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Hey there! We’re Caitlin and Jenny (she/her) in Austin, Texas. We’re both married, we’re parents, we’re educators, and we're great friends who love to laugh. We love using our teaching skills to discuss topics that moms and parents want to know more about but feel too old or too weird or too clueless to ask about. Come hang with us to learn with levity!


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Hey there! We’re Caitlin and Jenny (she/her) in Austin, Texas. We’re both married, we’re parents, we’re educators, and we're great friends who love to laugh. We love using our teaching skills to discuss topics that moms and parents want to know more about but feel too old or too weird or too clueless to ask about. Come hang with us to learn with levity!






Fresh & Affordable Date Ideas For Couples, Families, & Friends To Reconnect

Let CK & GK show you how to add some spice to your life with fun and creative date night ideas for family, friends, and spouses! Here's what Caitlin and Jenny cover in this episode: And our usual real-life ridiculousness! Jenny's always coming up with creative ways to make family time fun! She has ideas for dates with your spouse, children, and friends, ranging from culinary adventures to scavenger hunts to virtual movie nights. Link to this episode's complete show notes on our...


Pulling Out All the Stops: The Origins of 10 Idioms

Experience an AHA moment as you explore the origins of common phrases and the tales behind them in this hilarious, heartwarming, and enlightening episode. Here's what we cover in this episode: Jenny GK is a self-proclaimed trivia expert and Caitlin loves to discuss all things weird history. Link to detailed show notes on The best support is a rating and a share. Love, CK & GK Support the showView our website at or our LinkTree. Find us on social...


Making Kids' Birthday Parties Suck Less

Truth time: kids' birthday parties suck. But they don't have to! When we're looking to make our kids' birthday parties less sucky, we start by finding a fun and unique location for the party. You'll learn: Caitlin and Jenny GK are parents with years of experience in parenting and hosting children's birthday parties. They just want to help parents make their children's birthday parties enjoyable for everyone! The best support is a rating and a share. Love, CK & GK Support the showView...


How You Can Set Healthy Boundaries for Kids: Kimball Lewis Empowers Parents

"You're in a new family now." In this episode, Caitlin, Jenny, and Kimball Lewis cover: Kimball Lewis is the CEO of, a website offering free articles and resources to help parents of children exhibiting defiant, obnoxious behaviors. He is a parent coach and evangelist of the late James Lehman's Total Transformation program. He and the team at are on a mission to empower parents with the tools to deal with their children's difficult behaviors....


I Need a Soul Detail | 6 Quick & Easy Go-To Family Meals You'll Need For Tired Nights

Is anyone else feeling a little "ughhhhh" right now? When the family cook's bandwidth is stretched thin, we rely on these clever hacks to provide nutritious meals for our families on a budget, from quick and easy grilled cheese nights to roasted vegetable soups and BLT chicken salads. You'll learn: Happy Listening! Caitlin & Jenny PROMO: Concerts That Made Us Link to Show Notes The best support is a rating and a share. Love, CK & GK Support the showView our website at...


It's A Turkey Neck | 23 Thoughtful & Clever Valentine's Day Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

January is O-V-E-R folks. It's Valentine's Season. And if you're averse to the "holiday" (notice the intentional use of quotes there), we totally get it. That said, you *might* still be on the hook for a gift or two. That's where we come in. This week, Jenny and Caitlin Tune in for these easy and affordable gift ideas and for all of our regular fun. And, grab the items we talked about in this week's blog post. Many thanks to Buzzfeed, PureWow, and Refinery29 for their inspiration behind...


It's An Inflatable Zubaz Buffalo | A Football Explainer

CK & GK revisit an oldie but goodie—football! While the ladies prepare for the Big Game, Caitlin goes full "middle school teacher" on y'all and gives you football vocab for beginners. You know, so that you can understand what the heck your football-lovin' people are saying when they scream at the television. Then, Jenny gives you football basics so that you can understand the game as it happens in real-time. We also get an update from Jenny about this weekend's games. Here's a link to the...


Aesthetically Pleasing Trash Can | 7 Fun New Things In the New Year

We're back after a long recording hiatus and we have LOTS of catching up to do! We talk about NFL football ahead of the SuperB-owl and where we go from the Damar Hamlin incident, a product recommendation a year in the making (thanks, QVC), a gorgeous trash can, and the merits of Top Gun: Maverick. Check out our 7 Fun New Things In The New Year in this week's episode, and get a preview of the content in this week's blog post. We've hit 3,500 listens! Thank you so much for listening to our...


And Maybe A Gerbil | Things From Our Childhoods in the 90s

Y'all -- the holidays have come and gone and we are STILL trying to do *all the things.* So, since we're busy and we're sure you are too, we thought we'd keep our "we read BuzzFeed" theme going for another week by bringing you *** the long-lost episode 51*** (ooooooh...) Full disclosure -- we recorded this episode in December 2022! It's Jenny's turn to get sucked into the Buzzfeed vortex and she's taking a trip down memory lane with things that we did as kids that we probably can't do with...


We Don't Bite Our Friends, Part 2 | Our Collaboration w/Petals Of Support

Hey y’all! We’re so glad you’re here for another CK & GK Podcast episode. We’re proud to share part 2 of our collaboration episode with Petals of Support this week. In this episode, hear why it’s important to remember that your relationship with your parents is complicated and requires a lens of grace and empathy, and you learn what we mean when we say “use the stickers.” We also answer 5 fun questions, just like guests on Inside the Actors Studio. Find Mama D and Petals of Support...


We Don't Bite Our Friends, Part 1 | Our Collaboration w/Petals Of Support

Hey, y'all! We're so glad you're here! We're thrilled to share part 1 of our collaboration episode with Petals of Support this week. When Mama D invited us to be a part of her sleepover series, we jumped at the chance, because we adore her! We shared our advice for parents of school-aged children, shared stories about fights and bites, and laughed a lot. Join us! Find Mama D and Petals of Support here. Find our show notes for this episode here. The best support is a rating and a...


What Animal Is A Morrulla? | Celebs Related By Marriage That Surprised Us!

Welcome to our 50th episode! Y'all -- it's December and we, like most, are trying to do *all the things.* So, since we're busy and you're busy, we thought we'd keep it light and fun this week! Caitlin got sucked into a Buzzfeed vortex and found this article about celebs that are related to one another and just HAD to share it with Jenny (and you, our listeners!). You probably already knew that Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner are sisters-in-law (thanks to the Jonas Brothers), but did you...


You're Doing Great | Our Interview w/Empowering Parents CEO Kimball Lewis

Hey, Parents, how are YOU holding up? We're not sure about you, but our kids are really making sure we stay on our toes this holiday season. You too? This week, we're thrilled to welcome Kimball Lewis, CEO of to the show to talk about parenting for the average parent -- you know, YOU, the parent who wants to honor and validate your child's feelings without losing your, um, *sheet.* Caitlin and Jenny talk about Deion Sanders and the University of Colorado and Spotify...


That's Why I'm Distracted | 5 iPhone Hacks You Might Not Know About - Or Just Haven’t Set Up Yet!

Happy Birthday to us! We are 1 year old! We are so thankful to our families and friends for their support. We also owe so much to YOU, our listeners, for giving us part of your day and the chance to entertain you. We love you! The inspiration for this week's cram sesh episode comes from Jenny saying things like "teach me how to use your watch" and "wait, your phone can do what?" So gear up, iPhone users, because we're talking iPhone hacks today. Your iPhone can Listen for the hacks; if...


Doing My Part For The Economy | More Than 23 Awesome Gifts to Give to Those You Love

Thanksgiving week is here and after the plates are cleared and dishes are done, what are people doing? Okay, yes, sleeping. But also? SHOPPING! We've compiled a list of a TON of awesome gift ideas for *all the people* at *all the price points.* Listen in for: Get all of the articles we mentioned and see the lists in this episode's blog post. Join us! Wishing you a happy and deal-full holiday shopping season. The best support is a rating and a share. Love, CK & GK Support the showView...


And, You Get To Eat Cool Whip | 3 Reasons We're Full Of Thanks And Pie. Lots of Pie.

We are coming up on our 1-year pod-a-versary and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, we're feeling especially thankful this year. So, we decided to take part in Jenny's annual tradition of saying what we're thankful for (spoiler: if you're a listener, you're on the list!). Of course, we ARE a how-to show and we've shared some of our go-to Thanksgiving recipes in this week's blog post, but the rest of our show is dedicated to some of our favorite things that have happened around and...


Got Milk? | 7 Fun "Facts" About The USA That We Really Hope Are True

It's Election Day in the USA! Maybe you're in line and need to pass the time. Maybe it's the day after Election Day and you need something to take your mind off of *everything.* Either way, perfect! This episode has fun facts about the USA! It wouldn't be CK & GK without a little randomness, too, so listen in for: This week's blog post includes these fun USA "facts" and more! Thanks for listening to us and loving our show. The best compliment you can give us is a recommendation to your...


This Episode Is Rated G+ | Browser Extensions We Love: Save Money, Save Time, Save Your Sanity

Did you know that there are super-smart people making extensions for your web browser? And that these extensions can do all kinds of different tasks FOR you? Tune in for some of our tried-and-true browser extension recommendations to help you Our blog post for this episode includes the entire list of things we discussed. Get the list here. As always, thank you for listening. And if there's something we missed, please let us know! Find us in *all the places* online. Love, CK & GK The...


"It's, Uh, Kind of Good?" | Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

Hiiiiiiieeeeeee Halloween is in less than a weeeeek... and you need a last-minute costume. Look (listen?) no further than this cram sesh episode. Jenny's got ideas for teens and adults, and Caitlin's got your little ones covered. Some of our favorites? This week's blog post is FULL of other ideas and links to even more. Happy Halloween! CK & GK Keywords: Halloween, costume, Thriller, My Favorite Murder, Murdaugh Murders Podcast, parents, adults, kids, teens, young kids, Byron Perkins,...


The Muscles From Brussels | Easy Ways to Make Your Millennial Closet 'New' - With Stuff You Already Own!

ICYMI, the "basic millennial wardrobe" is out (ugh). If you're looking for some ways to refresh your closet without throwing out everything in it, we can help. Listen in for Find links to TikTok creators mentioned in this episode and helpful articles to get you started with wardrobe updates in this week's blog post. Keywords: millennial, wardrobe, fall fashion, closet, fall refresh, fall update, clothes, soccer, NWSL, chess, motherhood, moms The best support is a rating and a...