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Episode 2: Stephanie Jones: Trauma Survivor and Wounded Healer

As a trauma survivor and wounded healer, our guest Stephanie Jones personally understands the mind-body-spirit journey of trauma recovery, and she firmly believes that healing from trauma is possible….. 1:20: What is a Wounded Healer?…….2:00: Stephanie takes us back and tells us her hero's journey…….17:55: “The bridge between yoga and counseling for me is trauma. I identify as a trauma survivor.”……. 21:00: What brings people to a Trauma Sensitive Yoga workshop?…….33:00: How do you use the...


Episode 1: Tom Bodkin: "People in recovery are valiant warriors."

Tom Bodkin has sponsored many people on their journey to recovery over the past ten years. He also still has his own sponsor. Last month, he completed the 70.3 Ironman for the first time. Tom talks about joining the Army out of high school, studying anthropology on the GI Bill, working in a medical examiners office, and his road to recovery. We talk about the sponsor/sponsee relationship, what families should do if a loved one is using, deciding to make the story of his road to recovery...


Episode podcasting: The Journey of Launching a Podcast - From Conceptualization to a Live Episode

Learn the technical components of setting up a podcast. Choose the right show name, thumbnail, theme, podcast hosting site. How do you link your podcast hosting site to podcast apps such as iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play? Which hosting site is the best? I like Connect social media accounts, join podcast support groups on Facebook. I mention some things I liked about launching a podcast and some things I don't. I answer questions from the mail bag and give shout outs to...



Host Carleena Angwin provides an overview of The Carleena Show and the types of stories we hope to share with you. The first episode launches this summer. The hero's journey lives within all of us. By overcoming a great challenge, leaving the known for the unknown, starting a new business, reexamining life after a loss, taking that first step to recovery, a hero is on their way to transformation. Listening to someone else's story is often the first twinkle of inspiration to get started....