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Where Charter Schools Tell Their Story

Where Charter Schools Tell Their Story
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Where Charter Schools Tell Their Story






Claudia Weintraub of River Oaks Academy | Episode 005

For Episode 5, I sat down with Claudia Weintraub, Executive Director of River Oaks Academy, a TK through 12th grade, independent study, or personalized learning as they like to call it, charter school that has two locations in Westlake Village and Oxnard. This school has concurrent enrollment available at the local junior college so students can be earning college credit while in high school. A very unique thing that River Oaks has is they are dual accredited with WASC and the NCAA. Since...


Meadows Arts Technology Elementary School | Episode 004

For Episode 4, I headed on over to Thousand Oaks, CA to Meadows Arts and Technology Elementary School, or MATES for short. I interviewed Brenda Olshever the Executive Director and Kristin Walker, the Assistant Director. MATES is a conversion school, which means it was once a district school that later converted into a charter school. The school was going to be shut down by the district due to low student enrollment, but instead they turned it into a thriving charter school. Learn about...


Redwood Preparatory Academy | Episode 003

I spoke with a couple of the Founders of Redwood Preparatory Charter School, located in Humboldt County for the third episode of the Charter Chat Podcast. I had the pleasure of interviewing Krista Croteau & Melanie Downing who are both a couple of the founders of the school. Hear about how Krista and Melanie got started in education and how they decided to start a charter school in their small community. They have a great story about how Redwood Prep started and how the community really...


Christine Kuglen of Innovations Academy | Episode 002

For the second episode of the Charter Chat Podcast, I visited with Christine Kuglen from Innovations Academy, located in San Diego. Christine has a great story about how she started her charter school. She also speaks about how she home-schooled her kids prior to starting a school. Innovations Academy has various personalized learning options. Christine speaks about the types of programs they have including homeschooling, a hybrid classroom based program and a full five day classroom...


Ana Chavez of Value Schools | Episode 001

I sat down with Ana Chavez from Value Schools, located in Los Angeles, CA for the first episode of the Charter Chat Podcast. She tells us about how she got started in charter schools and education. Ana spoke about their values-based model and how the kids build character and learn the importance of community. We discussed some of the challenges Value Schools faces with facilities and their current ongoing fundraiser to raise money to build a permanent home for one of their campuses. Ana...