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Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) 'whos'.

Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) 'whos'.
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Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) 'whos'.






Who's There: Lauren Hashian & TimmyThick?

Do you have what it takes? Beauty, brains...and heart? That third dimension is what we're talking about today ft. the hearts of Michelle Williams (not that one) and her brand new controversial husband Chad Johnson (again, not that one). Oh, Jemima Kirke is selling Girls DVDs at her Brooklyn yard sale. Be sure to grab us one! Then there's The Ballad of TimmyThick, an Instagram star who may or may not be a Harvard sociological experiment? Plus, The Rock's girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, had a baby...


Romee Strijd & Zach Quittman?

We never thought we'd say this, but we're talking about Romee Strijd again. Don't remember Romee Strijd? Well, [WIND SOUND] she's an instagram model who [WIND SOUND] definitely loves wind energy and [WIND SOUND] may or may not love the environment. Also on deck this week: Meghan Markle was owned once again by people who screengrabbed all her now-deleted Instagrams, Paula Patton started dating a guy named Zach Quittman and he's already basically her manager, and Kevin McHale came out via...


Who's There?: Woah Vicky & Bryana Holly

Strap in, we have a dark episode for you today. Not quite spooky, but we dug into the online personas of a few teenagers and let's just say... WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS? Bhad Bhabie, Woah Vicky and Lil Tay got in a fight(?) in Hollywood(?) and it was bleak. Also bleak? The Shorty Awards, where Adam Pally caused controversy. And John Cena and Nikki Bella's break up :( :( :( Not bleak? A new "secret" baby! Nicholas Hoult and Bryana Holly's! Plus, Cardi B's sister, Hennessey and a SCOOP about...


Who-chella & Pia Miller?

We know you're all still talking about Beyonce's performance, but this is NOT the place for such Themmy conversation. WE are here to talk about Who-chella Queen Vanessa Hudgens, Instagram model Sommer Ray (who has an affinity for butt fringe), someone named Romee Strijd (she looks like literally everyone), and a host of other horrifically dressed Coachella attendees whose names I've already forgotten. But it's not all palm trees and SPF this week. Did you hear about Pia Miller and her...


Who's There: Tessa Thompson & Neri Oxman?

Do you know what today is? It's FLAME FRIDAY! But it's not just any *ordinary* Flame Friday, it's THE FLAME FRIDAY THAT HAPPENS TO BE THE DAY TINASHE'S "JOYRIDE" DROPS! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. (Not that we've heard it yet.) And now, the calls: There are comments about Boss Baby and Jerry O'Connell, inquiries regarding the Whos in Khloe Kardashian's current drama, a question about Brad Pitt's new girlfriend Neri Oxman, a Who/Them about Tessa Thompson, and--this is a huge...


Jacinta Kuznetsov & Elizabeth Hurley?

R.I.P. the young relationship of Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham—the heir to the Spice Girls fortune was spotted smooching some other lady in Los Angeles. Who else kicked the bucket this week? One of the Property Brothers (the hot one?) and his girlfriend, Jacinta. But there is good news in this world! Paul Hollywood met a bartender at his wife's birthday party and they moved in together. And Paris Jackson hung out exclusively with Chris Brown at her 20th birthday party. OK maybe...


Who's There: Charly DeFrancesco & Hayley Kiyoko?

First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINDSEY! Second things second: LORDE AND JACK ANTONOFF WERE SUPER WEIRD AT THEIR LIVE SHOW, AND WE WERE BOTH THERE TO SEE IT IRL. Remaining things third: Olivia Culpo's mom is nice, the French do not understand Mandy Moore, Marc Jacobs got engaged to an underwear model named Charly DeFranceso in a Chipotle to a flash mob, Jenna Dewan Tatum is now Jenna Dewan again, a straight man barely knows the difference between Kaley Cuoco and Haley Kiyoko, and...


Camila Morrone & Iain Lee?

Our first Tuesday episode (feels good!) and our 200th episode (feels really good!) on the same day? There must be something in the air...Maybe it's the spirit of ghost-Diana congratulating us as she prepares for Meghan's big day? (We'll have to see if the Psychic Twins can get us in touch.) Or maybe it's Leonardo DiCaprio's very first girlfriend who can speak! Her name's Camila Morrone and you won't BELIEVE who her "stepfather" is. Or maybe you will. Plus, Iain Lee fell in a well, Hot...


Who's There: Sanaa Lathan & Michael Avanetti?

First of all, Sanaa Lathan is NOT a Who, especially to people who appreciate good romcoms and--as our caller says--are tomboy lesbians. But did she bite Beyoncé?! Maybe! We'll probably never know. More questions: Who the hell is Michael Avanetti, are you attracted to him, and why is he friends with Patrick Dempsey? What band is Heidi Klum's new 28-year-old boyfriend Tom Kaulitz in? Why is Olivia Culpo famous? (Apart from being the best Instagram caption writer of all time?) All that + a...


Baskin Champion & Paris Jackson?

Can Lea Michele read? Is Candace Cameron Bure edgy? Will you remember the name "Baskin Champion" after this week? I'll let you mull over those pressing questions as you press PLAY on today's brand new episode of Who? Weekly featuring all of the above plus, the week's Most Markleous Headline and your thoughts on Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne hook up? Does watching the iconic film Carol in bed mean you're in a gay relationship? Maybe. Oh, and Cressida Bonas! I just wanted to type her name.


Who's There: Aubrey O'Day & Bethany Meyers?

There's a lot to cover today. Like, did you know Jerry O'Connell once ate clam chowder an airport at 5:30 am? While you digest that information, how about Aubrey O'Day's affair with Donald Trump Jr.? (We should've see the signs!) Plus, why would anyone buy Eddie Redmayne's watch of choice? And who attended the city hall nuptials of Nico Tortorella and Bethany Meyers ? (Hint: It was very private.) Bad news? Well, Fifth Harmony is no longer. Good news? Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) is going...


Jerry O'Connell & Chord Overstreet?

Big week, folks. Hahahaha, just kidding. Jerry O'Connell (who may or may not have been cursed by Chord Overstreet's great great great great great great great great great great witch aunt back in the day) has been filling in for Wendy Williams all week, and plenty of fans have no idea who the hell he is. Understandable! He couldn't even get into the VIP area when he met his wife, Rebecca Romijn. (Formerly Romijn-Stamos.) Meanwhile, Chord Overstreet may or may not be a witch, and now he's...


Who's There: Billy Magnussen & Sister Catherine?

EXCLUSIVE: a Kevin Can Wait Update (alleged) that'll BLOW your mind (alleged)! Is that not EXCLUSIVE enough for you? How about Billy Magnussen: who is he and why is he everywhere? (EXCLUSIVE: we know why.) Also EXCLUSIVE? Teri Hatcher isn't homeless and she doesn't live in a van. (EXCLUSIVE: She has a YouTube series. Really.) Craving more EXCLUSIVES? Well, Katy Perry didn't kill a nun. She didn't! She didn't. And Jessie J (EXCLUSIVE) is still on that Chinese reality show.


Cloris Leachman & Livia Giuggioli?

Here's a weird one: today's episode begins with a chat about Dennis Quaid, the influence his girlfriend Santa Auzina is having on his style, and every time living legend Cloris Leachman has been a "grandma" in film. How did we get there? Honestly I don't even remember, but I do remember Leachman's nine most iconic character names ever. They are: The Elder AmyGrannyGrandma AlbertsonOld Woman on Plane and BusGrandmotherGrandmaGreat Gam GamGrandma MerleGrandma PalmerMemawWhat else? Oh! Colin...


Who's There: Marina Acton & 138 Water?

Oh boy, today's Who's There? sends us on a deep, deep dive. First, Kim Kardashian's new "BFF", a woman named Marina Acton who appeared on her Instagram with a single to promote. Who is she? Where did she come from? (The answers will SHOCK YOU!) Plus, something called 138 Water that has all the celebs...accidentally posing for promo shots? Or are they being paid? And what even IS alkaline water anyway? (It's bullshit.) Oh, and the finale of The Bachelor happened and it was fully insane.


Annalisa Azaredo & Diana Roque Ellis?

We were up late watching the Oscars (shout out to The Shape of Water and Jodie Foster's crutches!) so we're gonna keep this description short:


Who's There: Eiza-Gonzalez & Bria Vinaite?

Happy Thursday! Today's very special episode of Who? Weekly (jk they are all special) features topics like Bria Vinaite, who is she? And Eiza Gonzalez, who is SHE? Plus, Rachel McAdams' baby daddy, who is HE? (And is she even pregnant?) Is cloning Who-y or Them-y? (Or just an excuse to talk about Barbra Streisand again?) Could you name any of the Sex and the City love interest actors actual IRL names off the top of your head? Go!


Sebastian Bear-McClard & Lesley Manville? (ft. Richard Lawson)

OH MY GOD THE OSCARS ARE IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!! Do we even care anymore? Ehh, SORTA--which is why we're only devoting 2/3 of the episode to this Sunday's big night. To help out, we have Vanity Fair film critic and award show expert Richard Lawson in to talk about the biggest Wholebrity nominees. Will Timothee Chalamet ever be a Them? What about Tiffany Haddish? Would Saoirse Ronan be a Them already if her name were Sarah? What the hell is a "boutique Who"? Find out the answer to all...


Who's There: Letitia Wright & Antoni Porowski?

619-WHO-THEM, let's answer your calls. Everything from Fergie's unusual National Anthem at the sports game (which? who cares!) to what actually happens on When Calls The Heart (which, don't worry, we'll never mention again.) Then: the Whos and Thems of Black Panther and the Whos (yes, just Whos) of Netflix's Queer Eye.


Chris Fischer & When Comes the Heart?

Per usual, the tabloids did NOT do their due diligence upon learning that Amy Schumer got married to a Wholebrity chef named Chris Fischer, so it was up to us to find out everything we could about him. Sure, it's not much, but it's something. The most important thing we learned about Chris Fischer? He went to preschool in a literal chicken coop. Moving on, even MORE relationship news. Justin Theroux ('roux' rhymes with 'no' not 'you') is now a Who once more, thanks to his recent split...


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