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The John Clay Wolfe Show powered by Every week we talk about cars, sports, sex, drugs and rock & roll.... just about anything as long as it won’t get us fined by the FCC. Also you can listen to the full library of older shows on PodBean by searching ”The John Clay Wolfe Show+”.

The John Clay Wolfe Show powered by Every week we talk about cars, sports, sex, drugs and rock & roll.... just about anything as long as it won’t get us fined by the FCC. Also you can listen to the full library of older shows on PodBean by searching ”The John Clay Wolfe Show+”.


Fort Worth, TX


The John Clay Wolfe Show powered by Every week we talk about cars, sports, sex, drugs and rock & roll.... just about anything as long as it won’t get us fined by the FCC. Also you can listen to the full library of older shows on PodBean by searching ”The John Clay Wolfe Show+”.




#353 John Clay Wolfe Show 05.28.22

Give a salute y'all, the Wolfe Pack honors the fallen this Memorial Day weekend with stars and stripes and lots of laughs! Catch up on the latest in music, sports, world events and pop culture with our old friends Johnny Football, Tommy Carbone, and more--and you know how we tend to rock the boat on these holiday weekends, so keep your hand on the "dump" button, and crack open a Natty on us! Let's roll.


#352 John Clay Wolfe Show 05.21.22

Better roll those windows up, 'cause the Wolfe Pack plans to make good time on the highway today! We've got enough supplies to blow by every stop, from Miami to Los Angeles--join us for a coast-to-coast rundown of everything that's happening in world events, politics, sports and pop culture...and visit with our old friends Matty McC, the Reverend Charles, Johnny Cash, and even a brief (I mean VERY brief) bit of conversation with Johnny Depp, and more! So strap in and avoid those liquids for...


#351 John Clay Wolfe Show 05.14.22

In case you haven't noticed, things are heating up around the Wolfe Studios--as we edge our way toward Summer, the Wolfe Pack has got a LOT of entertaining stuff to talk about: while Steph Curry hits the all-time record for 3-point shots, we've got a burgeoning young all star quarterback in John Clay's son Nolan (with help from one of football's preeminent QB coaches)! And we'll lay out a whole chef's table's worth of music, showbiz gossip, business news and prognostications, and pop...


#350 John Clay Wolfe Show 05.07.22

Take our lead on this one: it's oh-so-much easier to spend quality Sunday time with family when you've properly adjusted your weekend startup on a Saturday with the Wole Pack! This week we feature a chat with Joan Rivers' pride and joy, Melissa Rivers, who has a new book, Lies My Mother Told Me: Tall Tales from a Short Woman! Plus, get the latest in music, sports, and pop culture: Axl gets with Carrie Underwood for a GnR tune or two, we've got the new Rock Hall inductees list, it's Spring...


#349 John Clay Wolfe Show 04.30.22

Well, dang if Springtime isn't just what the doctor ordered! Looks like the Wolfe Pack is feeling spry and firing on all eight cylinders--this week's episode delivers a high dosage of music that rocks, just enough political meandering to keep us confounded, and of course all of the pop culture we can handle! Catch up with the fate of poor Johnny Depp and his crazy/beautiful ex wife Amber, check out a new track from our own DJ PreKay, an old prank call from Bobbo's office line, and of course...


#348 John Clay Wolfe Show 04.23.16

Set yer sails mates, 'cause the Wolfe Pack is hitting the high seas! We'll steer through a formidable current of music, pop culture and car biz news and world politics, with an ocean of laughs along the way. Catch up with our old friends Mike Tyson, Tommy Chong and even the Devil himself, while we sail into the heart of Springtime on our ship the JOHNNY C! Drink up, me mates, yoho--here's hoping we find enough rum for us all!


#347 John Clay Wolfe Show 04.16.22

Here's a dandy way around your Holiday weekend! While you're getting your eggs all colored up for Easter/Passover/Ramadan (yes we're in a rare convergence this year), let us provide some entertainment and thoughtful reflection: this week we've got a TON of funny stuff, including our respectful RIP to the great Gilbert Gottfried, John's QAnon friend, Random Standup from Larry the Cable Guy and more. PLUS, enough music, pop culture, sports and world politics to hide your goodies...


#346 John Clay Wolfe Show 04.09.22

Is it us, or is it getting jumpy around the place? That's right friends, as the Wolfe Man says, Spring has Sprung--and we're ready to branch out soak in the sun! Catch up on the Wolfe Pack's usual not-too-heavy dose of music, sports, news and politics, and visits from our old friends Mr. Ed, rock legend Keith Richards, roughly a half-million new fans in cities from coast to coast (including one funky dude from our favorite "windy city"), and of course John Clay, JD, Gigi, Turley and Bobbo....


#345 John Clay Wolfe Show 04.02.22

Why not look on the bright side, gang--if you're here, it means we ALL survived another April Fools Day! So while we all clean up and work on getting our friends' "Gotcha" posts off the worldwide web, let's talk about The Slap Heard 'Round the World--along with a ton of music, sports, political tomfoolery, celebrity gossip and pop culture stuff. Catch up with our old friends Keith Richards, Hanna the exotic dancer, the Devil himself, and more. And don't forget to bring beer! Let's ride.


#344 John Clay Wolfe Show 03.26.22

On this week's show, it's a bored-out hot rod job of Spring Break's last blast! We've got our itinerary loaded, with 470 horses' worth of fresh takes on Music, World News, celebrity gossip and pop culture--and we'll visit with our old friends Tyrone B, Mike McD, the Devil himself, and...who let that chipmunk in here?! So bring your rodent-proof cooler, and sit a spell with the Wolfe Pack. This Natty's for you!


#343 John Clay Wolfe Show 03.19.22

On this week's episode, the Wolfe Pack has changed into our speedos and we're ready for Spring Break! Catch the latest tips and trends for dealing with a boatload of crazy news bits, sports, politics, celebrity gossip, Mail from Jail and more--PLUS, visits from our old friends the Reverend Charles, Johnny Cash, and even the Devil himself. So hop off the high dive and party with the Wolfe Pack!


#342 John Clay Wolfe Show 03.12.22

Bring your passports gang, the Wolfe Pack is bound for all kinds of new places! Join our new friends in Cincinnati, Sacramento, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and San Diego, as we expand our posse to a much bigger gang...ride along as we break out our best takes on world events, sports, music, politics and pop culture--and bust out the big laughs, with our old friends Rush Limbo, Keith Richards, Fake Axl Rose, and a lot more. And here's a hell of a deal: we'll drive, you drink, and let...


#341 John Clay Wolfe Show 03.05.22

On this week's episode, you'll notice the Wolfe Pack is torn between what's "funny ha-ha" and plumb hilarious! And we're all about sharing our favorite comedy, music, sports and pop culture, but there's serious stuff to keep an eye on, too--the war in Ukraine, the U.S. President's first State of the Union address, a rapidly changing supply chain crisis...and did we mention the President?! Join us for visits with our old friends Keith Richards, a very lucky husband to two "sisterwives," the...


#340 John Clay Wolfe Show 02.26.22

This week's episode falls in a week marked by turmoil after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the Wolfe Pack fleshes out the impressions and implications thus far, with our newly discovered world historian, young Maddox Wolfe in his JCW Show debut! Of course, we've got a LOT to say and cover too, with a fully tally of stories about music, sports, pop culture...and yes, the latest trends and predictions in today's car market from the Quick Bid Master himself, John Clay. Catch up with what's...


#339 John Clay Wolfe Show 02.19.22

No doubt about it neighbors, the Wolfe Pack is doing some heavy lifting in a world full of big messes to clean up--luckily, John C. has got some heavy equipment skills, AND heavy equipment! Ride along as we do our post-Superbowl LVI duties in news, sports, politics, pop culture and more...How did we like the NFL's 1st Hip Hop halftime show? Why do white ladies keep sneakin' around with their teenaged sons' friends (and did the Devil make them do it)? What are the former Commanders in Chief...


#338 John Clay Wolfe Show 02.12.22

On this week's episode, the Wolfe Pack is heading into Superbowl Weekend with more miles' worth of yardage in NFL 'Big Game' picks, predictions and betting angles--and miles between stats, with John out in Los Angeles, the Home Crew back in Texas, and a road-weary Gigi somewhere between! And YES, we've got a TON of Big News bits, the latest celebrity gossip, and visits from our friends Heidi & Frank from KLOS, the Reverend Charles, Aussie Man, and even...Bill Cosby?! Not to mention, the...


#337 John ClayWolfe Show 02.05.22

Make sure you've got drinks for the road this time around, 'cause the Wolfe Pack is doing some long haul truckin' across the country! We're into our Amish friends' surprisingly kinky courting customs in PA, big memories of Janet and Justin's Superbowl 2004 fiasco in Houston, stories of a serial panty thief in Kentucky, and LOTS of talk with and about our friends in sunny California--and a whole lot more. So come fit to travel, pop a top, and get settled in, 'cause John Clay and the gang are...


#336 John Clay Wolfe Show 01.29.22

Better buckle up, 'cause this week's episode is a tad bit bumpy--but in a really good way! Ride along with the Wolfe Pack through a minefield of explosively funny stuff: we've got the (unofficial) return of Randy the Chipmunk, a VERY assertive email from a newly Lost Listener, a dash of TV, movies and politics. PLUS, news and notes on the 'Life of John Clay,' with his just-published writeup in D Magazine, a stab at creating a new radio game show that fizzles quickly, and a handle on the car...


#335 John Clay Wolfe Show 01.22.22

Well if we ain't cool we're about to be! Welcome to Winter with the Wolfe Pack--we're doubling down on new low temps with some permanently funny stuff: catch up with our old friend Cluck the Rooster, Matty McC, and from a galaxy not TOO far away, Juan Solo. Plus, betting tips for a big round of NFL playoff matchups, lots of news and music and TV talk, John Clay's singular take on what's going on in the automotive world, and a lot more. So don't go out into the deep freeze--grab a spot around...


#334 John Clay Wolfe Show 01.15.22

On this week's episode, the Wolfe Pack is realizing the presence of all kinds of habits new and old: we're damned funny, but a little bit "tacky," very loyal to friends fans and family, but not averse to practical jokes or telling the Whole Story. We're also plumb nuts about sports, comedy, music and cars--we can go on for hours (and often do)... We also have a ton of stuff to say about our hope for a COVID-free future, a grasp of "smart" politics, a coming weekend full of NFL Playoff games...