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Anti Bullying 101 provides quality podcasts for parents, teachers, and anyone who is concerned about the bullying epidemic. Anti bullying expert Jim Burns will provide you with the information you need to manage difficult situations that involve harassment and intimidation, and with some strategies to help you deal with this problem that is plaguing our schools, families, and communities epidemically. Please take the time to hit the button to become an AB 101 supporter. Course The Bully Proof Classroom Music - Support this podcast:


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Anti Bullying 101 provides quality podcasts for parents, teachers, and anyone who is concerned about the bullying epidemic. Anti bullying expert Jim Burns will provide you with the information you need to manage difficult situations that involve harassment and intimidation, and with some strategies to help you deal with this problem that is plaguing our schools, families, and communities epidemically. Please take the time to hit the button to become an AB 101 supporter. Course The Bully Proof Classroom Music - Support this podcast:






A Student's Perspective On Bullying

After the Central Regional incident some weeks back I decided that it might be a nice idea to do an interview with a middle schooler. It was pretty easy to do because I had a pretty good natural resource in the house and that was my daughter Zoe. Her thoughts didn't surprise me; she hasn't been jaded by the trials of life and still believes that love, joy, peace and patience is the answer. I encourage everyone to listen to this one because we will all learn something. Thanks to Andi Kay for...


Meet Andi Kay

Andi Kay is the founder of The Bloom Foundation which is a 501c3 organization designed to help teen girls overcome bullying and build emotional resilience and bloom into confidence as leaders. Instead of preventative measures, Bloom exists to help girls process and cope in a safe and supportive space so they can grow through what they go through. Working with licensed therapists, the foundation create curriculums for both caretakers and children to address the impact of bullying, helping...


Meet Dr. Kate Lund

Growing up with Hydrocephalus took the ordinary out of Kate’s childhood. Numerous surgeries, countless doctor visits and relentless recovery periods had become her norm. But through it all, one thing kept her thriving – the power of resilience in extraordinary circumstances. Building her life around finding incredible possibility on the other side of challenge has kept her driven and ultimately helped her find her true calling. Dr. Lund is a licensed clinical psychologist of 17 years, peak...


Meet Ann Purcell

Ann Purcell is a philanthropist, award-winning author, and songwriter. Her latest publication is Tender Flower of Heaven, which is a collection of 130 poems. Ann has been a full-time teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1973, teaching Transcendental Meditation and advanced courses in many countries around the world. In addition, she has worked on curricula and course development for universities and continuing education programs. Ann is also an international leader of the TM-Women...


Another Bullying Related Teen Suicide

The superintendent of the New Jersey school district where a 14-year-old freshman died by suicide 48 hours after video of bullying surfaced online has resigned, a day after funeral services were held for teenager. Adriana Kuch was found dead a week from Friday following a premeditated bullying incident in which four school mates allegedly ganged up to either attack the high schooler or record the incident, which was subsequently posted to social media. All four girls involved in the attack...


Let's Keep It Simple

Listen in as Jim shares some ways to keep things simple when it comes down to getting and staying healthy. A healthy person has better self esteem and is less apt to bully harass or intimidate others. Keeping aware of where you stand everyday in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of your life. Take advantage of the course link below: Stress Management Through Balance. --- Send in a voice message: Support this...


Quadruple Bypass Surgery

Well it's nice to be here with my listeners. Considering the alternative I am grateful to be be here and to continuing doing what I love most. Just last Monday I went through quadruple bypass surgery known by many as CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting). For me that was four grafts. No heart damage, and a new lease on life. Please listen in and get the details of why everyone needs to understand that self care is not selfish. Monologues --- Send in a voice message:...


The Eye That Mocks The Father

The Spiritual Dimension Of Life Proverbs 30: 17 KJV "The eye that mocketh at his father, and despiseth to obey his mother, the ravens of the valley shall pick it out, and the young eagles shall eat it." What does this mean in very practical terms? If an individual grows up in life with a mocking and contemptible attitude toward their father and despises to obey their mother they will lose their perception on right and wrong behaviors and even the smallest decisions that need to be made...


Let's Take Anti Bullying 101 To Another Level

Bullying has become epidemic in our schools, and no matter how you slice it, this behavior has gotten out of hand. Teachers, administrators, and parents are all looking to something that will just make the problem go away. There is not one program or intervention that will stop bullying. It takes a concerted effort of teachers, administrators, parents, and students to help create a climate of respect and responsibility. The Anti Bullying 101 podcast has been providing tips and strategies to...


Don't Kill The Goose

Often we don't consider how important we are to our family and at times our friends. Whether we want to believe it or not we are the goose that lays the golden eggs. We can't become so anxious and impatient for all the eggs that we kill the goose in the process. We need to care for ourselves and help our family care for one another. We also need to teach our children some lifelong skills that will help them manage the stressors of life, manage relationships and develop resiliency as the deal...


The Holiday Table

It never ceases to amaze me how we can believe that an actor/actress on a commercial is really the character he or she portrayed on a sitcom. I was watching TV some years ago and Roseanne Barr was doing a commercial on Retro-TV talking about the importance of having dinner at the “family table.” So the commercial flashed back to her and John Goodman on a Roseanne episode sitting at the dinner table engaged in an argument which was supposed to be funny to the viewer. The point of the...


Meet Tyler Copenhaver-Heath

From a disadvantaged youth to a successful entrepreneur, Tyler Copenhaver-Heath cut his teeth learning what it takes to succeed in the world of small business. With an MBA behind his name and the formal scientific experience of a biochemistry undergrad, Tyler Copenhaver-Heath has cultivated a multi-disciplined mastery that helps him think outside the box. In 2013, Tyler started his first company Apex Customs with his lifelong friend, Elliot Hutchens. They scaled their business into Arizona’s...


Inclusion and Bullying: Advice From an Expert

I had the pleasure of speaking with Toby Karten on The RTC Teacher Toolbox podcast and discovered during this interview that her knowledge base about inclusion and bullying is off the charts. Toby is one of the most positive and passionate people you will ever meet and she can truly turn lemons into lemonade. Toby is an award-winning special educator, dynamic presenter, and author who is passionate in sharing her knowledge with others. She has taught students ranging from preschool to...


Sportsmanship And The Game Of Life

My daughter who is twelve participates in a variety of different sports, and activities. She is attending middle school right now and is involved with cheerleading both at the school and community level. What never ceases to amaze me is that every sport hands every participant a book on sportsmanship. In other words how should we treat members of the other team and our fellow teammates? What is even more interesting is that you get the feeling that the behaviors like respect, and...


Husky? Stop The Stigma

Yes that is me in the picture. Probably eight years old or so. Husky for sure. How did I know? Because everyone told me so. Listen in and read the articles associated with this episode. Oh yeah, I was an overweight little boy. So much so, that when my mother took me to buy clothes I went to what I thought was a special clothing store for boys like me, fat. Why did I think this? Because when I walked into the store, the opened tie, crossed arm, wrinkled shirt, cigarette smoking salesman,...


Meet Rebecca Burd

Rebecca Burd believes bullying is an epidemic we can end. As the CEO of Create Change Productions & Co-Founder of Speak Life Performing Arts Company, she leads a performing arts team to combat bullying in our schools. In 2001 she co-wrote Speak Life End Bullying the Musical, an engaging musical featured in secondary schools across the country. Since the first live performance, more than 375,000 students have been impacted. Today Rebecca is launching a national Movement of Moms to become...


Everybody Knows

There is an 800 pound gorilla in the room and he is being ignored and the path of least resistance is being taken. What are these things that educators, parents and society know but for some reason won’t discuss or won’t even admit? This podcast will not only be an eye opener as covers 10 topics, but it gives the listeners an opportunity to purchase the entire 10 hour self study course that provides solutions to the problems with lecture notes and additional presentations and podcasts. Just...


Meet Phil Hochman

Phillip Hochman has been a public school teacher for 20+ years in Philadelphia and Bucks County PA. He has been an RTC instructor for over 15 years and teaches a wide variety of courses. He is the course designer of Technology With Ease: Enhancing the Modern Classroom and Developing a Technology Rich Classroom. Listen in as Phil let's us know how to use technology in the classroom and why these courses as so important for everyone. The Regional Training Center --- This episode is sponsored...


My Kid Will Make It

As a kid the dream was to become a professional baseball player and do it for a living. I am sure that kids today have those same dreams and can see themselves hitting the homerun that wins the World Series or pitching a no-hitter. It was such a fantasy fest and we all did fantasize, but alas none of us made it. We played in and out of uniform, organized and pick up, honed our skills, took batting practice and we all thought we were so darn good, but not good enough. There were some guys in...


The Puzzle Pieces Of Life

Have you ever wondered why your parents did some of the things that they did. I did lots of times. My dad had so many regimented activities that I thought he had a screw lose or something. I’m only going to talk about two here because there are too many to put into one episode of this podcast. As I grew older though I cam to realize that what I learned as a child were the missing puzzle pieces that I needed to stay healthy. Young people today are always searching for their own puzzle pieces....