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Advice on buying a car, truck or motorcycle. How to save money and avoid the hassles when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Information about every aspect of an automotive purchase. Financing, trade-in value, advertising and many other topics.

Advice on buying a car, truck or motorcycle. How to save money and avoid the hassles when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Information about every aspect of an automotive purchase. Financing, trade-in value, advertising and many other topics.


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Advice on buying a car, truck or motorcycle. How to save money and avoid the hassles when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Information about every aspect of an automotive purchase. Financing, trade-in value, advertising and many other topics.








Extended service plans, yes or no

Extended service plan, yes or no Average EV price vs Average vehicle sold More space needed to stop? Assuming good condition Extended service plans are not warranties actually Condition and care tell the story Price plus deductible is the first repair Extended warranties are a question Extended warranty does not add in the trade in value Keeping it? Yes Always from the maker With a warranty fix or trade is never a question Low repair record equals high resale


The keys to negotiating

The keys to Negotiating your deal E Vehicles are not what they appear to be When is it time to say yes? Negotiating is part of every episode Many methods, varied results Knowledge is key Due diligence support Waiting for results Can you do better? Persistence Deal and trade separate if possible Talk when there is a need Offer and facts together You may need to walk No substitute for due diligence


Checking collision coverage and EV Update: Batteries

checking your collision coverage EV Update: batteries


Preparing for the F&I business office

Preparing for the F&I business office Electric Vehicle price difference from gas is HUGE Congress is buying EV stocks and then pushing them Will home owners Ins reflect the electric connections? Think and make a pro vs con list F&I as a conversation Business office money Myriad of products Every product can appeal to someone Reserve commissions can be huge Be prepared, due diligence Payment packing is real How to guard F&I Menu approach Review you payment in the business office...


What to do if your deal runs into dishonest or ethical issues

What to do when your deal runs into dishonest or ethical issues Electric sales are not booming Shipping charges are crazy high and the value is crazy low If your deal has a problem Factory problems must follow a plan Due diligence, due process Follow the Chain of command Salesperson, Manager, Dealer principal or GM Manufacturer ( and the bank Better business ( Attorney general (your general) FTC (federal) UDAP statutes will help Attorney...


How to Avoid crazy ads in a crazy market

Best model articles Best Brand tells the real story Best used are the best resale Automotive ads explained Brand choice protects resale dollars Crazy ads are even crazier Disclosures that don’t help Radio, TV, newspaper, socials Vague is the norm Bait and switch Crazy trade values Employee pricing Surprises can be thousands Ads indicate character Ethics indicates results It doesn’t get better, it’s a culture Look for dealers that advertise what they offer other than price


The real factory certified preowned story

The Certified preowned story Same credit but different terms Affordability doesn’t matter Dealers will use a rate that helps them nit you Shop the banks first CPO vehicles and value Read all the material for a specific certified unit Check points sound huge Just marketing another way Bank rates with CPO Certified can cost several thousand more Why pay in advance for what might happen Low mileage and a clean car fax The retail book value does not have an add on for...


The pro and con of buying an electric vehicle

The pro and con of electric automobile purchasing EV’s cost many thousands more Resale will be less making the effective cost of ownership is even more Green new deal crazy Reviews and reports on electric Mild hybrid Hybrid Plug in hybrid Total electric The resale facts Cost of ownership 1 Kw = 4 miles average Weight vs distance 32 Kw for 100 miles Kw’s cost between 25 and 50 cents Gas isn’t that much different EV’s are thousands more Convenience has value Price , distance,...


The minus equity, upside down, underwater story

How to handle minus equity, aka upside down, aka underwater New Gas MPG requirements 9000 dollars The electric push Overlooked leasing terms Resale support Under water, minus equity, upside down Why it happens What to do This market’s opportunity Type 1 and type 2 Due diligence Minimizing minus equity Start with the right vehicle Eight tips for the future


Should you fix your vehicle or trade Plus motorcycle buying tips

Fix it or trade it plus motorcycle buying tips Fix it or trade The market adds new pressure How old is yours What are the future repairs You need about 2 years If you must buy search outside of your market as well Forced savings or a new project Keep the price low for resale loss Short term lease is usually an answer but not now Motorcycle buying is not as crazy a market right now Ask yourself the right questions Touring, sport, long , short? What culture? Insurance can be a...


Understanding the current leasing terminology

Understanding the current leasing terminology


The electric truck story and shopping without negotiating

Electric trucks and shopping without negotiation 70 or 80 thousand for a fully equipped pickup that goes 320 miles Who watches the load while charging Electrics are still missing range, safety, competitive pricing and resale value Get ready for the push Sit down and think about it Shopping before any price talk Bank info Trade in info Get your price range Just worry about product comparison Negotiation is always after due diligence and that’s after product


Truck buying tips and 14 ways to lower the gas bill

Truck buying tips and ways to save on Gas A list of gas saving adjustments Huge truck rebates, questionable results The market is crazy from inflation and scarcity Now trucks are more than trucks Resale and discounts High market will cause huge resale losses The market remembers huge discounts and ballooned pricing The box size matters Transmission and resale Engine, bigger is usually better 4x4 = $x$ Keeps on giving Know exactly what you need before you look Finance is a bigger...


After the purchase or preparing to keep yours

Smart dealers explain why to buy there Don’t let these crazy times control you Buying out you lease is simple There are things to do preparing for the long hall Make sure you got what you paid for Check everything after the delivery as well Check all paperwork numbers Read he manual or if needed, get one, even the keeper Used, change fluids Clean it Get all the carryon extras Do the protection Set up maintenance Air tag or tile Keeping it, Prepare it for starting over


Which automobile sales labels matter?

What is the story on automobile sales labels? Monroney is the one that matters Get the right info Watch out for double label look a like What the Monroney label can tell you Comparing your diligence Additional Information Addendum label types A good label can make a used look like it is a new Buyers guide Used labels for equipment only MSRP for proper comparison Monroney for the original OTD is all that counts


What about luxury vehicle deals?

Luxury considerations Crazy Market, Crazy down payments Check your Insurance coverage When buying some factors aren’t numbers What qualifies as Luxury ? Safety is paramount The latest High tech Resale is still #1 Power, quality, technology EV lots of luxury models More affordable then you think Leases are best What affects luxury resale Big price, big savings CPO no, used maybe Due diligence is required


How to work with a dealership's finance office during crazy times

Handling the business office part of the deal Three big market questions What the answers likely are When things are this crazy, if you can, wait Forced pitch from F&I, get up and leave How to process F&I aka business office Business office and sales are separate CPI to stop payment packing Delivery after bank approval Dealer finance reserve is the biggest ticket Bank shopping pre dealer visit is paramount No to everything can be as bad as yes Geographic add-ons help resale OEM...


Critical dealing tips

Critical dealing tips


How to get the most money out of your current vehicle

How to get the most out of your current vehicle


Limited effort - Limited results

Limited effort - limited results Save big without an EV Not short enough Buyers remorse What was missed Time well spent Due diligence rush Phone and Internet Is one-price a choice? One day, the whole day Be assertive, not aggressive Aftermarket exceptions What slows you down? Something is better than nothing The basics of the basic