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The place where the real disability talk happens. Interviews, life hacks and things you don't say out loud. With Simon Minty, Kate Monaghan and the Ouch team.

The place where the real disability talk happens. Interviews, life hacks and things you don't say out loud. With Simon Minty, Kate Monaghan and the Ouch team.


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The place where the real disability talk happens. Interviews, life hacks and things you don't say out loud. With Simon Minty, Kate Monaghan and the Ouch team.




Do we get a 'lockdown dog' to help our disabled child?

Our lockdown couple Kate and Holly adopted a toddler with restricted growth during the pandemic. She calms down around dogs, but does she really need therapeutic assistance from an animal? And we drop back in on Kate's story about living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome whilst mostly shielding. She has been offered an operation to help her endometriosis and wonders if she should have paid more attention to a diagnosis of something called FND. The podcast also witnesses Kate's first attempt at...


‘Friendly fire’ in my brain led to me being wrongly sectioned

Model Lucy Dawson was just 21 when she was wrongly sectioned for three months. Doctors believed she was experiencing a mental health breakdown, but she later learned she had encephalitis – a rare but serious condition in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the brain in a situation called “friendly fire”. While in hospital, an accident on the psychiatric ward led Lucy to become permanently disabled. "At one point I really thought my life was over, I was so depressed," she says. "But...


‘I really wanted to give Mum and Dad a hug – it was awkward’

The day has finally arrived! After many months of lockdown we’re all finally allowed to meet friends and family – outside and in groups of six or as two households. For Kate, the relaxation means she can see her family, but will her mobility issues get in the way and prove problematic? And for transplant recipient wife Holly, who has been strictly shielding for most of the year, after so long apart will it all feel a bit overwhelming and too awkward to see Kate’s family? Will there be tears?...


Lockdown: The anniversary no one wanted

The UK has just marked one year since it officially went into its first Covid-19 lockdown. It’s the anniversary no one wanted. On this episode we discuss the highs and lows of those 365 days for disabled people across the country. Nikki Fox, the BBC’s disability correspondent, has spent the past year finding out how disabled people are managing in the pandemic and practicing her ukulele. She’s joined by Jonny Benjamin MBE, an author, vlogger and mental health campaigner who talks about the...


Did I think of myself as gay and disabled 10 years ago?

Kate Monahan has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and her wife Holly is a transplant recipient. Filling out the Census form should take 10 minutes they say but it prompted a big debate for this couple. Kate also provides some hot advice for teenage girls who have the same condition as her or who live with pain. If you have any questions you'd like to put to Kate or Holly please email the producer amy.elizabeth@bbc.co.uk Maybe you want to know more about adopting a disabled child? Or perhaps you have...


'We adopted a disabled child during the pandemic'

Kate Monaghan has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, her wife Holly is on immunosuppressants, their newly adopted daughter Gracie has dwarfism and four-year-old Scout is returning to school. Want to know what it's really like navigating the pandemic as a disabled family? Kate and Holly deliver the brutal honesty of parenting in a pandemic… Produced by Amy Elizabeth. Subscribe to Ouch's podcast on BBC Sounds or say "Ask the BBC for Ouch" to your smart speaker.


'Dating & Disability - how to navigate the agencies'

Recently journalist Lucy Webster wanted to join a matchmaking website but, before the company took her subscription fee, they warned she might find it difficult. Lucy was upset by the response and shared their email on social media. On this week's podcast we hear stories from disabled people who have used online dating agencies, as well as speaking to a representative from the industry. What should disabled people expect? Presented by Keiligh Baker. Produced by Drew Miller-Hyndman. Subscribe...


'The school phoned, Scout's hurt'

Kate Monahan shares personal moments in this virtual audio diary documenting a family of four in lockdown as a Mum with chronic pain and mobility issues. Four-year-old Scout returns to school after lockdown and mums Kate and Holly experience a range of emotions - especially when the school ring with some bad news which takes Holly off to the hospital - a place she's been avoiding for a year. Not just one but two! Holly has a second trip to hospital but this time she has to travel by train...


Mentally Interesting: My grief

Mark's sister Alison died of covid-19 on 14 January 2021. She was 39. On this episode of Mentally Interesting, He and Seaneen explore grief and how it affects your mental health. Seaneen gently guides Mark through the story, while he paints a detailed and moving picture of the loss and devastation of losing his beloved sister. Specialist psychotherapist Julia Samuel brings a professional perspective to the table and suggests how Seaneen might tackle her own debilitating death anxiety. With...


'There's a difference between home-schooling and emergency education'

Kate Monaghan has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and her wife Holly is immunocompromised, meaning a year of shielding with two young children has been anything but easy! But recent government announcements mean it's all about to change again for this family – one-year-old Gracie is starting nursery and four-year-old Scout is going back to school. And it's a bag of mixed emotions for these two Mummas - relief at the idea of normality and an end to home-schooling (yay!) but also fears about sending...


Let’s add partner guilt to disability lockdown woes

With an end now possibly in sight, Kate feels she's letting Holly down. Her painful mobility issues are causing real problems for her this week - she desperately wants to play with the kids but having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome means that even cuddles are a bit too much sometimes. Home-schooling a four-year-old and entertaining a one-year-old leaves Kate physically and emotionally exhausted, but doesn't her wife deserve some attention too? Produced by Amy Elizabeth. Subscribe to the podcast on...


'I didn’t even know what bisexual was'

Dating can be tricky at the best of times, but it can come with a unique set of challenges if you have a learning disability and are LGBT. Ben Hunte, the BBC's LGBT correspondent, speaks to three people with learning disabilities and explores the social care barriers faced by the community. Shaun describes how a lack of sex education at special school meant it took him a decade to come out as bisexual. Now he teaches the subject to other people with learning disabilities. Ray talks about...


‘I’m having a rest in the car, with no one screaming my name’

After immune-compromised Holly had her vaccine last week, Kate has now been called to get hers. Excitement levels are high but she wonders how her body will react to the jab. Meanwhile, keeping four-year-old Scout and one-year-old Gracie amused is a struggle, until snow brings some welcome fun. Produced by Amy Elizabeth. If you want to message Kate or ask her a question, email amy.elizabeth@bbc.co.uk. Subscribe to the podcast on BBC Sounds or say “Ask the BBC for Ouch” to your smart speaker.


The day of the jab

After almost a year of shielding, Holly gets her Covid-19 vaccination. What's the process once you arrive at the center? How do you feel afterwards? If a family member sidles in, might they get a spare jab if they're lucky? Stand by to live vicariously through Holly and hear one ELATED family! Produced by Amy Elizabeth Subscribe to the podcast on BBC Sounds or say "Ask the BBC for Ouch" to your smart speaker. If you want to message Kate or ask her a question, email amy.elizabeth@bbc.co.uk


Mentally Interesting: The bum-kicking machine

Seaneen Molloy and Mark Brown return with their witty and self-depricating take on mental health. They draw on their personal and professional experiences to talk about the awkward stuff so "you don't have to". This month they discuss feeling shame which Mark describes as his "personal existential musk". Seaneen shares what happened when her first child was born as she prepares to give birth again but this time in a pandemic. And The Book of Awkward Questions asks how to tell a new partner...


I sat outside Gran's funeral

Kate Monaghan has decided to attend her grandma's funeral rather than watch online. But, because wife Holly has had her immune system suppressed, Kate must attend solo and sit in the crematorium bubbled away from her extended family After dropping Kate off, Holly remains in the car outside the crematorium but questions still loom large about whether any of the family should be attending a funeral event at all because the virus could spreadback to Holly… And when exactly will she be getting a...


'Waiting for the vaccine is like waiting on a kidney'

Lockdown with two small children was never going to be easy but this week Kate is getting severe pain due to her impairments especially when trying to play with and cuddle their newly adopted child. Meanwhile Kate's wife Holly is on an emotional rollercoaster as she awaits a vaccine appointment. She's been shielding for 11 months because she has no immunity system due to meds she is on as a kidney transplant recipient and is finding it tough. Produced by Amy Elizabeth. Subscribe to the...


Katie and Harvey Price on growing up and moving out

Ahead of their new documentary, Harvey and Katie Price join Emma Tracey for a Zoom chat. While Harvey’s pasta cooks, he tells us about his love of frogs, trains and drawing. Katie describes the search for a residential college that’s best placed to support her disabled son. We also hear about Harvey’s new house, how he loves holidays and why those who know him join in with all his favourite phrases. UK viewers can watch Katie Price: Harvey and Me on Monday 25 January at 20.30 GMT on BBC One...


Being disabled in the third lockdown

Kate Monaghan has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and endometriosis, whilst her wife Holly is the recipient of a kidney transplant and has been shielding since the start of the pandemic. Last spring Kate documented the personal reality of managing lockdown with the added complexity of being disabled, having a high risk family member and an energetic three-year-old daughter. This winter lockdown threatens to be even harder and as Kate's lockdown household grows we share the highs, lows and everything...


The Mental Health Act and Me

The government has finally released its recommendations on how to modernise the Mental Health Act. The act is used to detain - section - someone if they are considered to be a risk to themselves or others. Many of the recommendations focus on ensuring patients are seen as individuals who should be involved in discussions about their medication and treatment plans. Raf was sectioned at 18 and spent five years in a forensic mental health unit receiving treatment for schizoaffective disorder...