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Advice on buying a car, truck or motorcycle. How to save money and avoid the hassles when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Information about every aspect of an automotive purchase. Financing, trade-in value, advertising and many other topics.

Advice on buying a car, truck or motorcycle. How to save money and avoid the hassles when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Information about every aspect of an automotive purchase. Financing, trade-in value, advertising and many other topics.


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Advice on buying a car, truck or motorcycle. How to save money and avoid the hassles when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Information about every aspect of an automotive purchase. Financing, trade-in value, advertising and many other topics.








Why a dealer is one price

One price philosophy Electric news The one price culture Be careful of special deals Why it is a possibility Lower overhead and better averages It’s not customer satisfaction 2+2 is not 5 One price does not mean good price Ho Hum at best F&I has more time Don’t let your guard down Negotiating is a happier customer Usually a higher average profit Don't let your guard down


The don't do it list

The don’t do it list The reverse of what to do Test driving? No pricing Out of time Three choices as I see it Sometimes what not to do is just as good Take time for Due diligence Avoiding mistakes From basic to not so basic A list of thirty five Leasing adds six


Pre buying questions plus credit during Covid

Pre buying questions plus credit during Covid What are the questions you need to research? Budget Unit with MSRP Credit You have more time Protecting credit score Score factors What hurts credit Too much buying power End the extra credit Communication is king Ask all sources Peter to Paul Reset the budget


The EV push and lemon law tips

The electric vehicle push Green new deal and vehicles Reviews and reports on electric The resale facts Cost of ownership Convenience has value Not ready yet All states have a lemon law All states are different The Attorney General has the forms Arbitration could be available Federal lemon law Magnuson-Moss FTC new or used Effort equals results The main concepts Assertive, never aggressive


What about when?

What about when?


Plan and protect resale

Plan and protect resale Michelin is all you need 25000 mile or more plan Late model used A 3 year plan Resale value should be your number one Resale is part of your deal A seemingly good deal, might not be Good resale lightens minus equity Is resale part of the deal? Resale is the biggest cost but considered the least A year round factor What is Predictable? What else plays a part? How to protect resale What are all the factors? What can you do? Think twice, buy once


More about leasing

Leasing facts Black Friday list Is it for me? Resale facts Flexible terms More Choices Peace of mind More vehicles in 10 years Keep it, buy it, trade it or walk away No repair Mileage is a plan either way Tax? Still trade due diligence Keep your trade dollars Easy shopping with sign and drive


Preparing for the purchase

Preparing for the purchase Electric vehicles mean different taxes not zero taxes Electric costs just like other fuels Consumer report yearly guide The brand story means resale Review is good Getting your paperwork After the shopping model Get quotes What you might say Ad blocker Trade shopping Beacon score Calling Banks Insurance cost? Consider add-0ns List the amenities while testing The considerations when you're picking a dealer Treatment does not get better Due...


Negotiation basics

Negotiation methods Timid can win Get the dealer to offer Without confrontation Knowledge is key Due diligence support Waiting for results Can you do better? Persistence Deal and trade separate if possible Aggressive trade issues Talk when there is a need Offer and fact together You may need to walk No substitute for due diligence Never shopping Never cash


Preparing for the business office

Talking finance office Small car lease Low residual, higher payment Business climate driven F&I, business office, finance guy Business office profits Undercoating or rust proofing makes it quiet Myriad of products Reserve goals Be prepared, due diligence Payment packing is real How to guard Menu approach Review in the business office first 90 day bump Listen to the products info, it might be for you Shop the products before you shop the deal The more you know, the less their...


Automobile policies service or damage

Policies both driving or fixing


When things aren't right

When things aren't right Station wagons limited Might be great resale DWI might be stopped Like I said, the 10 best used cars If your deal has a problem Factory problems must follow a plan Due diligence, due process Salesperson, Manager, Dealer principal or GM Manufacturer ( and the bank Better business ( Attorney general (your general) FTC (federal) UDAP statutes will help Attorney last Assertive and persistent, not aggressive


Factory Cerified Pre-owned, CPO

CPO vehicles and value California 2035 Autonomous ideas Communicating is a a big factor Read all the material for a specific certified unit Check points sound huge Just another way to sell Bank rates with CPO Certified can cost several thousand more Pay in advance for what might happen Low mileage and a clean car fax The retail book value does not have adds for certification Certification vs resale value Sometimes the promises lower your guard


The upside down story

Minus equity AKA upside down Buying from an individual No warranty of any kind Get a mileage statement signed Where is the title Don’t pay without a title guarantee Resale support Aka, under water and minus equity Why it happens What to do Type 1 and type 2 Due diligence Minimizing minus equity Get the right vehicle Seven tips for the future


Repair or trade tips

Repair or trade tips Know your repair shop Check the BBB What certificates are visible? Clean and neat may equal ethics Fix or trade Do you have the cash? What does the track record say? What does the budget think? Trade in fixed or not? Once fixed, what do you have? Due diligence and compare You can change your mind


Dealing with the advertising

Dealing with the advertising Are electrics bad? There are too many issues with an electric Crazy ads all year Rebate vs 0% Disclosures that don’t disclose Radio, TV, newspaper, socials Vague at best Bait and switch is everywhere Finance with us Crazy trade values Employee pricing Surprises can be thousands Ads indicate character Ethics indicates results It doesn’t get better, it’s a culture Look for dealers that advertise what they offer other than price


Covid -19 considerations and before the due diligence

Covid-19 considerations and just before due diligence Fifteen minutes, twice a week The basic buttons and seats Close your vent system in town The dealer must sanitize after being inside your vehicle Electrics are still missing range Riots and electric might not mix Destination charges are exploding Shopping before any price talk Get your price range Negotiation is always after due diligence


Leasing terminology

Leasing terminology


Truck buying thoughts

Thoughts truck buying What to avoid Now trucks are more than trucks Resale and discounts The market remembers huge discounts The box size Transmission and resale Engine, bigger is usually better 4x4 = $x$ Keeps on giving Know exactly what you need before you look Finance is a bigger factor now Used trucks compared to new Carfax always Check for Flood vehicles


After delivery todo's and motorcycle buying tips

Motorcycle buying advice and after you buy todo’s Motorcycles are similar Resale changes what the investment appears to be Comparison shopping can be thousands Review all the numbers After the purchase, review the Monroney Label Read the manual Register your tires Used must register with the manufacturer Used vehicle extras Sealant, upholstery guard, mud flaps Extras you should get The bag in the trunk Leasing worries less If a better deal shows up