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Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.

Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.


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Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.






Trump holds rally in Minnesota; Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87

President Trump holds crowded campaign event in Bemidji, Minnesota; very few masks were worn. At odds with his own CDC Chief's timeline, President Trump now claims "every American" will have access to a vaccine by April. After a years long battle with pancreatic cancer, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died at the age of 87. See for privacy information.


Justice Department Doubles Down on Possible Sedition Charges for Violent Protestors

Former WH Aide says Trump didn’t want to hear about rising Covid cases or deaths. His “Biggest Concern” was reelection. Biden vows aggressive campaign schedule; says he takes nothing for granted in call with senate dems. Former WH Aide: Trump said maybe “Covid is a good thing” because he doesn’t have to shake hands with “disgusting people”. Trump holds crowded event with no social distancing, few masks all despite telling Woodward virus is “so easily transmissible” as U.S. nears 200,000...


Trump Contradicts CDC Chief; Claims Redfield is “Confused” on Masks

Trump blames blue states for high virus death toll. Trump again teases health care plan yet offers no details. Trump claims CDC Chief’s comments to congress on vaccine timeline and masks being more effective than vaccines were wrong. Trump says masks are “not more effective” than a vaccine while CDC Chief Robert Redfield says masks are “more guaranteed” to protect than a vaccine. CDC official says Redfield is “a convenient punching bag” for Trump. Trump confirms another White House staffer...


Trump, "I Didn't Downplay Coronavirus"; Trump On Tape, "I Wanted To Always Play It Down"

Trump said tonight about coronavirus that, "I didn't downplay coronavirus... I actually, in many ways, I up-played it." Trump said on tape prior to tonight, "I wanted to always play it down." Hurricane Sally is hours away from making landfall on the Gulf Coast. The Gulf Coast is bracing for extreme flooding as conditions deteriorate. More than 18,000 customers are without power in three states. Hurricane Sally is the third hurricane this season for the region. At least 36 people are dead in...


Trump Hosts Packed Event with Few Masks, No Social Distancing; Trump to Woodward: "Nothing More Could Have Been Done"

President Trump is moving forward with his rallies. He held his second indoor event in two days in Phoenix, Arizona on Monday. People packed the event, few wore masks and there was no social distancing except for the President himself. This comes as Trump's final phone call with legendary journalist Bob Woodward comes to light. CNN obtained excerpts of the 10-minute conversation, which shows Trump told Woodward, "nothing more could have been done," in regard to the coronavirus. Officials...


Top prosecutor in the Trump-Russia probe quits due in part to pressure to produce results before the November election

Amid political pressure from the Trump Administration, a prosecutor in the Durham investigation of the Russia involvement in the 2016 election has resigned. Dr. Fauci disagrees with President Trump's claim that the U.S. is "rounding the corner" on the Coronavirus pandemic. Democrats lead in absentee ballot requests in Florida and North Carolina. Attorney General Bill Barr echoes Trump's sentiment on mail-in voting, claiming that voting by mail "opens up the door to coercion". See...


Trump holds rally without distancing and few masks

Trump on covid remarks from February: "Nobody thought it was bad," Trump in February: "more deadly than even your strenuous flus", CDC projects up to 25,000 more virus deaths in next 3 weeks, New details on Trump's phone calls with Bob Woodward, GOP senator on Trump's health care plan: "It's B.S." See for privacy information.


Recordings Reveal Trump Knew How Dangerous Coronavirus Was While Downplaying It

Recordings reveal that Trump knew how dangerous the coronavirus was and that he was intentionally trying to downplay it. The White House said, "The president never downplayed the virus." Trump said to Woodward in March, "I wanted to always play it down." Trump to Woodward on February 7th: the coronavirus "is deadly stuff." A new book reveals that Trump knew in early February that the coronavirus was deadly, dangerous and highly contagious." Woodward book says that Trump was wanted in...


Trump Holding Rally In North Carolina With No Social Distancing, Few Masks

Trump is holding a campaign rally in North Carolina with no social distancing and few masks despite statewide order to wear one. Astrazeneca pauses coronavirus vaccine trial after unexplained illness in participant. Trump is distressed by the fallout over claims that he insulted the military. Sources are saying that Trump's distress over the claims that he insulted military clearly is a sign that he fears he could lost military support. Trump distressed by fallout over report alleging he...


Trump Tells Reporter To Take Mask Off, Reporter Declines

Trump tells reporter to take mask off, reporter declines. Minutes later, Trump praises another reporter for not wearing a mask. A key model says that 122,000 lives could be saved by wearing masks. Trump touts pandemic response, attacks rivals and repeats false claims during a campaign-like news conference at the White House. Officials fear a post-holiday coronavirus surge. New coronavirus cases are averaging about 40,000 daily and double average going into Memorial Day. The United States...


Trump claims U.S. is rounding the corner on Coronavirus as new model suggests 410,000 dead by January

Trump proclaims that Coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths have declined even though around 1,000 Americans are still dying daily. Trump on vaccine timeline: "We could probably have it" in October. According to a study, Russia's Coronavirus vaccine generated an immune response in all 76 subjects, with mostly mild side effects. Trump denies calling fallen U.S. service members "losers" & "suckers". See for privacy information.


CDC To States: Prepare For A Possible Vaccine By Early November

CDC tells the United States to prepare for a possible vaccine by early November. Most experts don't expect a vaccine to be fully tested by then. NIH says that evidence backing plasma as a treatment is "insufficient." Trump has admitted that a vaccine around election day "wouldn't hurt" and raises concerns that Trump is rushing a vaccine for political reasons. Trump's former White House doctor and now GOP congressional candidate is defending Trump's mysterious trip to Walter Reed Hospital....


Trump Denies Systemic Racism Exists In The United States

Trump denies that systemic racism exists in the United States and says that that are just "some bad apples" who choke "under tremendous pressure." Trump repeats conspiracy theory, without evidence, about a plane filled with "looters" and "thugs." Trump admits that he only wants to talk about "tremendous violence," not peaceful protesters or systemic racism. Trump was asked about the Jacob Blake shooting that happened in Kenosha and he says that he feels, "terribly for anybody that goes...


Trump Refuses To Condemn Teen Suspect In Kenosha Killings

Trump refuses to condemn teen suspect in Kenosha killings. Trump denounces protesters, but refuses to condemn teen suspect and supporter charged with homicide in Kenosha. Trump defends supporters seen firing paintball guns and spraying mace at protesters in Portland, "paint is not bullets." Trump to visit Kenosha tomorrow against the wishes of its mayor and governor. Trump defends his trip tomorrow to Kenosha as officials please to postpone, "it could increase love and respect." A source...


Man who filmed Jacob Blake shooting disputes Police union account of incident

The Kenosha Police union released a statement saying that Blake was armed with a knife and at one point attacked an officer. Blake's attorney said that he posed "absolutely no imminent threat" to officers. The man who filmed it all disagrees with the union's recollection of the incident. Kenosha Police Chief defends officers after teen was able to leave scene, says being armed "isn't out of the ordinary". An eyewitness to the vigilante shootings speaks out. At a rally in New Hampshire, Trump...


Wisconsin prosecutors file 6 charges against 17-year old shooter

Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year old shooter at the Kenosha protests is charged with 6 criminal counts. 12 GOP senators are expected not to attend tonight as President Trump accepts the nomination for president. Biden: "Trump and his allies are rooting for violence" in America.. See for privacy information.


Wisconsin DOJ Reveals Details In Lead Up to Jacob Blake Shooting

The attorney general holds a news conference on Jacob Blake case. Wisconsin DOJ reveals new details in the lead up to the shooting and says that Jacob Blake "admitted" he had "a knife in his possession." Wisconsin attorney general identifies officers involved in the deadly police shooting of Jacob Blake. The Wisconsin attorney general says that officers tried to arrest Jacob Blake after a woman said her boyfriends was present and shouldn't be. Wisconsin attorney general also says officers...


States Hit Hard By The Coronavirus Now Brace For Hurricane

Wisconsin governor declares a state of emergency in Wisconsin and National Guard presence has been increased amid protests over police shooting of another Black man. New video reveals new details in police shooting of Black man. The Justice Department and FBI agents are reviewing police shooting of Jacob Blake, a man shot multiple times in the back by police. States hit hard by the coronavirus now brace for a hurricane. Hurricane Laura is expected to hit the United States, the Gulf Coast, as...


Wisconsin Governor Deploys National Guard After Police Shoot Unarmed Black Man

The Wisconsin governor deploys the National Guard amid protests over the police shooting of a Black man. Protests are underway after the shooting of a Black man in Wisconsin. Protests take to the streets of New York City. The man who filmed the shooting of the Black man in Wisconsin says, "It's traumatizing... it could have been me." Trump touts an "incredible" therapeutic, while scientists have concerns. Trump is pushing "incredible" therapeutic and vaccine timeline as he kicks off GOP...


Trump says his administration is delivering "one victory after another" as Coronavirus death toll tops 175,000.

A new model often cited by the White House projects that the U.S. Coronavirus death toll will reach 310,000 people by December 1st. That is 15,000 more than projected just two weeks ago. Meanwhile, Texas becomes the 4th state to surpass 11,000 virus deaths. Trump claims election with expanded mail voting will be an "embarrassment" and describes DNC as one of the "darkest,""gloomiest" conventions in U.S. history.. See for privacy information.