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Ryan Krueger (NBA GLeague) Head Coach talks culture and team building on professional teams

Coach Kroogs as he is known to his players is the head coach for the Grand Rapids Drive in the NBA G-League. Kroogs experience has taken him to the NBA, Division 1 basketball and the high school levels. Was super excited when he was able to break away and join us on the BCLE! We talked about building a culture in the NBA's minor league, player development and how coaching goes so much more than just the x's and o's... Be sure to follow him on twitter @coachkroogs


021 - Rick Croy on leadership, family and the move to Division 1

Cal Baptist University Head Coach Rick Cory is in the midst of his program transitioning from Division 2 to Division 1… Was super excited when he was able to break away and join us on the BCLE! I stopped by CBU brand new gorgeous facilities and we sat and talked about the transition, his leadership style, his journey and how he blends his family and work together! You will love what he is building with his family! Sit back and enjoy the conversation! Twitter - @coachcroy


020 - Jeffrey Berokoff on building a culture at the high school level

Very few coaches have the energy that Coach Jeffrey Berokoff has… was extremely happy when he stopped by the BCLE (Be Contagious Leadership Experience)! Coach Berokoff has successfully built strong cultures at three different high schools. After a playing career at San Diego State and Cal Baptist, Berokoff decided that he wanted to be a high school coach where he can make an impact in his players lives. In this episode we talk about his toughness, parenting, how he builds a culture and his...


019 - Izzi Metz on climbing the coaching ladder

Ive known Coach Izzi Metz for close to 20 years and was so exited when he was able to be a guest on the BCLE (Be Contagious Leadership Experience)! Izzi is what they call in the basketball profession, a grinder - he has coached at the High School, NCAA division 3 and division 1 levels. He is currently the head mens coach at Wilkes University and you will love hearing his stories on how he climbed the coaching ladder! You will love his story and perseverance! Sit back and enjoy the...


018 - Coach Dayne on what makes great athletes

Mental performance coach Dayne Gigrinch stops by the BCLE (Be Contagious Leadership Experience) and shares his experience and knowledge working with athletes of all ages! Coach Dayne runs 1% mindset and has worked with athletes all over the world on sharpening their mind. In this episode we talk about what makes the greats great and what are some steps you can take to sharpen your mind! You will love his energy and enthusiasm! Sit back and enjoy the conversation! Twitter - @CoachDayne


017 - Todd Wolfson, St Francis Head Coach on building a high school program

Loved having La Canada St Francis High School Head Coach Todd Wolfson stops by the BCLE (Be Contagious Leadership Experience)! Todd coaches at the high school I attended many years ago and when he was named head coach I was pretty excited! He had won a championship with Chaminade high school and now he was given the chance to build the SF program! Whats really interesting is that I actually coached Todd in the Rockfish spring league when he was a freshman in high school! In this episode we...


016 - Stephanie Del Preore, LIU Brooklyn Head Coach on growth, building relationships and the future

Long Island Brooklyn Head Coach Stephanie Del Preore stops by the BCLE (Be Contagious Leadership Experience)! Steph was the very first coach I met when I was hired at Duke and at the time she had just gotten the assistant job at Seton Hall. 5+ years later she is the head coach at LIU Brooklyn taking the steps to build a strong program. In this episode we talk her leadership style, how she relates to her team and her love of coffee! You will love her energy and outlook on coaching todays...


015 - Derek Jones on the joys of coaching, the ups and downs of the journey, his new book and more!

Derek Jones the assistant coach for Duke football stops by the BCLE (Be Contagious Leadership Experience) and shares his journey, thoughts on being a man and what it takes to be of service to others! DJ as he is known throughout college football has also established himself as a social media guru with over 30,000 followers on twitter. His inspirational and thought-provoking quotes can be seen al over social media! DJ visited us a few months back and we had a great time! Talking about his...


014 - LA Lakers reporter Serena Winters on the hustle, her passion and why google is important

Los Angeles Lakers reporter for Serena Winters stops by the BCLE to shares her story from growing up in Orange County-California, to being a student at UCSB, to hustling all over Southern California to make her passion into a career! In this in depth interview Serena talks about her journey, the struggles, her drive and gives some great hard hitting advice on chasing what you want and making it happen! Sit back and enjoy the conversation! Twitter - @serenawinters Instagram -...


013 - Kelly Graves on his journey, leadership style and family

Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Oregon Kelly Graves stops by the BCLE (Be Contagious Leadership Experience) and shares his amazing journey starting off as a Junior College Coach to where he is today in Eugene. Through the years Coach Graves has found success-building programs through a process of teamwork, gratitude and more! We visited Coach Graves a few months back and had a great conversation in their team room. In this in depth conversation, we sit down and talk about his journey, his...


012 - Amy Porterfield on taking action, building your brand/business and her journey

In this episode, online marketing guru Amy Porterfield stops by the BCLE (Be Contagious Leadership Experience) and shares her story and expertise. Amy has built an empire as an entrepreneur in online marketing... but it wasn't easy! Her transition to the corporate world was anything but smooth. Once she discovered that she can build a business and help others at the same time everything lined up! Today she loves helping thousands of online experts, educators and entrepreneurs get around...


011 - Patrick Klein on leadership, service and the iBelieve foundation

Ohio State Women's Basketball Associate Head Basketball Coach Patrick Klein stops by the BCLE (Be Contagious Leadership Experience). Klein has played a huge role in guiding the buckeyes to top 5 in the country the last 2 seasons in scoring and has played an instrumental role in recruiting. Off the court Klein is the founder and director of the iBelieve Foundation, which provides leadership, communication and problem solving skills to Appalachian youth and raises money to help send kids to...


010 - Bob MacKinnon on the journey, the NBA D-League and the Positive Coaching Alliance

Head Coach Bob MacKinnon of Texas Legends in the NBA D-League stops by the BCLE (Be Contagious Leadership Experience) and talks about his amazing journey from his early days in coaching to becoming the all-time winning coach in the D-League. Through the years Coach Mac has recreated himself over and over again. He has spent time coaching at the collegiate levels including time at the University of North Carolina and Notre Dame to stints in China and now with the Texas Legends. In this in...


009 - Jerica Williams on the importance of hope, being a single mother and successful entrepreneur

Public relations entrepreneur and former Division 1 athlete Jerrica Williams stops by the BCLE (Be Contagious Leadership Experience). Jerica is the owner of JACE a independent consultancy for branding, public relations and strategic partnerships across sports and nonprofit industries. She also started LIVE4GEN a non profit organization that was started when she lost her teammate to breast cancer. Jerica discusses her journey which includes being a single mother and now a successful...


008 - Bball Breakdown Coach Nick on evolving leadership, brand building and LeBron vs Jordan

The one and only Coach Nick from Bball Breakdown stops by Be Contagious and talks about his amazing journey from basketball manager, to screenwriter, to becoming the leading producer of NBA breakdown content on social media! Coach Nick is the owner of Bballbreakdown which is featured on Youtube, podcasts, twitter and a stand alone website. He started on his journey to preserve the fundamentals of basketball - using NBA footage to break down the game. In this in depth conversation, Coach Nick...


007 - Alan Stein on the importance of communication and teamwork

Leadership and teamwork keynote speaker Alan Stein stops by Be Contagious and talks about his amazing journey from working with the "pros" before they were even known to the world such as Kevin Durant, Victor Elidipo and others to where he is today. Alan is the Director of Performance and Podcast host for Pure Sweat Basketball and has traveled the world teaching about high performance training for basketball players at all ages and levels. This talk took place a few months back when we did a...


006 - Mark Berokoff on championship culture

Randall University Head Mens Basketball Coach Mark Berokoff stops by Be Contagious and talks about his amazing journey from coaching high school in Southern California where he won a CIF section championships to where he is today - winning his second straight National Championship at Randall. Mark's journey is filled with ups and downs but his resiliency while supporting a family and building a successful culture is a true testament to his work ethic. Mark is one of those few coaches that...


005 - Neil Harrow on leaving the comfort zone, believing in the impossible and reacting to pressure

Troy University Women's basketball assistant coach Neil Harrow stops by the tribe of Be Contagious and talks about his journey from Scotland to Spain and eventually the United States. Neil is a true example of how determination and mindset can take you to levels you've only imagined. On todays episode we touch on his background and how his philosophies have been shaped thru is travel and experiences around the world! You will absolutely enjoy my talk with Scotland's own Neil Harrow!


004 - Ryan McCarthy on culture, mayhem, trust and Alaska

Head Womens Basketball coach Ryan McCarthy joins Be Contagious and drops some amazing nuggets on his beliefs on leadership and how trust is a central pillar of his success. Ryan's UAA teams have been at the top of the national rankings every single year including an appearance in the National Championship game in 2016. For most of us our knowledge about Alaska is whatever Discovery TV shows us but get up close and personal with Ryan and the largest state in the US!


003 - Kelly Finley - Being intentional, finding energy & putting puzzles together

Coach Kelly Finley is the assistant coach at the University of Florida and has spent time at Arizona, Colorado and Harvard. Known for her energy and amazing ability to relate to recruits Kelly is considered one of the top young coaches coming up! Her experiences at 3 different institutions all with their own unique culture has helped her grow into the woman she is today. On todays podcast Kelly talks about her family life, helping others grow their vision and my personal favorite - on how it...