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Elle Martinez from Couple Money discusses how to build your net worth and your marriage by helping you create a financial system that works for both of you. Each episode will tackle a topic that couples deal with such as paying off debt faster, saving for the future while still enjoying today, how to invest smarter, and retiring early.

Elle Martinez from Couple Money discusses how to build your net worth and your marriage by helping you create a financial system that works for both of you. Each episode will tackle a topic that couples deal with such as paying off debt faster, saving for the future while still enjoying today, how to invest smarter, and retiring early.


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Elle Martinez from Couple Money discusses how to build your net worth and your marriage by helping you create a financial system that works for both of you. Each episode will tackle a topic that couples deal with such as paying off debt faster, saving for the future while still enjoying today, how to invest smarter, and retiring early.






[Simplify & Enjoy] How to Build a Family Budget That Actually Works

For many families, 2020 threw us for a loop. Today we’ll look at how you can revamp and build your budget so you can hit your financial goals faster! Revamping Your Budget I think it’s fair to say that last year did not go as any of us planned. I’m not going to recap the year – we were all there- but honestly, we had a lot curve balls thrown at us. Because we had to make so many changes with how we worked, did school, and more, our day to day routines changed and our budgets did as...


[Simplify & Enjoy] Creating a Debt Free Plan That Fits You

Dealing with debt can be a grind, especially if you have a ton of debt or if it is high interest. Today we’re going to see how the debt lasso method can speed things up with credit card debts and we’ll get tips on how to pay off over six figures of debt without sacrificing fun! Creating a Plan to Pay Off Your Debts One of the most popular goals families make when it comes to money is paying off their debts and with good reason. Even before the pandemic, debts were a considerable chunk...


[Simplify & Enjoy] How to Set Great Habits for Your Home, Home and Life ( and Actually Keep Them This Year)

Most parents have their hands full and too many times our finances, health, and homes don’t get the attention they should. We go over how you can reset your habits so you simplify your finances, home, and lives to enjoy some big wins this year! Reworking Your Habits For multiple reasons, 2020 was a challenging year. Even if you weren’t directly affected by the pandemic or managed to avoid the financial fallout of it, chances are you were impacted by what was happening. If you’re a...


2020 Year End Review: Reflect, Refresh, and Pivot

Get a peek into how we did with our goals for this year and see how you can do your year review and set yourself up for an incredible 2021! Year-End Review and Planning for 2021 What a year, what a year! We still have another month, but most people I know are kind of winding down. As we wrap up this 10th season, I thought I’d share a bit of our year-end review. We started 2020 with three big goals. The first two happened at the same time – no the original plan- but we worked with...


Financial Wellness: Why Personal Finance Should Be More Holistic

How well is your money working for you? Today we’re looking at how personal finance can be more holistic and reflective of what most to you through financial wellness! Financial Wellness: A Holistic Approach to Money How did this year go for you? I have not met one person yet who has had it go as they expected. Even if you were financially prepared – emergency fund, debts are paid off are in the process of being knocked out, things shifted. As I talked about in the last episode, we had...


Community Mailbag: 2020 Budget Shifts, Financial Cushions, and More

We’ve brought back the reader mailbag. Today we’re answering your questions about marriage and money! Reader Mailbag One of my favorite parts of Couple Money is the community. Having you be a part of this has definitely made the work more enjoyable. Whenever I hear from you about what you’re working on, questions you have, or ideas you think will be helpful, I’m happy. When I started Couple Money 11 years ago, it was basically a journal of us and our journey of paying off debt. Then you...


How to Seamlessly Switch to a New Bank or Credit Union

Learn how you can move your money and switch to a new bank or credit union! Ready to Switch to a New Bank? A bad bank or credit union can not only be a headache, but it can also slow you down as you try to build your finances. Between the excessive/hidden fees, bad customer service, and low-interest rates on savings, it’s understandable if you’re frustrated. You may be wondering, what’s the point of keeping your money there? That’s basically how we felt when we dealing with our old...


Crucial Conversations to Have With Your Aging Parents (and How to Make It Easier on Everyone)

If you think talking about money with each other is hard, try talking to your parents. Today we’re getting into one of the money sensitive situations when it comes to marriage and money – making sure your parents are in a good spot during their golden years. Taking Care of Parents Family and finances can be stressful. But typically makes it so difficult is how easily our emotions get involved. Talking with your parents about money. Is red at the top of the list. It can definitely be...


Marriage & Money: How Can We Afford to Live on Money Income?

One of the biggest game-changers with our finances was shifting things so we could live on one income. However, that’s not always an easy thing to do. Today I’ll break down strategies and tactics that we and other couples have used to make it easier! Living on One Income I’m serious; if we had to identify the one habit that changed the trajectory of our finances, it’s moving finances in such a way that we could live with just one income. Here’s the thing – when we started it was out of...


Brokerage Accounts: What You Need to Know to Get Started

Have you paid off your debts and are looking to grow your money beyond savings? Learn how to create a strategy and plan so you can open and invest in your brokerage account! Ready to Open and Invest in a Brokerage Account? If you would’ve met us when we were first married and told me that we’d get to a point where we were investing besides for retirement, I probably would’ve laughed at you. Considering at that time we were start off with over $30,000 of debt living in our tiny apartment...


Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing

‘All Investment Mistakes Are Investor Mistakes’ Is that really true? Today we’ll dig in and see how to avoid making the most common mistakes with your investments! Avoiding Big Mistakes with Investments ‘All Investment Mistakes Are Investor Mistakes’ I saw that headline in an older article in The NY Times. Based on personal experience when I first started out, speaking with others on the podcast, and hearing from the community, there’s some truth to that. I’ve gotten emails and heard...


How Much Should We Contribute to Our 401(k)

Want to maximize your 401(k) this year? The first step to doing that is figuring out how much to contribute. Today we discuss how much you need to put in to retire! Getting the Most Out of Your 401(k) We’re wrapping our open enrollment series. The past couple of episodes we’ve discussed what you need to know with your benefits so you can make the right choices for you and your family. Health insurance is a huge one, but the other big one is your 401(k). Last week Matt Miner, a certified...


How to Pay Off Your Debt Faster as a Couple

Are you two dealing with a ton of debt? Hear how Brian and his wife have managed to pay off $100,000 in debt while raising their three kids! How to Pay Off a Ton of Debt Together After all the prep, sweat, and tears, the first episode of the Couple Money Podcast is up! For the premiere show, it’s all about debt, specifically getting out of debt faster and getting rid of massive amounts of debt. The guest on today’s episode is Brian from Debt Discipline. He and his wife have managed to...


Open Enrollment: How to Maximize Your Benefits

Learn how you can navigate open enrollment season and maximize your benefits to their fullest potential! Making the Most of Your Benefits When we began our series about open enrollment last week, we got into some key things to consider when weighing the pros and cons of different health insurance options. While health insurance is typically the biggest decision couples and families make during open enrollment, it’s not the only one. There are so many benefits that can save you some...


Open Enrollment: Finding Affordable Health Insurance

Feel like your premiums are too expensive? Learn how you can significantly save money and find an affordable health insurance plan for your family! Choosing an Affordable Health Insurance Plan Like many families, we want affordable health insurance. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy. In 2019, the average annual premium for a family was over $20,000! That’s quite a bit of money so it’s absolutely crucial that you’re 1) getting the most out of it and 2) if there is a more affordable...


How to Boost Your Savings Rate (While Still Having Fun!)

Today we’ll go over how the two of you can boost your savings rate while still enjoying some fun now! Why Your Savings Rate Matters Last week we talked about three key numbers to track and master your money and one of them was your savings rate. How much you save on your income can have an incredible impact on how fast you reach your big financial goals. Here’s the thing, though, unless you have a stash of cash under in house or an inheritance coming up soon, that money is probably...


Three Key Numbers for Tracking (and Mastering) Your Money

If tracking your money is so important, what are the key numbers couples need to know? We’ll get into the three to keep an eye on, and the real deal about credit scores! Why Tracking Your Money is Key to Mastering It You hear these stories of couples who got out of debt, became financially independent, travel the world, started a business..basically enjoying life. They all have different paths they take to get there – debt snowball, avalanche to become debt free. They’re saving 20, 30,...


How to Reset and Knock Out Debt Together Before The Year Wraps Up

Debt can be a huge weight on any couple’s budget. We cover three major ways you can start paying it off faster. We also get into how to open up if you’re carrying debt and haven’t told your spouse! Getting Back To Dumping Debt As if the pandemic isn’t enough stress, millions of families have to deal with the financial fallout. And If you’ve had to deal with job loss, reduced hours at work, or uncertainty at your job about its stability, these past few months you’re hyper aware of your...


How to Build a Budget That Actually works for You

If 2020 has proved anything, it’s that we need to have a budget that actually works. Today we’ll dive in to see how you two can build a budget that fits you and your goals! Build a Better Budget Together I think a lot of people can appreciate why budgets matter because now more than ever, we’re seeing like our finances are reflecting our lives. For those of us who’ve been hit hard by the pandemic, either directly or indirectly, the budget has had to be completely redone. But even if...


Coronavirus and Your Money: What Need to Do Now to Gain Financial Stability and Thrive

Here are some key takeaways to help you get through and start building some financial stability! Pivoting Your Finances Through New Habits I hope you are doing well, are safe, and healthy. We’re just starting June but I think Jason Vitug pointed out on Twitter, “This is indeed the longest shortest year ever.” I started this mini-series after the pandemic created a hard stop on so many things. Things are starting open up, but many couples in our community are still dealing with the...