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Luke Smithwick: Himalaya Alpine Guides

Luke Smithwick has been a mountain guide for over twenty years, leading people on exploratory expeditions in Nepal, Alaska and the Rocky Mountains. In 2012, Luke founded Himalaya Alpine Guides ( (, a brand focused on the unexplored, unclimbed and unskied terrain globally. In November 2018 Luke completed his 68th Himalayan expedition. Today on the show, I ask Luke how he has changed as a person over the course of his career. The Carleena...


Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS) Instructor: Laurel Holding

Laurel Holding is the Director of Program Development at Boulder Outdoor Survival School, where she has been guiding extended backcountry expeditions and teaching primitive and traditional living skills for 20 years. /// The Carleena Show Podcast /// Ordinary People Share Their Hero’s Journey /// Hosted and Produced by Carleena Angwin /// Subscribe to the podcast on YouTube: /// Follow The Carleena Show on Instagram @CarleenaShow /// Editing and...


Anthony Kane: Eulogizing a Career in Death Care

Anthony Kane is a licensed funeral director and death expert based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Today on the show, Anthony discusses the changing funeral industry, the families and funerals he thinks about years later, PTSD in the funeral business, and his evolving perspectives on embalming. This is a fascinating discussion and we decided to record a Part Two soon. Stay tuned and send me any questions you have for Anthony. Visit the Contact page on my website . ///...

Robyn Udemans: Aswat: Voices of Arabia

Robyn Udemans is a South African woman who has been living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for 17 years. Knowing very little about life outside her compound’s walls, Robyn decided it was time to change that. The result is a podcast called Aswat: Voices of Arabia, which serves as a platform for the women of Saudi Arabia to share the stories of their lives, aspirations, and achievements at a time when restrictions on women have been easing. /// The Carleena Show Podcast


Tiffiany Portacio: Leaving for the Peace Corps

Tiffiany Portacio is leaving the United States soon and moving to Paraguay, where she will begin a two year commitment as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Tiffiany reached out to me a year ago when she was deciding if she should she apply to the Peace Corps or not. Today on the show, I ask Tiffiany to bring us back to that moment of uncertainty and walk us through her decision to apply. /// The Carleena Show Podcast /// Ordinary People Share Their Hero’s Journey ///...


Dr. Kurt Michael: School Mental Health Partnerships in Rural Appalachia

Dr. Kurt Michael is a professor of psychology at Appalachian State University, a practicing Licensed Psychologist, and a crisis intervention and suicide prevention consultant on the national level. Today, Kurt discusses the research connecting Netflix’s television series "13 Reasons Why" with a significant increase in the use of the crisis text line: 741741. We also discuss an initiative to bring mental health services to thousands of rural North Carolina public school students. The Carleena...


Steve Kaplan: The Comic Hero's Journey

Steve Kaplan is a comedy consultant for HBO, Disney, DreamWorks, Sony, and many other media companies. He teaches his signature Comedy Intensive Workshops around the world, and is the author of The Hidden Tools of Comedy and The Comic Hero's Journey. Today on the show, Kaplan explains how the Comic Hero's Journey differs from the classic Hero's Journey. “Characters in comedies don’t want to change. They want to stay the same,” Kaplan says. We also discuss drawing from personal experiences to...


Andrea Layne: Journey of a First Responder

“This job will change you. You won’t look at life the same. We see people at their worst. But we also see people at their best.” Andrea Layne is a battalion chief with Ada County Paramedics in Idaho. After 30 years as a first responder, Andrea is retiring in April. The Carleena Show Podcast /// Ordinary People Share Their Hero’s Journey /// Hosted and Produced by Carleena Angwin /// Subscribe to the podcast on YouTube: /// Editing and Graphic...


Kevin Hines: Suicide Survivor, Storyteller & Film Maker

Two years after Kevin Hines was diagnosed with bipolar disorder (19 years of age), he attempted to take his life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. The fall would break his body, but not his spirit. Today, Kevin is a brain/mental health advocate, award-winning global speaker, bestselling author and documentary filmmaker who reaches audiences with his story of an unlikely survival and his strong will to live. During our conversation, we focus on the last few years of his journey,...


Christopher-Charles Chaney: Mama Peaches and Me: Caregiver Journey

Christopher-Charles Chaney spent years caring for his mother, Mama Peaches, who passed in 2016 after suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. It was his love and struggles as a former caregiver that inspired him to journal his experiences on Facebook in 2015 and write his first award-winning caregiving book, Mama Peaches and Me: Wit and Wisdom for Worn-out Caregivers. In today's episode, we talk about: Christopher's time as a young child, living with Mama Peaches and his three brothers *...


Brin-Jonathan Butler: Making Use Of A Broken Compass

Brin-Jonathan Butler discusses his journey from his hometown in Vancouver to Cuba in his early twenties to train with Olympic boxers, write their stories, and film a documentary called Split Decision. In today's episode we discuss: finding community, pilgrimage, identity, obsession, and more. We also talk about Brin's new article, Giving Up The Ghost, which will be published in Hazlitt Magazine in February. Brin-Jonathan Butler has written for Esquire, Bloomberg, ESPN Magazine, Al Jazeera,...


Zibin Guo: Wheelchair Tai Chi to the Department of Veterans Affairs

Dr. Zibin Guo is a medical anthropologist and internationally known Tai Chi Master. In today's episode, Dr. Guo describes his journey, which began as a young martial artist in China during an era of cultural revolution and uncertainty. With the encouragement of a couple students, Zibin left China in his twenties and travelled to the United States to begin a new life in academia. "I began teaching adaptive tai ji by accident," Dr. Guo says. "That was my moment of enlightenment." The chance...


Stephen Gerringer: Mythologizing Life, Joseph Campbell, and the Hero's Journey

For the past 15 years, Stephen Gerringer has collaborated with the Joseph Campbell Foundation (JCF) —a global community of artists, scholars, writers, educators, and questers—to preserve, protect, and perpetuate the work of Joseph Campbell. Hour 1: Stephen takes us back to his formative years and highlights the turning points that led him to the work of Joseph Campbell. Hour 2: Stephen provides a brief biography of Joseph Campbell and details how the story sequence of events Campbell coined...


Behind The Scenes

The Carleena Show podcast celebrates 5.5 months today, which means it's time for another installment of BEHIND THE SCENES. In this episode, I answer listener questions, recap episodes 5-13, share how I met each guest and what broader societal questions their episode posed. I talk about my podcasting process, and mention how a mentor from Goucher College's MFA Nonfiction program helped shape my thinking. The Carleena Show Podcast | Ordinary People Share Their Hero’s...


Steve Exceen: Ride for 22 & Veteran Suicide Awareness

Steve Exceen is a Marine Corps veteran, father, and founder of Ride for 22, a nonprofit organization that seeks to 1.) raise awareness about veteran suicide, 2.) serve as a living memorial for our fallen heroes, and 3.) increase public knowledge and awareness of Post Traumatic Stress. Steve discusses the journey that led him to start Ride for 22. His organization started with three people and grew to include thousands of riders in Idaho and Oregon, riders who display a picture of someone’s...


Two Friends. Different Politics. Attend A Trump Rally Together.

Two Friends. Different Politics. Attend A Trump Rally Together. And then they talk about it. Listen as two friends discuss their recent trip to see the president speak in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They discuss their motivations for going, fears, observations, the general tenor of the crowd, surprises, and overall impressions. The intent with this conversation is to show how two people, two friends, who genuinely care for each other, can differ in politics and still get along. The Carleena Show...


Transforming Victim Consciousness: Lynne Forrest

Lynne Forrest teaches that people perceive life in one of two ways--we’re either reacting out of the victim mind or we see life through the eyes of the observer mind, which witnesses without judgment. Lynne is devoted to helping people find and clear the painful beliefs and ideas that have caused them distress through a process of accessing the Observer Self. "As soon as we recognize we’re on the lower (victim consciousness) triangle, we take ownership of it. As soon as we take ownership of...


Sherry Campbell: Demystifying Death and Dying

Sherry Campbell is a social worker and director of a nonprofit Hospice Home in Tennessee called Welcome Home. She’s also the host of a Demystifying Death series which seeks to bring community members together and provide a space to talk about death and dying. At the end of the episode, two special guests join the conversation. Rakerria Mines and Annie McGuyer Cox recount the circumstances that led them to volunteer at Welcome Home. "People think Hospice is very sad, depressing. But sometimes...


Max Baldwin: Overcoming Polio: Journey to the Australian Olympic Team

In 1956, Max Baldwin made history as the first person with a disability to compete on an Australian Olympic Team. At 91-years old, Max sits across from me via Skype and recounts his incredible journey—from contracting polio as a baby and loosing use of one leg—to competing in the Olympics in his 20s and becoming the first Australian to 3-track ski. There is much wisdom, humility, and humor in this man’s incredible story. At the end of the episode, Max’s son, Matt, joins me and we discuss the...


Veronica Slack: Addiction Recovery, Motherhood & A Message of Hope

Veronica Slack is the author of a recovery journal series, mother, and an active member of a 12-step recovery program. During our conversation, Veronica talks about the events that led her down a dangerous path of addiction she didn’t think she could escape. But after several tries, she did escape and every cell of her being propelled her on a path to help others quit their addiction and find the support they need. "I had no idea what was on the other side of those doors. I had never made it...