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Innovative Education in NYC: All About Cornell Tech

Interview with Cornell Tech's Dean Matthew D'Amore and Admissions Director Dr. Raymond Lutzky [Show Summary] The Cornell Tech campus and programs on Roosevelt Island in New York City have INNOVATIVE stamped on them. Hear from Dean Matt D’Amore and Admissions Director Dr. Ray Lutzky about the inception of the program, the innovative degrees currently being offered, how to get in, and what the future holds for Cornell Tech’s lucky students and graduates. Get to Know Cornell Tech [Show Notes]...


Accepted to Med School in Mid October: How Did He Do It?

Interview with Ryan Crane, Entering Medical Student [Show Summary] Ryan Crane already knows he is going to medical school next fall, having been accepted at two schools in October! The medical school application process is long and ardurous, and Ryan knew he had some weaknesses to overcome. Listen to how Ryan overcame those weaknesses with a a detailed plan that he followed methodically and that led him to success early on. Let’s learn how he did it! An Admitted Medical School Applicant's...


MBA, Private Equity, Cop: Meet Nik Kumar, Columbia MBA 2019

Interview with Nik Kumar, Columbia MBA Class of 2019 [Show Summary] Want to know what it’s like to be a Columbia MBA? How about what it’s like to be a police officer? Nik Kumar (CBS ’19) can answer those questions, and in this episode he shares the ins and outs of both. Listen in for the scoop! A Current Student's Perspective on Columbia Business School [Show Notes] Our guest today, Nik Kumar, earned his bachelor’s degree from Cornell in Industrial Labor Relations and Economics. He joined...


Awards! Grants! Scholarships! Oh My!

Interview with Rebecca Lippman, Accepted Admissions Consultant [Show Summary] Accepted’s own Rebecca Lippman is a veritable fountain of knowledge when it comes to scholarships and grants, and in this podcast she shares tips on how to find scholarship opportunities and how to position yourself to win them. Everything You Need to Know About Grad School Scholarships and Grants [Show Notes] Our guest today is Rebecca Lippman, who recently joined Accepted’s team of admissions consultants....


What's New at INSEAD?

What’s New at INSEAD? [Show Summary] No school exemplifies the trend global business quite as much as INSEAD, which was founded in France, but has campuses in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East as well as partnerships with Wharton in the U.S., Tsinghua in China, and the Sorbonne. Virginie Fougea, Director of MBA Admissions at INSEAD will take you through the unique history of INSEAD, its mission and vision, and how you should approach the application. Interview with Virginie Fougea, Director...


Get Into University of Washington Medical School

Interview with Dr. LeeAnna Muzquiz, Associate Dean for Admission at University of Washington School of Medicine [Show Summary] Our guest today is Dr. LeeAnna Muzquiz, UWSOM Associate Dean of Admissions, UWSOM grad and professor, and citizen of the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) in Montana. She dives deep into the University of Washington School of Medicine program, mission and admissions practices during this packed podcast. Additionally she provides an excellent overview of...


Wharton’s Executive MBA, Where East and West Meets and Mixes

Interview with Barbara Craft & Diane Sharp, Wharton Executive MBA Admissions Directors [Show Summary] In today’s podcast we talk with Barbara Craft and Diane Sharp, Directors of Admission at Wharton’s Executive MBA programs in Philadelphia and San Francisco. They share information on the intricacies of the programs, how they relate to each other and to the full time MBA program, and how to stand out in the admissions process. Listen in! Wharton’s Executive MBA, Where East and West Meet and...


Taboo No More: Depression & Burnout in the Medical Field

Interview with Dr. Elizabeth Poorman, Internist at Cambridge Medical [Show Summary] There’s a lot of talk (and only that) about burnout and depression among medical students, residents, and physicians, but Dr. Elisabeth Poorman is attempting to do something about it. Listen in to today’s episode and understand a bit more about the realities of working in a field where you can’t always save your patient from suffering, and how important it is as a doctor to take care of yourself first, so you...


How to Get Into Grad School, and Get Jobs After Grad School

Interview with Dr. Shirley Chan, Accepted Admissions Consultant [Show Summary] In this episode you’ll hear Accepted’s own Dr. Shirley Chan share her soup-to-nuts perspective for graduate school applicants. She has worked as an academic advisor, career advisor, and admissions committee member and views the process holistically. During this show Dr. Chan provides information on how best to approach critical aspects of your application, including your statement of purpose, resume, and...


Endocrinologist, Writer, and Bollywood Critic Tells Her Story

Interview with Dr. Farah Naz Khan, Endocrinology Fellow at Emory University School of Medicine [Show Summary] Dr. Farah Naz Khan is not only a physician, but also an engineer and Bollywood expert. Listen in as she shares why she started with an engineering degree before going on to be a doctor (and the positives in doing so), as well as the ups and downs on the road to becoming a doctor. She’ll also share her reasons for having a love-hate relationship with Bollywood. Endocrinologist,...


The Berkeley MFE: One Tough Program with Amazing Opportunities for Grads

The Scoop on Berkeley’s Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) [Show Summary] Dr. Linda Kreitzman, Executive Director of the Master of Financial Engineering Program at UC Berkeley – Haas is passionate about the program. On today’s podcast Linda will take us through specific aspects of the program and what makes it unique, what it takes to be successful in the program, and some of the expected outcomes for graduates. Listen in to the “Queen of Quants!” Interview with Linda Kreitzman, Assistant...


Encore: How to Get Into NYIT’s College of Osteopathic Medicine [Episode 278]

Gina Moses is the Director of Admissions at New York Institute of Technology’s (NYIT) College of Osteopathic Medicine, and in this episode she discusses the state of the art technology at NYIT as well as the wonders of osteopathic medicine. She also shares information on the application process, and distinctions between the two campuses in New York and Arkansas. With the DO application in full swing, it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Gina’s advice regardless of the program...


How to Get a Georgetown MBA

How to Get a Georgetown MBA [Show Summary] If you’re looking for a global MBA program at the intersection of business and politics that is designed for principled leaders with a strong first-year core and an elective second year where you can customize your education to your needs, listen to this interview with Georgetown McDonough’s Shelly Heinrich, Interim Associate Dean for MBA Admissions. She’ll also gives you tips for effectively approaching the Georgetown’s MBA essay options, video,...


The Most Important Asset in Grad School Applications: Time

The Most Important Asset in Grad School Applications: Time [Show Summary] This episode is devoted to how the precious and finite asset of time can help you get accepted when applying to graduate schools. Linda Abraham, Founder of Accepted, Discusses the Importance of Following a Graduate Application Timeline [Show Notes] The problem: Lack of time. What’s the usual root of the problem? Applicants decide to apply one day and try to do so in too short a period of time. What are the possible...


NYU Stern 2018-19 MBA Admissions Scoop: An Interview with Isser Gallogly

NYU Stern School of Business: What's New and How to Get Accepted [Show Summary] NYU Stern MBA Programs have undergone several transitions in recent years, from the launch last year of the one-year tech MBA and fashion/luxury MBA, to a dedicated program to help military veterans transition to the business world, to more focused offerings for the ever increasing population of students looking at careers in technology and strategy consulting. Isser Gallogly, Associate Dean of MBA Admissions at...


Getting Accepted to U.S. Universities from Abroad

Interview with Jef Davis, International Admissions Expert and Accepted Consultant [Show Summary] Dr. Jef Davis’s nearly 30 years of experience in international student program management makes him exceptionally qualified to share the ins and outs of applying to U.S. schools as an international applicant. His perspective on the unique challenges of applying, but also the incredible benefits of attending U.S. schools, is eye opening, and if you are from abroad and considering attending a U.S....


Yale SOM: Integrated in Its Curriculum, with Its University, and to the World

Interview with Laurel Grodman, Director of Admissions for Analytics and Evaluation at Yale SOM [Show Summary] Laurel Grodman, Director of Admissions for Analytics and Evaluation at Yale SOM, shares her perspective on how Yale differentiates itself from its competition and what it takes to be a successful applicant. The school has experienced explosive year-over-year growth in application volume for the last five years. Let’s learn what Laurel sees for the future. Yale SOM: The Curriculum,...


All About Duke Medical School’s Unique Curriculum and How to Get In

Duke Medical School’s Curriculum and Admissions [Show Summary] Dr. Linton Yee, Associate Dean for Admissions at Duke University School of Medicine, shares with us the unique curriculum of the program and the thought process behind it. He also fills us in on what applicants should consider as they fill out their Duke Medical secondary applications, which will make it more likely to be invited for an interview. Interview with Dr. Linton Yee [Show Notes] Our guest today, Dr. Linton Yee, earned...


Michigan Ross MBA: It’s about REAL, Clear, and Teamwork

Interview with Michigan Ross’ Soojin Kwon and Diana Economy [Show Summary] Soojin KownKwon, Managing Director of the Fulltime MBA Program, and Diana Economy, Director of Fulltime Admissions at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, share a wealth of information about the Ross MBA program, admissions process, and how you can be admitted. In recent years Ross has increasingly focused on action-based learning, having students work in teams to solve real business problems for both...


Yoga Instructor, Holistic Health Coach M4: Clare Brady Fits it All In

Yoga Instructor, Holistic Health Coach, M4: Clare Brady Fits it All In [Show Summary] Clare Brady is currently a fourth year med student at St. Louis University, though she got to med school in a roundabout way. During her recovery from an eating disorder in college, she learned a lot about the human body and found it fascinating. While she began her career in marketing, which her degree was in, she maintained her interest in health and wellbeing through an integrative nutrition program,...