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The podcast for academic womxn who want to write and publish more while rejecting the culture of overwork in academia. Cathy Mazak, PhD, helps you create the career (and life) you want by centering your writing. Kick guilt and overwhelm to the curb and amplify your voice to make a real impact on your field--without breaking down or burning out.

The podcast for academic womxn who want to write and publish more while rejecting the culture of overwork in academia. Cathy Mazak, PhD, helps you create the career (and life) you want by centering your writing. Kick guilt and overwhelm to the curb and amplify your voice to make a real impact on your field--without breaking down or burning out.


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The podcast for academic womxn who want to write and publish more while rejecting the culture of overwork in academia. Cathy Mazak, PhD, helps you create the career (and life) you want by centering your writing. Kick guilt and overwhelm to the curb and amplify your voice to make a real impact on your field--without breaking down or burning out.






145: From Plan to Published: 3 Secrets to an Academic Writing Plan that Leads to Publications

Do you LOVE the planning part of your job? Maybe you love planning your course syllabus or the planning process that comes before the actual writing of a publication. Are you passionate about getting the flow right for these things and making sure everything makes sense? If so, you’re in good company and this episode and webinar inside of it were created just for you! Today, I'm bringing you an audio version of a webinar that I created last year called ‘From Plan to Published: The Three...


144: Job Crafting Your Way To More Publications

Do you find yourself daydreaming about what your job COULD look like if you could just design it on your terms? Do you have a brilliant idea for what you really desire your working life to look like? In today’s podcast episode, I discuss the ins and outs of career design, or job crafting as it is more commonly called in the academic world. I lay out what job crafting is, how it relates to the academic space, and how we help you craft your ideal job inside of our Navigate program through our...


143: "Act Your Salary" in Academia

Are you someone in the workforce who is entering into this new trend of ‘acting your salary’ that is coming out of quiet quitting? Do you struggle with overwork and dissatisfaction in your job because of it? How do we engage in a conversation that goes beyond “I am quiet quitting” and “I am just doing my job” to “What do you actually want to do in this world?” In this episode, you’ll hear from 2 of our Academic coaches Thea L. Racelis and Rocío P. Caballero-Gill as they co-host and guide us...


142: "Quiet Quitting" in Academia

During this month, we are going to reflect on some of the trends in 2022, and how they apply to us in academia. Today's topic is “quiet quitting”. For full show notes, visit Enrollment for Navigate runs from November 25th-29th 2022, but you can get in early with a special bonus if you are on our waitlist. We will open the doors for our waitlist folks on November 22nd. The first 15 people who enroll in Navigate get to come to our 3-day New Years' Writing...


141: How Many Publications Can You Write In A Year? (How To Write and Publish More Next Year) [Re-release Ep 100]

What determines how much you can publish, and where are our expectations coming from? Is it possible to increase your level of joy in your work as you increase output? My wonderful coach Gina Robinson joins me on this episode to discuss publication goals and how to increase your capacity for writing and publishing in the coming year. We talk through these concepts as well as share how we determined the parts of our yearlong program, Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap®, and what you need to...


140: Why You're Still Exhausted After Getting Tenure (And What To Do About It) [Re-release Ep 96]

Are you still exhausted after getting tenure and don’t know why things haven’t changed? Feeling like you’ll never not be tired? I’ve got 3 steps to take to help you take control. If you are exhausted, you are doing too much. You might have thought that gaining tenure would help, but if you’re like so many of the academics I work with, you have probably discovered just the opposite! After pushing so hard, for so long, a lot of people crash after receiving tenure. You might be grateful for...


139: Create Your Own Future

Do you LOVE your work? Do you enjoy the day-to-day that your job entails? While there’s no one perfect job, it is possible to have a job you genuinely love, with a crafted future that you get excited dreaming about. In this episode, we have one of our amazingly gifted coaches, Gina Robinson, talking with you all about creating your own future. You’ll hear Gina’s story of how she gained tenure and then gave it all up to create a future she was excited about and aligned with. If you missed...


138: What Academic Leadership Really Means [Re-release Ep 94]

What if being a leader in academia doesn’t have to mean taking on an administrative role? What if it means so much more than that? When we hear people talking about leadership in academia, what they often mean is admin. Leadership to your institution probably means a department chair or associate director, or other role that helps the university to function. But if admin just isn’t a fit for you, does that mean you’re not a leader? No way. If this conversation inspired you in any way,...


137: Elevate Panel Discussion: Insights, Takeaways & Investing In Yourself [Re-release Ep 95]

Have you heard us talk all about our Elevate program but find that you still have questions? Maybe you’re almost ready to take the plunge, but you still have a few practical things you’re curious about in regard to the program. I’m joined on this episode by wonderful Elevate graduates Debra Gombert and Sonia Cabell. We talk about the most impactful parts of the program, tangible versus intangible benefits, and where they’re going from here. They each share great insights and inspirational...


136: Pouring Into Yourself Overflows to Others: An Interview with Elevate member Despina Stavrinos [Re-release Ep 92]

Does spending time and money on your own development feel selfish? What if investing in ourselves actually improved not only our lives, but spilled over to improve the lives around us too? Elevate graduate Despina Stavrinos joins me to share how investing in herself helped her to create time in her schedule, energized her career, and improved her relationships. If Despina’s interview piques your curiosity at all, don’t miss out on the info session for the next cohort of Elevate! Click here...


135: Top Hurdles Our Mid-Career Clients Face [Re-release Ep 91]

Do you ever find yourself struggling in your career even if you’re not new to the job anymore? Maybe you’ve gotten tenure, and you still feel yourself floundering a bit. Don’t worry- you are absolutely not alone in this feeling, and we’ve created an amazing conversation and resource just for you. In this episode we have an amazing conversation between our 3 rockstar academic coaches Rocío Caballero-Gill, Gina Robinson, and Thea Racelis. They’re sharing what challenges, struggles, and growth...


134: I Got Tenure And Then This Happened [Re-release Ep 90]

We get our hopes up for what it might feel like after we finally get tenure, but what is the reality? I’m sharing some of my own story about getting tenure, and what came next. Are you a mid to late career academic who got tenure (or promotion, depending on your system) and felt a serious let down? You are not alone. I’m sharing a little of my own story on this episode to illustrate what changes, what doesn’t, and what to do about it. The next few episodes are going to be re-releases...


133: Recession-Proofing Your Academic Career

Have you been cautious and fearful of how the recession everyone seems to be talking about these days is going to affect you? Both personally and in your career, it can be overwhelming to think about and prepare for your life in the midst of an economic recession. How can you build a cocoon around yourself, so that even when the economy's bad, you feel confident that you're not going to lose your job (unless you want to?) In this episode, we will be discussing how to recession-proof your...


132: Why Investing In Yourself Is A Radical Act of Self-Care [Re-release Ep 89]

Why is investing in ourselves as academic womxn a radical act? And what should you do if your institution doesn’t want to invest in you? Making your career what you want it to be is up to you. There’s a lot of talk these days about self-care, but what does this mean for us as academics? How do we make sure we are getting where we want to go in our careers, and valuing our own contributions to the world? In order to grow and develop as scholars, we must invest in ourselves. As womxn, this is...


131: It’s a Pipeline, Not a Funnel! [Re-release Ep 88]

If you want to publish more, you should take on more projects, right? Wrong! You need a publication pipeline, not a funnel. I’m getting up on my soapbox to tell you why your publications need to be in a pipeline, not a funnel! Building a publication plan from a place of fear leads you to take on every possible project, say yes to all opportunities, and focus on numbers rather than your academic mission. Friends, this approach will backfire. Let’s dig into the metaphors of pipeline and...


130: Enby in the Academy: Authenticity and Alignment with Dr. Christy Randazzo

Have you ever felt out of place in your work place? Do you want to know how to support and be an ally for enby coworkers and students in your workplace? Do you identify as nonbinary in the academic sphere?s In today’s episode Amplify coach, Thea, chats with Dr. Christy Randazzo, a nonbinary professor of Religion. Listen is as they unpack what it means to be nonbinary in academia, how to navigate the tension of working as a nonbinary person, and how others in the workplace can support and be...


129: What Success Really Looks Like Pre-Tenure: An Interview with Two Amplify Grads [Re-release Ep 87]

Have you ever wondered what brings someone to the Amplify program? Or how your career and life could change if you were to join? On this episode I’m talking with Melva Treviño Peña and Silvie Huijben, two Amplify graduates, about what brought them to the program, how their careers and lives have changed, their successes, and who they believe can benefit from Amplify. While they came to the program from very different fields and in different phases of their pre-tenure journey, the...


128: Going Up for Tenure with Confidence: Amplify Info Session Replay

This episode is the audio replay of the Amplify info session. Even if you’re not pre-tenure or thinking about a program right now, this episode will help you understand the reality of the tenure track, showcase some accomplishments of Amplify grads, and lay out the framework the program is based on. This session will show you all about going up for tenure with confidence, but even if you’re not in a role where tenure is part of your system, this session will help you gain confidence as you...


127: Pre-Tenure Pivot; an Interview with Angel Kaur, Amplify Superstar [Re-release Ep 86]

On this episode I’m talking with Angel Kaur, a member of the founding cohort of my Amplify program, about what brought her to Amplify, what she learned, and how she has gained the tools and confidence to make the best decisions for her career. In this summer season, we will be re-releasing a few older podcasts to start us off. With that said, this episode is a re-release of episode 86 of the podcast. For the full show notes for this episode, head here! But, we do want to make you aware of...


126: The Biggest Hurdles Pre-Tenure [Re-Release Ep 85]

Does it ever feel like you’re sludging across the finish line to get tenure in your current role? Have you ever felt like you’re jumping through hoops or pushing past red tape to figure out exactly how to achieve the huge end goal of making tenure? My super-star writing coaches, Rocío Caballero-Gill and Gina Robinson, are taking over the podcast to talk about the pre-tenure period and many of the issues, fears, hopes, accomplishments, and successes they see with our Amplify clients. If...