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To reforming economics as an interpretation of reality, rather than a diversion play for monopolists.

To reforming economics as an interpretation of reality, rather than a diversion play for monopolists.
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Melbourne, VIC


To reforming economics as an interpretation of reality, rather than a diversion play for monopolists.




Level 2/22 Punch Lane Melbourne, 3000 613 9077 0999


Modelling student opportunities

Karl wades into recent state politics before 3rd year Bachelor of Business student Jack Cameron discusses his perspective on economic modelling, life with a HECS debt and the new economics movement. Following some extraordinary new evidence, Karl finishes on the further pressures young people face with buying a house during an era of policy fraud. Our 127th annual dinner is coming up with Cameron Murray on Housing Policy Fraud: An Australian story. Show notes


Another strange sojourn in Australia’s resource and energy policy

Louise Page (Save Westernport) discusses the rush job behind the AGL gas import terminal at Cribb Point. Why does the world’s largest gas exporter need to import ….gas? We run through the economic, environmental and social issues in play during this election year.To solid citizens calling politicians to account! Show notes.


Assembling alternative pathways to homeownership

This week Emily interviews Ben Keck and Abbie Freestone from Assemble about their latest project in Kensington. We discuss Assemble’s deliberative development model: a boutique take on build-to-rent. For locked-outs struggling to save a deposit, the Assemble Model may offer ‘a patient pathway.’ Strong environmental credentials and a codesign ethos make this build-to-rent-to-buy model a welcome alternative to Melbourne’s off-the-plan apartment offerings. But is it economically sustainable?...


The Quest to Own the Future

Greek academic Yannis Tziligakis joins us to discuss the Right to the City movement. If we are to have rights, who should be included? Yannis has a way of words, dropping one-liners such as the trinity of inequality, the spiral of enslavement and puppeteers against our very own interests. This is an extended podcast as we delve into the details of life on a monopolists earth.Show notes


Covering the data trail

Karl reports in on his time in the witness box at the inquiry into the privatisation of the Land Titles Registry. What will the property data gold rush be worth in years to come? The missing pieces designed to throw the masses off the source of so much disparity are revealed throughout the show with help from Dave Giesen and Prof John Freebairn. Show notes


Our Data, Their Profits

On a freezing day Karl digs into the archives with Paraic Lally giving his elevator pitch on all things Georgist. Then we go back to an interview with Silicon Valley commons coder Max Carlson to discuss the evolving influence of the digital era. Is there a way to reduce the immense profits enjoyed by FAGA (Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon)? Do any of Karl’s tech reforms muster a pass from Max? Show notes


Planning to Ignore Strategic Thought

Emily Sims is joined by Crystal Legacy (Melb Uni, Dept of Planning) and Nathan Pittman (Planning PhD candidate) to discuss the machinations behind the Western Distributor tunnel. After years of strategic planning, some challenging outcomes eventuate. Where to for strategic thinking? Karl finishes with insights on the tendering process for these multi-billion projects. Show notes


Victoria's Privatisation Agenda

A refreshing change - my colleague Emily Sims hosts this week’s show. Dr Sophie Stirrup (Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University & former Dept of Treasury) provides an insiders account to Victoria’s early 90s privatisation agenda. From this we hear about the formative days of Transurban, the risks behind the CityLink tollway and set the reasoning for the new Western Distributor infrastructure spend. Show notes


South Africa's Land Reform Urgency

Peter Meakin reports on the push for land reform - without compensation for white farmers. He explains how this could occur with a legitimate trade off. Should we rely on the western development model to skill new landholders up?Show notes


Fight for your Mic

A warm welcome to all our new subscribers via the popular Michael Hudson episode last week. As a student of economics, you will understand that once a year we need to pay our bills, so we can still fight for our mic, for our right to alternative media. So if you can support our work, please visit here during our radiothon. Despite the callouts, there is the usual smattering of monopoly watch amidst the few policy...


US Financial Imperialism - Protected by Academic Propoaganda

Prof Michael Hudson joins to review his critique of US financial imperialism in light of recent events. From the WB, IMF through to deep state strategy, Hudson is the best in the business at tying the economic pressures in our lives to the geo-political forces at work. This must be about our 15th such interview. Do you have any questions for Michael for our next interview (in about 3 months time)? Please give generously to our crowdfunder, its radiothon time!


The Groundhog Feasts Again

An investigation into some of the PIGS nations as the same trends and traps occur in the race for economic success. Is the new economic model really the highpoint for humanity? And some commentary on the millennial housing dream photo lustre. How much economic pain can you take before you become a member and read our Progress magazine? Show Notes


Rethinking The Paradox of Property

Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing: Author Laurie Macfarlane delves into the depths of property rights to reveal the paradox of property. We wade into the UK housing market as core themes to the book are highlighted amidst our ongoing critique of neo-classical economics. Laurie finishes with an insight into the positive reform developments in Scotland. Show notes


Campaign Strategies for Public Land Selloffs

Let’s step into the world of grassroots citizenry with Peter Henderson from the Kyneton Town Square Reference Group and their battle to save the old Kyneton Primary School from yet another public lands selloff. In the second half, Karl discusses potential campaign strategies for public lands selloffs, from our unique economic perspective. Check the show notes and say hello


Pitchforks & Promises

Leading value capture academic Associate Prof Matthew Burke (Cities Research Institute, Griffith Uni) discusses the political complexities of changing the way we relate to infrastructure and the windfall gains landholders enjoy. This is discussed in light of the federal budget and Matthew’s research. Show notes -


Cheats, fraudsters and darn rent seekers

Karl digs into the Royal Commission on Banking, discusses what’s coming up when the superannuation sector is investigated and reveals important details on the Victorian State budget. Along the way there is background to what actually goes on during the week. Visitors from where? Show notes -


Show Off Economics

Polly Cleveland (Columbia University) discusses the origins of inequality, taking us on a journey from Tanzanian tribes in desert lands to aboriginal people engaging in horticultural activities. How does inequality begin? Join us for this trek through the ages. Show notes


Drip Feeding Formula Revealed

Peter Smith, social housing developer, joins to discuss the UK economy, revealing a key formula that developers use to manufacture scarcity and thus guarantee profits. Make sure you rock out in the middle of this episode as we return to discuss the game of monopoly and how we could really share the bounty of the earth. Show notes - ‎


Make Me Do It

New economics and green tech - in this episode Gary Flomenhoft (formerly Gundt Institute) joins to discuss the raft of policy solutions on offer. From cryptocurrency to tiny homes, UBI to CLTs - this is a fast paced interview with a number of edgy tangents. #podcast #neweconomicsShow notes


Trojan Strike Zone

We discuss the growing momentum behind the Build to Rent movement - could this be a trojan for that latest strike zone tool of Wall St? Beware Australia - your community is at even greater risk! Hopefully you will be prepared following this show to take on the global epidemic pushed by the trickle down elite : Expecting developers to keep building in order to reduce prices is pure fantasy. Show notes -