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Spontaneous monologues from the SELF : Walks and talks from the mountains of southern Australia. This is the companion podcast to the ET and I blog (

Spontaneous monologues from the SELF : Walks and talks from the mountains of southern Australia. This is the companion podcast to the ET and I blog (
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Spontaneous monologues from the SELF : Walks and talks from the mountains of southern Australia. This is the companion podcast to the ET and I blog (




TSM177 : Sandor in the Mountains & Perceiving Energy Physically & Emotionally

Hey folks, this is my last TSM/post for quite a while. In today's walkalogue it is my pleasure to introduce my good friend Sandor and his beloved Jacqui, who came to visit me a week ago. Sandor (originally from Hungary) but now in England, came and spent 3 days with me in my former home - the Grampians mountains (Gariwerd) in the west of Victoria. Sandor and I had the pleasure of sharing an ET contact night and then spending a day in Yowie country where my friends Teathar, her partner...


TSM176 : Reticulum Manifolds and How ETs Travel Through Space

I dedicate today's monologue to my good friend Sandor, for all your ongoing kindness, friendship and financial support ! Thanks buddy ! *** In today's monologue I introduce you to Dude's explanation of how ETs travel through space using Reticulum Manifolds. I'm at home for this monologue, sitting at my desk (making I guess, a sitalogue !). Learning about Reticulum Manifolds came about through a discussion with Dude in which I asked him if there is really such a thing as Wormholes and how...


TSM175 : Opening Your Perception and Experience of Reality

Today's walkalogue is all about how to open your perception and experience of reality. I find people who talk about expanding consciousness and expanding your reality to be a bit of a wank because they never explain what that actually means or how to do it. So in this walkalogue I talk a little about what this might mean and break down some steps to help you to learn how to do it for yourself. Consider this a primer on the subject, rather than a more detailed expose on the subject. I start...


TSM174 : Neuroplasticity (The Plastic Fantastic in Your Head)

This first walkalogue of 2019 is all about neuroplasticity ( - the ability of the brain to change itself. In this walkalogue from last month, I talk a little about how I really became interested in neuroplasticity through running a community based Acquired Brain Injury rehabilitation group in 2002 and how I coincidentally had a 3 way conversation on the subject with the recently deceased Steven J Gould. I offer a brief definition of...


TSM173 : What Birds Can Teach Us About Life and Living

TSM173 is all about birds. I begin this walkalogue by talking about my own experiences with birds and then reflect on what birds teach us about life and living. Without anthropomorphizing, I think we can safely say that birds reflect many of our own fundamental desires and behaviors. The difference between us and birds, is that birds live fully in the present moment and have an authenticity about them that radiates through the intensity of how they live their lives. If you want to find a...


TSM172 : Conversational Loops

In TSM172 I talk a little about an experience I had last year with doubt and despondency, before I woke myself up by whacking myself on the head while building an animal house ! The doubt and despondency relates to a small number of short phrases/sentences that had been playing in my head and effecting me when I was especially vulnerable. This particular self disclosure leads onto the broader subject of conversational loops and how conversational loops that take place in the outer and inner...


TSM171 : Nature's Cycles and How to Reconnect With Them

I dedicate this TSM to Sandor and Jacqui, for coming all the way down under to visit a walking man and for your ongoing support of ET and I and The Something Monologues ! This TSM is one of those that was in my scrap heap and destined for deletion. Unfortunately I was unable to take out the wind and the sound of my noisy shoes. Most of the wind is at the beginning and the end and there isn't too much in the remainder. In today's walkalogue I consider the reality that nature has cycles on...


TSM170 : The Nature of Reality - Doubt and Discernment

Thanks to your recent feedback, I decided to save a few TSMs that would otherwise have gone to the scrap heap because they had too much wind in them ! (Thank god no one has chucked me on the scrap heap yet for the same reason !). Today's TSM from June this year is the first of them and I can tell you that after much pedantic editing on my part (because the wind did piss me off !), this TSM is completely free of wind ! I dedicate this post to Darci and Frédéric. Darci asked me a question on...


TSM169 : A Trek Across the Scorpion Hill Ranges

This is the final catch up TSM. I had to scrap a few more due to the wind. And alas, this one is windy as well ! But it's an authentic outdoor experience ! In today's monologue I take you on a trek through the nearby Scorpion Hill Ranges.


TSM168 : People Make Mistakes

I'm still catching up on some TSMs that have been waiting to be edited. This one and the next one are the last in the queue and then it's onto something more recent. I dedicate this TSM to Mr. Anonymous, Frédéric and Darci for having the courage to go on, despite life turning out different to what you might have imagined it would be. And to Sandor, Nick, Frédéric and Darci for your ongoing kindness, friendship and support. Life is not easy. This monologue is in part aimed at all of you who...


TSM167 : Symbols of Self Discovery - Part 1

This monologue was squeezed in while waiting for my son in the car. In today's monologue I introduce the idea of symbols of self discovery and begin by discussing a transformative dream I had about picking up an object like an Aboriginal sacred stone (Tjurunga). Sometimes dreams like this are purely symbolic but sometimes they also appear to be bringing information and/or energy from somewhere or someone else. The symbols that occur in dreams like this can occur in waking and sleeping...


TSM166 : Psychoses I Have Known

It's been quite a while since I have posted a TSM because I've just been too busy to find time to edit them. But I have made quite a few and had to scrap a good number of them due to the wind. Winter is a real problem for making TSMs because we have wind almost every day. This whole making and scrapping TSMs is really pissing me off but I have no way to minimize the effects of the wind with my iPod. I was going to scrap this TSM because of the wind but decided that given it's length and the...


TSM165 : The Relationship Between Perspective & Perception

Have you ever thought about how your perspective effects your perception ? Perspective is THE critical ingredient in changing perception ! In this episode I explore how simple changes in perspective change our perception and how you can create your own conscious shifts in perception. Enjoy ! KcilraG ThgirB. ;-)


TSM164 : The Ultimate Explanation Behind Chemtrails and CO2 Driven Climate Change

Have you ever wondered about the link between so called Chemtrails and CO2 Driven Climate Change ? In today's monologue I offer you the ultimate explanation for why there are more so called Chemtrails and why CO2 may have risen. This TSM was made at the end of a long hard day while out walking on the first night of winter ! So if I sound a little worn out, it's because I was ! Enjoy ! Bright.


TSM163 : Memory, the Story of Me and Sleep

In today's night time walkalogue, I explore memory, its connection to the story of me (your story) and sleep. I speculate on a constellation approach to understanding how memory works, memory and time and the function of memory. I explore how we construct our personal narratives and how memory relates to the overall story of the self. Finally I look at how we approach sleep, what our expectations of sleep are and what we can do to engage memory and imagination prior to sleep, in order to...


TSM162 : Inside an ET Craft – Muajra : Part 1B

In tonight’s at home monologue I continue describing the inside of Dude’s craft, discussing such issues as craft levels, types of rooms, atmospheric variables, windows, onboard map projections, viewing loved ones, other projections, surfaces, visitor well being, opening and closing doors and communicating with the craft. I trust that by the end of this audio, you will understand that Dude's craft is more than just a smart machine or an advanced form of AI and see that it is a living caring...


TSM161 : Inside an ET Craft - Muajra : Part 1A

Today's walky talky is the beginning of a small series of monologues in which I will try to describe the inside of a number of ET craft. In tonight's monologue I describe the inside of Dude's craft, which you will recall is a living sentient craft and was created or grown for Dude to assist him in his diplomatic work. Enjoy ! Brighty. ;-)


TSM X : Memories of Hong Kong - Part 1

I was working outside in the hot sun today and after lunch I had some free time, so I decided I would make a monologue about some of my childhood memories of Hong Kong. This is the first part of an ongoing series on my memories of Hong Kong between 1980-1993. This first one is a bit of a rambleathon and my head had been cooked by the hot sun, so I may have made a few small errors in factual details. But none the less, after listening to this, I think you'll have a good sense of what it was...


TSM160 : The Inner Self

In today's bloated (O man I feel full !) walkalogue, I explore the idea of the inner self / the inner life / the inner world or the internal self / internal life / internal world. I speculate on the nature of this strange separation between inner and outer, how inner and outer influence one another and some possible distinctions between the inner world of the body and the inner world of the mind. I ask how the conscious and unconscious aspects of our mind might exist and interact with one...


TSM159 : Using Sound to Anchor Ourselves into the Day and the Present Moment

Into today's walkalogue I talk about how we can use sound to anchor ourselves into the day, right from the beginning when we wake up and how we can use sound to fully engage with the present moment as we go through our day. This could have been a 1 minute monologue but as usual there are my observations of the world around me - including the sunrise, storm clouds, Boo ants, a snake skin and snake holes and the birdies. It is my intention that the many different sounds in this walkalogue...