settling, populating – יישוב Leyashev – To settle – ליישב Ee lo meyooshav – An unpopulated island – אי לא מיושב Hoshava – Seating – הושבה Sidurey hoshava – Seating arrangements – סידורי הושבה Hoshavat ha-muzmanim – The guest seating arrangements – הושבת המוזמנים Lelo hoshava – Without seating – ללא הושבה Kolel hoshava – Including seating – כולל הושבה Lehoshiv – To seat someone – להושיב Anachnu moshivim et ha-yeled ba-moshav ha-kidmi – We place the kid in the front seat – אנחנו מושיבים את הילד במושב הקדמי Miayd yoshivu etchem, beseder? – They’ll be taking you to your table in a sec. – מייד יושיבו אתכם Miyad Yael toshiv etchem – Yael will take you to your table in a sec. – מייד יעל תושיב אתכם Miyad Roni yoshiv etchem – Roni will take you to your table in a sec. – מייד רוני יושיב אתכם Playlist and Clips: Shlomo Artzi – Ahrei Ha-kol At Shir (lyrics) Shitat Alexander – Eich Lehityashev TV14 mitnahlim/mityashvim Sidurei hoshava – Seating arrangements Lehoshiv ba-moshav ha-kidmi Ep. no. 124 about Kolel


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#415 What Are You Sitting On?

The word לשבת means to sit, and there’s a plethora of uses for this verb in Hebrew. We’ll be talking about jails and cafes, dog trainers, Ottoman Jews, and restaurant hosts, all in the same episode! Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Yoshev – Sitting – יושב Yoshev al ha-gader – Sitting on the fence – יושב על הגדר Yoshev alai bool – It fits me perfectly – יושב עליי בול Ze yoshev aleicha/alayich bool – It fits you perfectly – יושב עליך/עלייך בול Eich ze yoshev alai? – How does it look? – איך זה יושב עליי Lo yodea, ze lo yoshev alai tov – I don’t know, it doesn’t fit – לא יודע, זה לא יושב עליי טוב Efo atem yoshvim? – Where are you located? – איפה אתם יושבים Yoshvim shiva’h – Sitting shiv’ah – יושבים שבעה Efo atem yoshvim? – Where are you sitting? – איפה אתם יושבים Hu yoshev ba-kele – He sits in jail – הוא יושב בכלא Al ma hu yoshev? Al ma hi yoshevet? – What is he/she sitting for? – על מה הוא יושב/היא יושבת Yoshev/yoshevet rosh – Chairperson – יושב/יושבת ראש, יו”ר Yoshev rosh ha-opozitsya – The head of the opposition in the Knesset – יושב ראש האופוזיציה Ha-boss sh’li yoshev li al ha-rosh ligmor mashehu – My boss is pressuring me to finish something – הבוס שלי יושב לי על הראש לגמור משהו Ha-horim sheli yoshvim li al ha-rosh ba-byit – My parents are breathing down my neck at home – ההורים שלי יושבים לי על הראש בבית Ha-horim sheli yoshvim li al ha-vrid – My parents are breathing down my neck – ההורים שלי יושבים לי על הווריד Yeshiva – Jewish religious school (see more here) – ישיבה Hit’amloot be-Yeshiva al kise – Doing exercise while sitting on a chair – התעמלות בישיבה על כיסא Lashevet be-batei kafe – To sit in cafes – לשבת בבתי קפה Bo neshev al kafe, nedaber – Let’s sit over coffee, we’ll talk – בוא נשב על קפה, נדבר Lashevet o lakachat? – Sit down or take away? – לשבת או לקחת Shev/shvi! – Sit! – שב/שבי Shev/shvi/shvoo bevakasha – Sit down please – שב/שבי/שבו בבקשה Shev shev – Sit down, sit down – שב, שב Lama ata lo yoshev? Shev! – Why aren’t you sitting down, sit! – למה אתה לא יושב? שב Le’an ata rats? Bo shev daka – Where are you running? Sit down for a sec. – לאן אתה רץ? בוא שב דקה Yishuv – Village – ישוב Ha-yishuvim ba-tsafon – The places in the north of Israel – הישובים בצפון “Ha-yishuv” – Jews in Israel before 1948 (see more here) – הישוב Moshav – Village (see more here) – מושב Moshava – Colony (see more here) – מושבה Moshav ba-matos – Seat on a plane – מושב במטוס Playlist and Clips: Arik Einstein – Yoshev Al Ha-gader (lyrics) Shazamat – Yoshev Alai Bool (lyrics) Yoshev Rosh – Chairperson Shababnikim Qigong be-yeshiva Ivri Lider – Batei Cafe (lyrics) Shev! Ha-yishuv Moshavim ba-matos – Seats on the plane Teapacks – Yoshvim be-beit cafe (lyrics) Moshav in Wikipedia Moshava in Wikipedia Ha-yishuv in Wikipedia


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#414 Are You in the Country?

The Hebrew word ארץ means land/country. But it changes when we add prepositions to it. It’s also an important word if you are training your dog to lie on the floor. Guy explains. Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Eretz – Land, country – ארץ Eretz Israel – The land of israel – ארץ ישראל Be-khol ha-aretz – All over the country – בכל הארץ Kadur ha-aretz – The earth, the globe – כדור הארץ, כדה”א Shatu’ah – Flat – שטוחַ Boor ve-am ha-aretz – Ignorant – בור ועם הארץ Melah ha-aretz – Salt of the earth – מלח הארץ La-aretz – To Israel – לארץ Izru lahem lachzor la-aretz – Help them to get back to Israel – עִזרו להם לחזור לארץ Lachzor la-aretz – Return to Israel – לחזור לארץ Linso’a lechul – Going abroad – לנסוע לחו”ל Tagid, ata bechul? Lo, ani ba-aretz! – Are you abroad? No, I am in Israel – תגיד, אתה בחו”ל? לא, אני בארץ Alisa be-erets ha-pla’ot – Alice in Wonderland – עליסה בארץ הפלאות Aratsot – Countries – ארָצות Artsot ha-chom – The warm countries – ארצות החום Artsot ha-brit – The United States – ארצות הברית, ארה”ב Artsot arav – Arab countries – ארצות ערב Artsa – To Israel – ארצה Anu banu artsa livnot u-lehibanot ba – We came to the land of Israel to build and to be built – אנו באנו ארצה לבנות ולהיבנות בה Matai at tasa artsa/la-arets? – When do you go to Israel? – מתי את טסה לארץ Hu tas artsa/la-arets machar – He is flying to Israel tomorrow – הוא טס ארצה/לארץ מחר Anachnu rotsim linsoa artsa/la-arets ba-kaiyts – We want to go to Israel in the summer – אנחנו רוצים לנסוע ארצה/לארץ בקיץ Artsa! – Down boy! (to a dog) – ארצה Playlist and Clips: Ilanit – Eretz (lyrics) Ze’ev Revach – Ach Ya Rab (lyrics) Be-khol ha-aretz Kadur Ha-aretz (earth, globe) Ravid Plotnik – Bur Ve-am Ha-aretz Lachzor la-arets Ruhama Raz – Sheleg Al Iri (lyrics) Artsot Ha-brit Ha-Gevatron – Anu Banu Artsa (lyrics) Artsa! Shlomo Artzi – Eretz Hadasha (lyrics) Salah Shabati Ep. no. 166 about חו”ל Ep. no. 355 about livnot


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#384 The Deal of a Lifetime (Rerun)

There is a lot of talk in Israel about a new עסקת חטופים, hostage exchange. Let's refresh our understanding of the #Hebrew root עסק. So on this rerun episode, Guy discusses the root עסק and introduces us to other nouns we need to know. Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Esek – Business, matter – עסק Asakim – Business – עסקים Beit esek – Shop, store – בית עסק Ze lo ha-esek shelcha – It’s none of your business – זה לא העסק שלך Ish asakim – Businessman – איש עסקים Eshet asakim – Businesswoman – אשת עסקים Iskey mazon – Food business – עסקי מזון “Ani be-iskei ha-mazon” – I am in the food industry – אני בעסקי המזון “Ani be-iskei ha-muzika” – I am in the music industry – אני בעסקי המוזיקה Iskei ha-sha’ashu’im – Show biz – עסקי השעשועים WhatsApp iski – WhatsApp business account – ווטסאפ עסקי Yo’ets iski – Business consultant – יועץ עסקי Pitu’ach iski – Business development – פיתוח עסקי Mitoog iski – Business branding – מיתוג עסקי Model iski – Business model – מודל עסקי Tochnit iskit – Business plan – תוכנית עסקית Pgisha iskit – Business meeting – פגישה עסקית Arucha iskit – Value meal, lunch special – ארוחה עסקית “Yesh lahem iskiyot” – They have specials – יש להם עסקיות Yesh lachem iskiyot? – Do you have a set menu? – יש לכם עסקיות Iska – Business transaction, deal – עסקה Iska mutslahat – Successful deal – עסקה מוצלחת Iska lo mukeret – Unknown transaction – עסקה לא מוּכרת Iska shel paam ba-hayim – The deal of a lifetime – עסקה של פעם בחיים Lisgor iska – To strike a deal – לסגור עסקה Iskat havila – Package deal – עסקת חבילה Asinu esek? – So, do we have a deal? – עשינו עסק Esek mishpachti – Family business – עסק משפחתי Asakim karagil – Business as usual – עסקים כרגיל Shivaa yemei askaim – Seven business days – שבעה ימי עסקים Yom asakim – Business day – יום עסקים Iskei avir (luftgeschäft, לופטגעשעפט) – “Air business” – עסקי אוויר Yesh lecha esek iti – You’ve got a business with me – יש לך עסק איתי Hu yode’a im mi yesh lo esek – He knows with whom he’s got business – הוא יודע עם מי יש לו עסק Playlist and Clips: Esek-asakim – TV ad Sarit Hadad – Ba-hom shel Tel Aviv (lyrics) WhatsApp iski Ariel Zilber – Ani Shochev Li al Ha-gav (lyrics) Leily – Shiv’ah yemei asakim (lyrics) Ep. number 343


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#68 The Choice Is Yours (Rerun)

Here in Israel, we are preparing for our upcoming local elections on Feb. 27th. So this week we are rerunning an episode about the Hebrew word בחירות – elections. A בחירה is a ‘choice.’ Guy teaches us how to choose, elect, and select in Hebrew, just in time for our local elections on Feb 27th. New Words and Expressions: Bacharti becha – בָּחַרְתִי בְּךָ Ki banu bacharta ve’otanu kidashta mikol ha’amim – כִּי בָּנוּ בָֹחַרְתָּ וְאוֹתָנוּ קִידַּשְׁתָ מִכֹּל הַעַמִּים Ve-otanu > veoysano – וְאוֹתָנוּ Ha-am ha-nivchar – הַעַם הַנִּבְחָר Bachar, nivchar – בָּחַר, נִבְחַר Ha-sikuy shel peres le-hibacher gavar – הַסִּיכּוּי שֶׁל פֶּרֶס לְהִיבָּחֵר גָּבַר At lo nivchart ki at isha? – אָת לֹא נִבְחַרְתְ כִּי אָת אִישָׁה? Nivchar – נִבְחַר Nivchart – נִבְחַרְתְ Nivcheret – נִבְחֶרֶת Ha-nivcheret ha-israelit – הַנִּבְחֶרֶת הַיִּשְרְאֵלִית Nivcheret kaduregel – נִבְחֶרֶת כַּדּוּרֶגֶל Mutsar chalav – מוּצַר חָלָב Nivcheret shel rechivim tzoonatiyim – נִבְחֶרֶת שֶׁל רְכִיבִים תְּזוּנָתִיִים Ha-bchirot shelach tamid nigmarot ba’enayim sheli – הַבְּחִירוֹת שֶׁלָךְ תָּמִיד נִגְמָרוֹת בָּעֵינַיִים שֶֹלִי Playlist and Clips: Ayala Ingedashet – Bacharti becha (Lyrics) Kiddush (Ashkenazi version) (Text) Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach – Kiddush Who is the chosen people / Avi Becker – London & Kirschenbaum, TV10 Collette Avital – interview, Knesset TV Channel 1956 football game, USSR vs. Israel, The Nathan Axelrod Newsreel Collection Israeli Dairy Council commercial Noi Roithenberg – Ha-bchirot Shelach (lyrics)


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#413 Hello, Your Honor

So you’ve learned some Hebrew verbs and nouns, but now you’re not sure how to properly address your 80 year old neighbor. Ma’am? גברתי? Mrs. Cohen? גברת כהן? Or is it fine to just use her first name? Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Adoni ha-shofet / Kvodo – Your honor (m.) – אדוני השופט / כבודו Gvirti ha-shofetet / kvoda – Your honor (f.) – גברתי השופטת / כבודה Adoni – Sir – אדוני Gvirti – Ma’am – גברתי Mar Cohen – Mr. Cohen – מר כהן Gveret Cohen – Ms. Cohen – גברת כהן “Shalom, ani medaber/medaberet im Guy?” – Hi, am I speaking to Guy? – שלום, אני מדבר/ת עם גיא “Adoni, ten li lehasbir” – Sir, let me explain – אדוני, תן לי להסביר “Gvirti, tni li lehasbir” – Ma'am, let me explain – גברתי, תני לי להסביר “Tikra li Danny”, “tikra li Avi”, “tikrei li Dalia” – Call me Danny/Avi/Dalia – תקרא לי דני, תקרא לי אבי, תקראי לי דליה Ratsiti lishol im taskimi lehitraayen lapodcast sheli – I wanted to ask if you’d agree to be interviewed on my podcast – רציתי לשאול אם תסכימי להתראיין לפודקסט שלי At pnuya ba-shavua ha-ba? Yesh lach zman ba-shavua ha-ba?- Are you available next week? – את פנויה בשבוע הבא? יש לך זמן בשבוע הבא? Slicha – Excuse me – סליחה Playlist and Clips: Arik Einstein – Adoni Ha-shofet (lyrics) Yehudit Ravitz – Balada Al Adon Kimat VeGveret Kvar (lyrics) Ep. no. 10 about politeness in Hebrew Ep. no. 20 about Service in Israel Ep. no. 28 about slicha, excuse me Ep. no. 157 about Israeli brevity


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#412 Lost in Translation

The Hebrew word לתרגם, to translate, is a handy verb, especially if you live in Israel and go to the cinema. Why? Because you want to make sure the Israeli film you’re about to watch has been translated and has English subtitles. How do you ask whether something has been translated to your language? Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Letargem – To translate – לתרגם Mutarjem (Arabic) – Translator – מותרג’ם Metargem – Translator – מתרגם Metargemet/metargem lisfat ha-simanim – Sign language translator – מתרגם/מתרגמת לשפת הסימנים Kshe-ata tsofe ve-metargem, ata lif’amim gam mitragesh me-ha-stsenot? – When you watch and translate, do you sometimes also get moved by the scenes? – כשאתה צופה ומתרגם אתה לפעמים גם מתרגש מהסצינות Hu metargem mi-turkit le-ivrit – He translates from Turkish to Hebrew – הוא מתרגם מטורקית לעברית Letargem sefer, letargem seret – To translate a book, a film – לתרגם ספר, לתרגם סרט Ata yachol letargem li rega ma hi omeret? – Could you translate for me what she’s saying? – אתה יכול לתרגם לי רגע מה היא אומרת Tirgoom – Translating – תרגום Targumim muzarim shel shemot shel sratim me-anglit le-ivrit – Weird translations of movie titles from English to Hebrew – תַרגומים מוזרים של שמות של סרטים מאנגלית לעברית Tirgoom me-anglit le-ivrit ze lo davar kal – Translating from English to Hebrew is not an easy thing – תִרגום מאנגלית לעברית זה לא דבר קל Tirgoom otomati, automatic translation – תִרגום אוטומטי Targoom – Translation – תַרגום Ha-targoom ha-hadash shel ha-sefer me’ule – The new translation of this book is amazing. – התרגום החדש של הספר מעולה Ha-sefer turgam le-20 safot – The book was translated to 20 languages. – הספר תורגם ל-20 שפות Ha-seret meturgam le-anglit – The film is translated to English – הסרט מתורגם לאנגלית Yesh targoom le-anglit? – Is there an English translation? – יש תרגום לאנגלית Yesh ktuviyot be-anglit – Are there English subtitles? – יש כתוביות באנגלית Ken, yesh ktuviyot, lo, ein ktuviyot, ein targoom – Yes, there are subtitles / No, there are no subtitles / There’s no translation Meturgeman – Interpreter – מתורגמן Dibuv – Dubbing – דיבוב Ledabev sratim – To dub movies – לדבב סרטים Playlist and Clips: Metargem – translator – from TK to HEB Translating movie titles from EN to HEB Ilan & Ilanit – Ba-shana Ha-ba’ah (German) Ep. no. 27 about foreign words and four letter roots Ep. no. 50 – interview with an interpreter


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#26 Can You…? (Rerun)

Israelis are playing it tough most of the time. ​How do you ask an Israeli to do something for you?​ Here are some ideas on how to make your message come across, without sounding too bossy, which might wreak havoc in the Middle East. Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Efshar – Possible – אפשר Efshar lekabel mapit? – Could I have a napkin? – אפשר לקבל מפית Efshar mapit? – Could I have a napkin? – אפשר מפית Efshar espresso aroch – Could I have a long espresso? – אפשר אספרסו ארוך Ata yakhol latet li mapit vaksha? – Could you give me a napkin please? – אתה יכול לתת לי מפית בבקשה Ata yakhol ledaber ita? – Could you talk to her? – אתה יכול לדבר איתה Ata yachol ledaber ita? – Could you talk to her? – אתה יכול לדבר איתה Tuchal / tuchli / tuchlu lehagi’a machar ba’erev? – Could you make it tomorrow in the evening? – תוכל/תוכלי/תוכלו להגיע מחר בערב Tuchli lavo be-eser? – Will you be able to come at ten? – תוכלי לבוא בעשר Yesh matsav she titen li t’oto sh’kha? – Is there a way you’d give me your car? – יש מצב שתיתן לי ת’אוטו ש’ך Ata ba la-mesiba machar? Yesh matsav – Will you come to my party tomorrow? Perhaps. – אתה בא למסיבה מחר? יש מצב Yesh matsav she-tazmin eize pizza? – Can you order a pizza or something? – יש מצב שתזמין איזה פיצה Ba lecha laasot et ze achshav? – Do you feel like doing this now? – בא לך לעשות את זה עכשיו Ba lach lekalef et ha-avokado? – Do you feel like peeling the avocados? – בא לך לקלף את האבוקדו ​ Playlist and Clips: Arik Einstein – Hen efshar (lyrics) Arik Einstein – Don Quixote (lyrics) Ha-saruf – Kol Ha-yom Sababa (lyrics) Ep. no. 10 about politeness in Hebrew Ep. no. 23 about the imperative Ep. no. 123 about kavanu


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#135 Let’s Get Idiomatic With “Latset” (Rerun)

Whether it’s telling someone they did well, asking the cost, or lashing out at someone, “yatsata” (from “latset” – to “go out”/”come out”) plays an important role in everyday Hebrew slang. Host Guy Sharett teaches us a few of these useful idioms, which you won’t find in your dictionary. Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: “Britanya rotsa latset me-ha ichud ha-eropi” – The UK wants to exit from the EU – בריטניה רוצה לצאת מהאיחוד האירופי Yatsata gadol – You came out great – יצאת גדול “Asher, lo rak tsadik yatsata, yatsata anak” – You didn’t just come out great, you came out huge – אשר, לא רק צדיק יצאת, יצאת ענק Anak – Huge, gigantic – ענק Yatsata tsadik – You came out a saint – יצאת צדיק Yatsata be-zol – You got off easy – יצאת בזול “Boyna, yatsata be-zol” – Dude, you came off easy – בוא’נה, יצאת בזול Lo yatsa li – I didn’t get a chance – לא יצא לי Slicha, od lo yatsa li – Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to do it yet – סליחה, עוד לא יצא לי Im yotse lecha – If you get a chance – אם יוצא לך Rak im yotse lecha – Only if you get a chance – רק אם יוצא לך Ma yatsa lecha mi-ze? – What did you gain from it? – מה יצא לך מזה Nu, ve-ma yatsa lecha ba-sof mi-ze? – So, what did you gain from it at the end? – נו, ומה יצא לך בסוף מזה Ma yatsa ba-sof im X – What happened to X at the end? – מה יצא בסוף עם מישהו Kama yatsa ba-sof? / Kama yatsa? – How much did it come out at the end? – כמה יצא / כמה יצא בסוף Kama kama? – What’s the score? – כמה כמה Ma Yatsata alay? – Why are you attacking me? – מה יצאת עליי Playlist and Clips: Yatsata Tsadik TV Show Noam Yakobson – Yatsata be-zol (lyrics) Yoav Yitshak – Ma Yatsa Lecha Mi-ze (lyrics) Ha-dorbanim – Yatsanu Lirkod (lyrics) Ep. no. 26 about ‘can you?’


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#176 Would You Like Cheese With That Whine? (Rerun)

A teenager in central Tel Aviv said something to his friend that made Guy think: How do we say ‘whiner’ and ‘to whine’ in Hebrew? This episode is about the word בכיין and its variations. Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Bachyan – Whiner – בכיין Hu stam mitbachyen – He’s just whining – הוא סתם מתבכיין Hu bacha – He cried – הוא בכה Livkot – To cry – לבכות Lirtsot, livnot, legalot, when the third letter of the shoresh is hei, the infinitive ends with -ot. Bachiti – I cried – בכיתי “Eineni tinok bachyan” – I am not a whining baby – אינני תינוק בכיין Bachyanoot – Whining – בכיינות “Hu stam mitbachyen” – He’s just whining – הוא סתם מתבכיין Lehitbachyen – To whine – להתבכיין “Dai, ya mitbachyen” – Stop it, you whiner – די, יא מתבכיין Hitbachyenoot – Whining – התבכיינות Playlist and Clips: Aviv Geffen – Livkot Lecha (lyrics) Dudu Tassa – Bachiti Ahuva Tsadok – Dani Gibor (lyrics) Teapacks – Hora Nadlanim (lyrics) Knesset TV – MK Avigdor Lieberman TV2 – MK Shelly Yachimovich Idan Raichel – Min’i Kolech Mi-bechi (lyrics) Ep. no. 16 about how to curse drivers (and the particle ya)


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#67 Don’t Let Your ‘Sucker’ Index Get Out of Control (Rerun)

There is one thing we Israelis dread above all: Being a ‘fraier’ – a ‘sucker.’ That’s why we have to stand firm, drive a hard bargain, suspect anyone who offers super cheap prices, and never take things for granted. Guy Sharett teaches us about this crucial term, and we learn what the ‘fraieriyoot’ index is. Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Fraier – Sucker – פראייר Lihyot fraier – To be a sucker – להיות פראייר Ata choshev sh’eani fraier – Do you think I am a sucker? – אתה חושב שאני פראייר Yatsata fraier – You came out a sucker, you’ve been had – יצאת פראייר “K’chi lach eize fraier” – Get yourself a sucker – קחי לך איזה פראייר “Shlish me-hayalei ha-milu’im: anachnu fraierim” – One third of the army reserve soldiers say: we are suckers – שליש מחיילי המילואים: אנחנו פראיירים “Ani diplomatit, ve-al tikre’u li frayerit” – I am a diplomat, and don’t call me a sucker – אני דיפלומטית, ואל תקראו לי פראיירית “Yoter mi 250 elef israelim hifsiku lihyot frayerim” – More than 250 thousand Israelis stopped being suckers – יותר מ-250 אלף ישראלים הפסיקו להיות פראיירים Anachnu betach lo fraierim – We surely can’t be suckers – אנחנו בטח לא פראיירים “Fraierim lo metim, hem rak mitchalfim” – Suckers don’t die, they are just being replaced by new ones – פראיירים לא מתים, הם רק מתחלפים “Madad ha-fraieriyoot sheli” – Index of how sucker I am – מדד הפראייריוּת שלי Fraieriyoot – Suckerness – פראייריוּת Playlist and Clips: Bibi, yatsata fraier Kfir Atiya – K’chi Lach Eize Fraier (lyrics) Golan Telecom commercial Ha-dag Nachash – Lo Fraierim (lyrics); Lyrics translated to EN Ep. no. 48 about lehasik, hafsaka Ep. no. 135 about latset Ep. no. 265 about to exchange


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#411 Overcoming Depression

The Israeli song לצאת מדיכאון is perhaps the song that best describes how an entire nation is feeling at this moment. It’s an appropriate time to talk about דיכאון, depression, and its root. Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: “Atem yod’im ma ha-derech hachi tova latset mi-dika’on?” – Do you know what is the best way to get out of depression? – אתם יודעים מה הדרך הכי טובה לצאת מדיכאון Dika’on – Depression – דיכאון Dik’onot – Depressions – דכאונות Latset mi-dika’on – To get out of depression – לצאת מדיכאון Lehikanes le-dika’on – To fall into depression – להיכנס לדיכאון Lo nichnasti le-dikaon mi-ze – I took it easily – לא נכנסתי לדיכאון מזה Ze shir optimi, ze lo shir medaké – This is an optimistic song, not a depressing one – זה שיר אופטימי,זה לא שיר מדכא Ha-matsav medaké – The situation is depressing – המצב מדכא Ledaké – To depress, oppress – לדכא Medaké – Depressing – מדכא Ledaké mered – To crush a rebellion – לדכא מרד Ledaké regesh/regashot – To suppress an emotion/emotions – לדכא רגש/רגשות Meduka – Depressed – מדוכא Dik’oni – Depressive – דכאוני Hu benadam ma-ze dik’oni – He’s such a depressive person – הוא בנאדם מה-זה דכאוני Al tikansu li ledikaon, ken? – Don’t get depressed – אל תיכנסו לי לדיכאון Playlist and Clips: Yagel Oshri – Latset Mi-dika’on (lyrics) Channel 13 – about the song Latset Mi-dika’on Ep. no. 72 about the situation, matsav Ep. no. 135 about to go out, latset Ep. no. 166 about in and out Ep. no. 247 about regashot, feelings


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#410 Release Me

The Hebrew word לשחרר means to release, to free. It is used often when speaking about the hostage crisis in Gaza. How else do we use לשחרר, and how do we say it in the passive? Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Leshachrer – To release, to free, to liberate – לשחרר Israelim kor’im la-memshala laasot hakol kedei leshachrer et ha-hatufim me-hamas. – Israelis call on the government to do whatever it can to release the hostages from Hamas. – ישראלים קוראים לממשלה לעשות הכל כדי לשחרר את החטופים מהחמאס Meshachrerim tsvi la-teva – They release a deer back into the wild – משחררים צבי לטבע Hem meshachrerim tsabei yam la-teva – They release sea turtles back to nature – הם משחררים צבי ים לטבע “Lo meshachrer otanu” – It doesn’t liberate us – לא משחרר אותנו Ts’chok meshachrer – Liberating laughter – צחוק משחרר Shachrer oti – Let me go, cut me loose – שחרר אותי Yalla, shachrer oti – Come on, let me go – יאללה, שחרר אותי Milhemet ha-shichroor – The 1948 war – מלחמת השחרור Hufshat shichroor – End of army service holiday – חופשת שחרור Shichroor ba’alei hayim la-teva – Releasing animals back to nature – שחרור בעליי חיים לטבע Shichroor tsabei yam – Releasing sea turtles – שחרור צבי ים Hu shuchrar – He was released – הוא שוחרר Ha-hatuf shuchrar, ha-hatufa shuchrera, ha-hatufim shuchreru – The hostage was released – החטוף שוחרר, החטופה שוחררה, החטופים שוחררו Esrim u-shnayim ha-meshuchrarim – The 22 released (hostages) – עשרים ושניים המשוחררים Hayal meshuchrar – Veteran – חייל משוחרר Ha-keren ve-ha-yehida le-hachvanat hayalim meshuchrarim be-misrad ha-bitachon – The fund and the unit for career counseling for veterans in the ministry of defense – הקרן והיחידה להכוונת חיילים משוחררים במשרד הביטחון Playlist and Clips: Meshachrerim tsvi la-teva Sagiv Cohen – Lo Meshachrer (lyrics) Noa Kirel & Doli & Penn – Shachrer Oti (lyrics) KAN TV – Hostages released Hayalim meshuchrarim – Veterans Ep. #283 about falafel Ep. #322 about ts’chok The Israel Nature and Parks Authority Youtube channel


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#24 I'm Absolutely Fine (Rerun)

The word בסדר means okay, alright, and is one of the first words you learn in Hebrew. But where did it come from and what does it literally mean? And what’s the connection to the Ashdod Port? Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Beseder – Fine, ok, alright – בסדר Be+seder – In (the) order – בַּסדר Seder pesach – Passover dinner – סדר פסח Lesader – To organize, to put in order – לסדר Sidoor – Organizing – סידור La’asot sidoorim – To run errands – סידורים Ha-klafim mesudarim ba-seder ha-nachon – The cards are organized in the right order – הקלפים מסודרים בסדר הנכון Haya beseder – It was alright – היה בסדר Yihye beseder – It will be alright – יהיה בסדר Etsli hakol beseder – Everything is fine with me – אצלי הכל בסדר Ma kore, ma nishma? Beseder – How are things? Alright – מה קורה, מה נשמע? בסדר Tisgeri et ze ita, beseder? – Finalize it with her, okay? – תסגרי את זה איתה, בסדר “Be-se-der” – Okay, okay, I’ll do it – ב-ס-דר Tagid li, ata beseder? – Tell me, are you okay? – תגיד לי, אתה בסדר Hu lo beseder – He’s not okay – הוא לא בסדר Ata mamash mamash lo beseder – This is not okay what you’re doing – אתה ממש ממש לא בסדר Hu rotse lihyot beseder im kulam – He wants to be okay with everybody – הוא רוצה להיות בסדר עם כולם Besederiyoot – Being ‘beseder’ with everybody – בסדריוּת Beseder gamur – Absolutely fine – בסדר גמור Playlist and Clips: Mofa Ha-arnavot shel Doctor Kasper (lyrics) Kol Ha-hatichim Etsli – Ha-kol Beseder (lyrics) Aviva Avidan – Yihye Beseder (lyrics) Boaz Sharabi – Etsli Ha-kol Beseder (lyrics) Josi Kats – Etsli Ha-kol Beseder (lyrics) Yehudit Ravits – Achshav Ha-kol Beseder (lyrics) Ep. no. 65 about lid’og, to worry Ep. no. 121 about ligmor, to finish Ep. no. 165 about lisgor, to close


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#409 When Will They Be Released?

“When will the hostages be released?”, מתי הם ישתחררו, is what everyone in Israel is asking themselves. This week we saw the release of some of the hostages taken on October 7th. Guy explains how we talk about it in Hebrew. Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: “Et hishtachrarti” – When I got released – עת השתחררתי Hu hishtachrer – He got released, he was liberated – הוא השתחרר Hem hishtachreru – They were released – הם השתחררו Hem mishtachrerim, hen mishtachrerot – They are being released – הם משתחררים, הן משתחררות Ha-im hem yishtachreroo ha-yom? – Will they be released today? – האם הם ישתחררו היום Matai ata mishtachrer/at mishtachreret/atem mishtachrerim- When will you be done with your military service? – מתי אתה משתחרר/את משתחררת/אתם משתחררים Ani rak rotse lehishtachrer – I just wants to go home – אני רק רוצה להשתחרר Lehishtachrer me-ha-tsava- To get out of the army service – להשתחרר מהצבא “Kol ha-anashim amru li, ‘ma be’emet, al ma hishtachrart?’ – Everybody told me, why were you released? – כל האנשים אמרו לי ‘מה באמת, על מה השתחררת’ Amarti she-haita li harada me-ha-neshek – I said I had anxiety from the gun – אמרתי שהייתה לי חרדה מהנשק Ve-az hem kaze: be’emet o she-stam asit kedei lehishtachrer? – And they went, ‘was it real or did you say it in order to get out of the army?’ – ואז הם כזה באמת או שסתם עשית כדי להשתחרר “Tishtachrer, ha-avar lo meshane yoter” – Free yourself, the past doesn’t matter anymore – תשתחרר, העבר לא משנה יותר Hishtachreroot me-chanika – To free oneself from a strangle hold – השתחררות מֵחניקה Hishtachreroot me-ego – Letting go of your ego – השתחררות מהאגו Playlist and Clips: Meir Ariel – Terminal (lyrics) Itamar Har-Even – Noder Lehishtachrer mi-tsahal Rinat Gabai – Tishtachrer Amichai Yosef Ben Avraham – Ani Mishtachreret (lyrics) Ep. no 342


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#48 How to Talk ‘Ceasefire’ in Hebrew (Rerun)

Everyone’s talking about הפסקת אש, ceasefire. Let’s get to know the word הפסקה (break) and other words in its family which come from the root פסק. Hear the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon New Words and Expressions: Hafsakat-esh – Ceasefire – הפסקת אש Hafsaka – Break, stop, halting – הפסקה “Maga’im intensiviyim lehafsakat esh, ach ha-esh lo poseket” – There are intensive talks for a ceasefire, but the fire won’t stop – מגעים אינטנסיביים להפסקת אש, אך האש לא פוסקת Hafsakat esh humanitarit – Humanitarian ceasefire – הפסקת אש הומניטרית Ha-hafsaka ha-gdola – “The big break” – ההפסקה הגדולה Hifsakti lenasot – I stopped trying – הפסקתי לנסות Hifsakti le’ashen lifeni shavua – I stopped smoking a week ago – הפסקתי לעשן לפני שבוע “Choshev lehasik le’ashen? Eize yofi” – Do you think of stopping smoking? That’s great – חושב להפסיק לעשן? איזה יופי “Kshe’at noga’at bi, ani mafsik lachshov” – When you touch me I stop thinking – כשאת נוגעת בי, אני מפסיק לחשוב Lo tafsiki lekavot – You will not stop hoping – לא תפסיקי לקוות Hufsak – Halted, stopped – הופסק Ha-sherut hufsak – The service was discontinued – השירות הופסק Piska – Paragraph – פסקה Psik – Comma – פסיק Pisuk – Punctuation – פיסוק Pisuk raglayim – Spreading the legs – פיסוק רגליים Pasuk – Biblical verse – פסוק Pesek zman – Time off / Name of a chocolate snack – פסק זמן Kach pesek zman – Take some time off – קח פסק זמן Playlist and Clips: Roy Tal – Hifsakti Lenasot Boaz Sharabi -Kshe-at Nogaat Bi (lyrics) Gali Atari – Ha-shir she-yavi lach Ahava (lyrics) Arik Einstein – Pesek Zman (lyrics)