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Deal Talk 177 Stick to the plan and motorcycle additions

Stick to the plan and motorcycle additions UK sales drop Internet costs more SUVs replace sedans Tempting concepts Some things can’t be skipped Quotes Shopping the trade. Face to face. Don’t be fooled Contacts and friends but verify. Always in writing Motorcycles are the same, except Price can very even more Insurance can be huge Where matters Tire dates are paramount New or used? Extended warranties even more Resale is still king


Deal Talk 176 Let's make a deal

Let’s make a deal Questions on trade tax Timing questions The rebate story Great negotiating requires great due diligence. Being rude or angry does not work, assertive not aggressive. Avoid cash or shopping talk. No matter what you offer, the dealer will try to bump you. Always hold your lips together tightly and listen. Don't take the other people's position or attitude personally ACV verses allowance. Either way works but one at a time works best The best negotiating is no...


Deal Talk 175 Online due diligence

Online due diligence Good questions Comparison on used Mileage allowance and months Belong to a credit union The internet for today's deal. Get the facts and leave the rest. Book prices and shop it Bank rates and terms Internet quotes. Assertive not aggressive Safety sites Background check Beacon BBB Go in armed with the facts


Deal Talk 174 Gas vs Electric comparison

Electric vs gas Emails and calls When to mention your trade Compare financing even at 0% Lack of minerals will affect electric vehicles Kinds of vehicles Hybrid Total electric Low limits Finding a power source Cost is huge Resale is a guess but my bet is poor Environmental questions Over a 100,000 miles cost difference restocking the pond


Deal Talk 173 The don'ts of buying

The don’ts of buying: Payment packing at the factory level Listener's questions The definitely don't do Twenty seven points to remember Six extra leasing Never talk price while picking Always test drive Think about the future, fitting needs, resale value, etc. Never deal without talking to the banks first Never talk payments without the factors Always, auto check Never give up All in all, stick to Deal Talk


Deal Talk 172 One price dealers explained

One price is about the dealer What’s GM talking about? The market slows Banks hold back the terms Indirect financing equals satisfaction Shopping your vehicle is paramount True one price is a culture Why one price? 2+2 is not 5 Negotiating is a happier customer Usually the higher average Don't let your guard down Due diligence is the key Lower overhead and better averages As always, OTD is the answer


Deal Talk 171 The what and how of buying used

The what and how of buying used: You know where Is used buying different than buying new? Pricing techniques You need wholesale and retail Less picky Dealer considerations Special reports can help Basic needs Take your time looking it over Check for flood signs More due diligence List of ten keys Even more banks Figures that help you figure Three offers Don’t be afraid to walk OTD and months, rate, amount It all matters Resale is always a factor


Deal Talk 170 What's good about dealer advertising

What’s good about dealer advertising Never say, never Trade shopping is huge Common bait and switch Radio, paper, TV, social media Multiple rebates Ridiculous trade values No matter what you owe Employee pricing, what? Disclosures Plus everything FTC will help eventually Not a single number matters Ads show a dealer’s ethical character Nothing else matters but OTD and CPI


Deal Talk 169 The biggest factor, resale value

The biggest factor, resale value Winter prep Resale value is truly the king Maybe year round Upside down vs resale value Is resale part of the deal? What seems like a good deal, maybe not! Biggest cost, considered the least What affects resale? Predictable resale? What are all the factors? How to protect resale You can control some of it Part of the due diligence


Deal Talk 168 When matters

When matters When is the questionStates with highestStates with the lowestBuying out of state could mean thousands saved Upside down/resale value % countsUse every advantage possiblePost-holidayWeek dayLast or 32nd,Time of day thoughtsMorning, noon or eveningNew model, left-over, 2 year usedOddity of design changeLeasing is similar


Deal Talk 167 Rules and definitions

Rules and definitions F&I profits are going up Don’t get shut out How much due diligence? Effort equals results, as everything The main concepts OTD is king CPI every payment Upside down/minus equity ACV vs Trade in allowance Trade value preparation What cash? Same exact vehicle Assertive Why list vs price Focus on what matters A few more


Deal Talk 166 What's the plan?

Preparation GM bumper to bumper option $2000 up to the dealer Recently bankrupt? After you have picked, what's next Ads won't help you Getting online quotes What you might write Where for Beacon Bank info Call insurance After market research Check the amenities while testing Have you ever been this ready? The considerations when you're picking a dealer What about the chain stores? Selection does not equal value Bureaucracy can get in the way Online sellers, another mouth...


Deal Talk 165 More leasing facts

Leasing facts Flexible lease Payment packing unclear Does it make sense? Peace of mind So many points More vehicles in ten years No repair Tax advantage You have rights Still due diligence Keep your trade dollars


Deal Talk 164 If your deal has a problem

Odometer problems, you win Odometer laws apply to everyone OTD means everything included If something is wrong in your deal Due diligence, due process Salesperson, Manager, Dealer principal Manufacturer The bank Better business ( Attorney general (your general) FTC UDAP statutes Attorney Assertive and persistent, not aggressive


Deal Talk 163 Lease, rent or purchase choices

Lease, rent or purchase choices


Deal Talk 162 Talking F&I

Talking F&I: In Utah Pricing on a lease Budgeting new or used The business office is about money Bank commissions are huge Shop the rates Shop all the products Don't be at the top of the profit average Review your payment before you start Payment packing is a real issue Get the break down every single time Be sure you are approved before you take delivery Ninety days to first Preparation is the key


Deal Talk 161 What about factory certified pre-owned?

What about factory certified pre-owned Another supply of flood vehicles Take your time and look at everything States are trying to save the CFPB rules Another quality and crash test by CR 100-300 point checks Another market for the dealer Bank rates are comparable It's far from free for anyone Certified can cost several thousand more Pay in advance for what might happen Low mileage and a clean car fax The book does not add for certification when you trade Prior certification...


Deal Talk 160 The what, why and how of upside down

The what, why and how of upside down. Average monthly payment is peaking for new and used Stick to the play to keep the payment in line 2 Million in fines is an example we need Upside down, minus equity, under water What can you do? Know where you are Type 1, type 2 and type 3 Bad resale = minus equity Long loan terms = minus equity Big dealer profits = minus equity Minimizing the chances, if you can Resale value counts In the future, 8 tips


Deal Talk 159 Preparing to buy or lease including the jargon

Preparing buy or lease Preparation firstConfidence comes from knowledgeChoosing the right oneKnow your choicesMake, model, MSRPWhich dealer?Online info, assertive, not aggressiveBank questions with your beaconKnow your trade book value and shop used dealersDo your trade separately is you can, two chances to sweeten the potInclude leasingKnow what the terms meanOTD firstPayment calculator is importantComplete it all before negotiating


Deal Talk 158 Financing new or used

Financing new or used Teen vehicle plan Lease advertising bologna Shop sign and drive What rate? What determines the rate? Term and vehicle age Know your credit score first Shop 4 banks, at least Compare the sub-vented to the rebate with your bank Reserve is an issue Depreciation is more than interest Used is a rate hike Check it out Tips for used success Where is the best value Other considerations