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Archaeology? That’s like dinosaurs and stuff isn’t it? Nope. Learn about what archaeology is really all about and how people work within it.


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Archaeology? That’s like dinosaurs and stuff isn’t it? Nope. Learn about what archaeology is really all about and how people work within it.




S5 Ep05: A career during crisis

This week we take a moment to pause and reflect on some of the problems facing members of our community. We are joined by Kate Geary (CiFA), Lu Stanton-Greenwood (StepChange/ BAJR) and David Connolly (BAJR) and discussions are centred on the recently released ‘Poverty Impact Report’. Some useful links below: For help and advice with debt, cost of living, benefits, hardship funds...


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S5 Ep4: Continued conversations at Corfe Castle

Join Lawrence and Derek for an additional podcast as they go for a ramble chat with attendees of the Festival of Archaeology event in Corfe Castle, hosted by the National Trust. This “explosive” conversation covers ancient technology, forestry, maritime archaeology, computer games and much more.


S5 Ep3: Conversations at Corfe Castle

Welcome to this special episode which is brought to you by the Council for British Archaeology. This episode was recorded live at the Festival of Archaeology closing event at Corfe Castle, as hosted by the National Trust on 31st of July 2022. Derek and Lawrence are joined by a brilliant panel of archaeologists as they share their journey in archaeology and discuss several themes as well as advice to prospective future archaeologists. Panellists include Jeanette Plummer-Sires (Natural History...


S5 Ep2: Forests and the front line

In this special episode, join Lawrence as he attends a Festival of Archaeology event being delivered by Forestry England at Sherwood Pines. Learn a bit about what Forestry England do, how they manage their historic environment and what they have been doing to promote it during the festival. Lawrence catches up with colleagues and living historians who have helped to bring to life a day where visitors can learn all about the sites First World War history.


S5, Ep1: Career in Ruins in the Field

We are back! And what better way to come back then to take a day out to visit the Durotriges Big Dig. Ran over 9 seasons, this research project focuses on Iron Age Dorset, examining the transition between the Iron Age and Roman Britain, and how this is represented in the archaeological record. Not only does the project offer up lots of interesting research questions and discoveries, but it also provides Bournemouth University students with an opportunity to participate in practical...


S4 Ep09: A career in New Zealand

In this bonus episode Derek and Lawrence talk all things New Zealand archaeology. The duo are joined by New Zealand archaeologists Josie Hagan and Dr Andy Brown. The episode features a triumphant return of Monutrumps as well as a discussion of the range of sites in New Zealand and what you can expect during New Zealand archaeology week. New Zealand Archaeology Week is from 22 April to 1 May 2022. For more info see


S4 Ep8: A career in bioanthropology

In this, the season 4 finale, Derek and Lawrence chat about sculptures in the Forest of Dean and the discovery of Shackleton’s ship. The final guest of the season is the incredible Dr Arwa Kharobi, a bioanthropologist who talks through her diverse and fascinating career in ruins and “tells” us about some of the sites she’s worked on.


S4 Ep8: An episode in ruins

In this week’s episode Derek and Lawrence talk to………. each other. The duo discuss orienteering, the human history of the landscape, and Time Team. They also talk about some of the results from their YouTube mini-series ‘Career in Ruins: In the field’.


S4 Ep7: A career excavating with water

This week we catch up with floatation queen and environmental archaeology professional Naomi Sewpaul. Naomie talks us through her career in ruins to date that has led to her into becoming a leading expert across the archaeological disciplines of academia, research and commercial investigations. Naomi helps us to understand how we can excavate with water and why the post excavation processes are just as valuable as geophysics or the process of excavation itself.


S4 Ep6: A career in curation

This week Lawrence and Derek talk about their adventures in the countryside and Lawrence’s long history of heritage crime. Their guest this week is curatorial legend and Twitter master Rob Symmons. Rob is the curator of Fishbourne Roman palace: the largest Roman building north of the alps! The trio discuss Rob’s career in ruins, from the early seeds of his interest in archaeology to the moment Tony Robinson took a stroll in Fishbourne’s hypocaust.


S4 Ep5: A career in lumps and bumps

In this week’s episode Lawrence and Derek discuss the value of mentorship as well as the archaeological potential of shooting forests with drone-based lasers. Their guest this week is Time Team landscape superstar Professor Stewart Ainsworth. Stewart shares stories from his amazing and diverse career, from his work with the Ordnance Survey to his 20 years as a regular Sunday evening fixture on Channel 4.


S4 Ep4: A career in graphics

In this week’s episode Lawrence and Derek get a graphic insight into an often overlooked aspect of heritage communication. The duo are joined by Neil Max Emmanuel, a Creative Motion Graphic Designer, Animator, Editor, Storyboard Artist, Cartoonist/Comic Artist, Children's Book Illustrator, and all round amazing guy. I’m archaeology Neil is best known for his work on Time Team, bringing the stories to life and adding a dynamic motion aspect to Victor Ambrus’ amazing artwork. He has also...


S4 Ep3: A career in geophysics

In this episode Derek and Lawrence chat to John Gater. John is an geophysicist who's had a long pioneering career in archaeology. He is best known says work on Time Team but was instrumental in the early commercial adoption of geophysics in archaeology having worked for companies such as British Gas and the English Heritage Ancient Monuments Laboratory as well as Bradford University Research. He also founded the company Geophysical Surveys of Bradford (GSB) before merging with the SUMO...


S4 Ep2: A career in comedy

This week we catch up with brilliant Natalie Haynes. We find out how comedy has shaped her career in classics and how the classics have shaped her career in comedy. Full of laughs and insight, we learn what it takes to a have a successful Radio 4 comedy series, write columns in leading papers and have your novel short listed for the Women's Prize for Fiction. Natalie is a classicist, author and stand-up comedian as well as the host of Radio 4’s “Natalie Haynes Stands Up For the Classics”...


Career in Ruins Theme Tune

After popular demand we have added out new theme tune to our library as a surprise special gift for Spotify users. Add to your favorite playlist and listen whenever you like! Theme tune by Charles Harrison based on the tune created by Guy Dowsett.


S4 Ep1: A career with Vikings

Welcome back to the first episode of this new season of Career in Ruins. It’s been six months since we last did a pod and my word have we been busy. This week our hosts, Derek and Lawrence, catch up on what they have been up to, address some of the amazing archaeology that has been on the telly box of late and interview the fantastic Dr Cat Jarman. Cat is bioarchaeologist and archaeologist specializing in using forensic techniques to understand past peoples. Her research involves vikings,...


Career in Ruins: Walking and talking, your way

In this Festival of British Archaeology special Career in Ruins gets a significant upgrade as Lawrence is joined by Neil Redfern (CEO, Council for British Archaeology) with a special guest appearance by Matt Williams (Time Team legend and RSPB reserves archaeologist) in Derek’s absence. The podcast was recorded on-location at RSPB Arne where the team explore the importance of archaeology against the backdrop of this year’s festival theme “exploring local places”. Lawrence, Neil and Matt...


Dig4arch Special

In this Dig4arch special Derek and Lawrence talk to people behind the new campaign that aims to send a clear message that archaeology matters, Dr Chloë Duckworth (Newcastle University) and David Connolly (BAJR). They discuss the current risks to archaeology and explore some of the ways to overcome them the panel are joined by representatives from key organisations within the discipline to explore a range of issues, Kate Geary (CIFA), Neil Redfern (CBA) and Kenneth Aitchison (FAME). The panel...


S3 Ep 6: A career in the skies

This episode we are joined by Dr Toby Driver, Senior Investigator (Aerial Survey) at the Royal Commission Wales. Toby discusses his career in archaeology, how he got into aerial research and how the process works. We also discuss a number of things that have caught our attention, including the passing of Victor Ambrus (Time Team), the lost stone circle of Stonehenge and the Great British Dig.