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Episode 5 - Social Media

Welcome to 'Thinking Critically' where we discuss topics in the hopes of expanding the way you think about it. This episode we will be discussing 'Social Media' we dive in talking about all aspects surrounding this topic. We would love to hear your opinions and thoughts!! If you have any questions or comments you would like us to discuss or anything you want to ask please contact us at: Check out our COMEDY PODCAST: Get involved in the...


Episode 4 - Cancer (Part 1)

Welcome to Thinking Critically, in this episode we tackle the topic of 'Cancer'. What is cancer exactly and how does it come about. This is the first part only talking about the composition of it from DNA to spreading. If you have enjoyed the show give us a LIKE and SHARE it with everyone!! You can contact us if there is a topic or business inquire on our email: Check out our COMEDY PODCAST here: FOLLOW us on TWITTER:


Episode 3 - Cryptocurrency

Welcome to 'Thinking Critically' where we analyze topics in a knowledge/educational manner. This episode we discuss Cryptocurrency, the future of currency? Lets get an understanding of that it is and how it works. We also share some ways you can make free Bitcoin. If you enjoyed the episode leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. If you have any questions or topics you would like us to take a look at please email us at: Referral link to


Episode 2 - Autonomous Cars/Vehicles

Novatech UK: HP US: HP Canada: Welcome to Thinking Critically where in this new episode we talk about autonomous cars/vehicles. What are the different classes of autonomous cars and what do they mean, what goes into making an autonomous car work. We also talk about the future of it and what it could mean to have one. We share our thoughts for you. If you enjoy the show make sure to give it a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. If...


Episode 1 - Flat Earth

First episode of 'Critical Thinking The Podcast,' where we give you the information behind 'Flat Earth Theory' as stated by The Flat Earth Society.' Have you ever wondered what exactly they believe, listen in to get all the information. If you enjoyed the show leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Check out our other PODCAST: FOLLOW us on TWITTER: LIKE our FACEBOOK: FOLLOW our INSTAGRAM: