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A place for me to chat to and learn from people far smarter than myself. Feel free to listen!


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A place for me to chat to and learn from people far smarter than myself. Feel free to listen!








Virginia Director and Award-Winning Filmmaker Francesco Puppini | Chatting with CGR Cooke

Francesco is a friend of mine from my days in student digs at Leeds Beckett University. He always stood out from the rabble of pissed students as being someone serious about their craft, only to be backed up with inordinately good manners and renowned friendliness. I always enjoyed talking to Francesco as his passion for film radiated from every pore - even down to making a short film party invitation which I hope he uploads one day. I asked if he would come on the podcast to share his...


'The Shrew with the Flu' Start-Up Author, Will Hamilton-Davies | Chatting with CGR Cooke

SPONSOR: Use discount code CHARLIE_TASTER for half-off a taster box or CHARLIE-SUB to get 50% off your first month's subscription of Human Food when you sign up today: (see my promo vid for them here: It was a real pleasure to chat to Will Hamilton-Davies about the process of being a start-up author, from his roots at university all the way through his Kickstarter campaigns to get the funding to make his children's book a reality. The Shrew with...


DIY In The Modern Era With Beau Miles | Chatting with CGR Cooke

Hello! Thank you to everyone who took the time to listen to this podcast. This was my very first recording for this CGR Podcast project, so I want to massively thank Beau Miles for being so bloody brilliant in coming on and sharing his thoughts on DIY in our current COVID and junk era. We talked about a lot of topics, mainly based around the philosophy of his get-it-done and Do It Yourself attitude with regard to many of his adventures and subsequent films, so I really hope you take the...