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Julio Ricardo Varela | Part 2: Puerto Rico Death Count

In the second part of a conversation with journalist/editor/podcaster Julio Ricardo Varela, he talks about covering the controversy around estimates of deaths relating to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (1:00), challenges of being a journalist during the Trump era (15:00) media reports around the Junot Diaz sexual allegations (19:30); balancing hard news and humanity on the In the Thick podcast (25:00); and advice for the next generation of journalists (30:00).


Julio Ricardo Varela: News and Politics from the Latino Perspective

Julio Ricardo Varela began his journalism career working alongside sportswriters like Bob Ryan, Leigh Montville, and Bud Collins but returned to the field years later as a news reporter and multi-media journalist. A Puerto Rico native, Varela was an early adopter of social media platforms and remembers that period as his version of J-school. After founding, he began working with award-winning journalist, author, and PBS host Maria Hinojosa, for Latina USA and Futuro Media....


Adam and Arlie Hochschild: Empathy in Nonfiction

After meeting in 1960, Arlie and Adam Hochschild bonded around common ideals and activism, beginning a partnership that led to marriage, family, and, so far, a combined total of nearly 20 books. Their most recent—Arlie's Strangers in Their Own Land and Adam's Spain in Our Hearts—are must-reads for today's political watchers, focusing, respectively, on Tea Party voters in Louisiana and American journalists and fighters who chose to cover or join the Spanish Civil War. During our...


Steve Morse: Writing about Rock

Steve Morse has interviewed and written about some of the biggest names in music, including Bob Marley, Bono, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen. In this episode, the Boston Globe rock critic talks about the highlights of his decades-long career.


Beth Schwartzapfel | The Marshall Project: Covering Criminal Justice

Journalist Beth Schwartzapfel has been covering the criminal justice system for more than a decade, with an emphasis on telling the human stories of prisoners that are often overlooked. She is an award-winning reporter and staff writer at the Marshall Project, and her work has also appeared in publications such as The American Prospect and the New York Times.


Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich: The Fact of a Body

In a conversation about her book, The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich discusses how writing about the case of a convicted pedophile and murderer compelled her to reexamine her assessments of the legal system and her memories of abuse in her family. During the 2017 interview, Marzano-Lesnevich talks about connections between storytelling and the law (3:00); structuring and editing her book (8:00); embracing contradiction in the book's narratives and...


Julie Shapiro: Radiotopia, Podcasting, and the Art of Creative Audio

When Radiotopia executive producer Julie Shapiro talks about podcasting, you leave with the impression that we should all look at listening as a sacred act. Shapiro has long been one of the world’s most innovative leaders in the art of audio storytel...


Doug Glanville: Sports and Society

Having studied engineering at an Ivy League school before becoming a major league baseball outfielder, Doug Glanville sometimes thought about angles, vectors, and ballistics between pitches. He’s taken the idea of the cerebral athlete to even greater levels, post-career, as a New York Times columnist and a sports commentator whose analysis touches on society, psychology, race, and other ideas. During a conversation shortly after he left ESPN in 2017, Glanville talks about being an Ivy...


Billy Bragg on Skiffle and Music as Resistance

Influenced as much by punk as folk music, England’s great singer/songwriter Billy Bragg has always placed politics and social activism at the center of his creative life. Bragg has a new book out about the history and impact of skiffle: Roots, Radicals, and Rockers. He paused during his book tour to talk about why he wrote the book (1:00); examples of genre mixing in music that don’t qualify as cultural appropriation (2:50); hip-hop as the musical language of today (5:15); music as...


A New Podcast: The Media Narrative

In this short introductory episode, you'll learn about the mission of The Media Narrative, a new interview podcast focusing on authors, artists, journalists and others who are shaping the public conversation. You'll also hear clips from a few upcoming episodes.