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2003 TCF Winners - Third Coast Festival

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Award winning documentaries from the 2003 Third Coast International Audio Festival.

Award winning documentaries from the 2003 Third Coast International Audio Festival.


Chicago, IL


Award winning documentaries from the 2003 Third Coast International Audio Festival.




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Jaimita Haskell was given the opportunity to take advanced classes at her high school, an experience she found stimulating and rewarding. Produced by Jaimita Haskell, Marianne McCune, and Czerina Patel for WNYC's Radio Rookies, USA, 2003


The Dribble-Down Effect

Blending satire, drama, and interviews, this Australian documentary portrays a not-so-distant future where robots care for children and parents agree to live apart from their families during the work week. Produced by Eurydice Aroney for Radio Eye, Australia, 2003

Open Outcry

Sound designer and multimedia artist Ben Rubin employs the cacophony of the New York Mercantile Exchange to create a musical piece commemorating the reopening of the World Financial Center's Winter Garden, which was closed after the events of September 11th. Produced by Ben Rubin for Sonic Garden, USA, 2003

Oakland Scenes: Snapshots of a Community

Youth Radio producers Ise Lyfe, Gerald Ward II, and Bianca Yarborough chronicle the tense summer of 2002 in Oakland, California, when an alarming number of youth homicides weighed heavily on the community. Produced by Youth Radio for NPR, USA, 2003


Come Back to Afghanistan

In the summer of 2002, 17-year-old Hyder Akbar traveled from California with his father to their home country of Afghanistan. He took a tape recorder along on the trip to record his thoughts and experiences. Produced by Hyder Akbar and Susan Burton for This American Life, USA, 2003


Can You Say Haa?

As a girl, Reena Katz learned one story about the history of Israel and the people who lived there. As she grew up, an interest in cartography and her father's rare books about Palestine prompted her to dig deeper to understand the landscape of the Middle East. Produced by Reena Katz for Outfront, Canada, 2003

The 2003 TCF Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Joe Frank

The Third Coast Festival Lifetime Achievement Award (now the Audio Luminary Award) is presented annually to an individual who is greatly admired for his or her significant and ongoing contributions to the field of radio. Hats off to the 2003 recipient, Joe Frank. Produced by Joe Frank for TCF, USA, 2003