Changing how you think about stuttering.

Changing how you think about stuttering.


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Changing how you think about stuttering.




What parent would not want their child to be fluent? (Ep. 702)

Dr. Christoper Constantino joins Peter Reitzes to discuss the listener question, "What parent would not want their child to be fluent?" Chris and Peter discuss the questions, "Do we want stuttering to be eradicated?", "Do people who stutter have anything to gain from stuttering?", and so much more. Links: The Last Children of Down Syndrome Natural recovery from stuttering for a clinical cohort of pre-school children who received no treatment StutterTalk Episode 701


What Exactly is Working in Preschool Stuttering Treatment? (Ep. 701)

Dr. Christopher Constantino joins Peter Reitzes to discuss an important 2020 study on verbal contingencies in Lidcombe treatment and the related question, "What exactly is working in preschool stuttering treatment?" Links: Verbal Contingencies in the Lidcombe Program: A Noninferiority Trial Direct versus Indirect Treatment for Preschool Children who Stutter: The RESTART Randomized Trial Lidcombe Program Materials including Manual Demands and Capacities and Lidcombe: Roughly Equal Preschool...


A Frank Discussion about Fluency and Stuttering (Ep. 700)

Caryn Herring and Seth Tichenor join host Christopher Constantino for a frank discussion about fluency stuttering. On this special and fun 700th episode, the crew talk about their own experiences of fluency changing over time, why this might happen, what it means for therapy, and how to discuss it with other stutterers.


Stuttering Association for the Young in Australia (Ep. 699)

Rich Stephens joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss the expansion of the Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY) into Australia. Rich shares what’s been happening “down under” and some personal points that have kept him going through this demanding and exciting time. Rich Stephens is a person who stutters and is the President and Programming Director of SAY: Australia, the first International arm of SAY: The Stuttering Association For The Young founded in 2001 in NYC by Taro Alexander. Prior...


“Why Can’t You Stutter More Like President Biden?” (Ep. 698)

Barry Yeoman and Chris Constantino join Peter Reitzes to discuss the determination and empathy of people who stutter and the question, "Why Can’t You Stutter More Like President Biden?" Barry Yeoman is a journalist with more than four decades of experience who specializes in in-depth reporting that puts a human face on complex issues. Chris Constantino is a speech-language pathologist and assistant professor at Florida State University. Chris co-edited the highly acclaimed book Stammering...


Art That Dives Deep Into the Experience of Stuttering (Ep. 697)

Vladan Sibinovic Vladan Sibinovic joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss “The Language,” an art exhibition that dives deep into the experience of stuttering. In their conversation they discuss why Vladan decided to create art about stuttering, how he uses his art to spread stuttering awareness, and how his art has transformed his relationship with his stuttering. Vladan Sibinović (1987) was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and received his Master’s Degree in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts,...


Rising TikTok Star Marc Winski on Spreading Stuttering Awareness

Marc Winski joins Chaya Goldstein in honor of International Stuttering Awareness Day to discuss how he gained 27,000 followers on TikTok and how he is using the platform to spread awareness about stuttering. Marc discusses how TikTok has helped bring awareness to a global population, how he challenges the 'overcome' stuttering narrative, and his vision for stuttering in the arts and theatre once COVID is over. Marc Winski is a professional actor/singer/motivational speaker in NYC and a...


How to Talk about Joe Biden’s Stuttering (Ep. 695)

Barry Yeoman and Christopher Constantino join Peter Reitzes to discuss how to talk about Joe Biden's stuttering. Topics include how to respond to well intentioned but ableist descriptions of Joe Biden's stuttering, Barry Yeoman's recent column in the Nation titled Our Stutter: Joe Biden, Brayden Harrington—and Me, policing stuttering voices, and much more. Barry Yeoman is a journalist with more than four decades of experience who specializes in in-depth reporting that puts a human face on...


John Hendrickson: An Inside View of His Stuttering Journey (Ep. 694)

John Hendrickson John Hendrickson joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss the months after his article with Joe Biden went viral and how it impacted his stuttering journey. Hendrickson shared how these past few months have altered his relationship with his stuttering, his most memorable and challenging experiences, and his upcoming book Life On Delay.John Hendrickson is a Senior Editor at The Atlantic, where he edits and writes stories across the entire spectrum of politics. He was previously the...


Stammering Pride and Prejudice with Sam Simpson (Ep. 693)

Sam Simpson joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss Stammering Pride and Prejudice, a book that explores stuttering from the social model of disability. Sam shares how she learned about the social model in the 1990’s, and how this continues to influence her work as a speech therapist and counselor today. Sam Simpson is a speech and language therapist with over 25 years experience of working with people who stammer and their families in the public, private, education and voluntary sectors. She is...


Roisin McManus, NP on COVID-19 and Stuttering: An Update (Ep. 692)

Roisin McManus, a Nurse Practitioner who stutters and has been on the frontlines of COVID-19, joins Chaya Goldstein to reflect upon this important work and stuttering. This is a follow-up conversation to episode 678. Roisin shares her recent transition as a Nurse Practitioner to work in Palliative Care and her engagement with COVID-19 in that role. Ms. McManus discusses how she's been bringing her full self into the work she does, stuttering included. She shares how we can continue to take...


Stammering Pride and Prejudice with Patrick Campbell (Ep. 691)

Patrick Campbell joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss Stammering Pride and Prejudice, a book that explores stuttering from the social model of disability. Patrick explains why this book was written and how it can help us change the way we approach stuttering. Patrick reflects on his chapter “People With Stigma: A reflection on stigma against stammering in society and the stammerer” in which he covers topics such as shame, stigma, hidden disability and loneliness, and the ultimate antidote to...


Showing Up in Support of the Black Community (Ep. 690)

Dr. Kia Noelle Johnson Dr. Kia Noelle Johnson and Dr. Darren Johnson join Chaya Goldstein to share their experience of what it's like to be a black person in America today. Together they discuss the impact of overt and covert racism, microaggressions, and digging deep on self reflection to start making internal changes. Darren and Kia share what we can do as individuals and a community to show up in support of our black friends, and be part of the change. Dr. Darren Johnson Dr. Darren...


Stuttering and the Politics of University Time (Ep. 689)

Dane Isaacs joins Chris Constantino to discuss Isaac's recently published paper ‘I Don’t Have Time For This’: Stuttering and the Politics of University Time. Issacs and Constantino discuss stuttering from a disability rights perspective. Dane Isaacs is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Psychology at Stellenbosch University. He holds a Masters degree in psychology from the University of Cape Town. His doctoral work explores discourses of masculinities amongst young adult men in...


Stammering Pride and Prejudice with Chris Constantino (Ep. 688)

Chris Constantino joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss Stammering Pride and Prejudice, a book that explores stuttering from the social model of disability. Chris shares his insights on the social model of disability and how it applies to stuttering. Dr. Constantino discusses his chapter in the book “Stutter Naked” and how stuttering has fostered intimacy and other gains in his life. Christopher Constantino lives in Tallahassee, Florida with his wife, Megan, and son, Augustine. He is a...


First Day: A Public Service Announcement with Filmmaker Cody Packer (Ep. 687)

Cody Packer Cody Packer joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss First Day, a short film being used as a Public Service Announcement to raise awareness about stuttering during National Stuttering Awareness Week. Cody Mathieson Packer is a proud person who stutters from New Zealand. He started making films in his parents backyard at the age of 13, which was the time he discovered the magic of filmmaking and storytelling. Since then he studied film directing at the New...


Stuttering, It’s What You Think with Dominique Kennedy (Ep. 686)

Dominique Kennedy joins Christoper Constantino to discuss stuttering, cluttering, and her new book Stuttering, It's What You Think. Dominique Kennedy is the author of Stuttering, It's What You Think. Dominique is an experienced and certified Speech-Language Pathologist. Dominique earned a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders with an emphasis in Speech Language Pathology. Her experience across settings includes: schools, hospitals, rehabilitation...


The Growth of Stuttering Support in Israel During COVID-19 (Ep. 685)

Hanan Hurwitz joins Peter Reitzes to discuss the growth and success of stuttering support in Israel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hurwitz is asked about Israel's first support group meeting for children who stutter, a current series of online stuttering lectures, and serving in the military while stuttering. Hanan Hurwitz is an electronics engineer and independent Quality Management consultant, and presently the Executive Director of the Israeli Stuttering Association, AMBI. Hanan is a PWS...


The Genetics of Stuttering with Dr. Dennis Drayna from the NIH (Ep. 684)

Dennis Drayna, Ph.D. joins Peter Reitzes to discuss the genetics of stuttering and a recent study in which stuttering mutations were engineered into mice that caused stuttering-like vocalization deficits. Dr. Dennis Drayna is Scientist Emeritus at the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders and a Board Member of the Stuttering Foundation. Dr. Drayna was asked to discuss how "normal" mice responded to mice with stuttering-like vocalizations, what genetics research...


WHEN I STUTTER: Inspiration and Updates (Ep. 683)

John Gomez joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss his special reduced rate offer for at-home viewing of his award winning documentary WHEN I STUTTER. Gomez expresses his gratitude to the stuttering community for helping translate his documentary into a number of languages. John shares how the current health crisis is impacting upcoming film screenings, the languages the film has been translated into, the new child-friendly version of the film, where the characters of the film are now, what he's...