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Advice on applying to business, grad, law, and medical school.


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Advice on applying to business, grad, law, and medical school.






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This London Business School MBA’s Startup Is Protecting Your Online Privacy

Can business school support an entrepreneurial venture? [Show summary] James Chance, a 2019 London Business School MBA graduate, reveals how his experience at LBS impacted his path as an entrepreneur, along with how he’s transforming online privacy protection through his startup, Learn how entrepreneur James Chance launched his start-up while at London Business School. [Show notes] James Chance graduated from the University of Bristol in 2011 with a degree in mechanical...


What Med School Applicants Must Know About Johns Hopkins

Learn what the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine adcom looks for in applicants [Show summary] Paul White, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, dispels common misconceptions about the program and explains what applicants can expect from an admissions process altered by COVID-19. What makes Johns Hopkins School of Medicine unique, and how can YOU show your fit? [Show notes] Do you want to know how to get into Johns Hopkins School of Medicine?...


MBA Life at UC Berkeley Haas, From Its New Executive Director of Admissions

Learn what's new at Berkeley Haas, as well as tips for crafting admissions-worthy applications. [Show summary] Eric Askins, the newly appointed Executive Director of Admissions at UC Berkeley Haas, explores the school’s full-time MBA program and its admissions policies, as well as how it’s adapting the MBA experience to COVID-19. Interested in applying to Berkeley Haas? Read on for info about special programs and application advice. [Show notes] UC Berkeley Haas has a new Executive Director...


Facing Adversity as a Med School Applicant

M2 Sotonye Douglas shares how she never lost sight of her dream to become a doctor. [Show summary] Sotonye Douglas describes herself as an “imperfect” medical school applicant who nevertheless became a student at Quinnipiac Netter School of Medicine, overcoming tremendous barriers in the process. An "imperfect" applicant discusses her path to medical school. [Show notes] There's a myth out there that med students never fail, never drop a class, and all have high MCATs and GPAs. They're...


An Insider’s Look at MBA Admissions

How can MBA hopefuls- especially those who are members of special applicant groups- best position themselves for acceptance? [Show summary] A valued and recent addition to Accepted’s staff, Dr. Christie St-John reveals what her career as an admissions director taught her about applying to business school (particularly for veterans, international students, and those from underrepresented groups), plus what’s ahead for the future of MBA programs. MBA admissions advice from an admissions...


An International Student’s Experience at Harvard Medical School

Azan Virji discusses his path to Harvard Medical School, and challenges faced by international medical students [Show summary] Med student Azan Virji explores the unique challenges he faced as an international student applying to Harvard Medical School, as well as his mission to mentor students like himself through the organization he founded, F-1 Doctors. F1-Doctors: A virtual community connecting international medical school applicants with mentors who are current international students...


How to Address COVID-19 and the Events of 2020 in Your Application

Wondering how to write about the tumultuous events of 2020 in your application essays? [Show summary] Accepted Founder Linda Abraham offers a framework for discussing COVID-19, the events of 2020, and their impact on your life in your undergraduate or graduate program applications. Your application should include information about your experience of and response to COVID-19 and the other events of 2020, whether or not you are explicitly asked for it. [Show Notes] I want to address something...


Encore: How to Apply to the Best Med Schools for You

Welcome to the 386th episode of Admissions Straight Talk. Thanks for joining me. I am taking a week off for family time this week. As a result, I decided to air an encore of one of our most popular shows of 2020: How to Apply to the Best Med Schools for You. I chose it not only because of its popularity, but because it’s critical that medical students apply to programs where they are likely to be accepted. A solid understanding of the interplay between your priorities and qualifications as...


Everything Applicants Need to Know About the Dell Medical School Experience

What makes Dell Medical School unique? [Show summary] Joel Daboub, Director of Admissions and Records for Dell Medical School at UT Austin, explores the school’s unique curriculum and what applicants need to know about Dell Medical’s approach to admissions. Find out about Dell's one-of-a-kind approach to medical education, and what adcom members are seeking in applicants. [Show notes] Today's guest is Joel Daboub, Director of Admissions and Records for Dell Medical School at UT Austin. He...


Two Admissions Experts on the Latest in Law School Admissions

Law school admissions experts Linda Abraham and Christine Carr share wisdom about how to achieve application success during COVID-19 [Show summary] In part two of this joint interview, TextMax Prep’s Branden Frankel and Jelena Woehr interview Accepted’s Linda Abraham and Christine Carr on what applicants should expect entering the law school admissions process. Click here for Part 1: The Test Prep Experts’ Guide to the LSAT >> How will the coronavirus pandemic impact law school admissions...


The Test Prep Experts’ Guide to the LSAT

LSAT experts discuss how to prepare for the LSAT, LSAT vs GRE, the LSAT-Flex, and more [Show summary] TestMax Prep’s Branden Frankel and Jelena Woehr, hosts of the Legal Level podcast, explore what LSAT test-takers need to know about testing options, recent changes, and prep strategies. Click here for Part 2: Two Admissions Experts on the Latest in Law School Admissions >> TestMax Prep’s Branden Frankel and Jelena Woehr talk about all things LSAT [Show notes] Law school acceptance isn't just...


What It’s Like to Apply to Washington University School of Medicine

Washington University School of Medicine's unique approach to admissions [Show summary] Dr. Valerie Ratts, Associate Dean for Admissions at Washington University School of Medicine, explores what’s unique about the medical school’s approach to admissions, including what COVID-related changes applicants can expect this year. Interview with Dr. Valerie Ratts, Associate Dean for Admissions at Washington University School of Medicine [Show notes] Dr. Valerie Ratts earned her MD at Johns Hopkins,...


What These Seasoned Startup Founders Have Done Since Earning Their Stanford MBAs

Stanford GSB grads discuss MBA admissions, entrepreneurship and affordable car loans [Show summary] Nicholas Hinrichsen and Chris Coleman, startup co-founders who earned their MBAs at Stanford GSB, return to Admissions Straight Talk to share what they’ve accomplished as entrepreneurs since earning their MBAs. Chris Coleman and Nicholas Hinrichsen share how their experiences at GSB helped them grow their startups [Show notes] So, you want to be an entrepreneur in something using tech. Or...


How Loyola Stritch Is Adapting to COVID-19

An inside look at the impact of COVID with Darrell Nabers [Show summary] Darrell Nabers, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Recruitment at Loyola University of Chicago's Stritch School of Medicine, shares how the school is adapting its program and admissions policies to life in the time of COVID-19. Changes to Loyola Stritch's program and admissions practices as a result of the COVID pandemic [Show notes] Our guest today is Darrell Nabers, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Recruitment at...


Expert Advice for Applicants and an Inside Look at UCLA Anderson from an Intl MBA

Chen shares his journey from military intelligence service-member to international MBA student to Accepted admissions consultant [Show summary] Chen Chadash, Accepted consultant and UCLA Anderson MBA grad, had a unique path to business school as an international student with a background in military service. He shares his insights on life at UCLA Anderson, working as an admissions ambassador, and navigating the MBA application process. How can an admissions consultant help international...


Show Summary: How This Dell Med Student Is Fighting Hunger

Zack Timmons integrated business and medicine to take on a social problem facing his community. [Show summary] Zack Timmons, a fourth-year medical student at Dell Medical School at UT Austin, combined his passion for medicine with his background in business to create Good Apple, an Austin-based produce delivery company on a mission to end food insecurity. Listen to the conversation >> A med student and social entrepreneur on a mission to alleviate food insecurity in his area [Show notes]...


All About Georgetown’s New Master of Science in Business Analytics Program

Why Georgetown's new MSBA program may be just what you're looking for! [Show Summary] Dr. Sudipta Dasmohapatra, Academic Director of Georgetown’s MSBA program, goes in-depth on who the new online master’s program is for and how will prepare students for careers in data science leadership. Earn your Master's of Science in business analytics online in just 16 months, while continuing to work. [Show Notes] Are you attracted to business analytics but don't want to take the time off work to enter...


A Stanford MBA with a Passion for Both Business and Humanities

What's it like being a student at Stanford GSB? [Show summary] Ilana Walder-Biesanz’s eclectic background includes engineering, opera, product management, ballroom dance, data analytics, and theatre. In this episode, she shares why she also pursued an MBA from Stanford GSB. Should you include interests and experiences that are not directly business-related in your MBA application? Absolutely! [Show notes] This show's guest is a true Renaissance woman, currently interning for a company in...


A Medical School Admissions Expert’s Guide to Postbacs and Med Schools

Could a postbac program boost your chances of acceptance to medical school?[Show summary] Dr. Barry Rothman, an Accepted consultant with 19 years of experience in health professions advising, shares his expert guidance for applicants considering postbac programs and medical school. Learn how this admissions cycle will differ from other cycles, and how you can best position yourself for success. [Show notes] Dr. Barry Rothman is a former health professions advisor and Director of San...


A Harvard MBA’s Advice on Writing the Perfect Essay

How to write an acceptance-worthy essay for HBS [Show summary] Harsha Mulchandani, member of the Harvard Business School Class of 2021, offers her perspective on student life at HBS, as well as what her work on the Harbus Essay Guide has taught her about writing the perfect admissions essay. How can The Harbus Essay Guide help you craft your admissions essays? [Show notes] Is HBS on your list? Hear from this student about her experience so far at Harvard Business School (shut down and all)...