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The Cranfield University alumni podcast channel, Alumni Matters, covers a wide range of topics from Cranfield conferences, prominent alumni and our world-class faculty.

The Cranfield University alumni podcast channel, Alumni Matters, covers a wide range of topics from Cranfield conferences, prominent alumni and our world-class faculty.


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The Cranfield University alumni podcast channel, Alumni Matters, covers a wide range of topics from Cranfield conferences, prominent alumni and our world-class faculty.




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Leadership on-the-go - Sandra Krisberga (MSc Managing Organisational Performance 2015)

Jenny Robinson talks to Sandra Krisberga about how she uses her leadership skills to build and strengthen client relationships.


Leadership on-the-go: Gabriel Marty (MSc Environmental Management for Business 2009)

Phil Renshaw interviews Gabriel Marty on his experience in dealing with different cultures and nationalities while drawing on his experience as an energy and climate change analyst and working on the Paris Climate Agreement negotiations.


Leadership on-the-go: Jose Dhooma (MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2008)

Jenny Robinson interviews Jose Dhooma about his management and leadership style and his experience at complex events, such as the Rio Olympics, when dealing with different cultures and understandings.


Episode 1: Julian Carr, Aviation Director, Manchester Airport.

Aviation alumni Maxime Debry and Julian Carr (MSc Air Transport Management 2002), Aviation Director, Manchester Airport, discuss Julian's career including his career decisions and ambitions. Julian also shares his advice for people interested in a career in aviation and the impact the coronavirus has had on Manchester Airport.


Leadership on-the-go: Kim Lafferty (DBA)

Phil Renshaw interviews Kim Lafferty about her leadership experience and the difference between leadership and coaching.


Leadership on-the-go: Daphne de Jong (MSc Astronautics and Space Engineering 2015)

Jenny Robinson interviews Daphne de Jong about what it is like to be a woman and a leader in a tech industry and what she learned about leadership and people from summiting Mount Everest.


Leadership on-the-go: Dr Sarah Qureshi (PhD Aerospace 2016)

Dr Phil Renshaw interviews Dr Sarah Qureshi about how being an entrepreneur affects how you lead, manage and develop your own team, and creating adaptability in the team.


Leadership on-the-go: Etienne Borg Cardona (Residential Executive Development - Director As Strategic Leader 2013)

Phil Renshaw interviews Etienne Borg Cardona about his career, how his leadership style has changed due to his time at Cranfield, and his devotion to building trust and accountability to achieve success with his teams.


Leadership on-the-go: Sudi Bolourian (PhD Leadership and Management)

Jenny Robinson interviews Sudi Bolourian about her career, knowing how to talk to different people and relate to them, and how believing in yourself and having confidence is so important.


Leadership on-the-go: Mahendra Patel (MSc Industrial Engineering and Administration 1973)

Kassia Gardner interviews Mahendra Patel on his career, leading organisations and how the Indian philosophy has influenced his leadership style.


Leadership on-the-go: Mark Hagar (DBA)

Phil Renshaw interviews Mark Hagar about his unusual business and the importance of listening carefully.


Cranfield Alumni Conference 2018: Q&A with Andy Maguire

Andy Maguire is HSBC’s Group Chief Operating Officer leading operations, technology and corporate services for the bank. Andy also leads HSBC’s chief operating officers who are responsible for the effectiveness and efficiency of the bank’s operations. In this session, Andy answered questions from conference attendees on the subject of inclusive talent management.


Cranfield Alumni Conference 2018: Ethnicity on boards

Learning about what works in sustaining proportional representation of women on boards opens conversations about other types of diversity in leadership positions. Last year, the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the British Academy of Management produced Delivering Diversity, focusing on BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) representation in the management pipeline, urging business to ‘break the silence’ about ethnicity at work. The Parker Review published its final recommendations...


Cranfield Alumni Conference 2018: Embracing the next generation of talent

The hype surrounding the younger generation – or Millennials – is almost overwhelming, with countless reports detailing their characteristics, preferences, and most notably, their differences to previous generations. This session discussed the rhetoric surrounding the younger generation and considered how employers might create a workplace that is attractive and motivating to this group. Professor Emma Parry considered the actual evidence for how, if at all, younger workers differ from older...


Cranfield Alumni Conference 2018: Talent: too scarce to waste

An ever-increasing skills gap and the need to retain experienced staff means that employers need to take action to support employees with disabilities and working carers. If they don't, then the employees’ physical and mental health can decline, and the pressure to reduce their hours, and quit their jobs increases. There is a wealth of talent in our organisations waiting to be unlocked with the right support from their employer. In this session Professor David Grayson CBE, Alice Maynard CBE...


Cranfield Alumni Conference 2018: Engaging men as allies

There are many ambitious, talented women who do not need ‘fixing’ but who do need organisational change and support in order to realise their contribution and potential. This means that all managers in the organisation - the men and the women - need to be on board with the talent agenda. We need men as allies to change leadership stereotypes, make better conscious decisions in the employment life cycle, and to call out micro-inequities and cultural inequalities. However, to make these come...


Cranfield Alumni Conference 2018: HSBC case study

This showcase session opened the Alumni Conference 2019, Inclusive Talent Management - towards a new norm. In this session, Professor Susan Vinnicombe CBE reviewed the progress made by women onto FTSE boards over the past 20 years, marking the time that Cranfield has been involved in this research project. The major issue is the lack of women in the executive pipeline. Cranfield has been working in partnership with the executive of HSBC HOST to address this issue over the past two years....