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Strong Opinion on Much _ Solid Fact on Little

Strong Opinion on Much _ Solid Fact on Little


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Strong Opinion on Much _ Solid Fact on Little






Fools and Damn Fools

There are the regular fools among us. They neither know better nor do better. We tend to give those folks a pass, since they have no control over just how stupid they are at times. And there are the rest of us who don't have the excuse of being standard fools. We are just damn fools, yes all of us. We do our foolishness despite knowing better. We just don't do better. This is not a permanent condition unless we extend our foolishness beyond five minutes a day. Gary has the skinny on this...


Don’t Give Advice Unless Impossible to Avoid

Giving advice when asked is dangerous; and giving unsolicited advice is just stupid. Hearing Gary's take on this may be worth a listen; but of course, that is not advice, just an opportunity.


Skip the First Five Minutes if You Bore Easily

The title says it all. There is about five minutes of me fussing about my SM7b microphone and my mixer; but after that, some nice country music from Kevin is there for you.


Do You Remember The Nelson Family?

My guess is that you don't personally remember the Nelson family. No problem. Gary will get you up to speed. Spoiler alert! It's all about "Nice."


A Peaceful Christmas Concert

Happy Happy plus peace and health from us at Audio Tidbits to you and to those who love you. Please enjoy Kevin's Christmas concert.


Does Santa Believe in You?

You have believed in Santa or at least you likely have. If you are one of the lucky ones, you still believe. But the more important question is, "Does Santa believe in you?" Gary has a couple of tips for making sure that he does.


Happy Is Optional

I'm not sure whether this episode is important wisdom or trivial nonsense, but there is a point worth a couple minutes thought. Is happy actually optional? Join Gary for his take on the question.


All Things Considered, Do Nothing — It’s Easier

You may not have noticed that there are many ways to do nothing. It may look as if something is being done, but therein lies the illusion. The much easier approach is to do nothing, with intention. Gary help us sort this out.


The Real Question Is, “Who Knows you?”

Amateurs at the success game believe that the more people they know, the more successful they will be. How silly. The real question is, "Who knows you and what do they know about you?" Gary shares his take on how this works.


Just Like Talking To a Brick

I suspect that you think talking to a brick is right up there with watching paint dry, but you would be wrong. Talking to a brick has hidden benefits that most people never consider. Gary has ten for your evaluation and enlightenment.


Dave Barry: No Diplomacy … No Friends

Dave Barry has a problem, although he disagrees. He thinks having no friends is a wise financial decision for him. As might be expected, Curious George disagrees. It's all about diplomacy, or the lack-there-of. Gary has the scoop for you.


Self-Check: Thumbs Up or…?

Gary has a really quick self-check. Easy Peasy. Just give yourself a thumbs up or perhaps not on each statement. The only catch is the standard: every time, with everyone, no exceptions, no excuses.


A Thought That No One Else has Thought

Are you into being creative or perhaps an inventor? It's actually pretty simple. Just think a thought that no one else has thought. For the skinny on that little trick, listen to this episode of Audio Tidbits.


Blackie’s Best Public Speaking Tip

You may think I have a run of the mill public speaking tip for you, not particularly different than a hundred others. But this tip is from Blackie, a guide dog extraordinaire. You didn't know that guide dogs gave public speaking tips? That would be silly talk. Regular guide dogs may not, but Blackie was far from regular. He was a good friend of Denny, who was himself a professor. I think you may as well listen to pass your own judgment about the unexpected brilliance of extraordinary guide...


Gossip is Only an Echo

Do you like to gossip, or are you content to be a passive consumer? "Neither," you say? Well, OK; but I don't think I easily believe you. I suspect if you ask a hundred random people if they believe that you neither gossip nor consume gossip, they would just laugh at the silly question. At any rate, Gary has some thoughts on the topic. As with most good gossip, it's short and vague enough to make sure you aren't sure one way or the other.


Trust Your Hunches

There is a secret the most successful people are slow to admit to. They trust their hunches. But you worry that your hunches may be wrong? Sure, they may be, but so may be your best, considered judgment. The point is that hunches are more often right than wrong. Ignore them at your own risk. Gary shares some thoughts about intuition and hunches on this episode of Audio Tidbits.


Getting Angry is Seldom Worth the Bother

Amateurs think it's fine to get angry and blow off without much thought or planning. They just wind up and let it spew. What they don't realize is that to get angry with style is way more complicated. Actually, it's seldom worth the time and bother. In this episode of Audio Tidbits, Gary explains why.


What Will You Do With Your Day?

What we do with our day is not totally a choice for most of us, but there is a part in there most days for us to be in control. How we choose to use that gift is our call. Sure, it's up to you, but I do have a small suggestion.


Who Among Us Shall Succeed

Imagine yourself back when, back before. Not yet an adult but past being a child. You hang around with your friends; and each of you had an idea for yourself about what success would be. Here's the question. Since you all started from a similar place and time, why does success very from a lot to not so much within your friend group? Where are you in that range and why? Let's think about that in this episode of Audio Tidbits.


Ask Before Initiating Change _ The Emotional Sweet Spot

Gus and Gary have provided two perspectives for us in this episode of Audio Tidbits. Gus warns us to ask twelve questions before initiating any change; and Gary helps understand that emotions are not just there or not there. Rather there is an emotional sweet spot where we balance not enough with too much. I think you will definitely find some food for thought here, and get a musical treat from Kevin as a bonus.