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Dec 2018 Monthly Meeting with Per Espen Stoknes

On CCL's December call, Executive Director Mark Reynolds reviews all of the significant actions that CCL groups across the country have done since the historic Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act was introduced. We are also joined by Per Espen Stoknes, a Norwegian psychologist and politician for the Green Party who served as a deputy representative to the Parliament of Norway. He weaves together psychology and economics in imaginative ways, often revolving around our human...


CCL Local Actions To Take On The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act

Join Citizens' Climate Lobby’s Vice President of Programs Madeleine Para, CCL Action Coordinator Todd Elvins and CCL Southeast Regional Director Don Addu for a webinar highlighting the actions volunteers can take across all five levers of political will to generate support for the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act. Video outline and sections: 3:26 - Don compares the focus for location action in 2018 & 2019 5:33 - Madeleine highlights actions with Congress and Lobbying 11:26 -...


CCU: Conservative Outreach Updates & Suggestions On The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act

Join Citizens' Climate Lobby's Conservative Director Jim Tolbert for a webinar on outreach updates with conservatives and eco-right organizations regarding The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act. Jim will review conservative messaging on climate change and how it relates to the new legislation. Jim will highlight the conservative support aligning with the bill as well as the Act’s five key messages and underlying components, connecting each to how the bill aligns with conservative...


CCU: Progressive Outreach Updates & Suggestions On The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act

Join Citizens' Climate Lobby’s Stephanie Doyle, National Outreach and Partnership Coordinator in a webinar that highlights outreach updates with environmental, climate justices, and progressive organizations regarding The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act. Stephanie will facilitate a review of the organizational statements made on behalf of the recent legislation, what CCL’s ongoing plan for outreach to non-profit organizations is at the national and local level, and recommendations...


CCU: The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act Legislative Details

Join Dr. Danny Richter, Citizen Climate Lobby's VP of Government Affairs, in a webinar highlighting the main details of the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act's legislative text. Danny walks through the Carbon Fee & Dividend components as well as the Carbon Equalization Tariff, Regulatory Adjustment, and Strategic Considerations on the Hill as well as some of the most frequent questions about the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act from CCL volunteers. For more information about...


CCU: The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act Media Plan

Join Steve Valk, Citizens' Climate Lobby's Communications Director and Flannery Winchester CCL's Communications Coordinator for a webinar highlighting the media strategy on the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act for all CCL volunteers. Flannery and Steve provide an overview of how to best engage your local media outlets, where to route national media interests, how to participate on social media, and where to find all of the resources for the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act in...


CCU: The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act Messaging Recommendations

Join Flannery Winchester, CCL's Communications Coordinator, for a webinar highlighting the messaging recommendations for the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act for all CCL volunteers. Flannery provides an overview of the important role of focus and resonance in communicating the five key points behind the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act and where to find all of the supporting resources in CCL Community. For more information about the bill, visit:


CCL: Introducing The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividends Act Webinar

In November 2018, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act was introduced in Congress by two Republicans and three Democrats. This historic bipartisan bill would enact carbon fee and dividend into law when passed, and is the result of the hard work and support of thousands of CCL volunteers over many years. Call Outline (skip forward to times listed): The Bill's Background (starts at 1:43), Review of the Bill's Basic Framework (starts at 7:31), Review of Actions & Next Steps (starts at...


The IPCC Special Report on 1.5 Degrees & CCL

CCL's Research Coordinator Rick Knight reviews the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report “Global Warming of 1.5°C.” (or SR1.5). In the presentation Rick reviews three main questions: Why was this report written? What does it tell us that’s new? How does it inform CCL’s work? For a link to the slides and full video, visit:


Nov 2018 Monthly Meeting with Anthony Leiserowitz

Just days after the midterm elections and right before CCL volunteers lobby on Capitol Hill, we talk to Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, about their latest polling on Americans’ views about climate change and solutions like carbon pricing. Dr. Leiserowitz is an expert on public opinion and public engagement with the issues of climate change and the environment. His research investigates the psychological, cultural, and political factors...


CC Radio Ep 30 What Does the Bible Say About Climate Change

Three American Evangelicals consider faith, theology, and global warming. Kyle Meyaard Schaap, National Organizer and spokesperson for Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (YECA) and Corina Newsome, YECA steering committee member on the diversity and civic engagement subcommittees, along with Rev. Josh Gibson, pastor of Emmanuel Bible Fellowship Church in Sunbury, PA, chat with host, Peterson Toscano about the Bible, stewardship, loving our neighbor, heaven, and earth. Discover how these...


CCU: 2018 Congressional Education Day Logistics Review (Audio)

Are you curious about what to expect about the conference and lobby day? Join hosts ​Taylor ​Krause, CCL's Executive Assistant and Sara Wanous, CCL's Membership Coordinator, for a final walk-through of the who, what, when, where, how and why of the 2018 International Conference & Lobby Day in Washington, DC. If you’re attending for the first time​ this is ​a highly valuable webinar in preparing for what to expect with the schedule, logistics, and final details. CCL's website:...


CCU: 2018 June Meeting Analysis (Audio)

Join CCL's Vice President of Government Affairs Dr. Danny Richter as he presents his annual analysis of the 500+ meetings CCL volunteers have with members of Congress or their staff in June each summer. This lesson reviews the June Meeting Analysis, how to use it in a meeting with a Member of Congress, the media, potential endorsers, and the larger community, as well as sharing our two-page leave-behind. The documents and resources reviewed in the lesson are available in CCL Community as...


CC Radio Ep 29 Truth, Fact, and Cli Fi

When telling climate change stories, truth is more important than facts. Host, Peterson Toscano shares his own bizarre climate change coming out story. Like many people, he was aware of climate change, but it never hit him in the heart or the gut--until one day. Moving, funny, and unexpected, his awakening came when climate change hit him and his Italian-American/South African family close to home. In addition to telling how he woke up to the reality of climate change, he shares listeners'...


CCU: Using Yale’s Climate Opinion 3.0 Maps To Influence Your Decision Maker

The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication conducts scientific studies on public opinion and behavior, informs the decision-making of governments, media, companies, and advocates, educates the public about climate change, and helps build public and political will for climate action. In this training, join Yale’s Program on Climate Change Communication Project Manager Eric Fine and Research Scientist Dr. Jennifer Morlan as they explain the climate opinion modeling estimates from Yale,...


CCU: Growing Your Local Group (Audio)

Looking for new insights in getting other community members more engaged in your advocacy work with CCL? Join CCL’s Northwest Regional Coordinator Tamara Staton and Brett Cease, Volunteer Education & Engagement Coordinator as they discuss strategies for finding and engaging people to become active volunteers in your local chapter.


October 2018 National Call with former Congressman David Jolly

Even if Democrats take the House in November, legislation to price carbon will need to be bipartisan, and that leads us to this month’s conversation with former Rep. David Jolly (R-FL). Before giving up his House seat to run for Senate, Jolly was an early member of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus and a cosponsor of the Republican climate resolution introduced by former Rep. Chris Gibson. Speaking in 2016, Jolly said, “I’m sick and tired of going nowhere in addressing large problems...


Core Volunteer Training: Diving Deep Into Carbon Fee & Dividend

Core Volunteer Training is a webinar series to help newer CCL supporters connect with each other from across the world and empower them to achieve their larger goals for climate advocacy. "Diving Deep into Carbon Fee & Dividend," features Robert Archer, US-AID economist (retired) and CCL Economic Policy Network contributor giving an in-depth presentation on new ways of thinking about the key components of the three dimensions of CCL's flagship policy.


CCU: Uncovering The CCL Brand (Audio)

Why do we exist and who do we serve? CCL’s brand is the deepest articulation of ourselves and helps us communicate our unique value to our volunteers, donors, congress members and partners. Join CCL’s Marketing and Communications Team for a webinar that reviews CCL’ s brand pillars, style and messaging, why they’re important, and the guidelines on how to best use them. For a link to the slides and full training visit:...


CCU: Cultural Dynamics - Reaching out to Diverse Communities (Audio)

Have you wanted to help your CCL chapter engage with and learn more about the diversity of communities in your own town? Join Karina Ramirez, CCL’s Diversity Coordinator, in a webinar geared at helping your group with strategies and tools to expand your chapter’s diversity footprint and represent a more complete array of your local community’s constituency. The webinar highlights steps to take in building these connections and considerations to understand communication recommendations to...