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Andy Oddie - The Retail Art of Pop Culture from Doctor Who to Star Wars to Funko Pop Vinyl

This episode of The Hyper Room is with Andy Oddie – if you’ve ever wondered who was behind the Star Wars Lightsaber barbeque tongs or immortalizing the current Doctor Who series in plastic – you’re going to find out here. For this episode, I wanted to showcase the business side of pop culture and invited Andy Oddie of Funko into The Hyper Room. Andy has been licensing, manufacturing and creating pop culture merchandise for his entire career – starting with Forbidden Planet then launching...


Matt Wagner - The Magician Unveils his Final Trick with Mage: The Hero Denied

This episode of The Hyper Room is with Matt Wagner creator of Mage and Grendel as well as working on characters like The Demon, Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman, The Shadow, Sandman Mystery Theater and so many more. I’ve been in love with Mage ever since Matt Wagner walked into The Comicshop those many years ago. My first time meeting a real live comic book creator AND he was doing his very own comic book! I talk to Matt about his career, how he first got published by Comico, how he comes up...


Rian Hughes - The Man Who Designed Your Favorite Comic Book Logos

This episode of The Hyper Room is with graphic designer: Rian Hughes. Next to the artwork, comics have a very distinct visual design language and the best interpreter of that is graphic designer Rian Hughes. Rian has been in the industry for decades and you will know his work when you flip through his new book LOGO-A-GOGO that showcases all his logos and cover designs for comics, graphic novels and trade dress for every publisher in comics from Marvel to DC Comics to Valiant and beyond. I...


Erik Larsen - The Origins, the Art and the Image of the Savage Dragon

This episode of The Hyper Room is with Image Comics co-founder and creator of The Savage Dragon: Erik Larsen. In The Hyper Room, Erik and I talk about the origins of his comic book career and how he started working for Marvel Comics by walking up to legendary editor Jim Shooter, as well as how he works and creates Savage Dragon every month and where he comes up with all those wild ideas. Erik is a fantastic creator great guy to talk to and will always be remembered as the comic creator...


Introducing: The Hyper Room

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