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Strong Opinion on Much _ Solid Fact on Little






Charm, Civilization and Complaining

The charm tip I get even though I think I may not be all that charming. The second tip I'm pretty sure I do not get at all. If that's not frustrating enough, the tune that goes with it, I get even less. Maybe it will work for you. The good news is that tip three does ring true for me -- nothing to complain about.


Problems, People and Personal Space

So you want to make some changes around here, make things better. Of course, there are a few problems that need solved. But even more to the point, there are people who may or may not cooperate. And often overlooked is how you manage your personal space. Check out this episode and judge for yourself.


What’s In Your Wheelhouse?

We know that it usually works out best when we stay in our own wheelhouse but knowing what is and is not in there is often a quandary. Here are three tips to help us figure out what is and isn't for us. Sticking with what we already know is easy. The real challenge is with the new, the unfamiliar, those actions and opportunities that we have not dealt with before. That's where the possibility for success and failure loom.


Know What’s Right – Only Sell What’s Right

Here we have three tips that may not seem to go together, but with a little more thought, they do. It starts with only selling what's right and not settling for just what's awesome. If you get that, the other tips fall into place quite nicely. The little ear worms will give you time to fully consider the connections.


Do Right Before Doing Things Right

Too often we focus on being sure we are doing things right before making sure we are doing the right things. Too often we focus on solving a problem before figuring out why there is a problem to solve. Sure, we also occasionally get the cart before the horse. I'll bet you get the idea. Here are three tips to help us avoid these amateur pitfalls. Of course, there are also three very cool ear worms to give time to ponder the tips.


Peace and Joy

Be well, do well and peace and joy for you.


Christmas Wisdom in 3 Parts

What can be said about Christmas? As it turns out, quite a lot.


A Warm Fire, Christmas and You

Relax and enjoy.


Helping, Hanging-in and Hang-ups

The three tips here work as a set. I'll leave it to you to figure out how that works. The three ear worms are not a set but are pretty compelling.


20 Resolutions that Will Work for Me and May Work for You

Making resolutions is a pastime in which we can all indulge but committing to our resolutions is only for the few of us who are serious about being the best we can be. This level of commitment starts with understanding that each of us is a leader and a role model for others. Yes, each of us. The issue is not whether we are leaders and role models. We are. The issue is whether we recognize our responsibility and commit to being the best we can be with everyone, whenever and wherever we engage...


Quick Decisions, Personal Responsibility and Autonomy

The decisions we make are usually pretty clear but often our sources and reasons are less clear and not particularly obvious to either us or to others. We usually can come up with an explanation but that explanation is frequently post-action. So what's happening? I'm not sure but here are three tips that seem to me to be related. The ear worms are hear to give us time to ponder the "Why" of it.


Pursuing Personal Excellence

The pursuit of Personal Excellence is a lifetime journey and never merely an event. What's more, it's a journey that many start but only a few sustain. For those few, it seems easy and natural, something that requires little effort. But neither does it just come naturally nor without intense focus and consentration. Personal Excellence is nothing short of a nonnegotiable commitment to doing the right things right, with everyone, every time, everywhere -- no exceptions, no excuses. Here you...


Boring? I Think Not but You Decide

Just because the topic is boring, you need not conclude that the content is boring, although it may be. If so, the ear worms make up for it.


Foster Parent Handbook

Our Home - Your Home is a handbook for foster parents. Although all parents will find the handbook useful for understanding and working with their children, it focuses specifically on abused and neglected children and on the special challenges of parenting for these children. If you prefer reading the handbook, you may download The PDF Edition Here. The audio edition is 3.5 hours so you may also find it convenient to download it from under the audio player for the podcast...


Me, My Attitude and My Bike

I think I'll just let you go wherever the title takes you. Who am I to tell you who you are or where your mind should venture. My only suggestion is that you consider a bike for the ride.


Mind Over Madness

Most of the time we have no need to make that extra effort to relate and to get along. Our worlds are fairly calm and predictable. There are those times though, those times when, as the country song says, "People are crazy." Sure, it's not clear whether it's "people" or just maybe us who are crazy. It is at those times when today's tips come in most handy. It is a matter of mind over madness. It's us or them.


How not to Get Jerked Around

Here are three tips for not getting jerked around. Yes, it really is that easy.


Light in a Dark Corner

The three tips are pretty interesting but not Earth shakers. Even so, the ear worms are definitely out there.


Anger, Angels and I Don’t Know What the Point Is.

Lose your temper if you can't help yourself but be prepared…. No one knows exactly where the angels hang-out but hang-out they do. The next point I don't get but perhaps you will. Take a listen along with the ear worms for this episode. They may be as off center as the third tip.


My Interests vs. Yours

When do your interests take precedence over mine? When is what you want more important than what I want? How do I decide between what you need and what I need? Here are three tips to help you decide. Of course, you also get three ear worms to give you time to consider each tip.