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Ken Anselment hosts a series of one-on-one conversations with people who have been climbing the leadership mountain in the world of college admissions. Some are nearing the summit. Some are already there. But how did they get there? And what can other climbers learn from their mindsets, habits, and experiences? © Ken Anselment 2021

Ken Anselment hosts a series of one-on-one conversations with people who have been climbing the leadership mountain in the world of college admissions. Some are nearing the summit. Some are already there. But how did they get there? And what can other climbers learn from their mindsets, habits, and experiences? © Ken Anselment 2021


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Ken Anselment hosts a series of one-on-one conversations with people who have been climbing the leadership mountain in the world of college admissions. Some are nearing the summit. Some are already there. But how did they get there? And what can other climbers learn from their mindsets, habits, and experiences? © Ken Anselment 2021




Mike Marshall

Dr. Michael Marshall, Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing and Communication at Bellarmine University, continues the streak of people Ken would love to work with (or for) someday, sharing great advice in bundles of three, like: the 3 Ps and 3 questions an enrollment leader must keep in mind; the 3 things he has kept in mind on his own leadership journey; and the 3 essentials for thriving. Rapid Descent Walkout songEncoreBest recent readThe Campus Color Line: College Presidents and the...


Nikki Kāhealani Chun

Nikki Kāhealani Chun, the inaugural Vice President for Enrollment Management at University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, shares the power of "talk story sessions" with her new team, the three essential questions to truly see the people you lead, and geographic agnosticism. Rapid Descent Walkout songRespectBest recent readEager to read nextFavorite thing to make in the kitchen:What he uses to take and keep notesMemorable bit of adviceBucket list: Theme music arranged by Ryan Anselment.


Thom Golden

Thom Golden, Founder & CEO of Golden Educational Consulting, shares the story of his journey from college admission work to higher-ed adjacent work to launching his own college consulting firm centered around "whole student scheduling." The episode focuses on "purposeful unrest," the path not taken, and watershed moments, and includes great insights no matter where around the desk your seat is located. Whole Student Scheduling100 Cups AcademyNapier Executive SearchAtomic...


Eric Hoover

Eric Hoover, Senior Writer for the Chronicle of Higher Education, shares stories about how his stories have come to be, why empathy is his North Star, and why writing about college admission is like writing about the meaning of life. We discuss some of his stories, including: A University in Texas Promised Full Scholarships to Dozens of Nepalese Students. Months Later, It Revoked the OfferThe Second Chance Club. Inside a Semester of Remedial EnglishThe Most Onerous Form in College...


Alexander Clark

Alexander Clark, Founder & CEO of Technolutions (the folks behind Slate), shares the origin story of the CRM that changed the higher ed landscape, as well as the things he has learned along a journey that started with his first entrepreneurial venture ... in fifth grade. Bonus fun: learn about the freedom and flexibility of halcyon days. This episode is brought to you by RHB, which has been providing enrollment, marketing, CRM and organizational solutions for more than 300 institutions...


Liz Gross

Liz Gross, Founder & CEO of Campus Sonar, and the author of The Higher Ed Social Listening Handbook and Fundamentals of Social Media Strategy: A Guide for College Campuses, kicks off Season 5 of The ALP with an episode loaded with great advice about leadership and entrepreneurship, including the importance of a clear work philosophy, learning organizations, compensation strategies, and equity ... also on why one can do great things in 40(ish) hours a week. Rapid Descent Walkout songLike a...


Ronné Turner

Ronné Turner, Vice Provost of Admissions & Financial Aid at Washington University of St. Louis and president of the College Board, speaks about the power of collaboration, and what happens when you put smart people together, use data, and put students at the center of your work. Shoutouts abound in this episode, including to Jane Brown, Sharon Alston, Linda Clement, Philomena Mantella, Lori White, Holden Thorp and Adele Brumfield. Check out CocaBiz in St. Louis, which ran Ronné's teams...


Stefanie Niles

Stefanie Niles, Vice President for Enrollment and Communications at Ohio Wesleyan University and past-past president of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, shares wisdom about how we choose to make time for the things we make priorities in our lives ... also, this episode continues our streak of podcast puppers (this time it's Dexter and Titan). Rapid Descent Walkout songRaise your GlassBest recent readBeyond Implicit BiasEager to read nextPodcast: The Bright...


Janet Marling

Janet Marling, Executive Director of the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students and Associate Professor of Education at the University of North Georgia, offers a masterclass in practical ways of being a transfer champion at your institution. Learn about three essential leadership qualities ... and the power of a Chiweenie. Learn how to make your college's website transfer friendly by using the NISTS Transfer Website Strategy Guide. Rapid Descent Walkout songHigh HopesBest...


Joan Liu

Joan Liu, University Advisor at United World College of Southeast Asia in Singapore, joins Ken to share her multi-continental leadership journey, including the powerful story of how she and her colleagues in the Nepal Justice League helped find college homes for dozens of Nepalese students whose scholarships were revoked by the University of Texas at Tyler in mid April, 2018. Learn more about Joan's superpowers, including why, when something is not a definitive yes, it's a definitive...


Joy St. John

Joy St. John, Dean of Admission & Financial Aid at Wellesley College, joins Ken for a conversation that could also have been featured on Guy Raz's "How I Built This" when she describes how she and her colleagues essentially built an admission office from scratch. Get out whatever you write your notes with, because Joy drops great advice all through the episode. Rapid Descent Walkout songJust FineBest recent readThe Whiteness of Wealth: How the Tax System Impoverishes Black Americans--and...


Peaches Valdes

Peaches Valdes, Dean of Admission at Hamilton College, joins Ken for a conversation that spans everything from taking the path less taken and the importance of having a board of mentors, to the magic of super soft stationery and storytelling without notes. Much hilarity ensues. Alternative episode title: "Paths, Pearls, Pickups, Pens, and Paper." Rapid Descent Walkout songTiltedBest recent readThe Farm: A NovelEager to read next A Promised LandPodcast: The MothFavorite thing to make in...


Nancy Beane

You can hear it in my giddy voice when I start the intro for this episode, where Nancy Beane, recently retired associate director of college counseling at The Westminster Schools, and former NACAC president, reflects on her career and all the people who have inspired and lifted her along the way. Come for the inspiration, stay for the history lesson. Shout-outs ... consider it Nancy's thank you's for her Lifetime Achievement Award Juan Acosta; Lee Ann Afton Backlund; Stephanie Balmer;...


Gil Villanueva

Gil Villaneuva, Associate Vice President and Dean of Admission at the University of Richmond and former board chair of The Common Application, joins Ken to discuss horror movies, dogs, and maybe a few things (OK, more than a few things) about higher ed leadership, including the joy of working for ambitious institutions ... also SPAM and fried rice. Shout-outs Nancy Tessier his former boss at University of Richmond (now at Art & Science Group) Pat Coleman, his former boss at Harvey Mudd...


DJ Menifee

DJ Menifee, Vice President for Enrollment at Susquehanna University and member of NACAC's board of directors, shares the stories about his rapid ascent to higher ed leadership ... and, perhaps just as important, deconstructs the construction of a perfect PBJ with Ken. This quote from DJ (borrowed from Kobe Bryant): "If you want to be the best, you've got to sacrifice something." Shout-outs Lori Greene (Butler U; mentor to DJ) Bill Sliwa (who hired him into the profession at...


Adrienne Amador Oddi

Adrienne Amador Oddi, Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid at Trinity College in Hartford, CT, shares her story, which may overlap with many other ALP alumni, but is very much her own. Learn how a swimmer's mindset is perfectly adaptable to leadership in admissions & financial aid. Also math. This quote from Adrienne Amador Oddi: "We take the steps to build community. And when we get tired, the beauty of community is that somebody else can keep us going, and then, when our energy is...


Eva Blanco Masias

Eva Blanco Masias, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Santa Clara University, shares her story, including how a significant national crisis 19 years ago led her to leave a highly successful career to jump into the admissions and enrollment world. Shout-outs Rod Skinner (and his mother, Mrs. Skinner) Mike Sexton Sandra Hayes Charlie Nolan Patrick Lorenzo Rapid Descent Walkout songMi GenteBest recent readHow to be an AntiracistThe Magic TreehouseEager to read next Pauli...


Four Peaks

Ken shares four things to carry you into and through a Halloween/Nov. 1/pre-Election Day weekend. Full episode with new guests drops next week. Peak 1: The Keep Going Song a joyful ear worm Peak 2: "What's at Stake for College Admission in this Election?" by Angel Perez Peak 3: "Election Stress Getting to You? 4 Ways to Keep Calm" Peak 4: Wild Geese by Mary Oliver


Jenny Rickard

Jenny Rickard, President and CEO of CommonApp, climbs a veritable mountain range on this episode of the ALP. Learn about a journey that's part dream, part serendipity and all dedication as you hear Jenny share what she's learned along the way, and what has driven her from the start. Rapid Descent Walkout songWhile You See a ChanceBest recent readLower Ed: The Troubling Rise of For-Profit Colleges in the New EconomyEager to read next The College Conversation: A Practical Companion for...


David Hawkins

What do a growling beagle, Andrew Cuomo, the Green Bay Packers, shoe leather and good ideas have in common? Find out in this fun and wide-ranging interview with David Hawkins, Executive Director for Educational Content and Policy at the National Association for College Admission Counseling. Rapid Descent Walkout songTotal FootballBest recent readThe Souls of Black FolkEager to read nextMostly HarmlessFavorite thing to make in the kitchen: What she uses to take and keep notesMemorable bit...