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Ken Anselment hosts a series of one-on-one conversations with people who have been climbing the leadership mountain in the world of college admissions. Some are nearing the summit. Some are already there. But how did they get there? And what can other climbers learn from their mindsets, habits, and experiences?

Ken Anselment hosts a series of one-on-one conversations with people who have been climbing the leadership mountain in the world of college admissions. Some are nearing the summit. Some are already there. But how did they get there? And what can other climbers learn from their mindsets, habits, and experiences?


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Ken Anselment hosts a series of one-on-one conversations with people who have been climbing the leadership mountain in the world of college admissions. Some are nearing the summit. Some are already there. But how did they get there? And what can other climbers learn from their mindsets, habits, and experiences?




Jennifer Delahunty

Ken chats with Jennifer Delahunty, a self-described "accidental admissions officer, a humanoid and admissions gig worker. The former enrollment chief at Kenyon College and a perpetually gifted writer, Jennifer shares her views on how we can make the admissions world for students better than it is right now, and how our current disruption may be the perfect opportunity for nimble, creative, and humble leaders to bring all hands on deck to do so. Rapid Descent Walkout songIt's the End of the...


Mary Beth Petrie

Ken chats with Mary Beth Petrie, Dean of Admissions at Lawrence University (who works just two doors down from Ken). Beth reminds Ken what snowstorms can teach admissions folks about coping with pandemics, how to keep a team healthy in the midst of chaos, and, in an unusual twist, switches the typical ending of the ALP, much to Ken's surprise. Many thanks to Rick Bailey and Sam Waterson of RHB for sharing their advice during this episode about how we can "imagine voraciously" during this...


Tony Sarda

Ken chats with Tony Sarda, Director of Recruitment for Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. Some are called to serve with a whisper, others with a boom of thunder... in the case of Tony, it was both. Learn about the importance of being open to grace, and giving grace... and why it's really hard to be whay you cannot see. Rapid Descent Walkout songDon't Let Me Be MisunderstoodLose YourselfBest recent readWhy Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?Eager to read nextLeaders...


Jon Boeckenstedt

Ken chats with Jon Boeckenstedt, vice provost for enrollment at Oregon State University, and the mind behind Higher Ed Data Stories, a treasure trove of data-driven (and data-visualized) observations about the state of higher ed. Jon shares some views about his recent career move as well as surprises about his reading and writing habits, as well as the unusual upside of the imposter syndrome. Shout-outs & Links jonboeckenstedt.netOut Here In OregonThe Test and The Art of ThinkingMad...


Carmen Lopez

Ken learns why "leadership is motion" with Carmen Lopez, Executive Director of College Horizons, a national educational non-profit serving American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Hawaiian Native students in their transition to college and graduate school. Shout-outs & Links How Native Students Can Succeed in College: "Be As Tough As the Land That Made You"Native AppropriationsAll My RelationsRapid Descent Walkout songs (it's a playlist)Apple MusicSpotifyBest recent readsNavajo Coyote...


Akil Bello

Ken chats with Akil Bello, founder of Bell Curves, who shares his views on higher ed and some news about a new professional adventure that fits perfectly with his leadership in matters around standardized testing. (And if you haven't read his writings on his website, Bellowings, you should give it a go.) Shout-outs & Links presentation on entrepreneurshipinvestigative reportAlexJohn Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunchblog post and full slide deckInitialViewRapid Descent Akil's walkout songMy...


Reflections on Season One

With 10 episodes in the books, we've come to the end of season one. (There will be a season two... coming soon.) There are many more guests lined up for next season, but if you have suggestions of folks you'd love to hear on the podcast, let me know via email or Twitter. In the meantime, if you're looking for walkout songs, you'll find the Admissions Leadership Playlist on Apple Music and Spotify. And if you're looking for that next good read, the right notebook, or a pen that allows you...


Emmi Harward

Ken chats with Emmi Harward, Executive Director at the Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools (ACCIS). Together they explore alternate universes (including one where Emmi is a Supreme Court justice/former U.S. President) as well as a pro tip for getting the first win of the day before you even get out of bed. Shout-outs & Links Terry CowdreyMarie BighamSuzan Zarwellfor a picture she got author Paul Tough to send to KenRapid Descent Emmi's walkout songThis is How We Do...


Liz Cheron

Ken chats with Liz Cheron, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment & Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Northeastern University, and former chair of NACAC's Admission Practices Committee. Liz shares a ton of great insights, including integrating design thinking into work, mastery of 24-hour trips to the West Coast and back, and why "admissions leadership and motherhood are not mutually exclusive." Also, there is a reference to a duck. Shout-outs & Links David BurgeRonné Patrick TurnerHow...


Cornell LeSane

Ken chats with Cornell LeSane, Vice President for Enrollment & Dean of Admissions at Allegheny College (Meadville, PA), and newly elected NACAC board director. We learn what a higher ed, a croquet match, and Downton Abbey have to do with each other, and also why you never turn around in racquetball. Shout-outs & Links Mike SteidelBill ElliotSue Stuebner Rapid Descent Cornell's walkout songHappyBest thing he's read latelyBlue Ocean StrategyWhat he's eager to read nextThe Years That Matter...


Heath Einstein

Ken chats with Heath Einstein, Dean of Admission at TCU about his circuitous journey to his current role, and learns the power of working as hard in your personal life as you do in your work life. Shout-outs & Links Rhonda LeshmanRafi BlumenthalJan GoldsteinCarol WasdenRay BrownThe Power of MomentsRapid Descent Heath's walkout songHunger StrikeBest thing he's read latelyThe Privileged Poor: How Elite Colleges are Failing Disadvantaged StudentsWhat he's eager to read nextBeloved Favorite...


Suzanne Lepley

Ken chats with Suzanne Lepley, Interim Dean of Admission at Kalamazoo College, and learns the power of positivity and sweating out stress, as well as what cookies have to do with good interview questions. Shout-outs & Links Colleges That Change LivesJeff RickeyMarty O'ConnellRapid Descent Suzanne's walkout songNo Sleep Till BrooklynBest thing she's read latelyWhere the Crawdads SingWhat she's eager to read nextBecoming Favorite thing to make in the kitchen: Superhero muffinsWhat she uses...


Interlude: The NACAC conference, etc.

Ken's all by himself at the ALP studio, getting ready for the NACAC conference... as well as what comes after the big vote at the conference. We'll have new episodes again after the conference, but for now, you can enjoy a few additions to the ALP media empire (he says ironically): ALP: The Admissions Leadership Playlist Walkout songs of all ALP guests are available on Apple Music and Spotify playlists. Also, you can find a list of good reads and nifty things on Amazon.


Todd Rinehart

Ken chats with Todd Rinehart, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment at the University of Denver, former chair of NACAC's Admission Practices Committee, and candidate for NACAC president. Shout-outs & Links Roger CampbellTom WilloughbyNancy BeaneJoyce Smith@ToddRinehart@NACACRapid Descent Todd's walkout songDon't Stop Believin'Best thing he's read latelyThe Power of PrivilegeWhat he's eager to read nextBecoming Hispanic-Serving Institutions: Opportunities for Colleges and UniversitiesFavorite...


Marie Bigham

Ken chats with Marie Bigham, founder and co-leader at ACCEPT: Admissions Community Cultivating Equity & Peace Today, and one of the masterminds behind Hack the Gates, whose goal is to "Radically Reimagine Admissions." Learn about the power of learning, listening, enjoying the ride—and also how Pearl Jam, Prince, Self-Care Sundays, and carrying a file folder confidently can make all the difference. Shout-outs Nanette TarbouniMarjorie JacobsJim McLeodBrandi SmithSteve...


Rick Clark

Ken chats with Rick Clark (Twitter, LinkedIn), Director of Undergraduate Admission at Georgia Tech and the voice behind the Georgia Tech Admission Blog. Learn about the power of a midnight run, what an English Premiere League soccer player has to do with a rising admission staffer, and where he and his team get their best ideas for staff engagement and renewal. Links and lists The Truth About College Admissionshare it with me so I can share it with you Rapid Descent Rick's walkout songWe...


Jennielle Strother

Ken chats with Jennielle Strother (Twitter, LinkedIn), VP for Enrollment Management and Chief Enrollment Officer at Concordia University Texas. Learn the origin story of #EMchat, which she co-founded with Alex Williams, as well as the way she approaches her daily work... and why "pressure is a privilege." Links and lists All or Nothing—Manchester CityDream OnFacebookTwitterInstagram Rapid Descent Jennielle's walkout songBidi Bidi Bom BomBest thing she's read latelyPivot: A Vision for the...


Angel Pérez

Ken chats with Angel Pérez, VP for Enrollment and Student Success at Trinity College (CT). This interview took place just a couple of days after Angel published his article, What Is a Chief Enrollment Officer? which gave them a perfect launching point for the conversation. Other links and lists: Struggling Between Two Worlds: How College Affects Identity Construction Rapid Descent Angel's walkout songWe Are the ChampionsBest thing he’s read latelyEducated: A MemoirWhat he wants to read...



Host Ken Anselment previews the ALP, a series of one-on-one conversations with college admissions leaders about their journeys. Some are nearing the summit. Some are already there. But how did they get there? And what can other climbers learn from their mindsets, habits, and experiences? Theme music arranged by Ryan Anselment