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Official podcast for climate heroes from Citizens' Climate Lobby. We're creating the political will for a livable world.

Official podcast for climate heroes from Citizens' Climate Lobby. We're creating the political will for a livable world.


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Official podcast for climate heroes from Citizens' Climate Lobby. We're creating the political will for a livable world.






CCL Training: CCL & Voter Participation Outreach

Join Shannon Seigal from the Environmental Voter Project and CCL group leaders from Georgia and California for a training on how to encourage your chapter to participate in your democracy, increase voter participation via the Environmental Voter Project and support related campaigns on campuses. Skip ahead to the following section(s): Environmental Voter Project (2:01) Working Local Campaigns (12:26) Help Students Vote (18:31) Stories From The Field (20:00) Presentation Slides:...


CCR 50 Big Climate Problems Require Even Bigger Global Solutions

Think of this as a patchwork quilt. Instead of one long main segment, the Art House, and the Puzzler Question, we have sewed together five shorter segments from around the world that each stand alone. Together they tell a larger story. Olivia Oguadinma in Nigeria discusses the role of storytelling in motivating her peers to meaningful action. Through her Gems on Earth podcast she reaches young people throughout Western Africa and beyond. Doerte Wihan, a mother of five and a...


CCL Training: Sunny Day Flooding & Climate Advocacy

Join CCL's Conservative Director Jim Tolbert for an applied training on how to identify and leverage the sunny day flooding events that occur in your community to create local stories with impact about your community. This training will also focus on how to connect these local stories and use sunny day flooding in our advocacy for coastal chapters. Skip ahead to the following section(s): Why sunny day flooding matters (2:54) Tools to help develop a local story (8:31) Capturing a local...


CCL Training: Planning A Joint Virtual CCL Meeting With Your Member Of Congress

Join CCL leaders from around the country for a training that will discuss the details on how to best prepare for and plan a joint virtual CCL meeting with your member Of Congress. The goal of these events are to show your incumbent member(s) of Congress the strength of CCL and to encourage them to work with your group to take further action on climate change and enacting solutions. Skip ahead to the following section(s): Background (2:25) Steps To Plan Your Meeting (4:36) What To Talk...


Dr. Renee Lertzman | Citizens' Climate Lobby | July Call

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed about climate change and our ability to solve the problem? Our guest this month, environmental psychologist Dr. Renee Lertzman, says we have a window of tolerance that, once we exceed it, causes us to shut down. Turning to the tools of psychology, we can acknowledge the feelings of anxiety that can immobilize us and create conditions that allow us to show up as our brilliant selves. Dr. Lertzman's unique and integrated approach brings together the best of the...


CCL Training: Engaging Students Through Internships

Join CCL's Student Engagement Coordinator Clara Fang for a training that walks through the process of setting up a local internship and what to consider. If you are a CCL group leader, state coordinator, or regional coordinator, working with an intern is a great way to get more done and engage young people with CCL. Supervising an intern is a significant time commitment and this training walks interested groups through deciding whether they need an intern, creating the intern position...


La Sesión Informativa

Aprende más sobre Ciudadanos por un Clima Vivible y cómo puede hacer una diferencia en la creación de la voluntad política para legislación que nos pondrá en el camino hacia reducciones de las emisiones que están cambiando nuestro clima.


CCR 49 Unleashing Our Imagination with Hannah Pickard, Dr. Natasha DeJarnett, and Sean Dague

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” -Albert Einstein. As climate change advocates, our ability to imagine a better future sometimes requires supernatural skills. Still engaging our imagination is essential to stirring up the kind of hope and excitement that inspires others to action. We need to articulate what it is we are fighting for? What is the world we want to create? Through a mind-expanding thought experiment, three guests join us to help...


CCL Training: 2020 Legislative Plan

Join CCL's Vice President of Government Affairs Dr. Danny Richter for a training that will provide up to the moment insights on the dynamics in Congress and how we can most effectively use our time in meetings to support our agenda. Skip Ahead To The Following Section(s): Legislative Strategy - Lobby Day Through Election (2:13) Starting On The Inside Track (16:12) Meeting Congress Where They're At (23:28) Presentation Slides: Training on CCL...


Lobbying 401: Leading A Lobby Team

Interested in learning more about what it takes and key details to remember when leading a virtual lobby meeting with a member of Congress or staff? Join CCL Mid-Atlantic Regional Co-coordinator Sabrina Fu and Great Lakes Regional Co-coordinator John Sabin for a training that will review the role of a lobby team leader, how they assign team roles, coordinate practice times and how to handle other special situations. Skip ahead to the following section(s): The Importance of Leads...


CCL Training: Reviewing 2020 Primary & Supporting Asks

Join CCL's Vice President of Government Affairs Dr. Danny Richter for a training that reviews the updates and context for CCL's 2020 Primary and Supporting Asks as well as guidance for lobby teams as they plan their virtual June 2020 meetings. Skip ahead to the following section(s): Congressional Context (2:05) Primary Asks (6:46) RECLAIM Act (10:55) Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act (16:20) Supporting Asks (23:13) More Information: Presentation Slides:...


CCL Training: Lobbying 301 - Handling Difficult Scenarios

Join CCL Northeast Regional Coordinator Iona Lutey and CCL Education & Engagement Assistant and Greater Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator Tamara Staton for a training that will help you prepare to overcome objections and handle difficult situations with a proven process that keeps your meetings and conversations on topic and leads to more effective and meaningful relationships. Skip ahead to the following section(s): What About China & India? (5:20) Concern About Taxes (8:30) The...


CCR Ep 48 Republicans Ready To Tackle Climate Change

For a long time climate advocates faced skepticism and resistance coming from Republican lawmakers. That is changing. In February Citizens Climate Radio host Peterson Toscano traveled to Washington DC for the first ever Conservative Climate Training and Lobby Days. Nearly 100 people showed up from all over the country, young and older. They met with Republican staff and members of congress to talk about climate change and a path forward. In this episode you will hear excerpts from...


CCL Training: Reframing - Moving People from Resistance to Support

You already know what to say…but what if they don’t come along? Learn how to respond to resistance by tapping into their values and beliefs, then finding a more useful frame that allows them to join our cause. Join Steve Levin‍, an Executive Coach & Organizational Change consultant with over 20 years experience, and leader of workshops in “Powerful Conversations” to help leaders and coaches be more influential. We will practice on real and realistic scenarios that we face every day, so come...


Lobbying 201: Planning & Practicing Lobbying Meetings

Join this opportunity to practice how to meet with your member of Congress this year for our online lobby meetings. Join Amy Bennett, CCL’s Director of Congressional Liaisons and Lobby Days for an online training that will walk you through important considerations for preparing to meet and what an actual meeting with your member of Congress looks like. Skip ahead to the following section(s): Meeting Roles (4:59) Planning The Meeting (10:26) Researching & Listening To Your Member...


Lobbying 101: The Transformative Power of Citizen Advocacy

Join CCL Mountain West Regional Coordinator Bill Barron for a training that will demonstrate the advantages we hold as citizens in transforming our government and the policies we adopt. Tune in to hear the personal stories of transformation from CCL volunteers from across the country from Latinos Action Team Co-Lead Alfonso Saldaña to CCL Youth Leaders Nicolas Polimeni and Remi Masarik to New Hampshire State Coordinator John Gage. Skip ahead to the following sections(s): Marshall's...


Dr Natasha DeJarnett | Citizens Climate Lobby | May 2020 Speaker

Climate change and carbon pollution have always had an impact on public health, and the COVID-19 pandemic bears that out. On this month’s call, Dr. Natasha DeJarnett will look at how these two crises are connected. Dr. DeJarnett is the interim associate director of Program and Partnership Development at the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), where she leads research as well as climate and health activities. She also serves on the governing board of Citizens’ Climate...


CCL Training: Handling Challenging Questions About The Energy Innovation Act

Join CCL Strategy Director Tony Sirna and Government Affairs Coordinator Adeline DeYoung for a training that will highlight recommendations for communicating about the Energy Innovation Act and including how to approach talking with community members who may voice concerns about provisions within the legislation. Skip ahead to the following section(s): Importance of Listening (4:48) How To Find & Use This CCL Resource (8:03 ) Role-play scenarios (15:14) CCL Community:...


CCR 47 Eco-Grief in a Time of Coronavirus Mourning

How are the impacts of climate change similar to what we are experiencing with the Coronavirus global pandemic? Many climate advocates have long felt sadness, anger, and despair over the destructive effects of climate change and the slow response by elected officials to do anything about it. Suddenly with the Coronavirus Outbreak we are all thrust into yet another existential crisis and even more grief. Eight women talk about working through grief to a place of action. They use their...


CCL Training: Preparing For Media Interviews

Join CCL's Communications Director Flannery Winchester for a training that builds volunteers’ interview skills, particularly for radio and television. Learn how to prepare for and respond to interview questions, keep the interview on track, and get your message across in the media. Skip ahead to the following section(s): Pre-interview prep (1:59) Preparing your message (6:05) Practicing: Bad, better, best (11:20) CCL’s recommended talking points (17:11) Pivoting (28:08) Presentation...