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Erin Burnett OutFront stays ahead of the headlines, delivering a show that's in-depth and informative.

Erin Burnett OutFront stays ahead of the headlines, delivering a show that's in-depth and informative.
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Erin Burnett OutFront stays ahead of the headlines, delivering a show that's in-depth and informative.






Source: Trump said "I can't believe Michael would do this to me" after learning Cohen recorded their playmate payment discussion, Source: Mueller wants to talk to "Manhattan Madam" who once worked for Roger Stone, Pompeo: "Absurd" to ask if Russia has som

Cohen secretly recorded Trump conversation at Trump Tower, FBI has Cohen tape of Trump discussing playmate payment, Giuliani on Trump-Cohen tape discussing playmate payment: Trump is saying "Make sure it's done correctly...done by check", Source: Trump's legal team, allies fear Putin summit could strengthen Mueller's hand, Source: White House spoke with DNI office before Coats speaking event, didn't mention Putin invite to U.S., Ex-intelligence chiefs question if "Russians have something" on...


Intel Chief Dan Coats learns about plans for second Trump-Putin meeting on live television, Intel Chief: there's a "risk" Putin recorded meeting with Trump, Bolton extended Trump's invitation to Putin for second meeting

Intel Chief in dark about plans for second Trump-Putin meeting, Intel Chief: "I don't know what happened" during Trump-Putin summit; unaware of Trump's plans for second meeting, Trump invites Putin to Washington for second meeting, Intel Chief: anybody who thinks "Putin doesn't have his stamp on everything that happens in Russia is misinformed", Intel Chief on his response contradicting Trump after Putin summit: "it was important to take that stand", White House now says Trump "disagrees"...


Trump now says he holds Putin responsible for meddling; Trump asked is Russia is targeting the United States, says "No"; White house claims Trump said "No" to answering questions; Trump on Putin, Meddling: "I let him know we can't have this";

Trump now says he holds Putin responsible for meddling; Trump on Putin's election interference denials: "I don't want to get into whether or not he's lying"; Trump insist he has confidence in United intel agencies, two days after siding with Putin over Untied States intel; Trump now says he holds Putin responsible for meddling; Trump now says he holds Putin responsible for election interference, two days after refusing to publicly confront him; Trump on Putin, meddling: "I let him know we...


Trump attempts damage control over Putin remarks, fails; CNN Sources: Intel shows Russian spy agencies plotting to ramp up operations targeting U.S., West; Federal Grand Jury indicts Russian national on charges of conspiracy and acting as a foreign agent

Trump says he misspoke on Russia's role: "I said the word 'would' instead of 'wouldn't'"; Sources: Trump led crafting of response to Putin fallout with National Security officials, still thinks criticism is overblown; Trump crosses out key line in prepared remarks on Russia: "Anyone involved in that meddling to justice"; Trump accepts Intel assessment that Russia meddled, but not convinced, says "could be other people also"; Alleged Russian spy sought back channels between Trump & Putin;...


Outrage grows after Trump sides with Putin; Putin confronted with Mueller indictment and dismisses it hours after Trump says "probe is a disaster for our country"; Putin offers to help with Mueller's Russia probe in exchange for questioning Bill Browder

Gingrich: "Most serious mistake" of Trump's presidency "must be corrected"; Trump refuses to hold Russia accountable for election attack; Instead undermines own Intel agencies: "We are all to blame"; National Intelligence Chief breaks with Trump; Stands by "fact-based" assessment, calls Russian interference "ongoing, pervasive"; Source close to WH: Trump surrounded by people "afraid" to disagree with him and "tell him he shouldn't do these things"; U.S. charges Russian with being a spy hours...


Mueller indicts 12 Russian agents ahead of Trump-Putin summit, Roger Stone says he's not the unnamed person in Mueller indictment, but texts match Stone's communications, White House: Trump-Putin summit will go on despite indictment

New charges in Mueller probe on same day Trump calls it a "Witch hunt"; Total of 32 defendants now facing 191 criminal charges, Source: Intel captured some of the Russians named in indictment celebrating their operation's success as well as Trump's victory, Ex-CIA director: Mueller probe will have "A widening circle" of indictments, 12 Russians indicted; White House rejects calls to cancel Putin summit, Indictment: Russians tried to hack Clinton camp emails on same day Trump said he hoped...


FBI agent who sent anti-Trump texts grilled by lawmakers, FBI agent who sent anti-Trump texts denies claims that personal bias impacted probes; hearing goes off the rails, FBI agent attacked by Trump lashes out over accusations his texts trashing Trump sh

Fiery hearing for controversial FBI agent enters tenth hour, FBI agent who sent anti-Trump texts grilled by lawmakers, FBI agent who sent anti-Trump texts defends against Republican claims of bias in contentious hearing via Knit


Trump slams allies at summit, but having a "Very good" time; Judge orders Manafort to be moved to new jail as Mueller's team reveals "VIP" conditions behind bars; Speaker Ryan defends Rep. Jordan amid accusations he ignored alleged sexual abuse;

Trump slams allies at summit, but having a "Very good" time; Europe diplomat as Trump slams allies: "it's like the world gone crazy... Trump's performance was beyond belief; Trump at war with Germany, China, Mexico, (not Russia); Washington Post: White house denies John Kelly was uncomfortable with Trump's slam on Germany, says Kelly "Displeased" with breakfast options; Top democrats: Trump is "More loyal to president Putin than to our NATO allies"; "Brazen insults" on Germany "An...


Trump Admin missing deadline to reunite migrant kids; Source: Pompeo's N.K. trip went "as badly as it could have gone"; Dems demand Trump's SCOTUS pick divulge views on abortion

HHS Chief defends pace of reuniting families split up at border, says "We are saving kids' lives here"; One child separated by Trump Admin may be U.S. citizen; CNN Source: Pompeo never gave "Rocket Man" CD gift to Kim Jong Un, ended up bringing it back with him; Promised Kim meeting that never happened; Pence: "I do" still want Roe v. Wade to be overturned; Dems, GOP draw battle lines over Kavanaugh; Dems: Trump chose Kavanaugh to block Mueller probe; Putin-linked Russian company had access...


Awaiting Pres. Trump's announcement of Supreme Court pick; Supreme Court finalist seen at home less than 2 hours before pick; Source: Trump's final choices are unacceptable to most Senate Democrats

Trump invites Senators to W.H. for Supreme Court reveal; Republican Sen. Collins, Red-State Democrats decline; Trump has a Supreme Court pick, but waits to reveal it; Sources: Trump has decided on Supreme Court pick after fielding calls on pros and cons of contenders in final hours; Only half of youngest kids to be reunited by court deadline; Video shows McConnell being heckled, chased from restaurant; Judge Amy Barrett not in DC hours before Trump announcement; Sources: Cohen is committed...


Trump administration: Need more time to meet next week's deadline ordering some children to be reunited with parents, China: Trump has started "The biggest trade war" in history, Growing outrage after Trump mocks George HW Bush

Trump administration asks judge to extend deadline requiring children be reunited with parents, Trump slammed for mocking ailing Ex-President Bush, Trump mocks #metoo movement and Sen. Warren, Pressure mounting to rescue boys as oxygen level drops, Diver dies leaving cave; oxygen levels dropping, Heavy rains moving in as crews race to save trapped boys, Pompeo to meet with Kim Jong Un as satellite images suggest North Korea is working on new nuclear reactor, Trump on Putin summit: Getting...


Embattled EPA Chief resigns without mentioning dozens of scandals, instead blames "unrelenting attacks", HHS: Under 3000 kids in government custody after separation from parents at border, about 100 under age of 5, CNN: Michael Cohen doesn't think Trump

Embattled EPA Chief Pruitt resigns amid ethics scandals, Trump: Obama was close to going to war with North Korea, nuke tests and launches stopped with me as president, Trump takes credit for lack of North Korea nuke tests, launches, Pompeo about to land in North Korea for Kim Jong Un meeting, DNA tests being performed on kids, parents separated at border, Trump tells congress to fix "insane immigration laws now", Cohen hires Bill Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis, Boys & coach trapped in cave,...


GOP's Jordan Denies Blind Eye Accusations, Questions Timing

Block A GOP's Jordan Denies Blind Eye Accusations, Questions Timing; GOP's Jordan Denies Knowledge of Abuse at Ohio State; Former Wrestler: Jim Jordan Knew About the Abuse; CNN: Trump's Patience with EPA Chief Hits "Tipping Point"; CNN: Trump Asked Aides about Possibility of Invading Venezuela; CNN: Embattled EPA Chief Asked Trump to Fire Sessions, Hire Him; Michael Cohen Removes Trump Reference in Twitter Bio; GOP-led Senate Panel Block B GOP-led Senate Panel: Putin Attacked to Help Trump...


Embattled EPA Chief Scott Pruitt directly asked Trump to fire Jeff Sessions and let him run the Justice Dept. instead; Trump on ICE raids: "It's like you're liberating a town"; Mom confronts EPA Chief Pruitt, urges him to resign

Trump spoke with three possible Supreme Court nominees today; Trump unleashes another factually-challenged Twitter tirade; Trump alleges Obama Admin granted citizenship to Iranians during Iran deal negotiations, without proof; Trump falsely blames the media for negative N. Korea coverage even as a key Intel Agency is saying Kim won't give up nukes; New poll: 58% of Americans say Trump is not honest; Rep. Jordan denies accusations he turned blind eye to sex abuse; Search teams unsure how to...


White House touts "progress" with Kim John Un as satellite images show North Korea appears to be finalizing expansion of missile site; White House refuses to comment on Michael Cohen saying he puts family and country before Trump; Trump reveals he met wit

White House touts "progress" with North Korea as evidence shows the opposite; White House won't confirm or deny defense intelligence agency's analysis that Kim Jong Un has no intention of fully giving up nukes; U.S. intelligence agency believes Kim Jong Un won't fully denuclearize; Cohen: my loyalty is to family and country before Trump; White House refuses to comment as Michael Cohen breaks his silence; Sanders won't say if Trump believes Roe v. Wade is "settled law"; Sources: Trump likes...


Trump could meet with court picks as early as this weekend, Mueller asks for delay in Michael Flynn sentencing, Trump calls tax cuts an "Economic miracle." Is it?

Trump on court picks: Won't ask if they'll overturn Roe v. Wade, Trump: Plan to talk to Putin about election tampering, Trump: "Don't know" how long Chief of Staff will stick around, Trump: Have narrowed SCOTUS nominee list to 5, 2 are women, Trump says he will raise Russia meddling with Putin, Trump: Considering two women for Supreme Court, Special counsel Robert Mueller wants to delay sentencing for Michael Flynn; this is third request for delay, New York Times: Rosenstein felt used by...


Police: five dead, multiple injured in newspaper shooting, Rosenstein, Republicans clash in fiery hearing on Capitol Hill, Trump on summit with Putin: "We can all get along"

Shooting witness: "like a war zone" inside newsroom, shooting witness: gunman shot through glass door and opened fire, police: suspect in newspaper shooting now being interrogated, official: suspect in deadly shooting found hiding under desk, source: suspect's fingerprints appear to have been altered, President Trump briefed on newspaper shooting, Rosenstein pushes back against GOP conspiracy theories, Rosenstein fires back at GOP Rep. Jordan in hearing, says trying "to attack me...


Trump: Want to replace Justice Kennedy "As quickly as possible"; Trump: "Very excellent list" of names to replace Justice Kennedy; Upset Primary win sends shockwave through democrat party;

Trump: Want to replace Justice Kennedy "As quickly as possible"; Kennedy retirement sparks major political fight ahead of midterms; McConnell vows vote on supreme court nominee election year after blocking Obama's nominee in 2016; Schumer: "Height of hypocrisy" to vote on supreme court nominee this year; Trump: "Very excellent list" of names to replace Justice Kennedy; Trump calls list of possible replacements for justice Kennedy "Great talent and highly educated"; Source: McConnell wants...


Trump: travel ban ruling "tremendous victory", says wall is next; Ryan asks Waters to apologize, ignores Trump's language; 18 Attorney Generals sue Trump Admin. over family separations

Sources: Sarah Sanders to receive Secret Service protection; Trump: Supreme Court upholding travel ban is "final word"; Cong. Black Caucus Chair defends Maxine Waters; Trump campaign fundraises off Maxine Waters comments; Trump: There's crisis at border (border city mayor disagrees); Melania Trump set for second trip to immigration facilities; Judge praised by Trump refuses to dismiss Manafort indictment; Trump slams Harley-Davidson, threatens the company with taxes "like never before";...


Source: Trump told Sanders to open briefing with restaurant story; Rosenstein misses GOP deadline for Russia probe docs; Trump: trying to stay "uninvolved" in Russia probe

Trump calls Congresswoman "extraordinarily low IQ person" in tweet; Rep Maxine Waters doubles down, calls Trump a liar; Schumer on Waters: calling for harassment "not American"; Republicans have threatened to hold him in contempt; WH defends Trump's call to deny due process for immigrants; Sanders: immigrants can have due process without a judge; Trump tweets about "witch hunt" 23 times this month; polls show possible impact on opinion of Mueller; Stocks plunge amid trade war fears;...