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The Drabblecast is a weekly audio fiction magazine that offers strange stories for strange listeners.

The Drabblecast is a weekly audio fiction magazine that offers strange stories for strange listeners.


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The Drabblecast is a weekly audio fiction magazine that offers strange stories for strange listeners.




Drabblecast 459 – 7099 Brecksville Road, Independence, Ohio

Norm is cryptic this week in terms of offering information on the featured story, “7099 Brecksville Road, Independence Ohio,” by JR Hamentaschen. He will say that that’s the story, and that’s the author. And to listen with headphones on. And also, check out our episode sponsor this week, pixel-pulp video game Mothmen 1966! Available on […]

Drabblecast 458 – Plans for Expansion

The Drabblecast is molting! Norm shares some exciting news in the intro this week, Drabblecast has launched a Patreon, and a new quarterly magazine, “The Tentaculum.” Also, welcome new Managing Editor Cameron Howard! Finally, we close out HP Lovecraft “Month” with an original story by Aliya Whitely called, “Plans for Expansion.” Stones contain stories. The […]


Drabblecast 457 – When the Sun Hits

This week’s show brings you an original commissioned HP Lovecraft mythos story by Nick Mamatas called “When the Sun Hits.” Afterwards, Nick talks about the story in an Author’s Note and Norm gives everyone an existential crises in a Drabble News presentation on The Boltzmann Brain. When the brain is liberated from the body, only […]


Drabblecast 456 – In My Brain in My Body

Shark week on Drabblecast has never been so unnerving! Enjoy an original Drabblecast story this week from Evie Mae Barber about what lurks even deeper in the depths… The great white looked like he was having a good time, swimming upside down, bone-white belly above water, teeth gnashing playfully. Like a puppy dreams of finally […]


Drabblecast 455 – How Lovely Are Your Branches

Norm closes out the year and existence as we know it, due to the phenomena known as “The Continuation,” with the Drabblecast annual holiday Tim Pratt story, an original commission called “How Lovely Are Your Branches.” Enjoy! Somebody was murdering people, but the killer’s name wasn’t showing up on my naughty list. That got me […]


Drabblecast 454 – The Doom That Came to Sarnath

The Drabblecast kicks off H.P. Lovecraft Month with the grandfather of Weird Fiction’s cautionary dark fantasy, “The Doom That Came to Sarnath.” There is in the land of Mnar a vast still lake that is fed by no stream and out of which no stream flows. Ten thousand years ago there stood by its shore […]


Drabblecast 453 – Trifecta: Modern Fairy Tales

The Drabblecast brings you three original stories this week (Modern Fairytales, if you will) from authors Alice Gauntley, Matthew Sanborn Smith, and Kevin D. Anderson. Enjoy! Our birthday was the first of March, and for two weeks beforehand it was all Caleb could talk about—cake, presents, and, most importantly, whom to invite. He would chatter […]


Drabblecast 452- Watch Anya Blume

We’re getting back to nature this week on the Drabblecast, with Michael Piel’s original story, “Watch Anya Blume.” Enjoy! Anya Blume showered, slept, and showered again. Yes, she thought, she was beginning to feel human. Exhausted, sure, but human. She popped five Advil and closed the medicine cabinet. There, at the bottom of the mirror […]


Drabblecast 451 – How to Get Back to the Forest

Warning: some explicit language. Join us this week for a little Camp Dystopia! The Drabblecast brings you a story about growing up the hard way by Sofia Samatar, called “How to Get Back to the Forest.” Enjoy! Episode Sponsor- “You Know It’s True” by J.R. Hamantaschen “You have to puke it up,” said Cee. […]


Drabblecast 450 – A Good Man Is Hard to Find

Episode Sponsor: You Know It’s True by J.R. Hamantaschen This week on the Drabblecast, we bring you a classic story by Flannery O’Conner about simpler times and a summer family vacation gone awry. Enjoy! Warning: This story is being presented in it’s original form and contains an instance of outdated cultural language. “Now look here, […]


Drabblecast 449 – The Tyrant Lizard (and Her Plus One)

Dinosaurs gone awry on this week’s Drabblecast! We bring you an original story by John Wiswell called The Tyrant Lizard (and Her Plus One), enjoy! Episode Sponsor: J.R. Hamentaschen’s horror anthology, “You Know It’s True” Free on Kindle Unlimited! Dinosaurs don’t want to kill you; they just don’t care that you’re there. More people have […]


Drabblecast 448 – Stay

This week’s episode is brought to you by J.R. Hamentaschen’s fourth horror fiction anthology “You Know It’s True.” Grab a copy for kindle or otherwise, here! For our story this week, take a trip with us to the Fourteenth Floor, where you are every guest. We bring you “Stay,” by Davian Aw. You were every […]


Drabblecast 447 – Echoes

The Drabblecast is on the scene this week, with an original story by Gail Ann Gibbs, read by Starla Hutchton, that reminds us that it’s ok to be a little weird. Or maybe even, SUPER weird… I like the way Richard smells. The next time a psychiatrist asks me what makes me happy, I’ll say […]


Drabblecast 446 – The Wichita Drive

Weird things are afoot in the west this week on the Drabblecast! Enjoy an original, previously unpublished story about snails of the plains gone awry by Joshua Bush called “The Witchita Drive.” Yeehaw! They were down in a gully watering the cattle when Billy came thundering down the ridgeline on his sorrel mare, waving his […]


Drabblecast 445 – Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death

Drabblecast wraps up Women & Aliens month with a gritty and intense story by James Tiptree Jr., aka Alice B. Sheldon. Hope you’re hungry! Remembering— Do you hear, my little red? Hold me softly. The cold grows. I remember: —I am hugely black and hopeful, I bounce on six legs along the mountains in the […]


Drabblecast 444 – The Hands of Heroes

What makes a hero? The Drabbecast brings you an original commissioned story by Cat Rambo this week called “The Hands of Heroes.” The thing is, I was never a hero. The first wave of aliens taught me that. The war with them – my older brothers became heroes there, one died in the stand-off at […]


Drabblecast 443 – The Day I Didn’t Get A Pet Nebula

Who says Drabblecast doesn’t do Young Adult Fiction? This week we launch Women & Aliens Month with a fresh, original Drabblecast commission by Effie Seiberg. We’re grateful to be able to bring you this story this week! On the day I turned nine I didn’t get a pet nebula. I’d really really wanted one, just […]


Drabblecast 442 – The Secret of Theta Pi

Sea creatures and sorority sisters on this week’s Drabblecast! We bring you an original tale by Stephanie Gray called, “The Secret of Theta Pi.” Enjoy! We travel back to Tandy’s Cove in a caravan of three, Cindy Q’s Miata leading, followed by the rented van, dirty white with the windows rolled up, and Beneeta G’s […]


Drabblecast 441 – Trifecta: Strange Futures

This week on the Drabblecast– three stories about Strange Futures. We bring you Drabblecast originals, “Department of Invention” by R.L. Thull, “The One’s Who Won’t Be” by Martin Munks, and “Cannabilism in the Inhuman Age” by Jaye Viner. Closing Music by 19 Action News Saul broke down in an unusual way for a robot. Saul […]


Drabblecast 440 – The Earth-Brain

On this week’s show, every day is Earth Day when you’re living on an Elder God! We bring you a hidden gem from the 1930’s pulp science fiction era, written by Pulp Master General Edmond Hamilton!