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This is a podcast for high school and transfer students exploring various ways to discover, apply and afford colleges with expert advise from across the nation.

This is a podcast for high school and transfer students exploring various ways to discover, apply and afford colleges with expert advise from across the nation.
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This is a podcast for high school and transfer students exploring various ways to discover, apply and afford colleges with expert advise from across the nation.




#10 College 4 DREAMers - Immigrants Rising

Learn about the college options and obstacles that DREAMers will have to face to become college bound and college graduates. We are fortunate to speak with Estefania Hermosillo from Immigrants Rising. She is the Community Education Coordinator at Immigrants Rising. She began to actively participate in the immigrant rights movement in 2012 and has participated in various capacities. Estefania has been a student, an educator, a community organizer, an activist, and a lobbyist. Learn more from...


#9 UC Application

Nine campuses. One application. You may apply to any of the nine UC undergraduate campuses like UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UC Riverside, and UC Merced. Learn how to apply to UC's nine undergraduate campuses with Mike Drish who is the Deputy Director of Undergraduate Admission at the University of California, Los Angeles.


#8 The Ivy League

Our podcast will discuss the Ivy League colleges in the USA. We fortunate to have Michael Cameron, Assistant Director of Admission at Brown University. Brown University is one of the 8 Ivy League colleges. Michael brings more than a decade of enrollment management and marketing experience to his current position at Brown. Prior to joining Brown, he served in various admission roles in a broad range of institutions where he developed his ability to define and identify “fit” in the admission...


#7 Community College

Learn about all the amazing opportunities that community colleges have to offer with Dean Alex Guirba at the City College of San Francisco's Community Outreach, Enrollment & Engagement. Community colleges truly practice the message for all students "Nothing is impossible unless YOU think it is impossible."


#6 College Financial Aid

Have questions about college finanical aid? Many people do. You are not alone. We are fortunate to have Jon Waldrep from the California State Aid Commission where he coordinates High School Counselor Workshops across the state to inform everyone in education how students can make college affordable. Let's learn how we can make College 4 All!


#5 Common App - the college application system for hundred of higher institutions

The Common Application is a not-for-profit, member organization committed to the pursuit of access, equity, and integrity in the college admission process. Forty years ago, 15 institutions of higher education got to discover a way for a student to complete one application for many. This "Common Application Experiment" has changed the course of college admissions forever. Now Common App works with over 800 diverse college and universities across the world. More than 1 million students use...


#4 California State University aka the CSU System

On our podcast, we are going to talk about California State Universities that has 23 campuses throughout California as far as Chico to San Diego. California has become a hot spot for prospective college students and the CSU campuses work with a volume of students to become productive graduates in our society? We are fortunate to have Valerie Grace is an Outreach Specialist at San Francisco State University to help us learn more about the California State University system aka the CSU's.


#3 First Gen Student Success at the University of California

Find out how all 10 University of California campuses are supporting and connecting first-generation students with faculty members while providing them resources to help students to help them succeed in college and beyond. Tons of resources are discussed with Gwynn Benner who is the Assistant Vice Provost to Student Success at the University of California Santa Cruz. The UC system has made an elaborate website at Number of resources are discussed from...


#2 Liberal Art Colleges with Ardi Samonte '16 from Saint Mary's College of California

Understand the truths and myths about liberal art colleges and why so many employers are attracted to students who graduate from these institutions. We will also talk about how they are unique, personal and accessible for students from all backgrounds.


#1 How Personal Statements for Colleges are Used for Admissions with Julio Mata from Miami University

College4All discusses with Julio Mata from Miami University who is the Senior Assistant Director for Regional Enrollment about personal statements that are used in college admissions. We go deeper into various other prompts that are used for specific campuses, additional info section and the disciplinary questions on various college applications.