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To reforming economics as an interpretation of reality, rather than a diversion play for monopolists.

To reforming economics as an interpretation of reality, rather than a diversion play for monopolists.
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Melbourne, VIC


To reforming economics as an interpretation of reality, rather than a diversion play for monopolists.




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The Bounty of Place

Dave Giesen (Henry George School of Social Sciences, San Fran) discusses the latest round of efforts to help the homeless. Will a tax on Silicon Valley unicorns make a lasting difference? So many people are feeling the precarity but so few grasp the Georgist story. Earth Rights are Birth Rights. Instead the cry of humanity continues to slip back towards sharecropping. Cheery as always, we hope this helps you read between the lines. Show notes


Soos on Banking Sharks

Independent economist Philip Soos ( is one of Australia’s leading young heterodox economists. We welcome him back onto the show to discuss the state of the Australian economy in light of the Royal Commission into banking. An onslaught of data points ensues, with Philip giving a detailed insight into the role of banking fraud, speculative real estate investment and the required reforms. Show notes.


Trusterty with John Emmeus Davis

John Emmeus Davis is the world’s leading Community Land Trust scholar with over 30 years hands-on experience as a co-founder of Burlington Associates ( We discuss the key learnings behind the establishment of a CLT and the new opportunities opening up in this space. Plenty of wisdom in this one - focusing on the core CLT outcomes of Ownership - Empowerment and Stewardship. Show notes.


The Drive for Circular Communites

Nilmini de Silva and Steve Liaros (Polis Plan) are living the life as e-workers. Imagine a flood risk expert and a planner going undercover as professional nomads, trying to awaken councils and communities to the need for more sensible developments. They focus on energy, food and water sustainability and have a penchant for CLTs. Naturally they are interesting people. Enjoy. Show notes


A Community Land Trust for Victoria

An entertaining workshop at the NENA conference sees Karl & Rayna give their first public presentation of the proposed community land trust. A solid primer for anyone wanting to get their heads around CLTs. Come on let’s get this going! Show notes.


Banksters Missing Pages

Denise Brailey (Banking and Finance Consumer Support Association) discusses the Royal Commission into Banking and what we have learnt, what should be investigated. With it established that banks act as a cartel, Denise elaborates on the missing pages that could really pressure better behaviour. Show notes.


Markets or Meetings?

Geoff Davies (The Little Green Economics Book) discusses the nine things he would change for a new economics system. From regrowth to free markets, MMT to full employment, a lot is covered in a rather mild manner. 8 shows left? Show notes.


The Influence of Gas on Renewables

Following episode 553 (Another strange sojourn in Australia’s resource and energy policy) we delve deeper into the economic issues behind the gas price gouge with Bruce Robertson (IEEFA). We discuss policies to reduce gas prices as per international best practice. In light of further consolidation in the industry, we discuss how gas sets the baseline price for energy production in the nation. How much could energy prices fall if we got the gas price back to its’ long term price range?Show...


We Live Here, They Own Us

“If you are a couple and one of you has to dedicate your entire wage for the next 25 years on the mortgage, what difference is that to slavery?” Mark Hassed takes us through his core Georgist understandings. Along the way we discuss subtle slavery, the School of Philosophy, Crown Casino, resource ripoffs and tax avoidance. Charming but essential understandings as always. Show notes


Trickle Down Housing?!!

Karl rides the gauntlet analysing the state of the Australian housing market with some of our key indicators on show. Hopefully they reflect on the building momentum and provide a perspective on the state of the economy. As always, we like to think they reflect the reality of the situation. How have we been conned into believing yet again another form of trickle down economics? Surprising we haven't put that together previously eh re housing! Karl also delivers some news regarding the...


Prof Michael Hudson on Geo-Political Games

Prof Michael Hudson discusses the globalisation fallout as new trading blocs distance themselves from US dollar denominated trade. Will the US be able to maintain its imperialist tendencies in light of these trends? How much further can the rentiers push their free-for-all? We finish with an overview of Michael’s new book ‘And forgive them our debts’. To seeing through the disinformation. Show notes


Sustaining Social Evolution

Author Fred Harrison discusses the 10 year anniversary of the GFC as the only person to have predicted it from as far back as 1987. He warns we must prepare for the next big one in 2026. The misallocation of resources leads to debts, excessive taxes and the theft of our time. The five remedies are discussed in this extended podcast. Show notes.


Golden Threads with Alanna Hartzok

Alanna Hartzok (Earth Rights International) joins to discuss the reform agenda in the poverty stricken Baltimore. Our typical freewheeling discussion passes by the GFC, 9/11, the UN, early Christian teachings and the need for an earth rights democracy. Show notes


The Unspoken Alternatives to Expensive Housing

A super-sized edition of the show - celebrating 11 years on air - with a review-like interview of the 127th dinner speech with the Unspoken Alternatives to Expensive Housing report author Dr Cameron Murray. Then you get to hear the full speech with the Q&A to follow. Some controversy with the best demolition of the housing supply diversion plan ever, some BIG, big numbers that are already making waves internationally and then Cam’s out of the box plan for dirt cheap land. He pushes our...


Imperialism's Point of the Sword

Mason Gaffney delivers the detail on Corporate Power and US Imperialism. Hear about an article originally written in the 60’s that got him sacked, had CIA agents swirling around him but still he kept his resolve to maintain that military endeavours should not support corporate interests. If only the general public understood this story! Please read the article in full, via the show notes.


Hong Kong's Caged Housing

It’s time to look at Hong Kong, a nation often touted as the most economically liberated, but yet people live in caged housing. You may have seen the Vox video on this topic? Well here we discuss from our unique perspective the pathways forward, trying to stay on the middle road. More commentary in the Show notes.


Modelling student opportunities

Karl wades into recent state politics before 3rd year Bachelor of Business student Jack Cameron discusses his perspective on economic modelling, life with a HECS debt and the new economics movement. Following some extraordinary new evidence, Karl finishes on the further pressures young people face with buying a house during an era of policy fraud. Our 127th annual dinner is coming up with Cameron Murray on Housing Policy Fraud: An Australian story. Show notes


Another strange sojourn in Australia’s resource and energy policy

Louise Page (Save Westernport) discusses the rush job behind the AGL gas import terminal at Cribb Point. Why does the world’s largest gas exporter need to import ….gas? We run through the economic, environmental and social issues in play during this election year.To solid citizens calling politicians to account! Show notes.


Assembling alternative pathways to homeownership

This week Emily interviews Ben Keck and Abbie Freestone from Assemble about their latest project in Kensington. We discuss Assemble’s deliberative development model: a boutique take on build-to-rent. For locked-outs struggling to save a deposit, the Assemble Model may offer ‘a patient pathway.’ Strong environmental credentials and a codesign ethos make this build-to-rent-to-buy model a welcome alternative to Melbourne’s off-the-plan apartment offerings. But is it economically sustainable?...


The Quest to Own the Future

Greek academic Yannis Tziligakis joins us to discuss the Right to the City movement. If we are to have rights, who should be included? Yannis has a way of words, dropping one-liners such as the trinity of inequality, the spiral of enslavement and puppeteers against our very own interests. This is an extended podcast as we delve into the details of life on a monopolists earth.Show notes