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CME presents takes you inside the media making process with creatives from New York and beyond.


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CME presents takes you inside the media making process with creatives from New York and beyond.




Filming Music Videos and TV Shows with Jendra Jarnagin

Jendra Jarnagin is a film, tv and commercial cinematographer whose projects have played at Sundance and Tribeca and have streamed on Hulu, and Paramount Plus. She also recently completed work on the Warner Brothers television show, East New York. But before working as a cinematographer, Jendra began her career as a gaffer and electrician. In this episode, Jendra explains her path to becoming a cinematographer. We then delve into her approach to lighting and filming projects such as the music video, "Oprah," for the music artist Rhapsody, and the show East New York. We also discuss how approaches to cinematography and lighting are changing with new advancements in technology.


Creating and Producing the Podcast Abridged with Rebecca Seidel

Rebecca Seidel is a podcast producer, engineer and sound designer. She is lead producer for the company Goat Rodeo and lead engineer for the show Other Men Need Help. She has also spent some serious time considering the role that bridges play in our lives. In fact, over the past few years, Rebecca created a podcast series dedicated to exploring this very idea, called Abridged. The first episode of the series follows climber Dave Frieder, who has ascended to the top of every major bridge in New York City. The episode is called The Bridge Man, and it recently premiered at the Tribeca Festival as part of the Emerging Audio Artist’s Panel. On this episode, we speak with Rebecca about her approach to producing, writing, editing and sound designing Abridged, and her path to becoming a podcast producer, engineer, and sound designer. We also discuss her approach to creating soundscapes that can enhance an audio story and the important role that sound plays in her life. Twitter: Abridged Episode 1: Abridged Website:


Inside Virtual Production: What it is & Why You Should Care

Virtual Productions are changing and expanding the ways in which films and media are made. But how can virtual productions expand the possibilities for creativity. And how accessible are these tools to independent creators? Earlier this year, the New York City Center for Media Education held a Virtual Production panel as part of the 2023 CME Winter Media Summit. The goal was to define what exactly is virtual production, explore how creators are usingVP tools, and how the film and media industry is embracing this technology. For this panel that we are revisiting in today’s episode, titled “Inside Virtual Production: What it is & Why You Should Care,” CME was joined by content creator Adrian Miranda, Immersive Media Producer Aja Quinn Evans and Director of Sales at Mo-Sys, Andrew Aniceto. The panelists spoke with CME Director of Media Education Tiffany Blount and discussed their creative process, the impact that virtual production could have on the future of storytelling, and how the technology is enabling creators to make exciting artistic decisions. Please join us as we revisit this panel from February 2023.


The Present & Future of Low Budget Filmmaking

Is the evolving media landscape affecting how independent films are being made? Earlier this year, the New York City Center for Media Education held a panel to discuss the current and future state of independent film as part of the 2023 CME Winter Media Summit. The aim was to explore whether the changing media landscape and the seemingly endless supply of streaming content provided to audiences, affects how indie filmmakers produce projects. For this panel that we are revisiting in today’s episode, titled “The Present and Future of Low Budget Filmmaking,” CME was joined by writer and director Victoria Negri, Executive Director of The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, Joseph Shahadi, and Actress and Filmmaker Djaka Soauré. The panelists spoke with CME Manager of Media Education Sean Mannion about how their approach to making work has evolved and the challenges of producing meaningful projects in 2023. Simultaneously, they relayed their approaches to getting work made, the changing nature of film festivals, utilizing social media to propel their projects, and the new production challenges presented in a Covid world. Please join us as we revisit this panel from February 2023. Joseph Shahadi Victoria Negri Djaka Soauré


Directing and Producing Branded Content with Jarrett DePasquale

Jarrett DePasquale is a director and producer. His portfolio of commercials and branded content includes work for Ford, Wild Turkey, Coach, Lexus and the first-ever custom episode of the hit show Hot Ones, for Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation. But his path to directing wasn’t linear. Before directing and producing, Jarrett spent some formative years working as a sound mixer on film sets. In this episode, Jarrett explains his path to working in the commercial space and breaks down his approach to directing and producing commercial content. We then explore the evolution of branded content. Website: Social:


Editing Film and TV with Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee is a film and TV editor. You’ve seen some of her recent work if you’ve watched the 20th Century Studios comedy, Rosaline, the pilot for the Golden-Globe winning show, Ramy, or the The Fallout, which won the Grand Jury Prize at SXSW. But before Jennifer pivoted into film and tv editing, she worked as a comic book editor. Jenifer shares her experience transitioning into the film and tv editing world. We then take a deep dive into Jennifer’s approach to editing, storytelling and crafting narratives that maintain viewer interest. Jenny also discusses her early years spent working on micro-budget indie films in New York City.


Elena Engel on Creating the Documentary “John Leguizamo Live at Rikers”

Elena Engel is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and producer who has worked on projects with Warner Brothers, The Walt Disney Company, PBS, and The United Nations, among others. Years ago, she began collaborating with acclaimed actor and producer John Leguizamo on a film that would eventually become John Leguizamo Live at Rikers, premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film documents John Leguizamo performing his one-man show at Rikers correctional facility while simultaneously exploring the challenges that justice-involved young men face as they await trial or sentencing. Elena shares her approach to creating the film, the process of collaborating with John Leguizamo on the project, and her unexpected journey to directing. She also explains her goals for the film that highlights reentry programs for incarcerated young adults such as Getting Out And Staying Out. Check out the film:


Independently Directing a Film with Sian-Pierre Regis

How do you effectively direct, distribute and create an international promotional campaign for your independent film? Filmmaker and storyteller Sian-Pierre Regis figured it out with his documentary, Duty Free. The film explores the economic crisis for an aging population, ageism and the care crisis, but it is also a deeply personal story that examines the bond between son and mother. Duty Free played in theaters across the country, had its broadcast premiere on PBS Independent Lens and was nominated for a prestigious IDA award. But as a first time feature filmmaker, for Sian Pierre, the journey was partially trial by fire before it all came together. We discuss the challenges of independently directing and effectively distributing a feature film, while simultaneously co starring in a project with family members. We also breakdown Sian Pierre’s approach to marketing his film and creating a successful promotional rollout. Watch the film:


What is CME Presents?

CME Presents is a new podcast from the New York City Center for Media Education. CME Presents interviews digital creators and industry experts to understand how the films, media and digital experiences of our time are made. Investigate with CME how great digital stories are told, how tech is changing the way we create and much more. The creative space moves quickly; CME is here to deliver industry information and media production tricks of the trade to the ears of creators and listeners interested in the creative process. Learn more about the New York City Center for Media Education at: