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Examining the Art of Pop Culture in Light of God's Self-Revelation. Hosted by Jared Moore and Jeff Wright.


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Examining the Art of Pop Culture in Light of God's Self-Revelation. Hosted by Jared Moore and Jeff Wright.






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M3gan (and the Cult of Safety)

M3gan is a movie with more to say than its Overwatch-Dancing-Robot trailer would suggest. The movie raises critical points about parenting, technology, and the all-consuming pursuit of safety - and your boys at PCCD Pod get into alllll of it. Hit Download, press Play, and let's get it started!


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Nefarious (PCCD 99)

Alright guys. We took our time getting to this one but it is a good one. Nefarious is a movie thoughtful Chrisitans ought to see and we're here to give you all the good stuff. Thanks for hanging around while we were radio silent; we're looking forward to getting back in the groove.


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Nefarious - Go See This Movie

Here's a quick drop-in to encourage you to go see Nefarious while it is in theaters. We aren't affiliated, aren't making any money off this but just think it is a good movie that Christians have a lot of good reasons to watch. You should also get on twitter and nag Jared about watching the film so he and Jeff can do a longer review.


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Demons, DMT, and The Return of the Dragon with Lewis Ungit

On this episode we're talking to author Lewis Ungit about his book The Return of the Dragon: The Shocking Way Drugs and Religion Shape Peoples and Societies. Lewis is a careful thinker and researcher; in the book he lays out how our culture's increasing acceptance of mind-altering substances lines up with ancient pagan practices and dark spiritual forces. This topic is important and Lewis' book addresses it well. Please reach out to a friend and ask them to listen to this one. --- Find The Return of the Dragon: The Shocking Way Drugs and Religion Shape Peoples and Societies on Amazon. Subscribe to Lewis' Substack Follow Lewis on Twitter Subscribe to The Servants and Heralds Podcast Subscribe to The Pop Culture Coram Deo Podcast


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Writing in the Silence and Starsong with Joseph Knowles

Joseph Knowles of Church History Matters fame joins Jeff to talk about his new writing project Silence and Starsong. They get into how a mutual appreciation for C.S. Lewis' That Hideous Stength factors in and how writers can get involved. ------------- Follow Joseph Knowles on Twitter Follow Silence and Starsong on Twitter Visit the Silence and Starsong Homepage & Give Their Stories a Read Subscribe to Church History Matters


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The Batman (PCCD 96)

Ep. 96 delivers a whole lotta that PCCD content you know & love. We're reviewing The Batman and, before that, taking on the best & brightest of the Atheist Collective's criticisms of Biblical Authority. Sounds like a party? Get in here! Segment Timestamps: 01:25 - Whatcha' Watchin' 09:25 - So Sorry to Interrupt - Taking on Atheist Arguments against Biblical Authority 53:47 - Reviewing The Batman Thanks for listening!


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Chronicles of Faith: David (Comic Book Project) from Brainy Pixel Productions and Mercy Ways Studios

We're talking to Brannan Hollingsworth of Brainy Pixel Productions and Ivan Anaya of Mercy Way Studios about their comic book series Chronicles of Faith and the IndieGoGo campaign available now that you can support in order to fund their work and give the world more top shelf Christian content. Check the Episode Alert post for art you'll hear mentioned in this conversation and be sure to drop by the IndieGoGo and support Chronicles of Faith: David. You can get issues #1 and #2 through IndieGoGo and you can pick up #0 (along with other comic titles) at the Brainy Pixel Store or on Comixology. Follow Brainy Pixel and Mercy Ways on Twitter, too. Thanks to Gregg Kite of Regener8d for putting this project in front of us. You can give Gregg a follow on Twitter and YouTube.


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Spider-Man: No Way Home (Finally!) (PCCD 94)

Yer boys at PCCD are finally covering Spider-Man: No Way Home. Is it (a) Marvel's return to form, (b) the last gasp of what we used to love about the MCU, or (c) a movie aging like milk? We also get into a spicy conversation about women participating in Mixed Martial Arts. Hit that download button, press play, and let's get going on Episode 94 of The Pop Culture Coram Deo Podcast!


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Disney's Encanto

We're doing a deep dive on Disney's Encanto on this one. Enjoy!


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The Owen Cyclops Episode!

Here you go, y'all - nearly two hours of picking Owen Cyclops' brain. Hope you enjoy the conversation as much as Jeff did! And here's all the links you need: First: buy Owen's book, Channel One: The First Collection of Comics here. Next: Follow Owen on Gab, Twitter, and Patreon. After That: Drop by and check out all the goodies - including this excellent shirt. New to Owen's Work? Here's a Twitter Thread we created to introduce him and here is his own index to stuff he's posted on Twitter. ---- Follow Pop Culture Coram Deo on Gab and Twitter. Drop by Servants and Heralds to check out our family of podcasts and the "Our Hideous Strength" material.


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The Tuttle Twins Cartoon with Daniel Harmon

We're interviewing Daniel Harmon of Harmon Brothers on his foray into the world of cartoons with The Tuttle Twins - maybe the best cartoon your family isn't already watching. You can find the episode free of charge on YouTube here. Drop by and check out the show's merchandise here. ------------------------------- Check out The Servants and Heralds Network and give their Podcasts a listen! Follow The Tuttle Twins on Twitter and Servants and Heralds too!


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Ghostbusters: Afterlife (PCCD 90)

On this one we're reviewing Ghostbusters: Afterlife and getting into Tuttle Twins, James Merritt's tweets and more! As mentioned: Check out The Servants & Heralds Network Website & give them a follow on Twitter! Watch the Tuttle Twins cartoon! Give Script v. Manuscript a listen - I recommend the Dune episode in particular.


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Midnight Mass with Megan Basham

Mike Flanagan, Midnight Mass - and we've got Megan Basham (from The Daily Wire, formerly of World Magazine) on to help us review it! Enjoy! ----- Follow Megan on Twitter, read her at The Daily Wire, and get her film reviews at Rotten Tomatoes!


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The Fight to Stay Human, Forever with James Poulos

On this episode we're talking to James Poulos about his new book, Human, Forever: The Digital Politics of Spiritual War. Dr. Poulos wrote the book as a "guide to saving our souls from the digital apocalypse, showing how the swarm of programs and devices unleashed by our leaders has transformed our lives and defied our dreams, throwing the future into terrifying doubt. Scrambling for control at any price, today's ruling factions tempt us to grant them absolute power with utopian promises of superhuman autonomy and dystopian threats of subhuman servitude. But godlike fantasies and buglike nightmares won't snatch back our destiny from the jaws of the digital swarm. That task belongs to the first generation of the digital age who must retake control of our technology by restoring our full humanity (and their parents, who must help save them from the new cyborg system bent on ensuring they never come of age)." You can sign up to be notified when Human, Forever releases at Dr. Poulos is a great Twitter follow - you can find him @JamesPoulos. If you want to read more from Dr. Poulos you can find selected articles here, on American Mind, and you can hear him on The American Mind Podcast. You can also listen to his appearance on The Babylon Bee Podcast as well as The King of Stuff. ---- Find The Pop Culture Coram Deo Podcast on Twitter and Gab!


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Christian Horror with Mike Duran (Re-Release)

We're bringing out a treasure from our archive storehouse today - this interview with Mike Duran from September, 2019 is a hidden gem and we think it is high time Mike got a fresh hearing. Mike Duran is an author, artist, and all around fascinating individual. His book, Christian Horror, is one the finest pieces of Christian analysis you'll find anywhere. You're gonna like this interview too. ----------- Connect with Mike On: His website - His books - As Mentioned in the Episode: Holly Ordway - Apologetics and the Christian Imagination: An Integrated Approach to Defending the Faith


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Malignant from James Wan (Plus Revoice & The Problem of Evil)

We're getting into the Halloween spirit with James Wan's Malignant. James has done some excellent work with The Conjuring - does this new original film belong in that class? Also - we check in on the Revoice controversy, Jared's forthcoming work on the subject, and a dab of What about Evil? A Defense of God's Sovereign Glory by Scott Christensen!


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A Quiet Place II (PCCD 85)

Has John Krasinski created the greatest film franchise of the 2000s? Serious question? Your friends at The PCCD Pod love these films so you're getting the whole bag emptied out on this one. You'll also hear a bit of a fun trip back in time as the episode was recorded on the weekend the film opened. Enjoy!


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The Hate U Give with Jared Longshore

A lost episode! We recorded this review in Dec. of 2020 and, thankfully, have it processed now for your listening enjoyment! We approached Dr. Longshore to joins us for a review of a woke-approved movie and 2018's The Hate U Give seemed a good option. We think you'll enjoy this one. -------------------- You can find Dr. Longshore and his work at Founders Ministries on Twitter here and here. Follow The PCCD Pod on Gab and Twitter plus check out our homepage.


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WandaVision from Marvel (PCCD 83)

We're talking about Disney's WandaVision on this one, along with all your regular segments - including some interesting stuff Jared has been getting up to! When you're done drop by our homepage and give this a read: We All Live in WandaVision Now."


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A Christian Understanding of Suicide with Dr. Samuel Stephens

We've got a long episode on a critical topic for Ep. 82 - Suicide: how Christians should understand the topic, how we can faithfully care for those tempted by suicide, and the need for more clarity from Christians on this subject. Segment 1: An interview with Dr. Samuel Stephens, Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Resources mentioned: - The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors Website (full of resources, including finding a faithful counselor in your area) - Ed Welch - Side by Side: Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love - Timothy S. Lane & Paul David Tripp - How People Change Segment 2: Review the 2006 documentary The Bridge (IMB Description: "Filmmakers use hidden cameras to capture the various suicide attempts at the Golden Gate Bridge - the world's most popular suicide destination. Interviews with the victims' loved ones describe their lives and mental health.") -------- Drop by the new and let us know what you think!