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Classroom Conversations is the place for teachers to share and learn. Presented by the Georgia Department of Education and Georgia Public Broadcasting, each episode features Georgia educators who are teaching and reaching students in innovative and impactful ways.


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Classroom Conversations is the place for teachers to share and learn. Presented by the Georgia Department of Education and Georgia Public Broadcasting, each episode features Georgia educators who are teaching and reaching students in innovative and impactful ways.




Episode 316: STE(A)M+READING: Don't be Afraid to Start

How can we use STE(A)M principles in our classrooms to encourage student curiosity and collaboration? Join us in conversation with Amanda Garrett and Sarah Wetherington of Paulding County for our Season 3 finale! Thanks for listening! We'll be back soon with Season 4!


Episode 315: School Nurses: A Vital Part of the Education Team

Student health is a group effort! Join us in conversation with Forsyth County school nurse, Susan Kawecki, and specialized instruction teacher, Sydney Bramblett, to learn how nurses and teachers collaborate to improve student physical and academic health at Coal Mountain Elementary School.


Episode 314: Adaptive Sports: Leveling the Playing Field

Georgia students of different abilities are able to share the spirit of athleticism thanks to wheelchair sports. Join us in conversation with Anna Henry and Christy Jones of the Houston County School district to discover how adapted sports is making a difference in the lives of student athletes across the state.


Episode 313: Mathematics Throughout the Building: Empowering Students

Let's get students excited about numbers in math class and beyond! Join us in conversation with Seticia Smith of Oak Hill Middle School to learn how.


Episode 312: Agricultural Advocates: A Global Partnership in South Georgia

Join us to hear about an agriculture exchange program connecting students in Georgia and Germany to each other and to the land. Wes Pace and Holly Garcia of Seminole County Schools tell us how this exciting partnership is opening the minds of students globally.


Episode 311: Tailoring Instruction: Meeting Students Where They Are

Meet students where they are by implementing personal learning plans! Join us in conversation with Jeanine Bunn of Lamar County Schools to learn how tailoring instruction to individual students can make a difference in your classroom.


Episode 310: 3D Science: Something Like A Phenomena

Get students interested in science by bringing the subject from the page to real life! Join us in conversation with third grade teacher Amy Brown to learn how hands-on, inquiry-based 3D science instruction can improve students understanding of the natural world.


Episode 309: Music In Our Schools: Building A Collaborative Community

How can music develop a greater sense of community and collaboration in our classrooms? Join us in conversation with music teachers, Melissa Delman and Michael Kobito to find out!


Episode 308: Checking In: Getting To Know Each Individual Student

Knowing each individual student can make a profound difference in student success. This task can also be a challenge. Join us in conversation with Tabitha Purvis of Columbia County Schools for tips on getting to know all of your students.


Episode 307: Read-Alouds For All Grades: Building Confidence And Growing Vocabulary

What can the simple art of reading aloud do for student comprehension? Join us in conversation with Jordan Motsinger of Cobb County Schools to find out!


Episode 306: Cultivating Creative Thinking: Good For Every Student

Creative problem solving helps our students thrive in the classroom and beyond! Join us in conversation with Dawn Jeffers (Columbia County) and Jennifer Borngesser (Fayette County) to learn how to enhance student resourcefulness.


Episode 305: Primary Sources In Social Studies: Putting History Into Our Students' Hands

Unlock the power of primary sources in your social studies classroom! In this episode, Lisa Rogers and Rick Parker of Cobb County Schools give teaching tips to improve student curiosity and comprehension.


Episode 304: Dramatic Teaching: Finding Your Place In Theatre Classes

What can we learn from theatre class? In today's episode, we're sitting down with Leigh Powell of Bainbridge High School to find out!


Episode 303: Teaching 21st Century Skills: Let The Kids Be The Experts

Maximize student learning through the power of instructional technology! Join us in conversation with Chelsea Leming and Kristen Brooks of Cherokee County schools to learn more.


Episode 302: Educating Hearts: Creating A Culture Of Compliments

Looking to cultivate learning with a positive classroom climate? Join the conversation with Parrie Oates and Ashlie Smith to learn how the art of compliments can improve our education system, one student at a time.


Episode 301: 2023 Georgia Teacher Of The Year: Know Your Why

Award-winning teaching tips revealed! Join us for our Season 3 Premiere with 2023 GA Teacher of the Year, Michael Kobito.


Episode 213: Cultivating Curiosity: Social Studies And Inquiry Based Learning

Want to to foster a love of learning in your classroom? Get tips from inquiry-based social studies teachers, Melissa Williamson and Jennifer Bell, in our Season 2 finale!


Episode 212: Assume The Best: Tips From A Veteran-Turned-Teacher

Happy Veterans Day! How does teacher military experience feed classroom community? Find out in our conversation with Josh Adee of Columbia County Alternative School.


Episode 211: Behavior Specific Praise: The Power Of Pointing Out The Positive

Steven Charity (Fayette County Schools) and Ellen Greer (Bartow County Schools) join us to explain the power of positive praise in the classroom.


Episode 210: Dual Language Immersion: Maximizing Success

Catie Rogers and Yessica McNeeley of Forsyth County Schools talk with us about the educational benefits of Dual Language Immersion.