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The Cranfield University alumni podcast channel, Alumni Matters, covers a wide range of topics from Cranfield conferences, prominent alumni and our world-class faculty.


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The Cranfield University alumni podcast channel, Alumni Matters, covers a wide range of topics from Cranfield conferences, prominent alumni and our world-class faculty.




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Episode 8: Nigel Leishman

In this episode of Aviation alumni portraits, Maxime Debry interviews fellow Cranfield alumnus Nigel Leishman (MSc Air Transport 1992). Nigel is Executive Vice President & Global Head of Marketing based at LCI’s Singapore representative office, Singapore Commercial Leasing, where he is responsible for developing commercial opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. He joined LCI in April 2008 from aircraft leasing company AWAS where he was Vice President Sales based in Singapore. During his seven years with AWAS he concluded many transactions throughout Asia including China. Prior to joining AWAS, he was Customer Marketing Director for Airbus for six years, based in Toulouse and latterly Sydney. In this role he was instrumental in several new aircraft deals in Europe and Asia-Pacific region. In the interview, Nigel discusses his career path, his Cranfield experience, the aviation industry's ability to rebounce from crises and difficulties.


Episode 7: Arif Ghouse

In this episode of Aviation alumni portraits, Cranfield alumnus Maxime Debry interviews Arif Ghouse (MSc Air Transport 1990), Airport Director and Seattle Paine Field. Arif shares insights into his own career path – including how he discovered his passion for airport management and what he learned from time spent working in the maritime industry. He also discusses the value of mentoring, the importance of being able to learn from your mistakes and offers his advice to those starting a career in the industry in the midst of the current Covid-19 crisis. Don’t forget to check out previous episodes in the series for insights from other Cranfield alumni working in a variety of roles across the aviation industry.


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Episode 6: Marie-Pierre Dhers

In this episode of Aviation alumni portraits, Maxime Debry interviews fellow Cranfield alumna Marie-Pierre Dhers (MSc Air Transport 1990). Marie is CEO and Founder of MP&Partnairs – providing strategic and financial services to entrepreneurs and investors across industries including transportation and technology. Prior to this, she has held several senior executive positions at Air France KLM and has been a member of the advisory board at a US investment banking firm. She is also a strong supporter for women working in the STEM and finance industries and is a member of the International Aviation Women Association. In the interview she discusses her career path and experiences of dealing with crises; the differences between European and US markets; innovations in electrification, urban air mobility and cross-industry collaboration; and shares her advice to women in the industry.


Episode 5: Liz Savage, Non-Executive Director

Cranfield aviation alumnus Maxime Debry interviews Liz Savage (MSc Air Transport 1995). Liz is a Company Director in the travel and tourism industry, currently holding Non-Executive Director roles at organisations including Intrepid Travel, Auckland Airport and North Queensland Airports. In this episode, Liz shares insights into her career experiences - including taking up a role at EasyJet when it was a start-up - and discusses the role of mentors and women in aviation.


Episode 4: Jochen Schnadt, Senior Aviation Executive

Cranfield aviation alumnus Maxime Debry interviews Jochen Schnadt (MSc Air Transport Management 2002), Senior Aviation Executive, discussing his career path, what led him to study for his MSc at Cranfield and providing insights into the aviation industry.


Leadership on-the-go: Charan Sekhon (MSc Energy Conservation and the Environment 1997)

Jenny Robinson interviews Charan Sekhon, Founder and Chair at SEVA Trust UK and local councillor, about his experiences of leadership and the work his charity has done to support Cranfield University students and the local Cranfield community during the Covid-19 crisis.


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Episode 3: Thomas Chatfield, CEO, Camber Aviation Management

Cranfield aviation alumni Maxime Debry and Tom Chatfield (Executive MSc Air Transport Management 2004), CEO at Camber Aviation Management, discuss Tom's career path, what makes him passionate about private aviation, the impact of Covid-19 on demand for corporate aviation and future innovations in the sector.


Leadership on-the-go: Jennifer Cassar (MSc Forensic and Engineering Science 2004)

Phil Renshaw interviews Jennifer Cassar about her experiences of leadership in her role as Program Manager at the Canadian Department of National Defence and being a female leader in a male dominated environment.


Episode 2: Nadeem Sultan, CEO, Cargo LogicAir UK

Aviation alumni Maxime Debry and Nadeem Sultan (MSc Air Transport Management 2002), CEO of Cargo LogicAir UK discuss Nadeem's career path and the impact of Covid-19 on the air cargo industry.


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Episode 3: Marketing in a crisis and the future of the digital marketing industry



Leadership on-the-go - Sandra Krisberga (MSc Managing Organisational Performance 2015)

Jenny Robinson talks to Sandra Krisberga about how she uses her leadership skills to build and strengthen client relationships.


Leadership on-the-go: Gabriel Marty (MSc Environmental Management for Business 2009)

Phil Renshaw interviews Gabriel Marty on his experience in dealing with different cultures and nationalities while drawing on his experience as an energy and climate change analyst and working on the Paris Climate Agreement negotiations.


Leadership on-the-go: Jose Dhooma (MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2008)

Jenny Robinson interviews Jose Dhooma about his management and leadership style and his experience at complex events, such as the Rio Olympics, when dealing with different cultures and understandings.


Episode 1: Julian Carr, Aviation Director, Manchester Airport.

Aviation alumni Maxime Debry and Julian Carr (MSc Air Transport Management 2002), Aviation Director, Manchester Airport, discuss Julian's career including his career decisions and ambitions. Julian also shares his advice for people interested in a career in aviation and the impact the coronavirus has had on Manchester Airport.


Episode 3: Corporate sustainability and the coronavirus



Episode 2: People and the coronavirus