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Advice on buying a car, truck or motorcycle. How to save money and avoid the hassles when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Information about every aspect of an automotive purchase. Financing, trade-in value, advertising and many other topics.

Advice on buying a car, truck or motorcycle. How to save money and avoid the hassles when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Information about every aspect of an automotive purchase. Financing, trade-in value, advertising and many other topics.


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Advice on buying a car, truck or motorcycle. How to save money and avoid the hassles when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Information about every aspect of an automotive purchase. Financing, trade-in value, advertising and many other topics.








Don't be fooled by automotive ads

Don't be fooled by Automotive ads Crazy ads all year Rebate vs 0% Disclosures that don’t disclose Radio, TV, newspaper, socials Vague at best Bait and switch is everywhere Finance with us Crazy trade values Employee pricing Surprises can be thousands Ads indicate character Ethics indicates results It doesn’t get better, it’s a culture Look for dealers that advertise what they offer other than price


Two big and different questions

Repair or trade tips Know your repair shop Fix or trade Do you have the cash? What does the track record say? What does the budget think? Trade in fixed or not? Once fixed, what do you have? Due diligence and compare You can change your mind Motorcycles are similar Resale is a huge factor Different rules No Monroney needs an accurate list Insurance can scare you Setup and prep


Covid, destination, electric and shop before price

Covid, destination, electric and shop before price Fifteen minutes, twice a week anyway The dealer must sanitize after being inside your vehicle Destination charge isn’t part of used Destination charges are crazy and add nothing to resale Electrics are still missing range Get ready for the push Sit down and think about it Shopping before any price talk Bank info Trade in info Get your price range Negotiation is always after due diligence


The lease language

The leasing language


One last list

One last list Noise in the vehicle? Assume the worst Always check before you buy CR repairs 5 and 10 years, the best and the worst In the first 5 often a warranty 5 to 10 are the expensive years Stats are an indicator of brand Repairs can mean trade Make sure yo got what you paid for Check everything after the delivery as well Check all paperwork numbers Is everything there? Read he manual and if needed, get one Used, change fluids Clean it Get all the carry ons Do the...


Truck buying considerations

Truck buying considerations Classics are condition awareness Huge truck rebates, questionable results Now trucks are more than trucks Resale and discounts The market remembers huge discounts The box size Transmission and resale Engine, bigger is usually better 4x4 = $x$ Keeps on giving Know exactly what you need before you look Finance is a bigger factor now Used trucks compared to new Car Fax always Check for Flood even more so


Buying a luxury vehicle

Luxury buying considerations Formula One Miami Sport model search, buy now Resale update When buying some factors aren’t numbers Good buying requires a little elbow grease What qualifies as Luxury ? Safety is paramount The latest High tech Resale is still #1 Power, quality, technology EV lots of luxury models More affordable Leases are best What affects luxury resale Big price, big savings CPO no, used maybe Due diligence is required


The Monroney and other dealer labels

Window stickers and dealer labels Buying from Craigslist Monroney is the one that matters Get the right info Labels Watch out for double label look a like What the label can tell you Comparing your diligence Additional Information Addendum label types A good label can make a used look like a new Buyers guide Used labels for equipment only MSRP for proper comparison Monroney for a used OTD is all that counts


Deal TalK F&I (buisness office) What to expect

F&I, (business office). What to expect Electric vehicle new model 233 miles 60,000 dollars….Volvo Forced pitch from F&I, get up and leave What to do with F&I aka business office Business as usual in sales CPI to stop payment packing Delivery after bank approval Dealer finance reserve is the biggest ticket No to everything can be as bad as yes Geographic add-ons help resale OEM add-ons Dealers use add-ons to build the discount in the beginning Always request the factories extended...


Tips and Reminders

Basic review


Getting the most out of yours

Getting the most out of yours


Limited time effort

Limited time effort Consumer Report Yearly Automotive edition My score card They got a lot right What people usually miss Beware when rushing Due diligence rush Phone and Internet Is one-price a choice? One day, the whole day Be assertive, not aggressive Aftermarket exceptions What slows you down? Something is better than nothing The basics of the basic


Improving credit

Securing credit situations Speedometer laws Fixing you score Costs that are coming credit sources. Beacon scores and how they relate Down payment makes a difference Many levels in autos Buy here pay here last Secondary finance sources are better then BHPH Get some testimonials! You can still shop! Do what you can for your score now Average credit can get a better call, shop Where there’s a will there’s a way


Rentals, leases , repo's

Rentals, leases, repo's, New safety systems Safety should come first Too many to list them all Rentals for sale Used off lease Rental car deals….Not A lease is not a rental Off lease requires checks They are not worth more, just the opposite Repo's maybe OK Flood may be a bigger consideration Rental, lease, repo's, flood can be invisible Look for these


Financing your first big ticket

Financing your first big ticket Home charging costs Stop building fossil fuel sources The best brands are still the best More risk, more rate Know your budget Down payment isn’t a lock Employment offer FTB, finance first, buy and negotiate second Don’t give up Financing has many sources Referral letters will help Cosigners are the best answer Recourse dealers Improve the risk Buy here pay here may be the last choice


Do you buy Electric or do you buy Gas?

Electric or gas? Recalls and how they work Electric resale poor What are the different kinds? Hybrid Plug in Hybrid Total electric Low limits Time to charge If you run out of charge? Will new taxes pay for roads Crash safety? We need the minerals Finding a power source In many places electric fuel costs as much as gas The cost difference new is huge Maintenance happens on all vehicles Battery versus tuning, Wow Who can fix them? Resale is a guess but my bet is...


You are ready, believe it

You are ready, believe it Electric station numbers are still small Nothing on Youtube Thorough check Great negotiating requires great due diligence. Know the Monroney or book Avoid cash or shopping talk. No matter what you offer, the dealer will try to bump you. Don't acknowledge the price anchor. Assertive, not aggressive Always hold your lips together tightly and listen. Don't take the other people's position or attitude personally ACV versus allowance. Either way works but...


The due diligence is the key

The due diligence is the key Apple should re-think their deal with Hyundai There are no short cuts Buying tips? Watch out Know what you want Used price calculation methods for used Use the Monroney label for online comparison of new The internet for today's deal but not buying Get the facts and leave the rest. Beacon scores Bank rates and terms Internet quotes or however possible Assertive not aggressive Shop dealer installed accessories before the deal Chose a few...


Buying in the low price used market

Buying a cheap used vehicle Salvage title means totaled Junk is Junk You need to know the reasons for salvage AS IS describes what it is There are a few yes buts Leasing should be new units only used leasing isn’t good Buying an inexpensive (cheap) used vehicle Priorities vary by price Clear title is always number one A list of considerations Low dollars is about condition Banks always play a part


Buying used vehicles

Used vehicle buying There are many things you should consider Used vs new buying, how are they a different? Resale consideration is much the same Deciding what is a little less perfect Use all the pricing guides You need wholesale and retail Selection look and exact options can’t be too picky Dealer considerations Special reports will help Basic needs Looking it over Check for flood signs More due diligence List of key considerations Even more banks They will call if you...