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Changing how you think about stuttering... One podcast at a time.

Changing how you think about stuttering... One podcast at a time.
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Changing how you think about stuttering... One podcast at a time.




Stammer Time: Building a Society that Accepts Stuttering (Ep. 670)

Barry Yeoman joins Chaya Goldstein to talk about his thought provoking article Stammer Time which highlights how stutterers are moving past the medical model of disability. The conversation explores the social model vs. medical model of disability, the concept of ‘stutter gain’, the history of the stuttering self-community, how we can practically start make changes […]


Stuttering, SAY, and ISAD in Australia (Ep. 669)

Rich Stephens joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss his experiences of approaches to stuttering in Australia, the support and obstacles he has faced setting up SAY: Australia, the start of their first creative arts programs, his plans for International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) 2019, and so much more. Rich Stephens is the President of SAY: Australia, […]


Stamma Campaign: Smashing Stuttering Stereotypes (Ep. 668)

Jane Powell joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss smashing stuttering stereotypes. Jane Powell is the CEO of the British Stammering Association (BSA), a post which she took up in 2018. Prior to this she founded the national UK charity CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably, a multi-award winning charity dedicated to reducing male suicide in the U.K. Jane ran this […]


Success Should Not Be Equated with Fluency (Ep. 667)

Dr. Michael Boyle joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss success in treatment, stuttering more being a sign of progress, being resilient in the face of difficulty, and so much more. Michael P. Boyle, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, is an Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Montclair State University where he teaches graduate courses in fluency disorders […]


Slaying the Iceberg Beast with Dr. Rick Arenas (Ep. 666)

Dr. Rick Arenas joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss slaying the stuttering iceberg and consider what is the change you actually want. Rick Arenas Ph.D. is an associate professor at the University of New Mexico in the department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. He received a bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. all from the University of Iowa. […]


Beginning Your Stuttering Evolution at FRIENDS (Ep. 665)

Chaya Goldstein is joined by stuttering All-Stars Reuben Schuff, Samantha Gennuso, Kristel Kubert, and Stavros Ladeas at the 2019 FRIENDS annual convention. Topics include the “monumental” negative effects of hiding stuttering, how more stuttering can be good, asking for what we need as people who stutter, being kind to yourself, the “rough time” of stuttering that […]


Stuttering Support in Ghana: Don’t Hide Behind Your Stammer (Ep. 664)

Elias Apreko joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss stuttering support in Ghana. Elias Apreko helped set up the Ghana Stammering Association in 2013 to meet the needs of persons who stammer (stutter) in Ghana. He currently works as the president of the GSA. Elias is passionate about giving people who stutter a voice and helping them live successful […]


Don’t Be Alone with Your Stutter: Stuttering in Israel (Ep. 663)

Hanan Hurwitz joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss Israel’s strong stuttering support network and the negative use of the term stuttering in politics to wrongly suggest that a candidate is weak and ineffectual. Mr. Hurwitz explained the importance of speaking to the media, teachers, speech-language pathologists, and the general public about Israel to educate and clarify […]


Vaccines Do Not Cause Stuttering (Ep. 662)

Bob “The Expert” Quesal joins Peter Reitzes to discuss a parent’s concern that vaccines cause stuttering. Bob and Peter point out that parents often blame themselves for their child’s stuttering and often attach an event, such as falling off a bike, to the onset of stuttering. They urge professionals to respond to parents with empathy […]


Returning Choice to the Stuttering Community (Ep. 661)

Chris Constantino and Rob Dellinger join Reuben Schuff at the 2019 FRIENDS one day conference in Raleigh, NC to discuss taking control of the “um,” returning choice to the stuttering community, and it is always okay to talk. Reuben Schuff is an author and roving host for StutterTalk. By profession and passion he is an […]


Breaking the Silence (Ep. 660)

Mollie Davis joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss speaking up as a person who stutters under very challenging circumstances. Mollie Davis is an 18 year old college freshman from Maryland currently studying at Hollins University in Virginia. She is studying to be a journalist and is heavily involved in gun violence prevention activism. She also enjoys theatre, […]


Advocating with Netflix: The Open and Honest Stuttering Edition (Ep. 659)

Samantha Roybler joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss open and honest stuttering, advocating with Netflix, Camp SAY and much more. Sam was featured in the article Sam Spoke. Netflix Listened. Watch Sam read Louder Than a Bomb Great Plains. Samantha Roybler is a 16-year-old high school sophomore who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. She works part time as a […]


Camp SAY West Coast (Ep. 658)

Taro Alexander and Loryn McGill join Reuben Schuff to discuss Camp SAY West Coast. SAY is the Stuttering Association for the Young. Taro Alexander, SAY’s Founder & President, created and heads all SAY programs since the organization’s inception in 2001. Taro established Camp SAY in 2008, and in addition to camp, Taro has led SAY’s […]


The Magic Sauce (Ep. 657)

Dr. Phil Schneider joins Peter Reitzes to discuss stuttering and The Magic Sauce – a therapist’s guide to stuttering treatment. Phil Schneider, Ed.D. CCC-SLP is the founding partner, with Uri Schneider, of Schneider Speech Pathology. Recognized as a master clinician and teacher, he has been practicing and teaching for over 45 years. He holds the […]


High Stress Stuttering Edition (Ep. 656)

Bob “the Expert” Quesal joins Peter Reitzes to discuss high stress speaking and stuttering situations and much more. Robert Quesal, Ph.D., CCC-SLP is a professor emeritus of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Western Illinois University, a person who stutters, a fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and a retired Board Certified Specialist in Fluency and […]


When I Stutter (Ep. 655)

John Gomez joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss his film When I Stutter. John Gomez works as a Speech Pathologist for the Los Angeles Unified School District. He is a professor at California State University Los Angeles where he teaches the graduate course in stuttering. John is also a documentary filmmaker. His feature film, WHEN I STUTTER, […]


PhD Students Having an Impact on the World of Stuttering (Ep. 654)

Katherine Winters, Seth Tichenor, and Heather Salvo join Kerianne Druker at the One World, Many Voices: Science and Community World Congress in Hiroshima, Japan to discuss their research and the impact that doctoral students are having in the stuttering and research communities. Katherine (Katie) Winters, MA, CCC-SLP, is a doctoral student at The University of Texas at Austin. Her research […]


Stuttering and Mocking: How Should Employers Respond? (Ep. 653)

John Steggles join Dr. Tom Weidig at the One World, Many Voices: Science and Community World Congress in Hiroshima, Japan to discuss stuttering blogs and social media, if an employee should be fired for mocking a person who stutters, and how employers should train employees related to understanding and respecting differences. John Steggles has been involved in the stuttering self-help […]


Growing Up Stuttering in Japan (Ep. 652)

Kodai Noguchi joins Caryn Herring at the One World, Many Voices: Science and Community World Congress in Hiroshima, Japan to discuss growing up stuttering in Japan, stuttering in your own way, meeting others who stutter, and much more. Kodai and Caryn have a fascinating discussion about using filler words, tricks, and compensations in Japanese and English. Kodai […]


The Physical Aspects of Stuttering: Genes and Brain Structure (Ep. 651)

Dr. Shelly Jo Kraft and Dr. Keiichi Yasu join Kerianne Druker and Dr. Tom Weidig at the One World, Many Voices: Science and Community World Congress in Hiroshima, Japan to discuss the physical aspects of stuttering related to genes and brain structure. The group also discusses subgroups in stuttering research. Shelly Jo Kraft is an associate professor in the Department […]