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Conversations on Church, Community, and Culture


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Conversations on Church, Community, and Culture






The Way Home: Jared Moore on kids and culture

Jared Moore joins me on The Way Home podcast to talk about teaching our kids how to think about and embrace pop culture—movies, music, social media, and cultural artifacts. He helps parents walk through and navigate some of these challenges beyond just what is right and what is not right but how we consume cultural…


The Way Home: Gene Getz on ministry and teaching the Bible

Gene Getz joins me on The Way Home podcast to talk about his long years in ministry and what he’s learned from when he started ministry to what ministry is like today. He gives advice for teaching and preaching the Bible, and we talk about his brand new resource with B&H publishers, the CSB Life…


The Way Home: Alisa Childers on wrestling with your faith and finding answers

Alisa Childers joins me on The Way Home podcast to talk about her book, Another Gospel, and her story of wrestling with doubts about the central claims of Christianity and how she found answers that solidified her faith. She is courageous in taking on false teaching that some Christians are tempted to believe. This episode of The…


The Way Home: Kristen Wetherell on fighting an unhealthy sense of fear

Fear has been an ever-present part of our lives in 2020. It’s true that we have a lot of things to fear – the COVID-19 virus, economic shutdowns, unrest, racism, and more – but Christians are often tempted to give way to an unhealthy sense of fear. Kristen Wetherell joins me on The Way Home…


The Way Home: Alister McGrath on the power of apologetics and the life of J.I. Packer

Alister McGrath is an Oxford scholar and a prolific writer and great thinker. He joins me on The Way Home to discuss the power of apologetics, the life of J.I. Packer, and his new book, Born to Wonder. This episode of The Way Home Podcast is sponsored by Faithful Counseling. At Faithful Counseling, you’ll find professional mental…


The Way Home: Benjamin Watson on the continuing abortion divide and why he speaks out

Our nation is being torn apart. But what if there’s one big thing at the center of it all? Super Bowl champion tight end Benjamin Watson joins me again on The Way Home Podcast to discuss his new documentary, Divided Hearts of America, in which he goes on a journey across America to discover the truth…


The Way Home: David French on the increasing problem of polarization and what we can do about it

Is 2020 one of the most divisive and worrisome years in American history? David French, formerly of National Review and now a senior editor of The Dispatch, joins me on The Way Home Podcast to discuss his provocative new book, Divided We Fall, as well as the way Christians can meaningfully engage politics without losing…


The Way Home: Trevin Wax on the dangers of looking outward and inward for identity

Our culture tells us that the secret to personal happiness is following our hearts. But what if this path to personal happiness leads to a dead end? Trevin Wax, the senior vice president of Theology and Communications at LifeWay, joins me on The Way Home podcast to discuss the dangers of looking outward and inward for…


The Way Home: David Zahl on why everyone is religious, especially online

We live at a time when many are fretting about the decline of religious adherence. But David Zahl, founder of Mockingbird and prolific author, says people have not lost religion, they are just practicing in ways we don’t recognize, such as the way we do activism or parenting or politics. He joins me on The…


The Way Home: Dane Ortlund on what Jesus is really like

Christians know Jesus loves them and died for them, but what is the heart, the character of Jesus and why does this matter? Dane Ortlund, author and pastor, joins the podcast to discuss his bestselling book, Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sufferers and Sinners. Show Notes Guest Biography: Dane Ortlund (PhD, Wheaton College) is…


The Way Home: Rhyne Putman on the arguments Christians should and shouldn’t be having online

What kinds of issues should Christians be debating and discussing? Is there a difference between biblical discernment and the kind of tabloid-style gotcha approach favored by some? Rhyne Putman, associate professor of theology at New Orleans Theological Seminary, joins me on The Way Home podcast to offer some helpful guidelines on discerning between core doctrines…


The Way Home: Chris Crawford on the pro-life witness, politics, and how churches can help people vote

Chris Crawford has a long history of activism in the pro-life movement, shaped by Catholic social teaching. Today, he works with the Democracy Fund on issues of civility and citizenship. He joins me on The Way Home Podcast to discuss his journey into this calling and why he’s paying attention lately to the way we…


The Way Home: Tim Carney on division and healing in an Alienated America

What is the source of division and divisiveness in our country? What important bonds should we be creating at the local and national level to help bring healing and hope? Tim Carney is a journalist, author, and Christian whose book Alienated America looks at the policies and social disruption that has plagued many American communities. He…


The Way Home: Max Lucado on pastoring in a pandemic

Max Lucado is one of the most widely read authors in the world. His books have sold over 100 million copies worldwide in 54 languages. But most of all, Max is a pastor, whose reassuring words have brought encouragement and hope during troubled times. His daily encouragement via video has helped thousands endure a global pandemic, racial…


The Way Home: Paula Faris on why she walked away from her dream job

Paula Faris was the weekend host of Good Morning America, an anchor on The View and one of America’s top journalists when a series of trials forced her to reconsider her calling and walk away from her dream job. Paula has also hosted World News Now and America This Morning. Paula joins me on The…


The Way Home: Tim Challies on how Christians should engage online

Tim Challies has been blogging on the Internet since the Internet first started. His blog,, was an early pioneer in Christian content online. Tim joins me on The Way Home podcast to discuss the way Christians should engage online and on social media, as well as the good and bad ways we approach the…


The Way Home: N.T. Wright on Finding God in the Pandemic

The Way Home podcast is back! On this special relaunch episode, New Testament scholar N.T. Wright joins me to help answer the question of “Where is God in the Pandemic?” He also helps to clear up popular myths about the world of the New Testament. Show Notes Guest Biography: N.T. Wright is the former Bishop…


The Way Home: David Kinnaman on the state of the Church

David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group, joins me to talk about the 2020 research on the State of the Church. The decline of church attendance is well documented. What happened? Barna has committed this next year to empowering the Church with the insights and resources they need to reach the unchurched in their communities. Show Notes…


The Way Home: Daniel Grothe on wisdom and living well

Daniel Grothe joins me to talk about wisdom and the importance of learning from those your senior. Daniel is Associate Senior Pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This episode of The Way Home is sponsored by our friends at The Good Book Company, publishers of Talking Points: Abortion by Dr Lizzie Ling & Vaughan Roberts.…


The Way Home: Derwin Gray on shepherding his church and ‘Finding True Happiness’

Derwin Gray joins me to talk about how he is shepherding his church through this difficult time, as well as his new book The Good Life: What Jesus Teaches about Finding True Happiness. He is the founding and lead Pastor of Transformation Church (TC) in Indian Land, South Carolina, just south of Charlotte, North Carolina. This episode…