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2005 TCF Winners - Third Coast Festival

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Award winning documentaries from the 2005 Third Coast International Audio Festival.

Award winning documentaries from the 2005 Third Coast International Audio Festival.


Chicago, IL


Award winning documentaries from the 2005 Third Coast International Audio Festival.




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Weighing the Balance

Weighing the Balance evolved from a simple question: What happened to six men who were named and shamed in a very public news conference staged by the Toronto Police? Produced by Kellie Hudson, Dick Miller, and Mike Bryan for The Current, CBC, Canada, 2005


The Wire, Episode 5: The Sound Around

Somewhere between a documentary, a remix, and a music show, the eight-part series The Wire: The Impact of Electricity on Music, reflects on changes in both the composition and consumption of music over the past century. Produced by Chris Brookes, Jowi Taylor, and Paolo Pietropaolo for CBC, Canada, 2005


The Ring & I: The Passion, The Myth, The Mania

The grandeur and power of Wagner?s monumental work, The Ring Cycle, has permeated our culture to the point that ?Wagnerian? is used as an adjective. Produced by Jad Abumrad, Aaron Cohen, and Elena Park for WNYC, USA, 2005


My Struggle With Obesity

Fifteen-year-old Rocky, a Palestinian American, lives with his parents and siblings in Brooklyn. Three times the size of his twin sister, Rocky is the target of his siblings? jokes and insults. Produced by Czerina Patel and Samr "Rocky" Tayeh for WNYC's Radio Rookies, USA, 2005


Mandela: An Audio History

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of South Africa's first democratic election, Radio Diaries produced this five-part series featuring newly discovered archival tape of Nelson Mandela, his supporters, and detractors. Produced by Joe Richman, Sue Johnson, and Ben Shapiro for All Things Considered, USA, 2005


Just Another Fish Story

Ten years ago, the people of Lubec, Maine, were met with an unpleasant surprise: an enormous finback whale had washed onto the beachfront of their tiny coastal town. Produced by Molly Menschel for Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, USA, 2005


Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices is a compelling and adventurous exploration of languages on the verge of extinction. Produced by John Wynne for Between the Ears, BBC Radio 3, UK, 2005


Dear Birth Mother

After waiting for Mr. Right (who has yet to arrive) and experiencing years of fertility treatments, Suzanne, a single woman in her 40s, decides to adopt an African-American baby. Produced by Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister for Chicago Public Radio, USA, 2005


A Map of the Sea

For centuries, Newfoundland fisheries were hailed as the greatest in the world. Then, in 1992, their main export, the codfish, disappeared. Produced by Chris Brookes for Living on Earth, Canada, 2005