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Deal talk 152 Buying public and ready your trade in

Buying from the public and ready your Trade in Buying from an individualWhy they are sellingWhat you should verify and knowTradeRetailing paysTrade or not to tradeKnow what you are tradingDeal first, trade secondResearchGet it ready paysNo matter what you are tradingWhat you owe versus tradeResale value is a big part


Deal Talk 151 Adding options from the F&I office

Adding options from the F&I office No Internet companies for due diligence quotes Use your market No to everything can be as bad as yes Geographic add-ons help resale OEM add-ons Dealers use add-ons Appearance Prepaid maintenance Life and Accident insurance Motorcycle add-ons Truck add-ons Always the factories Extended warranty You can shop all of it before you buy Do the planning and pricing of add-ons before you get to the dealership


Deal Talk 150 When you buy a truck

Deal Talk Trucks Automotive world laughs about CFPB Subaru gets caught Up to $16000 off Used deal, maybe not The box size Cab counts Transmission matters Engine power pays 4x4 = $x$ Keeps on giving Resale is king Always OTD Know exactly what you need before you look Finance is a bigger factor now Used trucks compare to new Auto Check or Car Fax, always Check for Flood vehicles


Deal Talk 149 New and used vehicle labels

Deal Talk 149 New and used vehicle labels Arbitration is binding Dodd-Frank repeal Higher finance mark ups Dealer profits will get higher Shop the rates Think MPG Labels Monroney matters Additional Information Addendum types Buyers guide Used labels MSRP for proper comparison OTD is all that counts


Deal Talk 148 Balloons and Floods

BALLOONS AND FLOODS Balloon loan types No guarantees Only sound like a lease Starting low and ending high Refinance blues Long-term alternative They are everywhere Avoiding a flood unit Beware of location Areas to identify Don't be price blind Low payment savvy Long term maybe


Deal Talk 147 Buying when you're in a Hurry

Dealing when you're in a hurry Where is the data? Which SUV equals resale Sales and F&I are up everywhere Buyer beware when rushing Due diligence in a hurry but do it Phone and Internet A one-price store? One day, use the entire day Be assertive, not aggressive Only count on what is in writing Aftermarket exceptions What slows you down? Something is better than nothing The basics of the basic


Deal Talk 146 More about credit

More about credit The eight no trade credit states Bad credit sources. Ridiculous rates Beacon levels 50 percent or more, down payment What's the quality? Buy here pay here is tough Churning Laws that help What states can do and the country should? Secondary finance sources are better then BHPH Get some testimonials! Old credit cards You can shop!


Deal Talk 145 First time buying

First Time Buyer Dealer reserve payments are going up CFPB help is ending Dealer fee is another profit More risk, more rate Know your budget FTB, finance first, buy and negotiate second Financing has many sources Referral letters will help Cosigners can trump everything Improve the risk


Deal Talk 144 Let the dealing begin

Let the dealing begin The news about the CFPB arbitration rule, protect it. Fees are a con Great negotiating requires great due diligence. Being rude or angry does not work, assertive not aggressive. Avoid cash or shopping talk. No matter what you offer, the dealer will try to bump you. Always hold your lips together tightly and listen. Acknowledge and ask for more. Don't take the other people's position or attitude personally ACV verses allowance. Either way works but one at a...


Deal Talk 143 When the research is done

When the research is finished One percent more Off lease tidal wave Auto complaints are second to one Forget the ads Baiting the buyer Swapping terms Packing No spot delivery Know your beacon Never today only Sales pressure Don't be afraid to walk


Deal Talk 142 Online is paramount

Online research is paramount FTC and what it does update Tesla electric The Internet for today's deal. Get the facts and leave the rest. Book prices but stiff shop it Bank rates and terms Internet quotes. Assertive not aggressive Safety sites Background check Beacon BBB Go in armed with the facts


Deal Talk 141 Electric nd gas

Electric and gas Serious Upside down Negotiate the finance Focus on the purchase first Separate loans Remember the anti upside down list Types of electric vehicles Hybrid Total electric Low limits Finding a power source Cost is huge Resale is a guess Environmental questions


Deal Talk 140 Don't do it

Don’t do it: The definitely don’ts and a few do’s A 25 list to remind you Never talk price while picking Always test drive Think about the future, fitting needs, resale value, etc. Never deal without talking to the banks first Never talk payments with facts Always, auto check Nineteen more Six Leasing don’ts Never give up All in all, stick to Deal Talk


Deal Talk 139 One Price Dealers

One price is about the dealer Shopping your vehicle is paramount True one price is a culture Why one price? 2+2 is not 5 Negotiating is a happier customer Usually the higher average Don't let your guard down Due diligence is the key Lower overhead and better averages As always, OTD is the answer


Deal Talk 138 Selling your own vehicle

Selling your own vehicle Make sure the advice is worth listening Congress and autonomous Dealers educating the public Trading in sale Out-right to a dealer Selling yours retail First impressions are everything Cosmetics are key Fix the noises They’re all worth doing Locate the title Know you pay off Get a car fax to be ready Prepare for upside down During the process be prepared Talk about the strengths Advertise everywhere The quick list


Deal Talk 137 Used vehicle buying

Used vehicle buying: Lease deal news Online sales companies and a garage Is used buying different? Pricing techniques You need wholesale and retail Less picky Dealer considerations Special reports can help Basic needs Take your time looking it over and check for flood signs More due diligence List of ten keys Even more banks Figures that help you figure Three offers Don’t be afraid to walk OTD, months, rate, amount and any required down payment It all matters


Deal Talk 136 Resale value is king

Resale value is king Bank kickbacks, aka reserve payments, are on their way out, maybe Auto loan Debt is the highest ever Upside down and resale value? Is resale part of the deal? What seems like a good deal, maybe not! Biggest cost, considered the least What affects resale? Predictable resale? What are all the factors? How to protect resale You can control much of it Part of the due diligence


Deal Talk 135 Advertising tells a story

Advertising tells a story AutoNation $ Upside down may be easier to finance Common bait and switch Radio, paper, TV, social media Multiple rebates Ridiculous trade values No matter what you owe Employee pricing, what? Disclosures Plus everything FTC will help eventually Not a single number matters Ads can show the ethical character Nothing else matters but OTD and CPI


Deal Talk 134 All about when

When Tesla in spaceTrack the CFPBSubprime leasing is a lockUse every advantage possiblePost-holidayWeek dayLast or 32nd,Time thoughtsMorning, noon or eveningNew model, left-over, 2 year usedOddity of design changeLeasing


Deal talk 133 Stick to the plan

Stick to the plan Companies can get off track Military lending Robert’s questions Why shop the trade? Why so many quotes? In person matters Get it all not just a little You have to want it Due diligence even with connections When a tie go with no fee Only give the info they need Only except the facts