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The main themes of BTP are success, leadership, education, futurism, technology, and foreign language education. The podcast includes various editions such as the standard episodic edition, Let’s Talk edition, the Solo Round, the Polyglot Edition, and the Interview edition.




The main themes of BTP are success, leadership, education, futurism, technology, and foreign language education. The podcast includes various editions such as the standard episodic edition, Let’s Talk edition, the Solo Round, the Polyglot Edition, and the Interview edition.




#173 - Thinking Independently in a Polarized World

We are living in an era when political polarization has reached an all-time high all over the world. Media outlets and pundits from both sides do their very best to attract as many followers to their cause aa they can often by going down an extreme route. In this short program, you will understand how you could immunize yourself against falling for the trap of polarization and developing an independent mindset that allows you to make sound decisions based upon objective thinking rather than media hype.


#172 - Boost your energy now

Achieving whatever you desire will inevitably demand a lot of energy which is why in this episode you will learn some tips on how to boost your energy naturally and without resorting to caffeine or other stimulants!


#171 - How to find the Best Career for You

Your choice of career will probably have more impact on your life than any other important decision that you ever make in your lifetime simply because we spend the biggest portion of our time at work and a bad decision can doom us to a life of unhappiness and underachievement. In this episode Daniel will discuss the most critical factors that should be considered in choosing the best career for you, one that makes the most of your interest as well as strengths so that you can be engaged and growing while at work and avoid unfulfilling career paths suggested to you by parents and the society which are often jobs that bring more security often at the cost of taking into consideration the natural inclination of the individual.


#170 - Detachment in Goal Achieving

There is a huge difference between wanting something and needing something and the root of that difference is the inherent detachment in the pursuit of a goal. When you are attached to an outcome you are much more likely to do something that prevents you from attaining it; on the other hand when you are detached from the outcome you almost never get in your own way nor send out negative vibes and therefore are much more likely to attain it. In this episode you will learn to think like Zen masters and keep your mind detached from the outcome of the goals that you pursue so that not only you enjoy the journey towards your ideals but also achieve more in the process!


#169 - The Three Types of Happiness

It is said that everything we strive to accomplish is for the ultimate purpose of becoming happier yet most of us are not fully capable of defining and understanding the notion of happiness and are looking for easy fixes to make ourselves happier often in vain. In this episode you will be able to thoroughly understand what happiness actually is and will be able to plan to manifest all its three types in your life!


#168 - Entrepreneurship with Tugrul Guner

In this episode of the BTP Podcast, Pouya speaks with Tugrul Guner, a Physicist by training and Machine Learning Engineer by trade. Enjoy! Tugrul's Social: Twitter: LinkedIn: Pouya's Social: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Episode Transcript... ----more---- SUMMARY KEYWORDS people, creating, expectations, idea, conversation, risk, means, fail, entrepreneurship, product, optic, agree, investors, science, deep learning, market, lose, discuss, questions, company SPEAKERS Pouya LJ, Tugrul Pouya LJ 00:00 Hello and welcome back to yet another episode of the b2b podcast as always here with Tulou. continuing our conversation from last last week or so I think it was exactly last week, same time ish. Tugrul 00:29 Hi, Sue. How are you doing? I'm good. How about you? Pouya LJ 00:33 Oh, good doing well. As always, we are joining forces to have some conversations, some fun conversations. There's a lot of things a lot of topics we won't talk about for the next few episodes. But today, we're going to stick with a continuation of our last conversation, we started last conversation with immigration, we talked a little bit we pivoted towards the end to talk about some experiences you had personally in entrepreneurship, but very briefly, so now we would like to expand on that. So first of all, we are in a country that has good, pretty good opportunities to be an entrepreneur supports you in terms of the regulation in terms of the support system, incubators and such, of course, nobody does that one of the top countries would be United States, but we are also in a not so bad of a country in that department. So and you have done some basic studies on your own reading free readings and such in the space. So I would like to, you know, for you to give some like general background to our audience, and what do you think of? First of all, let's start with actually defining entrepreneurship. I'm not sure most people know, probably everybody knows what it means. But let's get our definition straight. So what does it mean to be an entrepreneur? What is an entrepreneur? Oh, that's Tugrul 02:01 a good question. And it is really like kind of depends from person to person. But what I like about the definition of it is like, if you're creating something of benefit for society, or benefit for humanity, or something like that people can use people can benefit of it. You're an entrepreneur, when it doesn't necessarily mean that you have millions of dollars of company like startup, like your own company, but actually, whoever, even nonprofit, even like, they call it like an internal, or like maybe something else. But even if you didn't a company, if you're creating a value, creating a project, creating something you're like, internal intrapreneurs to, or if you're working for a nonprofit, organization, if you're creating something, if you're like creating a value, you're still an intrapreneur, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to make a profit out of it. intrapreneur is something that you're creating a value out of it, let me Pouya LJ 03:11 write it as you say, value doesn't have to be monetary, although it can be but it doesn't have to be monetary. Okay. Okay. So that's the definition. You go with it. I agree with you. But like, you can define a different, many different ways, I guess. Yeah, that's right. And that's why I wanted to I mean, the definitions will be related, even if different, but I wanted to get that out of the way. Okay, so, so a personal or group of people who venture to do something that generates value to to others or potentially themselves, okay, and the value doesn't have to be monetary. All right. So so what was your so what was your the first time you became, you know, interested in this concept, and started thinking about...


#167 - Immigration: In Conversation With Tugrul Guner

Tugrul's Social: Twitter: LinkedIn: Pouya's Social: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Episode Transcript... ----more---- SUMMARY KEYWORDS people, immigrating, bureaucracy, courage, permanent residency, talent, immigration, canada, focus, country, entrepreneurship, build, challenges, life, permit, lots, emigrate, mentioned, apply, agree SPEAKERS Pouya LJ, Tugrul Pouya LJ 00:00 Well hello, and welcome back yet again to yet another episode of The BTP podcast, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you're doing fabulous. We're back with total as per our previous episode. And we're going to talk about some cool stuff today, next few days and so forth and so on. It's going to be a few days of few episodes of lots of goodies around. So welcome back to rule out doing Tugrul 00:44 good and good. Now in better, Pouya LJ 00:47 whatever. That's great to hear. Not bad. It was a good day. Very productive. Lots of work to do, though. And now whether it was nice, so it for walk that was that was also good. Tugrul 01:00 It's a bit dark, though. Yeah, it's getting dark again. Pouya LJ 01:04 We're recording this at 9pm, which is good. Yeah. So so how are you doing? Overall, life is good. Life is treating you well. Tugrul 01:13 Here are some work, work work with the Friday. So we are celebrating Happy Friday. Yay. But not today. Of course, unfortunately. Looking forward. Yeah. Yes, exactly. So then we look forward to Monday. Yes. And so to celebrate Happy Monday. Pouya LJ 01:34 That's right. All right. So today, we're going to talk about a little bit about tooth topics, which kind of go I guess, hand in hand, at least in your story. And that is about initially about immigration as a whole. I mean, of course, you can share your personal story, but then immigration as a whole, what are the Will you will you advise it on others? Will you tell others to emigrate? Let's start there. So what are your thoughts on immigration? I then to break the ice a little bit to give the audience a little bit of a background. So the reason we're talking about immigration is because the way I personally looked at immigration is immigration is basically an uprooting of your life. So you have to, first of all have the courage to leave so many things behind in and I kind of look at it the Vikings way, if you will, I look at it as going after something different, something more something better, something different, I think the different borders the key. And for the upper. Hello, of course. Exactly, exactly. So that's how I look at immigration, I feel like it's because you're just seeking more opportunities, a different opportunity. The broad level, but what are your thoughts as a whole? And will you suggest it to others? Should they be in a position to be debating it? Tugrul 03:07 Yeah, of course, I agree. I mean, it depends on where you're where you're immigrating to. Right. So so when you're living so many stuff behind the like, your parents, your I mean, whatever, like you, you're just leaving your friends. Not only like a friends and friends may maybe you're living some thing that you love, I mean, your books, I mean, your car, you never know. I mean, who knows? Right? So you're leaving them for to build a better feature. Right? Other than that, like, there is no point or, or, or you somebody or something like somehow you should be forced to do that. I'm not considering that this. That's a whole another story. So I mean, I don't I can't say anything about it. If you're forced to emigrate, this something is not an option for you, but is an option. If you're immigrating. The whole idea is to go somewhere, that you think that you're gonna You can live better, with a better life, better conditions, anything like for example, in our side, like, we don't have kids, but if...


#166 - Introduction to the polyglot guidebook

The Polyglot Guidebook written by Daniel Molgan is now available in paperback and kindle on Amazon. In this episode Daniel reads the introduction of this book for you so that you can understand whether you should get yourself a copy to become fluent in speaking any foreign language!


#165 - Physics and the meaning of it all: A conversation with Tugrul Guner

In this episode of the BTP Podcast, Pouya speaks with Tugrul Guner, a Physicist by training and Machine Learning Engineer by trade. Enjoy! Tugrul's Social: Twitter: LinkedIn: Pouya's Social: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Episode Transcript... ----more---- SUMMARY KEYWORDS quantum optics, arrogance, imaging, materials, physics, degree, confidence, observe, kinda, people, agree, thinking, science, human, quantum mechanics, postdoc position, field, evolved, point, question SPEAKERS Pouya LJ, Tugrul Pouya LJ 00:00 Well hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to yet another episode of the b2b podcast. We've been away for a while I have for sure. But I am back with a very great friend of mine, tool gunner, and I am happy to introduce him to you what a legendary man he is. He has okay. Oh, you know what? I'm not gonna give you the introduction. I'll let him introduce himself the way he he sees fit. Hey, Joe, how are you doing? Tugrul 00:43 I'm good, by the way, are legendary? Pouya LJ 00:48 No, no, I know you well enough to give you that, you know, give you that adjective. So that's all well deserved? For sure. All right, turtle. So why don't you give us a very brief but comprehensive background about yourself, the way you see yourself from your academic background personally. Yeah, go ahead. Tugrul 01:10 Yeah, sure. Sure. I will start with when everything changed in my life. I was like, I was not cared about anything before, like last year of my high school. So I was like, playing video games going out like playing soccer. And the classes were like, I wasn't. I had zero interest at all. But I wonder I was reading a lot. I was like, I was kind of reading lots of different books, different types of books, mostly like fantasy books, like Dragon land series, forgotten mediums. It all started with a lot of things by the way. Yeah, anyway, but that was also another story. My father, like, gave that present to me like a lot of drinks book. But the second book, he just grabbed a random book from there probably, like, just grab the second book. And then I Oh, what's this looks let me read the first one. Then I started with the Lord of the Rings. Okay. But back then I was reading this Dan Brown's book called demons and angels, or whatever. Demons. Pouya LJ 02:22 Read the book, but I've watched the movie. Okay. Tugrul 02:24 Yeah, I also watched the movie, but I don't know. Like, it was a good book. I'm not sure. But the thing that just like was interesting to me when they were talking about like, antimatter. So I just, like stuck at that point, like, Oh, my God, what is this? Like, I never heard of this before antimatter. Like, I wasn't even interested in physics. Okay. No, no, no, no, but antimatter was like, something changed. What? I never heard of this before. And I realized that I mean, we have lots of things we don't know. That was the, like, a break point in my life. Okay. We're, we're just pretending that we are we know stuff that based on our observations, these are like a micro sis macro systems that we are observing daily, like mostly, like, wearing like an eternal outdoors, we all know, so we just ever have that. Like, I mean, if you drop something, it just falls down. Like it's a gravity, I mean, this kind of stuff. But I that was something different. You can observe it you need to be in that field to know what is antimatter. So that was a some kind of like, a break point in my life. Okay, then, I started to read a couple of things about it, then I noticed that oh my god, this is something else. There's another world inside of this like, like quantum mechanics, even though I had no idea what quantum mechanics is, but I was like reading uncertainty principles, something is not clear. But something sounds are like,...


#164 - Why you should ink it and not think it

Planning our lives is often done by us merely thinking about the situation and our plans yet numerous studies have proven that doing so is not only ineffective but even harmful to our mental health. In this short program you learn why you should think on paper, or a smart device, instead of merely thinking about it and offered a tip on how to actually begin writing down your plan in a written format by first beginning in a macro way and then ending it in a micro manner!


#163 - Why Millennials Live Pay Check to Pay Check & How to Change it

Bloomberg recently reported that the majority of millennials are living pay check to pay check and are thus at the imminent danger of bankruptcy. Living from paycheck to paycheck makes one dependent on the income and prevents him or her from being able to increase one’s income or build the capital necessary for investments. In this episode you will be introduced to the basics of personal finance to avoid this trap common among millennials and generation Z and instead take the steps necessary to become financially independent.


#162 - Ukraine, We are With You

The world has been shocked by the atrocities done in Ukraine and we all call an end to Putin’s war. In this special program we show our solidarity with the people of Ukraine and discuss the importance of promoting liberal and democratic values in order to prevent such political and humanitarian disasters from occurring in the future.


#161 - New Year 2022 and the New Year’s Resolutions

As we enter the year 2022 we remind ourselves of how far we have come and begin the new year with gratitude for what we achieved in the year before and excitement for what we are about to accomplish in the year to come. We at Molgan Enterprises always begin the new year by setting the New Year’s resolutions using a life hack that allows us to keep pursuing our goals throughout the year instead of abandoning most of them by January 15th as is the case with the majority of people according to most global surveys. So how can you maintain your momentum on the path to realizing your New Year’s resolutions without losing motivation? Listen to this short podcast to find out!


#160 - On Rationality

Rationality has been described as the ability to make decisions that are in alignment with one’s values which in turn tends to help one achieve their goals in the long term. Nowadays, the notion of rational thinking has long been forgotten in a post truth world governed mainly by trends rather than a strategic mindset. Quite often we end up doing things that are to our detriment in the long term without even knowing about them. In this short program you will understand why it is important to be rational and how to take the first step to do so!


#159 - The Art of Not Settling

In life you either have to teach yourself to like what you have or you have to teach yourself to get what you like. In this short program you will be reminded of the importance of not settling for what is available and instead reaching for what is desirable in all areas of life that are important to you!


#158 - Let's Talk: Modesty vs. Arrogance

One of the most common misconceptions regarding the assessment of someone's character is the manner in which they think of themselves and their accomplishments in life. However, there is a fine line between confidence in your abilities and expressions of arrogance. That is precisely what we discuss in this episode of BTP as we contrast it with the feature of modesty which can be indeed a virtue when done in moderation. Daniel's Social: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Pouya's Social: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Episode Transcript... ----more---- SUMMARY KEYWORDS modesty, arrogant, arrogance, people, modest, brag, black belt, talking, confident, achieve, life, hand, self esteem, leaders, insecure, success, achievements, confidence, inspire, express Pouya LJ 00:08 Hello, ladies, gentlemen, welcome back to yet another episode of The BTP podcast. As always, I'm joined with Daniel Morgan. How's it going, Dan 00:16 buddy? What's up guys? What's up Blue Jays, life is great and awesome. I'm so happy to be here with you basically, life is as always amazing. We're now going through the final phase phases basically of this goddamn pandemic. But the Delta variant is still causing some disturbances. But as always, I'm optimistic and life is good. Just waiting for life to move to where it was. And believe me, it will happen. All right, that's okay. Good, good. Confidence, tone, man. That was like a confidence tone. Pouya LJ 00:50 Exactly. Not only confidence, it was very optimistically confidence. So I like that so lovely. All right, good. Good. I'm very happy to hear that. All right. So okay, today's topic we're talking about. So last week, we talked about to weaken per tooth, you know, phenomenon is called minimalism and luxury. Now recovering to other phenomena is called modesty. And arrogance. So modesty versus arrogance. So what do you make of it? How how much modesty is good, how much arrogance is good? And whereas, which are more important? Yeah, sorry, go ahead. Dan 01:26 I see before I go ahead and give my assessment, I will actually ask you please find each of these because sometimes people don't know what modesty actually is. Like if someone right forever, perhaps does not, for example, want to have big ambitions, that he's modest. That's not modesty. That's passivity. So let's first go ahead and define properly for our listeners, what modesty and basically, arrogance actually are. So why don't you go to do that for our listeners? Pouya LJ 01:53 Yeah, absolutely. That's a good point, because we need to get our definitions straight. So yeah, let's, let's say what we're talking about modesty, we basically mean that, it doesn't mean that you're not achieving anything, or you don't want to achieve anything, it doesn't mean that you're not ambitious. what it entails is essentially, you are, you're you are comfortable with not, you know, expressing your your your achievements or your desire to achieve as much as an arrogant person does, or, or, on the other hand, you can you can define it as you are realizing your own limitations within your within your capabilities. And that sense, that sense of realizing those limitation gives you a calm about your position. Dan 02:42 So you're literally Pouya LJ 02:44 on the other hand, arrogance, it portrays the opposite behavior, right? arrogance actually goes overboard, like you're achieving 10, then you're bragging, 12, or you're capable, interesting, or you're capable of 1210, but you're not aware of it, and you're going overboard and claiming 15. So that is how I see it, unless you have a slightly different discourse, what Dan 03:07 you're saying is absolutely true. I just want to add a few points. Mises, D. modesty, basically, as we...


#157 - Let's Talk: Minimalism v. Luxury

Showing off wealth and luxuries is at an all-time high thanks to the influence of social media but what about all the other individuals who resort to a life of minimalism? In this episode of BTP, we contrast luxury with minimalism and offer our solution to strike the right balance between the two. Daniel's Social: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Pouya's Social: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Episode Transcript... ----more---- SUMMARY KEYWORDS luxury, minimalistic, money, minimalism, people, traveling, spend, buy, life, minimalist, mining, lambo, check, cars, education, luggage, pandemic, absolutely, photos, lifestyle SPEAKERS Pouya LJ, Dan Pouya LJ 00:09 Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to yet another episode of The BTP podcast. I'm joined as always with Daniel Mulligan, how's it going, man? Dan 00:17 Whatever, man, buddy, how's it going? How are you good to hear your voice Been a while, we've been super busy with a lot of things here, and I'm sure you're there as well. So life is absolutely great, I'm actually getting on the road these days a lot more frequently than I used to. So we're getting out of that, you know, pandemic lockdown mode, basically. So I'm pretty excited. I've already actually sorted a lot of my trips. Although these days for the sake of not having to deal with major problems, I actually keep most of my trips much shorter than usual. So if I used to stay in any country for like, one month and a half now it's like more like a week or two, to make sure that there's going to be any major problems. But fortunately, we're seeing gradually the world is opening up. And thanks to, you know, a wide spread vaccination basically. So that's a very good news for people like us who are always on the road and who don't want to just deal with the hassles of having to go through these bs checkups and bring your results. And now we have things like you know, vaccination, passports and so on, which are pretty good, although it's a little bit political, but very good. This is definitely gonna, you know, accelerate the process, moving around, and just, it's gonna open up the borders and make it easier. So I'm pretty happy about that one. And life is great. On my side, haven't you man? How are things? I literally was shocked when I saw a couple of photos you sent me yesterday about you mining Bitcoin with those fancy devices, man. So what's the story in it? Pouya LJ 01:41 Well, you Oh, actually, I'm actually mining etherium. But yeah, that's it's I don't know, it was one of those things that I picked up during the pandemic, essentially. Yeah, Dan 01:51 it's probably, I don't know, maybe on your Instagram page or something you just probably shared. That stuff looked really like it was crazy, man. It didn't look like a normal thing to happen. And like, it seems super fancy as if like you have like no laboratory dedicated entirely to cryptocurrency mining or something. It was pretty cool. I mean, maybe should later check and check it out. Guys. I can go to his Instagram. See from the photos. It's really fun. So how long has it been since you've been mining? Pouya LJ 02:20 Yeah, I'll drop those photos in the shadows too. Just Just because we talked about it. Yeah, it's been I think it's been since late February, something like that. Yeah. Dan 02:31 You're late starters, it has a lot more than you know, it's not like, four or five months or something. Pouya LJ 02:36 Yeah, I know. It hasn't been that long. And honestly, at that point, I was trying to pick up a project. And I was looking at, okay, what's out there and I've done this, I've done that. I want to do that later. It's gonna be a lot of time. And then I came across this one, I was like, You know what, why not do...


#156 - The Truth About Success, Failure, and Rejection

Every single success is preceded by many failures and rejections yet the right attitude towards the aforementioned are rarely taught to us at school. In this episode Daniel clarifies this issue and helps the listeners change their perspective regarding any and all setbacks they encounter on the way to their goals.


#155 - Let's Talk: One's Attitude Towards Life

Your outlook on life is ultimately what determines how you feel most of the time, what goals you pursue, and how you interact with those around you. In this episode of Beyond the Present Podcast Daniel and Pouya discuss tell two pillars of human behavior and share their thoughts on how through introspection we will be able to know ourselves and even alter our outlook on life. Daniel's Social: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Pouya's Social: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Episode Transcript... ----more---- SUMMARY KEYWORDS life, people, outlook, values, person, parents, world, nurture, questions, hormones, child, optimist, age, pessimists, brain, growing, genius, man, childhood, experience SPEAKERS Pouya LJ, Dan Pouya LJ 00:09 Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to yet another episode of the BTB podcast, joined as always with Daniel Morgan, how's it going? My man? Dan 00:20 What's up, man, buddy, good to be here with you for yet another big podcast as you said yourself pretty cool stuff. I liked it. So overall, I'm glad to be here with you, man, life is wonderful. And we're gradually getting back on track in almost every area of life. And good news, pretty much is starting to pile up after almost a year of nothing but bad news. So life is great. And I'm so glad to be here with you. And to see hopefully if things are also fine on your end. So man, How are things with you and candidate Pouya LJ 00:51 that is just great to hear and hear things are progressing very well as as well. As you said, we're, we're making, you know, some, some improvements in our quality of life. And things that are, you know, opening up at a large level, but in an unemotional level as well. We're trying our best, you know, moving forward creating fun content, hopefully, very soon for this very podcast as you will Dan 01:22 awesome. Very nice man. Glad to hear things are fine and glad things are opening up and over there as well. So I'm very happy to hear things are fine, man. Pouya LJ 01:32 That's it. That is good to hear. That is good to hear. Exactly. And today we're going to talk about a specific topic that has nothing to do with pandemic Well, you can always relate everything to pandemic, I suppose, but inherently not related to pandemic. Right. Yeah, so so what we're gonna talk about why people have different attitudes towards life and how they're living their lives. As we know, some, some people have more, more of a positive outlook, optimistic outlook, pessimistic outlook, realistic outlook, Outlook, etc. So I see is that what makes people happy? Is it there? So my immediate, you know, hunch was maybe it's their life experience that leads them to adopt a particular outlook towards life. But what what are your perspective on the matter? Dan 02:22 Very good question. By the way, PJ. Sam, thanks for choosing another great topic for this show. today. As you pointed out, of course, what you mentioned in the field of psychology is referred to as nurture. But at the same time, as you probably have heard it, when it comes to behavioral therapy, they should, let's say, kind of behavioral therapy, and for example, CBT, it is actually talked about the issue of nature versus nurture, your cpj we cannot necessarily ignore the influence that our biology and genetics and DNA plays in the way we actually feel about everything. For example, something as illegal, something as little as how many dopamine receptors are, by nature in your brain upon birth, is going to literally tilt your entire life to a whole different direction. For instance, let's assume that you were born with a lot of dopamine receptors in your brain, just by nature, just like your mom or your dad, or your cousin, or whatever it is. And then...


#154 - The Three Day Positivity Challenge

Your life flows where your attention goes and the ability to keep your mind focused on the positive is the key to overcoming the negative moments in your life. In this episode of Beyond the Present podcast Daniel recommends the listeners to go on a three day positivity challenge and see for themselves how it affects their lives.