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ClubWealth TV helps driven, successful and BUSY real estate agents like you, double your business while building a strong, balanced home life. Join us each week as high producing agents and team leaders share their stories, and unpack the principle and systems they've used to double, triple and even quadruple their business while enjoying greater quality of life.

ClubWealth TV helps driven, successful and BUSY real estate agents like you, double your business while building a strong, balanced home life. Join us each week as high producing agents and team leaders share their stories, and unpack the principle and systems they've used to double, triple and even quadruple their business while enjoying greater quality of life.
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ClubWealth TV helps driven, successful and BUSY real estate agents like you, double your business while building a strong, balanced home life. Join us each week as high producing agents and team leaders share their stories, and unpack the principle and systems they've used to double, triple and even quadruple their business while enjoying greater quality of life.




Chris Heller on Steps for Success and How He Built His Own Business from Scratch

Success is not about unique talent and luck, but about consistent hard work and planning. What’s the first step we should take towards focusing on higher-value activities? Why is emotional resilience so important in real estate? And what’s the one competitive edge we have over companies with large funds? In this episode, one of the most successful real estate executives, Chris Heller, shares his real estate journey and advice for aspiring agents. The reasons people buy or sell homes are...


How to Generate Referrals From Networking Events w/Aimee Freeman

Networking events are a great opportunity for us to learn from others and make connections, but they’re often perceived as a waste of time. How can we get the most out of a networking event without wasting our time with people who aren’t interested in what we offer? Why should we be careful with who we send referrals to? How can an introvert thrive at networking events? In this episode, Aimee Freeman talks about how she generated referrals by going to networking events. Life begins at...


From Trading Time for Money, to Trading Ideas for Money w/James Shelby

Real estate agents are commonly taught to be “self-self-employed” which means they never become business owners. What are things we can do to transition from trading time for dollars to trading ideas for dollars? How should we approach prospecting? What does it take to get to 6-figures of net income? On this episode, we talk to James Shelby about leveraging, diversifying lead streams, and becoming a true business owner. You need to find multiple streams of leads to bring in the...


How to Get On Track to 100+ Sales Per Month

All agents dream of scaling up their business, but what’s different about the mindset of someone who is already closing 100 deals per month? How can we break into new niches such as REO? What’s the best way to motivate our team? And how do we prevent our business from leaking money after a lead source disappears? In this episode, we talk about tips and tactics that will get you closer to your goal. Sales is learning to communicate in a way that we can both win. -Brian...


How Nick Waldner Went From 50 to 500 Transactions a Year in 5 years

Most teams don’t take the time to set up career paths for their agents, and this leaves them with very little value to offer. How can we develop a path that teaches agents the high value work they need to do, and give them space to grow as leaders too? When it comes to getting more results, why is leverage the answer? Why is specialization the only way to earn more, grow successful businesses and still have the ability to be devoted to our families? On this episode, Nick Waldner shares the...


Creative Ways to Market Yourself and Dominate a Small Market w/Brian and Cindi Richardson

Standing out in your market has a huge impact on your business, and being a trusted resource for others can help you do that. How can we be more useful and less salesy? How does providing an excellent customer experience result in recurring business? How can an assistant help us focus on high-value tasks? In this episode, Brian and Cindi Richardson share how they made it big in a small market. You have to deliver excellent customer service—not just to clients, but also to the agents...


Breaking Into the Luxury Segment and Why Luxury Clients Aren’t So Different w/Josh Zollinger

Building a real estate business in the luxury market comes with its own unique challenges, but are clients from this segment really that different? How can we walk the extra mile for a luxury client without sacrificing our free time? Why are photographs important for both the advertising process and in convincing a seller to list with us? In this episode, Josh Zollinger talks about how he broke into the luxury market and shares what he’s learned since. Whoever you are without money,...


How Ken Pozek Grew His Business in a New Market with Agent-to-Agent Marketing

A lot of agents underestimate the value of building relationships with the agent community, and they miss out on great opportunities. How can we add value for our fellow agents? Why are relationships the lifeblood of our industry? How do we build relationships with people on the institutional side? On this episode, Ken Pozek shares how he grew his volume to $40 million in just two years in a new market, and why relationships were so instrumental in his success. If we’re not building...


Signs of a Shifting Market & How to Be Prepared w/Mike Bjorkman

When we’re doing a lot of deals and everything is running well in our business, it’s easy to miss the early tremors of a shifting market. What are the details we need to pay attention to in order to know that something is coming? Which market should we pay close attention to? How do we make sure our businesses are well-balanced? On this episode, Mike Bjorkman shares how he managed to thrive through two market shifts, and the early warning signs we should be paying attention to. We want to...


How Mike Bernier Closes 10% of His Leads

A lot of us are seeing low conversion rates because we lack tenacity on our leads.How can we empower ourselves with information about the buyer so we can better serve them? What should our attitude be toward incoming calls? What’s the most effective way to assign leads to agents on the team? On this episode, we talk with Mike Bernier about maximizing his leads and converting them at a higher level. Resources: - Join the Club Wealth Real Estate Agent Mastermind Facebook...


Recruiting New-to-the-Industry Agents and How to Excel with In-Office Listing Presentations w/ Kevin Yoder

Most team leaders would never entertain the idea of hiring agents who are new to the industry, but it is something we should all consider. What are the benefits of hiring “green” talent, and how do you interview to find the right fit? When it comes to listing presentations, how can you hold them in your office successfully? How do you make sure you go above and beyond your competition in these in-office presentations? On this episode, Kevin Yoder shares how he’s making two over-looked...


Kidz in the Biz: Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today w/ Amber Santa Ana, Grace Ray, Austin Hellickson and Maddison Hellickson

We often underestimate the impact our children can have on our business, or the long-term benefits of learning what hard work looks like from an early age. How can working with us impact our children? How will this affect their future careers? And why is it important for them to learn strong work ethic early on? In this episode, we will share 4 amazing stories of teens who work side by side with their parents to grow their family business. Ultimately, we all have the same goal. We want...


7 Steps to Higher Commissions w/Todd Tramonte

A lot of us easily forget the value that comes with going the extra mile with our listings. How does committing to adding more value actually give our clients more returns? Where are we missing the mark and could be doing better? How can we create scarcity around even the most common properties? On this episode, Todd Tramonte joins us to share the 7-step action plan that allows his team to not only increase their commission but help clients earn more. It’s not about what we do or the...


Insights From Listing Agent Bootcamp 2018

A lot of us aren’t hungry enough for our goals and it shows in our results. How can we overcome this so we can start winning? Why are relationships so important? What does it take for us to stop making excuses and step into our purpose? On this episode, we discuss some of the key learnings and insights from our Listing Agent Bootcamp. Resources: - Join the Club Wealth Real Estate Agent Mastermind Facebook Group - Get info on the Business Strategy Mastermind Conference November...


The Power of Humble Implementation & Doing the Tasks that Lead to Success w/Michael Baird

One of the biggest misunderstandings in real estate is what a team leader actually does. It’s not about sitting back and collecting a paycheck. What is the truth about what it takes to succeed? How do we know if the time is right to grow a team? How do we learn to push things forward in our team? On this episode, we talk to Michael Baird who shares on transitioning from solo agent to team leader. You want to be the one to call them when they’re ready. You’ll never know when they’re ready,...


6 Ways to Effectively Handle Objections w/Jess Zagorsky

The idea of an objection can be intimidating to a lot of real estate agents, but it doesn’t have to be. What are ways we can resolve concerns, and actually turn them into opportunities to provide value? How can we tell the difference between an objection and a simple question? How can we reframe an objection? On this episode, Jesse Zagorsky shares how to handle objections like a pro. If there’s an awkward pause in the conversation after you’ve handled the objection it’s probably because...


Speed to Response: How to Optimize Your Communication & Client Appreciation to Protect Your Referral Business w/Brandon Nelson

Technology and other disruptions are affecting the amount of referral business we’re getting these days. As leaders, how can we adapt to this going forward? What does it take to still be top of mind? On this episode, Brandon Nelson shares how his team has prioritized speed to response, and how they continue to foster referral business in today’s changing real estate landscape. We’re striving to be in front of the people who are most likely to send us business. -Brandon...


How Ken Crotts Went from Being a Solo Agent to Listing 4 Houses Per Week With His Team

As a rockstar, you have to wear many hats to make it work. How is a team leader different from being a solo agent? What are the advantages of having a team? Why do so many agents lose the listing? In this episode, Ken Crotts shares how he went from being a solo agent to leading a team that closes an average of 4 listing per week, and how he has created more time for himself and his family. I quickly found out that being a team leader is very different from being a good agent. -Ken...


How Video Content Can Help You Build a Network of Constant Referrals w/ Kyle Whissel

When it comes to building an audience online, video is a powerful tool. It encompasses all of the other content types in one place and stimulates both the auditory and visual senses. How can video can help us sell more real estate? What makes some videos get so many views while others are ignored? What type of video creation should we focus on? In this episode, the founder of the #1 team in San Diego, Kyle Whissel, shares how he uses video content to build trust and get referrals. When...


Free Lead Sources & How to Grow Your Business Without Writing a Check w/Garrett Pancheri & Dustin Cagle

Many agents never get more deals because they aren’t having more conversations and engaging with people. How might we be getting in the way of our own earnings? What are some of the best free lead sources we can use? What is the fastest way to get “now” business from a free lead source? On this episode, we talk to Garrett Pancheri and Dustin Cagle about how they have found success with leads without spending money. When you get comfortable talking to people, you’ll sell houses and get...