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Encore: Focus on Fit in Admissions [Episode 334]

I am taking time off for family this week, and as a result I decided to air an encore of one of our most popular shows ever, Focus on Fit. I chose it not only because of its popularity, but because the topic is relevant to so many, if not all, specialties. A solid understanding of fit is critical to success in so many parts of the application process, including the essays and interviews, either one of which just may be stressing you at the moment. If you like this episode, I’d also like to...


How to Get Into Zucker SOM at Hofstra/Northwell

Interview with Dr. Rona Woldenberg, Associate Dean for Admissions at the Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell [Show Summary] We interviewed today’s guest almost three years ago about Hofstra/Northwell’s fairly new medical school. A lot has changed since then and Dean of Admissions, Dr. Rona Woldenberg, bring us up to date on what’s new at the Zucker Medical School at Hofstra/Northwell, while also sharing gems on medical school admissions in general and Zucker in particular. Dr....


How to Launch Your Career in High Tech Product Management

Interview with Kenton Kivestu, CEO of RocketBlocks [Show Summary] Kenton Kivestu is CEO of RocketBlocks, a firm that provides tools to help you prepare for and nail your Product Manager interviews at high tech firms. In today’s episode, he and Linda discuss the unique challenges of breaking into a product management career in high tech, and how to overcome them. He provides the inside scoop on big name companies like Amazon and Google. Kenton Kivestu describes the role of a product manager,...


One Doctor’s Path to Becoming a Neuroscientist

Interview with Dr. Daniel Barron, MD/PhD, resident physician at Yale University and writer for Scientific American [Show Summary] Dr. Daniel Barron is Chief Resident at Yale’s Neuroscience Research Training Program and Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit. In today’s episode he shares the various twists and turns in his med school education and career that helped him determine what he wanted to do. He also discusses his controversial article for Scientific American on where your med school...


What Does a UVA Law School Application Reader Look For?

Interview with Brigitte Suhr, international lawyer, former admissions reader and current Accepted law school admissions consultant [Show summary] Accepted consultant Brigitte Suhr brings a wealth of law school admissions knowledge to today’s podcast. As an application reader at UVA School of Law, Brigitte read more than 2,500 applications, so she knows what works and what doesn’t. She shares her insight during this podcast. Find out what a UVA law school application reader looks for [Show...


A Bain Consultant-turned Wharton MBA Starts Her Own Business

Interview with Andie Kaplan, Wharton MBA student and founder of ConnectEd [Show summary] Andie Kaplan had an undergraduate degree in business, but knew she needed more formal training to successfully launch her own business, and one year into her MBA at Wharton, she has done just that! Andie shares her story of honing her business idea and working with Wharton professors and students to get it off the ground. Best part of her story: She saves international students money on their cell-phone...


A Harvard PhD Student and Admissions Consultant Shares Her Story

Interview with Rachel Slutsky, Accepted admissions consultant [Show summary] Want to know what makes for stupendous statements of purpose or impressive MBA essays? Our guest, and recent addition to Accepted’s team of consultants, is an expert at both. But, for some of you her main claim to fame may be her status as a Harvard PhD Student. In this podcast she discusses how she earned admission to Harvard for a fully funded PhD and what makes for great graduate school application essays. She...


Encore: Writing for Medical School: Personal Statements, Activities, and Secondaries

I am taking a week off for family time this week. As a result I decided to air an encore of our most popular med podcast so far in 2019, and it is: Writing for Med School, which I presented at the end of January. It’s an excellent time for this podcast. Many of you are knee-deep in secondaries. Others are starting to think about your personal statement for a 2020-2021 application, the cycle that starts in June. And beginning early, with self-reflection is a great way to start. AMCAS will...


A Non-Traditional Applicant Accepted to the Columbia EMBA Program

Interview with Beta Ealy, creative director and Columbia EMBA student [Show Summary] Think that if you aren’t a consultant, IT professional, or finance manager that you don’t have a shot in an EMBA program? Think again. Our guest this week is a creative director with little background in quant who conquered the GMAT and is now thriving in the Columbia EMBA program. Listen in as she shares her views on the program, and how to excel in the application process and in the program itself. From...


Loyola Stritch School of Medicine: The Right School for You?

Interview with Darrel Nabers, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Recruitment at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine [Show Summary] Darrel Nabers, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Recruitment at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, is our guest today, and he shares details about the differences between Stritch and other allopathic medical schools in Chicago, how Stritch winnowed their initial applicant pool of 15,000+ to a class of 170, what they are looking...


Get a Kellogg MBA: An Interview with Dean of Admissions Kate Smith [Episode 324]

Learn all about Kellogg’s MBA options from the inside [Show Summary] Assistant Dean of Admissions Kate Smith discusses Kellogg’s rich menu of options as well as what Kellogg is looking for in applicants, changes to its MBA application, and how to get in. Interview with Kate Smith, Assistant Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid at the Kellogg School of Management [Show Notes] Kate earned her own MBA at Kellogg in 1998 and then worked in marketing for leading brands including General Mills,...


What’s New at SUNY Upstate Medical School

Interview with Jennifer Welch, Associate Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid at SUNY Upstate Medical University [Show Summary] In today’s episode we talk with Jennifer Welch, Associate Dean of Admissions and Chief Enrollment Officer at SUNY Upstate Medical. Jennifer shares information on the new curriculum, as well as what students can expect in the application process and who SUNY Upstate wants in their program. Find out what's new at SUNY Upstate Medical University [Show Notes] Our guest...


Primary Care, Academic Medicine, and Medical School Rankings: An Interview With Dr. Kenny Lin

Interview with Dr. Kenny Lin, family practitioner, medical school faculty-member and blogger [Show Summary] Dr. Kenny Lin is a graduate of Harvard, NYU Medical, and Johns Hopkins, and today is on faculty at Georgetown Medical, Johns Hopkins, and Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. In today’s episode Dr. Lin shares his thoughts on medical school, public health, a critique of medical school rankings, and more! Dr. Kenny Lin shares his thoughts on primary care, academic...


Harvard Kennedy School: An interview with Admissions Director Matt Clemons

Interview with Matt Clemons, Director of Admissions for the Harvard Kennedy School of Government [Show Summary] Matt Clemons is the Director of Admissions for the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and he shares what the school is looking for in its applicants, what to expect while in the program, and some of the exciting things current students and alumni are doing to make an impact on society. If you are driven to solve the problems of public policy and society, take a closer look at...


All About the IELTS

Interview with Ben Worthington, Creator of IELTSPodcast [Show Summary] Ben Worthington is an IELTS master, and he talks in great detail about the various sections of the test and how to prepare for them, as well as what to do if you can’t seem to break out of the score slump you are in. He also shares some details about his IELTS Podcast. All About the IELTS [Show Notes] Our guest today is Ben Worthington. Ben hails from northern England, but has lived in different parts of the globe. In...


Advice for the MCAT from an MCAT Expert

Advice for the MCAT from an MCAT expert [Show Summary] The MCAT is one really tough exam, and must be approached with careful and deliberate preparation. In this episode, Megan Galvin, National Director of the MCAT for Examkrackers for the last 12 years, takes you through everything from how much time you need to prep, to the way you should prep, and how you know when you are ready to take the MCAT. Megan Galvin of Examkrackers lays out her tips for crushing the MCAT [Show Notes] Our guest...


A Conversation About Today’s MBA Marketplace

Interview with Marco De Novellis, editor at BusinessBecause [Show Summary] In today’s podcast, we hear from Marco De Novellis, the editor of BusinessBecause, a company that takes seriously the approaching of being a “champion of applicants,” educating them about everything they need to know about the MBA application process and how to approach it. Marco shares his unique insights into the state of MBA education outside the U.S., as well as his feelings about rankings. Along the way he shares...


Why Does an MD Need an MBA? This UCLA Student Tells All

Interview with Trisha Mathelier, MD/MBA student at UCLA [Show Summary] In today’s episode Trisha Mathelier, an MD/MBA student with the Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program, shares her medical school journey as well as what led her to decide on getting an MBA in addition to her medical degree. She fills us in on the uniqueness of the Drew/UCLA program, as it provides her with the opportunity to be part of a small and close knit community at Drew (just 24 students per class), but also with the...


All About the Grenoble DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration)

Exploring the DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) program at Grenoble Ecole de Management [Show Summary] Would you like to be the kind of business leader who wants to define problems and design solution based on rigorous research? Are you seeking a global, part-time program that goes beyond the masters? Do you like the idea of being a chef as opposed to a cook? Dr. Michelle Mielly, Academic Director of the DBA U.S. for GEM, gives us the scoop on Grenoble Ecole de Management DBA, a...


Med School Admissions Veteran Shares Her Experience: How to Get In

Accepted admissions consultant Cydney Foote sheds light on the medical school application process [Show Summary] Are you not quite ready to submit your AMCAS application? Don’t panic. We’ve got the advice you need to polish off your personal statement, MMEs, and activity descriptions. Listen to the podcast for answers to “How many schools should you apply to?” “How should you choose where to apply?” “What’s the difference between the personal statement, the most meaningful experiences, and...