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Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) 'whos'.

Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) 'whos'.
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Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) 'whos'.






Who's There: Summer Bunni & Jessica Simpson's Word Processor?

You know how we always get things wrong? It's part of our charm. (We hope.) But sometimes you, our beautiful, loyal listeners *also* get things wrong. Case in point: the two calls we got from our listeners who thought Toni Braxton was dating Michael Keaton. (She's dating Birdman the co-founder of Cash Money Records, not Birdman the character from the terrible movie of the same name.) But let's not start off on the wrong foot: this week's VERY fun episode covers things we got wrong about...


Toni Braxton & Nazanin Mandi? (ft. Who Dat)

Aminatou Sow and Shani Hilton are BACK and we have so much to catch up on. For example, why is everyone turning on Jameela Jamil? (I thought we liked her? Is airbrushing illegal now?) And who is Nazanin Mandi, Miguel's new wife? And our very own Royal Correspondent (who happens to be Shani) answers the tabloid's #1 question of the month: Are Kate and Meghan really feuding? Is this all a stunt? Are we as infatuated with Nick Jonas and Priyanka "Quantico" Chopra as the rest of the world seems...


Who's There: Olivia the Dog & Brockhampton?

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we answer a variety of questions about people (like Stacy Keibler), places (like tanning salons), things (the Hollywood Reporter Actress Roundtable), and animals (like Olivia the dog). We also threw in a call about Elizabeth Debicki, about ten rapid-fire "Who or Them" inquiries, and several minutes talking about a little film called The Wife. You're so welcome. For more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter,...


Kelly Dodd & Princess Beatrice?

Emily Ratajkowski wants to know why people focus on what she's wearing. (Maybe it's because she's a model, but what do we know!!) Princess Beatrice wants to hang out with new boyfriend, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (although his ex-fiancé might not be so into it) and Neil Patrick Harris does not want to hang out with DWTS winner, Bobby Bones. Nico Tortorella and 'spouse' want to spend Thanksgiving naked, and Paris Hilton wants to spend Thanksgiving away from her now-ex-fiancé, Chris Zylka. (Zylka...


'The Princess Switch' & Brendon Zub?

It's the most wonderful time of the year: deranged-yet-entirely-watchable Hallmark/Lifetime/Netflix Christmas movie time! In today's very special episode (Who's There will return next Friday), Lindsey and Bobby discuss the Vanessa Hudgens/Vanessa Hudgens masterpiece The Princess Switch, and play two games based on this season's slate of basic cable cheer. These films prove Candace Cameron Bure and Lacey Chabert are the two most talented people in the biz. Today's episode of Who? Weekly is...


Hobo Johnson & Tamar Braxton?

Have you seen Jonathan starring Ansel Elgort & Ansel Elgort? How about The Christmas Switch starring Vanessa Hudgens and Vanessa Hudgens? Have you heard about Hobo Johnson? (Probably not, but your teenaged kids/pals have.) Did you know Frankie Muniz's house was flooded because his cat successfully pawed at the faucet? Or that Tamar Braxton abruptly quit Snoop Dogg's play mid-performance because she wasn't delivered her sandwich? Maybe you knew that Hailey Bieber (yes, she's Bieber now!)...


Who's There: Calum Turner & Michael Stuhlbarg?

It's call-in time! Oh, how we love hearing all your beautiful voices. (Most of the time.) Just kidding! Just kidding. Honestly, the only time we groan is when you call about Alexandra D'Addario. OK, stop me before I truly go off on a tangent. This week, the commenters discuss the many crimes of Grindelwald (or whatever those bankers are called), defend Kaitlyn Bristowe's honor, and introduce us to a woman named Asia who was only in the Pussycat Dolls for like seven seconds. Later, we dig...


Rhea Wahlberg & Christmas Abbott?

Three songs enter the ring: Ashley Tisdale's "Voices in My Head," Cheryl's "Love Made Me Do It" and Dinah Jane's "Bottled Up" and only one leaves. Annnnd what exactly did Noah Centineo say to one of the writers from Busy Tonight? (I guess, more like, what did he not say to her?) Plus, Mark Wahlberg's wife Rhea is a blogging and bag-making legend who hates when her kids play Fortnite (but loves Dunkin Donuts!) and what happens when a Big Brother star rams her car into her baby-daddy's new...


Who's There: Ricky Alvarez & Kaya Jones?

Lindsey and Bobby are more than happy to write an ensemble romcom called "ELECTION DAY" that can take place in the Gary Marshall (R.I.P.) universe, so please give us that chance. Moving on, we take calls about Hennessy Carolina's role in Nicki/Cardi's feud, a new show called Kevin Can Fuck Off (will we sue? maybe), why Danielle Jonas couldn't attend Priyanka Chopra's bachelorette party, "Ricky" from "Thank U, Next," Rami Malek (Who or Them?), Vanessa Hudgens, Vanessa Hudgens's fake Netflix...


Comments by Celebs? (ft. Julie Kramer & Emma Diamond)

If you listen to Who? Weekly, you know that one of the things that we are just fascinated with is the changing dynamics of celebrity reporting. Sure, we'll love Us Weekly and the Daily Mail forever—where are the cool and new and even strange places that people are getting their Who? news. Well, today on the pod we've got one of those places. It's your favorite Instagram account: COMMENTS by CELEBS. Co-founders Julie Kramer & Emma Diamond tells about #thealgorithm and which celebs might be...


Who's There: Zoë Kravitz & Little Mix?

Today on Who's There, we answer these deeply important questions: What REALLY happened to PeteAndAriana fan Instagram? Who was missing during the Today show Halloween spectacular? Who will light Tinashe's candle? Why do people suddenly care about Little Mix? Is Zoe Kravitz a Who or a Them? At what point does being in the New York Times Crossword mean you're a Them? (Hint: U.K. Singer Rita)


Ross Lynch & Joy-Anna Duggar (Boo! Weekly)

Boo! It's a very spOooOOooOOOoky episode of Who? Weekly—just in time for Halloween (or, uh, WHOlloween!), which may be our favorite (w)holiday because no one loves a costume more than a celeb. We're celebrating All Hallow's Eve with some dead stuff: the unlucky soul given the axe (murder?) by Modern Family and the Whos of Netflix's Sabrina. (Plus, why Lindsey never wants to talk about pop star, Kim Petras!) We'll also celebrate by broaching some of the very dark topics we would much rather...


Who's There: Jocelyn Chew & Mr. Mucus?

QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT: We have a Patreon! Tuesday and Friday episodes will always be free, but by joining certain levels of our Patreon, you can get additional episodes, a weekly newsletter, AND A WHOLE LOT MORE! Check out patreon.com/whoweekly for more info. ~~~~ OK, now on to today's episode. It's a big one, mostly because of all your commentary about A) Frankie Grande, B) Rita Ora's name in Russian, C) your dreams about Luis Guzman, and D) the other Willis daughter whose name I honestly...


Princess Eugenie of York & Hailey Rhode Bieber

Boy, do we have some catching up to do. First, R.I.P. GRANDSON. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are no more...just as Bobby predicted. They weren't the only ones at the center of bad news: Diddy and Cassie called it quits after 11 years, Tinashe got voted off Dancing With the Stars (!!!) and Joe Giudice is reportedly getting deported (you know, after he gets out of jail.) There was also good news: Meghan Markle announced her pregnancy... on Eugenie's wedding day (oop), while Gaga got engaged...


Does Helen Mirren Know Who Busy Philips Is? (ft. 'I Don't Know Her')

Just because someone is on a vacation, doesn't mean we stop bringing you the best Wholeb entertainment in the whole damn world!!!! Today we have THREE games for you—one around the best Twitter account on the web, that's right, @KLGandHoda ('Hoda or No-da?') and another to celebrate Bella Thorne's 21st birthday (Good form!!! We think.) Then, no Very Special Games Episode would be complete without multiple rounds of 'I Don't Know Her', in which ask questions like, 'Does Helen Mirren KNOW who...


Who's There: Dr. Aida Tekla & Noble Gases?

After providing definitive (or not-so-definitive) proof that Dakota Johnson is (or isn't) pregnant and sharing a selection of the many, many, many calls we received about A Star Is Born, we take on some of the week's biggest questions, like: Is "The Cure" an Ally song? Did you know "Halsey" is a jumble of another name? What is Kat Dennings up to, and why does it involve a binder? Where is Charlotte Church? And, finally: Is Dr. Aida Tekla a real person?


Sully Bush & K. Michelle? (ft. A Star is Born)

The day has finally come. The final "Bradley Cooper Presents 'A Podcast Segment is Born' Starring Lady Gaga' because IT'S TRUE! we've seen A Star is Born. Did we love it? You'll have to tune in to find out. You'll also have to tune to find out why Meghan Markle's sister was in England, how Sully Bush ruined Barb's wedding, why the New York Times is still talking about Neri Oxman, which former Cheetah Girl got married at Wayne Newton's house, whether Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are...


Who's There: Lily-Rose Depp & Patricia Bündchen?

This week on Who's There, we accept several calls about Lil Xan's hot Cheetos saga, and why it probably wasn't exaggerated in the slightest! (Hot Cheetos are no joke, per MORE THAN ONE doctor!) Moving on, two sort-of-French young actors are dating... maybe! But maybe not. Can you guess them? Next up, ANSEL is TONY, but who will be Maria? Unclear. Then we spend some time talking about Gisele Bündchen's fraternal twin sister Patricia, and what we suspect her #1 job is, thus leading us to the...


Laura Lee & Roger Mathews?

JUST THREE MORE SLEEPS! ...Until we see A Star is Born. What else even is there to talk about? Oh, right: Saturday Night Live's full pivot to Pete Davidson Night Live, a bunch of YouTubers giving apologies again and again and (really!) again. Rashida Jones' 'secret' pregnancy with the guy from Vampire Weekend (and other 'secret' pregnancies, and why we're putting 'secret' in quotes.) Plus, devastating news about JWoww (Jennifer Farley) and her hubby, Roger (Matthews)—divorce! Why Elon Musk's...


Who's There: Tory Lanez & Gritty?

Another episode of Whhhhhhhhhhhhh.....? Whooooooo......?? Whooooooo's?? Whoooooooo's Thhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeee??? Who's There! Who's There. You got it! This week, we get into a surprisingly heated and impassioned discussion about Dunkin' (nee Dunkin' Donuts), which is followed by a delightful call about Tinashe's "amazing" first performance on DWTS. Later, we answer calls about FKA Twigs' intercom (and new ex-wife(?) Mia Goth's MIA status), our new queen Gritty (who should definitely do...