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Interviews with people who've written interesting things. Or who've done interesting things! Or who could make it to the studio on short notice.

Interviews with people who've written interesting things. Or who've done interesting things! Or who could make it to the studio on short notice.
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Interviews with people who've written interesting things. Or who've done interesting things! Or who could make it to the studio on short notice.




Thirteen: Tennis

On this week's episode, Mike Dang and Dan Nosowitz join us to talk about watching, following, and playing tennis, particularly in New York City, where everything is more expensive. Playing tennis recreationally is harder than you think, but it's also easier: a private lesson will vastly improve your game. Professional tennis is a year-round affair, and getting ranked is like a video game where you rack up points.


Episode 12: Flipper

This week's episode of the Awlcast is a special edition, written and recorded by David Obuchowksi, the author of "Dial D for Dolphin," a story about the mystery behind a spam caller he dialed back. His story is about phone calls, but it's also about stories, mysteries, and what we want to believe about both.


Episode 11: Shipping

This week’s episode is about the beloved-but-also-hated-among-makers-and-creatives industrial shipping-supply catalog, Uline. Who doesn’t love to peruse mailing and shipping boxes? But there’s a political catch: the billion-dollar business is owned by a husband-and-wife team of conservative Republicans, which maybe wouldn’t really matter except that company president Liz Uihlein makes a point of peacocking her politics in fairly right-wing op-eds that get printed on the back page of each...


Ten: The Couch

In honor of Pulitzer day 2017, this week's episode of the Awlcast is about The Awl's most important piece of service journalism, possibly ever:…o-much-2fd9e4c7ce77 Anna Hezel joins us to talk about her very short affair with a sofa named Peggy, her customer-service experience with West Elm, and the months-long journey she took to discover that the rapid dissolution of her coveted midcentury modern symbol of adulthood and joint income was not a metaphor for...


Nine: Handwashing

This week's episode is about washing your hands, maybe obsessively, definitely prophylactically, probably more than most people. Lindsay Robertson, an expert practitioner of hand sanitizing on the go, joins us to talk about what to do when there's no soap and how to stop a sneeze when you feel one coming on. We also discuss antibiotics, probiotics, and how most "food poisoning" is probably just food-borne norovirus. Gross stuff.


Eight: Karaoke

This week's episode of The Awl podcast is about karaoke—specifically, how to let go and enjoy yourself. Is there a right or wrong way to do karaoke? Bar or private room? Are any songs off-limits? And what do you do if you mess up in front of your coworkers? (Nothing, they're drunk.) Christine Friar and Kevin Nguyen join us to talk about their love of the craft, and give us some tips they've collected over the years. No more Journey, please.


Seven: Wine

This is our WINE EPISODE. Our guest is Sarah Miller, a freelance writer. She writes a weekly wine column for The Awl about tasting wine, shochu, and beer, called "The Nevada City Wine Diaries." You can follow @sarahlovescali on Twitter, and you can read more of her columns here: Thanks to John Dziuban for the theme music, and to Jason and the team at his production company, Charts & Leisure: Thanks, of course, to our sponsor,...


Six: Powerlifting

Welcome back to the Awlcast! This is our POWERLIFTING EPISODE. We're joined by Jason Oberholtzer and his audio wizarding skills, and our guest is Casey Johnston, a writer and editor at The Wirecutter (which is now owned by the New York Times). She writes a bi-weekly advice column for The Hairpin about lifting weights, called "Ask A Swole Woman." What exactly is powerlifting, why should we do it, and why has there been such a stigma against it, at least for women? Many people are afraid it...


Four: Food

This week's episode is about the sci-fi future of food. And the science-fictional NOW of food. Why are we eating the weird things we're eating? Is the rise of foodie culture culminating in something... much weirder? Helen Rosner of Eater and Felix Salmon of Fusion join us to talk about the rise of theneo-chain, the arrival of the hipster food venture capitalist, and the frothy intersection of capital, consumption and status in 2015. Also: An interview with the chef of the hottest new...


Three: Uber

Welcome to THE UBER EPISODE. We've got Jonathan Shainin, editor of Long Reads at The Guardian, Jay Kang, a contributor to NYT Mag, and, of course, Matt Buchanan. The question: Is Uber the future of everything? Is public transit doomed? Will surge pricing spread... everywhere? Are we all destined to labor forever at the whims of app children??? OR: Is the anti-Uber movement just soft-left polite politics? For background, readMatt's piece on Uber's "Endgame"and see Travis Kalanick's response...


Two: Laura Olin

Laura Olin, who ran social for Obama 2012, tells us what the political internet is going to be like in 2016. Presidential Twitter feuds. Snapchat gaffes! Hundreds of reporters with no idea what their jobs are anymore. GET READY. We'll also talk about her newsletter, Everything Changes, and the strange and incredible advice exchange she hatched in thousands of inboxes earlier this month. You can subscribe to the newsletter here, and find the advice exchange Google Dochere. Sponsored by...


One: Jenna Wortham

Jenna Wortham, staff writer at the New York TimesMagazine, tells us about worlds hidden inside Instagram. Read:Instagram's TMZ Read:Joy of a Black Planet Sponsored by Williamsburg Pizza. Music by Deef.