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Weekly Drum and Bass Podcast showcasing some of the best Drum and Bass tunes, both old and new.

Weekly Drum and Bass Podcast showcasing some of the best Drum and Bass tunes, both old and new.


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Weekly Drum and Bass Podcast showcasing some of the best Drum and Bass tunes, both old and new.






Episode 151 - 'Lunar'

This week we've got loads of new music on Hospital, The North Quarter, and Fokuz, along with a bunch of beautiful music off of The Blue Hour Reworked! Tracklist: Submorphics - Let it Shine ft. Satl & VEDA BLACK [The North Quarter] SOLR - Tears [Forthcoming Influenza] Millstreet - Help Myself [Forthcoming Beats in Mind] LSB & DRS - Rise & Fall (Tokyo Prose Remix) [Footnotes] Cnof - Banner VIP [Forthcoming Fokuz] Styke - Lunar [Forthcoming Differential] Cnof - Heavenly Dawn (Liquid...


Episode 150 - 'Mote of Dust'

This week we have new music from Ritual & Alpha Rhythm, Rezilient, Nu:Tone, Monrroe, and lots more! Tracklist: Monrroe - Drowning ft. Ruth Royall [Shogun] Matt View - Nighthawks [Forthcoming Fokuz] Digital Native - Soon I Promise [Goldfat] Dan Guidance & Henry - Cloud 9 [Forthcoming Celsius] Nu:Tone - Shelter ft. DJ Rae [Hospital] SKC & Bratwa - Heart of Love (Loxy & Ink Remix) [Hospital] Villem & Alpha Rhythm - The Maker [Hospital] Ritual & Alpha Rhythm - Mote of Dust [Forthcoming...


Episode 149 - 'Desire'

This week we’ve got another incredible podcast jam packed full of the latest and greatest in DnB from the likes of Bert H, DRS, Monika & Akuratyde, and much, much more! Tracklist: Monika & Akuratyde - We Breathe [Forthcoming Fokuz] Luciano - Desire [Celsius] Dose - Live For The Pressure [Forthcoming Rebel Music] CITRA - Borderline [Influenza] Ben Rolo & HD - Real Change [Forthcoming Glitch Audio] Dan Guidance & Henry - The Journey Ahead [Forthcoming Fokuz] Elixr - Wanted You To Know...


Episode 148 - 'The Maker'

This week we've got loads of music on Hospital, Shogun, Fokuz, and loads more, including Alpha's new release on the Future Symptoms EP! Tracklist: HD & Ben Rolo - Foundations [Forthcoming Glitch] Rezilient - Savannah [Forthcoming Fokuz] Qbit - Autumn Leaves [Forthcoming Influneza] Pyxis - Orbs [Goldfat] Minor Forms - Reality [CIA] Joe Ford & Joeliffe - Circuits [Shogun] Petroll - Meta [Differential] SoulMotion & Vector - Land of the Lost Souls ft. Krissy Twigge [Shogun] Nu:Tone -...


Episode 147 - 'So Beautiful'

This week we have new music on Fokuz, Celsius, Hospital, Liquid V, and Spearhead, plus a special mini-mix at the end featuring all 4 songs from Alpha's new Subwoofer Lullaby EP! Tracklist: Sub:liminal - Tender Light [Forthcoming Fokuz] Motiv - When You’re Around [Forthcoming Celsius] CPH - Daylight [Forthcoming Celsius] Seba - True ft. Emily Harkness [Spearhead] CPH - I Told You [Forthcoming Celsius] Ben Soundscape, Roy Green & Protone - A Dance [Liquid V] Nu:Tone - Sleepwalker ft....


Episode 146 - 'Breathe Deep'

Alpha is back with new music from himself, GLXY, Nu:Tone, Pola & Bryson, and musings on which console is best (spoiler: it's PC). Tracklist: Pola & Bryson - Under ft. Lauren Archer [Shogun] Painted Skies - No Return [Forthcoming Differential] Sub:liminal - All These Things ft. Sydney [Forthcoming Fokuz] CPH - Disillusioned [Forthcoming Celsius] Rezilient - Positive Reaction [Forthcoming Celsius] Luciano - Echoes [Forthcoming Celsius] Alpha Rhythm - Diamonds [Forthcoming Fokuz] Seba...


Episode 145 - 'Diamonds'

Alpha is back with new Liquid Drum and Bass from himself, Nu:Tone, loads of Goldfat business, plus lots of silly ideas for Alpha Rhythm knickers, snickers, and more! Tracklist: Alpha Rhythm - Diamonds [Forthcoming Fokuz] Artsea - Discovery [Forthcoming Goldfat] Nu:Tone - No Quick Fixes ft. Pete Simpson [Hospital] Rezilient - Higher [Forthcoming Fokuz] Nu:Tone - Helarctos [Hospital] DRS - I Wish ft. FD [Space Cadet] Minor Forms - Immersion [CIA] Break - High Punch [Symmetry] Athena...


Episode 144 - 'Unspoken'

Podcast 144 is here featuring new music from Alpha, Motiv, DRS, Dan Guidance & Echo Motion, The Vanguard Project, and much more! Tracklist: Alpha Rhythm - Subwoofer Lullaby [Forthcoming Fokuz] Dan Guidance & Echo Motion - Sea Breeze [Forthcoming 4 Corners] DRS - Roonies ft. Mindstate [Space Cadet] Dan Guidance & Echo Motion - Aperture [Forthcoming 4 Corners] Motiv - Save Yourself [Forthcoming Clesius] The Vanguard Project - Neon Nights [Spearhead] Motiv - Infatuation [Forthcoming...


Episode 143 - 'Dunsworth'

This week's podcast is packed to the brim with new and exciting Drum and Bass from the Fokuz Fam, Spearhead, Hospital, and Rebel Music! Tracklist: Alpha Rhythm - Dunsworth [Forthcoming Fokuz] Luciano - Search of Sunrise [Forthcoming Celsius] CITRA - Used to Know [Forthcoming Influenza] Nelver - Someone Else [Forthcoming Celsius] Mystific - Changes [Fokuz] Rezilient - Be With You [Forthcoming Celsius] Skuff - Past Lives [Rebel Music] Flowrian - May [Forthcoming Celsius] Skuff - I...


Episode 142 - 'Acacia'

This week we've got new music from Alpha Rhythm from his debut Fokuz EP, plus new Whiney, Askel & Elere, Koherent, and loads more! ---------- Tracklist: Koherent - Endless Haze [Shogun] Alpha Rhythm & HumaNature - Bits & Pieces [Forthcoming Fokuz] Sub:liminal & HumaNature - Alone [Forthcoming Fokuz] Hocseat - My Way Out [Forthcoming Fokuz] Whiney - Mirage [Hospital] Rezilient - Differences [Forthcoming Celsius] Koherent - Rave Chatter [Shogun] QZB - Electron Dub [Critical] Askel &...


Episode 141 - 'Bliss'

Alpha is back with new music from himself and Ritual, plus new music on Fokuz, Soul Deep, Spearhead, and much much more! Tracklist: Nuex - Lucid Nights [Forthcoming Flight Pattern] Ritual & Alpha Rhythm - Bliss [Forthcomng Influenza] Con-Figure - Stray [Soul Deep] Embers of Light - U [Soul Deep] Sentierum - Emerald [Soul Deep] FD - Top2Bottom VIP [The North Quarter] Jojabes - Translating Time [Forthcoming Influenza] Luciano - Moment to Myself [Influenza] Focal Tone & Pyxis - Stolen...


Episode 140 - 'Lost Together'

This week we’ve got new music from Rezilient & HumaNature, HEFT, Ben Rolo, Motiv, Hocseat, and so much more! Trackist: Rezilient & HumaNature - Lost Together [Galacy] Tudor G - Lillypad [Liquid Series] Decline - Falling Stars [Forthcoming Celsius] Detour - Losing My Mind [Liquid Series] Enum - Gliss [Forthcoming Celsius] Sonic Rain - Last Goodbye [Forthcoming Influenza] BassDubbers - Tell Me [Forthcoming Celsius] Motiv - Orbit [Forthcoming Fokuz] Scatterbrain - Space Travel [Liquid...


Episode 139 - 'Reminiscent'

We're back with a huge amount of Fokuz Recordings pressure, including unreleased music from Rezilient, Hocseat, Luciano, Alpha Rhythm, and lots more! Tracklist: Luciano - Happiness [Forthcoming Influenza] QZB - Clairvoyant [Critical] Alpha Rhythm - Everfrost [Celsius] Motiv - Sketches [Forthcoming Fokuz] Flowrian - Southern Taurids [Forthcoming Celsius] Mystific & DuoScience - Someone There [Forthcoming Fokuz] Skuff - My Temptations [Forthcoming Rebel Music] Colossus - Repent [Soul...


Episode 138 - 'Stardust'

Alpha is bringing the heat this week with a boatload of unreleased tunes on Fokuz, Celsius, Goldfat, Rebel Music, and more! Tracklist: Hocseat - Keep Moving [Forthcoming Celsius] Alpha Rhythm - Tranquility [Forthcoming Fokuz] Rezilient - Grey [Forthcoming Liquid Series] Ritual - Through the Storm [Forthcoming Influenza] Edlan - All Around [Forthcoming Fokuz] Pyxis & Mitekiss - Stardust [Forthcoming Goldfat] Messiah - Take Me Away [Forthcoming Fokuz] Colossus & Echo Motion -...


Episode 137 - 'Mornings'

We're kicking off 2021 with music from Ben Rolo, Leo Wood, Ritual, CRSV, and so much more, right here on the Alpha Rhythm Podcast! Tracklist: Ben Rolo - Dusk [Forthcoming Bay 6] Pyxis & Auris - Ribbons [Forthcoming Goldfat] Leo Wood - Perfect Imperfection ft. Reflektor [Forthcoming Fokuz] Ritual - Put it Down [Forthcoming Influenza] Messiah - Motor City [Forthcoming Fokuz] Rift - Can’t Stop [Forthcoming Differential] Messiah - Dirty Choice [Forthcoming Fokuz] Redeyes - Late Night...


Episode 136 - 'Best of 2020'

We're finally here, the last podcast of 2020, featuring Alpha's top 20 songs of the year, and a little surprise to boot. Enjoy! Tracklist: CRSV & TS - Starfall [Forthcoming Celsius] Sub:liminal - Introspective [Fokuz] Submorphics - Albion Road ft. Pola & Bryson [The North Quarter] Sunchase - Night Driving [Kashtan] GLXY - Falling [Shogun] Villem - Stereogram [Hospital] DRS - Dance the Night Away ft. Mozey [Space Cadet] Nuvertal - My Shell Erases ft. Avenax [Celsius] Tokyo Prose -...


Episode 135 - 'Embrace'

This week's podcast features new music from Redeyes, Rezilient, Colossus, Leo Wood, and so much more! Tracklist: Rezilient & HumaNature - Embrace [Forthcoming Fokuz] Matt View & Marvel Cinema - Coastline [Forthcoming Fokuz] Redeyes - Untitled Soul [The North Quarter] Hugh Hardie - Said & Done ft. DJ Marky & Cimone [Hospital] Terror - Damages ft. Pastry Maker [Spearhead] Monty - Tribes VIP [1985] Need For Mirrors - Adore [31 Recordings] Terror - Shang Ri-La [Spearhead] Colossus -...


Episode 134 - 'Tranquility'

Alpha is back with more fresh new music on Fokuz, Spearhead, 31 Recordings, and so much more! Tracklist: Alpha Rhythm – Tranquility [Forthcoming Fokuz] BCee & Charlotte Haining – Love for the Fallen ft. DRS [Spearhead] Need For Mirrors – Coco [31 Recordings] DuoScience – Stroll [Forthcoming Fokuz] Kalum – How You Like [Forthcoming Influenza] Villem & McLeod – Crossways ft. Degs (L-Side Remix) [Spearhead] QZB – We Pretend ft. Charli Brix [Forthcoming Critical] Ritual – Those Days...


Episode 133 - 'Vigil'

On the eve of his second EP, Alpha is bringing the liquid vibes from the likes of BCee, Keeno, Colossus, and several tunes from the man himself! Tracklist: Alpha Rhythm & Ritual - Vigil [Forthcoming Celsius] CRSV & TS - Starfall [Forthcoming Celsius] Citra - Computer Lights [Influenza] Embers of Light - In the Moment [Soul Deep] Citra - Deeper Echo [Influenza] MidKnight Moon - Music Please [KOS.MOS] The Skeptics - Dream in Your Eyes [Celsius] BCee - Home For Good ft. Emba...


Episode 132 - 'Nebula'

Alpha is back with another podcast jam-packed full of the latest and greatest in Liquid Drum and Bass. Enjoy! Tracklist: Keeno - I Live, I Learn [Hospital] BCee & Charlotte Haining - Give Me A Break [Spearhead] Alpha Rhythm - Everfrost [Forthcoming Celsius] Kontrast - In My Soul [Soul Deep] In:Most & Temam - 1s N 2s [Soulvent] Satl - Nebula [The North Quarter] Nu:Tone - Sweeter [Hospital] Madcap - Morning Time [Soul Deep] Embers of Light - When It’s Over [Soul Deep] Two Things - I...