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Join VS Energy for a dive into the world of Building Management Systems. Mark, Clayton, Rich and our subject matter expert guests will take a comprehensive look into the central nervous system of today's high performance facilities and how the BMS has evolved over the years. With over 100 years of combined experience we will provide insight and opinions on a variety of topics ranging from the basics of the BMS to high level integrations and controls. For more information on VS Energy check out our website


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Join VS Energy for a dive into the world of Building Management Systems. Mark, Clayton, Rich and our subject matter expert guests will take a comprehensive look into the central nervous system of today's high performance facilities and how the BMS has evolved over the years. With over 100 years of combined experience we will provide insight and opinions on a variety of topics ranging from the basics of the BMS to high level integrations and controls. For more information on VS Energy check out our website




Maintainability vs Constructability in Systems Design

In this episode Mark, Clay, Jim, and Nick discuss the balance between maintainability and constructability in systems design related to HVAC and process equipment. This is a really interesting conversation and allowed us as individuals to re think some of our conventional thoughts on systems design when related to maintainability and constructability. Are the two inherently connected? Or can you focus on one more than the other in a design? Tune into the episode to hear our thoughts, they...


Initial Cost vs Life Cycle Cost in BMS Related Projects

In this episode Clay, Nick, and Mark discuss cost considerations with new or retrofit BMS related projects, specifically initial cost compared to lifecycle cost. A key part of this process is accurately projecting the life cycle costs associated with the proposed project and comparing different options with Net Present Value (NPV). Our team of experts discusses how to generate a cash flow diagram and why NPV is so valuable in determining the financial impacts of different options within a...


A dive into Boilers

In this episode Mark, Rich, and Clay discuss Boilers. We cover the different types, applications, control strategies, and much much more through the episode. This seemingly simple piece of equipment has a multitude of different applications and magnitudes that we discuss in detail. Tune in to this great discussion on Boilers! For more information on us check out our webpages or


Challenges and Opportunities of Education in the MEP Field

In this episode Mark and Clay bring on a special guest/college professor to discuss challenges and opportunities of education in the MEP field. We discuss both ends of the spectrum (college and industry) education and outline what some main challenges are, what the overall goal is, and give some personal insight from our very talented educators in industry and college. We use our experience and expertise to help break down the sometimes confusing education path and discuss personal examples...


Absorption Chillers

Mark, Clay, Rich, and Nick dive into an in depth conversation regarding absorption chillers.....some may say that there is magic happening inside these machines, but our team of experts breaks down the chemistry and physics behind the outer shell to help describe how these absorption chillers function. We also spend a fair amount of time discussing different applications of absorption chillers, the economics of them, and dig into some of the common misconceptions of these machines. There is...



In this episode Mark, Clay, Rich, and special guest Nick from our commissioning podcast series discuss chillers in depth. We cover the physics behind mechanical refrigeration and cover the positives and negatives of all different types of chillers utilized in industry (Centrifugal, Screw, Reciprocating, and Scroll). Our subject matter expert Mark covers these technologies in depth with the help of Rich and Nick and outlines his favorite type of chiller...the magnetic bearing centrifugal...


BMS Systems and Security with Hurricane Technologies

Join us for an in depth discussion regarding network security. We bring on good friends and technology partners Tom and Shawn from Hurricane Technologies to discuss the ins and outs of network security. We dive into some specific threats and the ways to prevent these threats along with discussion regarding the overwhelming number of internet connected devices in today's facilities that can act as an unlocked door into critical information. Many people take network security for granted and in...


Instrumentation Quality in BMS Systems

In this episode Mark, Rich, an Clay discuss the importance of quality instrumentation in a Building Management System. We cover the different requirements for accuracy and other characteristics such as repeatability, hysteresis, and linearity in different applications. We also dive into what NIST certification is and why it is extremely valuable to have NIST certified sensing devices in a system. Our industry professionals Rich and Mark discuss some past experiences where poor...


BACnet Success Story - Greater Rochester International Airport

In this episode Mark and Clayton bring on a good friend and very talented Architect/Engineer Fabio Bendana to discuss the Greater Rochester International Airport BACnet Success Story. We cover the automation portion of the project from inception to installation and outline some key components of the project which incorporated unique and innovative technologies and high level integrations. Participants will give some personal insight and opinions as to what made the project successful.


PID Control Loop Tuning

In this episode Clay, Mark, and Rich discuss the importance of proper control loop tuning. We discuss the three different closed control loops P (proportional), PI (proportional and integral), and PID (proportional, internal, and derivative) and the tuning aspects of each along with the characteristics of each control loop. Ultimately, a control loop should function like the cruise control on your car, smooth and steady and able to respond to changes such as hills and speed changes with...


IT Challenges with Large Scale Integrations

Mark, Clay, and Rich discuss the various IT challenges with large scale BMS integrations. Often times the IT network is overlooked in BMS network design, this can pose many challenges throughout a project and for many years after a project. Some key takeaways of this episode are that the IT network needs to be properly managed and maintained including regular updates and backups. If at all possible ample capacity should be designed in the IT network during a large scale integration project...


BMS Systems and Energy Conservation

Mark, Clayton, and Rich discuss BMS systems and energy conservation in this episode. The Building Management System is a very powerful tool and when utilized properly can be a very effective means of implementing a multitude of energy management functions. We break the discussion down into three sections. 1. BMS utilization for demand shedding/control. 2. BMS utilization of smart control strategies. 3. BMS for identifying and diagnosing mechanical failures in a system. All of these aspects...


BMS Systems and High Level Integrations

Mark, Clayton, and Rich discuss BMS systems and high level integrations. Today's high performance facilities often utilize the Building Management System as a means to integrate traditionally disparate systems. Essentially a BMS can act as a data connection between two or more independent systems to exchange data, coordinate decision rules and amplify the control operations to include additional data received from multiple sources to effect increased functionality of one or more systems. In...


Specifying High Performance Open Systems

Mark and Clayton discuss the process of specifying high performance open systems. Often times specifiers can write specifications that leave key aspects of a project open to interpretation including installation methods, hardware selection, and project magnitude. We cover the process from start to finish and our subject matter expert Mark discusses how he goes about the process and identifies some key aspects that should always be part of a specification for a high performance open system.


IoT vs. Dedicated In House BMS Networks Part 2

Mark, Clayton, and Rich continue the discussion on IoT vs. dedicated in house networks for BMS. We re-cap some key points of the last episode and get right to the groups biggest concern with Our team of experts covers the main security concerns with IoT and discusses steps that can be taken to make an IoT BMS network secure along with giving some examples of what can happen if there is a security breach.


IoT vs Dedicated In house BMS Networks

Mark, Clayton, and Rich discuss IoT based Building Management Systems in detail. We cover some key advantages of IoT in BMS such as reduced installation and wiring costs along with some shortfalls such as increased network management requirements when compared to traditional dedicated in house networked BMS. Our industry professionals Mark and Rich give their opinions on IoT and its capabilities along with discussing some on the job experiences.


Design of Open Systems For High Performance Retrofits of Existing Systems

VS Energy bring on subject matter expert guests Rich and Fabio. We have Fabio introduce himself and then dive into what the key element to a successful design From there our experts use their combined many years of experience to discuss the process of designing open systems for retrofit applications beginning with the site survey and ending with a successful project. A key takeaway from this episode is that open systems integration requires a scalpel and not a chainsaw to be...


Basics of Open System Operation and Functionality

Mark, Clayton, and Rich discuss the basics of open system operation and functionality. We start our discussion with what a "standard system" is and how even though a BMS system can use open protocols it does not necessarily mean it is "open". We give personal insight and opinions on these systems and discuss what makes a system truly open. Our subject matter experts Mark and Rich also discuss their involvement in designing and integrating BMS systems to provide interoperability.


The Evolution of Building Management Systems

Mark, Clayton, and Rich discuss the evolution of the building management system. Our subject matter experts Mark and Rich discuss the BMS industry and the drastic changes they have seen in their lifetimes. We start off the podcast with the concept of temperature control dating back to the 1600's by a chicken farmer named Cornelius Drebble. Much can be learned from the craftsmen, engineers and techs from the early days of building controls. The need for correct application of P, PI, and PID...


Introduction to BMS with VS Energy

VS Energy and our subject matter expert guest Rich introduce the BMS Podcast series. We will take some time for business and personal introductions and then dive into discussing how there is often not the expertise required for complex BMS projects within typical A&E firms and how poor engineering can negatively effect the end result of a project.