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The #DefineYourself Podcast empowers YOU in the disabled to overcome YOUR COALS: challenges, obstacles, adversities, limitations and setbacks while equipping YOU to achieve YOUR GOALS for success in YOUR professional, academic and personal lives

The #DefineYourself Podcast empowers YOU in the disabled to overcome YOUR COALS: challenges, obstacles, adversities, limitations and setbacks while equipping YOU to achieve YOUR GOALS for success in YOUR professional, academic and personal lives


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The #DefineYourself Podcast empowers YOU in the disabled to overcome YOUR COALS: challenges, obstacles, adversities, limitations and setbacks while equipping YOU to achieve YOUR GOALS for success in YOUR professional, academic and personal lives






Overcoming Deafness and Changing the World

Dr. Justine Green grew up with a hearing loss that never held her back from succeeding in life. Dr. Green earned a Ph.D with a doctorate in education specializing in students with disabilities and has worked in special education until her position was furloughed by COVID. Dr. Green used that opportunity to write a book about her experiences growing u with hearing loss. She has also written tow other books about others who have grown up with ADHD and a young person who is growing up with...


Battling stage IV Breast Cancer and fighting to live long

Kimberly Mitchell has bene diagnosed with Stave IV breast cancer. The cancer has spread into her bones, specifically her skull, back, sternum, hip, and her bone marrow. Neither herself nor her husband of twenty-one years, expected anything like this to happen for another 20 years. Faced with a terminal illness, Kimberly is determined to get her life back and live to the fullest as long as possible. Kimberly’s GoFundMe page is located at https://gofund.me/b0cb1f4a. The Susan G. Komem...


The Paraplegic Wheelchair Marathon Racer

At a young age Paul Erway parents purchased a brown and white pony. He rode that horse and he developed a passion for horses. He started riding before he started kindergarten. He showed horses at eleven. He went to college and studied horses. He graduated from college with on a path that would fulfill his dream of working with horses – until a car accident changed everything. Paul sustained a spinal cord injury that left him a paraplegic. His doctor told him he would have to be in a...


The #DefineYourself Podcast Trailer

How do you build success in you professional and personal life when you have a disability? Listen to the #DefineYourself Podcast with the Chris Mitchell. The podcast where I empower you to succeed by connecting you with those from the disabled community who are overcoming their coals: challenges, obstacles, adversities, limitations and/or setbacks and are achieving their goals and building success in their professional. academic and/or personal lives. Each episode a successful peer from...


From Speechless to CEO

At the age of 5, Eliza still wasn't speaking. Her family was told Eliza would 'never attend a normal school'. They were wrong. Eliza earned her engineering degree from Princeton university, and her MBA from Cornell. she also worked at Bloomberg and earned an SBIR award from the department of defense. today Eliza is the CEO and founder of Kipit. Kipit is a device for your bag that prevents you forgetting anything by tracking your bag's contents and sending automated messages straight to...


Breaking Cultural Stereotypes to Fulfill a Dream

Eileen Torres was one of the first Latina’s to go to college during a time that most Latinas stayed at home and raised children. Eileen will share with us the challenges she faced, including a father who did not want her to go to college, and how she overcame all of them. LINKS TO CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST · Website: https://www.eileentorresproductions.com/ HELP SUPPORT THIS PODCAST · Shop Amazon through our affiliate link - https://amzn.to/3eihwfL · Sign up to host your podcast on...


A Blind Man and His Guide Dog 9/11 Survivor Story

On the morning of the 11th of September, 2001, at 8:46 am eastern daylight time, a very tragic event occurred on U. S. soil. nineteen militants associated with the Islamic extremist group Qaeda highjacked four airplanes and began to carry out suicide attacks against targets including the twin towers at the world trade center. Michael Hingson, and his guide dog, were in one of the twin towers with it was hit with a plane that morning. Today Michael shares his experience that day as he and...


Rebounding after a suicide in the family

“Nothing prepares a family for a suicide! Shock. Disbelief. Overwhelming pain. Plaguing questions with no answers,” says Elaine Kennelly. In her latest book, “Finding peace after a suicide loss,” she describes her three-part-process for healing. She simplifies the “how-to” with small, daily steps to victory, and she answers the hard questions with empathy. 3 TAKEAWAYS TO LISTEN FOR: 1. 54% of all Americans have been affected by a suicide 2. 94% of all marriages that have a suicide of a...


Surviving inner city life to thrive as an entrepreneur

Darius Ross is a man who grew up in a tough part of Chicago where he lived in neighborhoods that were controlled by gangs. Ross survived those right neighborhoods and now is thriving entrepreneur in real estate and financial consulting. 3 TAKEAWAYS TO LISTEN FOR: 1. 5 Traits for a person to succeed as an entrepreneur 2. How to deal with fear as an entrepreneur 3. The importance of motivation for entrepreneurship LINKS TO CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST · https://dariusaross.com/ #DFYS SPECIAL...



Mary Doyle is a life coach for both the disabled and non-disabled, an equality trainer and an accessible aviation consultant despite cerebral Palsy. Mary shares her life journey including obstacles that she overcome to work in the IT field before helping others who are disabled succeed in life. Mary shares the joys and benefits of playing adaptive sports including wheelchair basketball. May shares her thoughts on life coaching and advice she would give anyone seeking to find a life coach...


Arthritis Inspired One Woman to Design Her Own Orthopedic Equipment

Sarah Dillingham asks have you ever wondered why medical devices are so ugly? Sarah has. She is an arthritis patient who was so frustrated with the poor choices for orthopedic bracing that she started designing her own. Sarah shares her story, her journey, and how she refused to take and accept a bleak outlook with her chronic illness. 3 TAKEAWAYS TO LISTEN FOR: 1. You can’t run from your problems. 2. Differences between being disabled in America and in the UK 3. Tips on living with...


How a Spinal Cord Injury Inspired a Non-Profit

Reveca Torres, a survivor of a spinal cord injury that lead to her becoming a quadriplegic, discovered through this life changing event that there is a need for connection with others in the SCI community. Torres is the founder of BACKBONES, a non-profit to hep those with spinal cord injuries connect and empowering them to advocate for themselves and the disabled community. 3 TAKEAWAYS TO LISTEN FOR: 1. She was able to fill out and file the necessary non-profit paperwork with the IRS all...


The magic of Rachel’s Song by Dave Combs

Dave combs is a songwriter who has written over 120 songs and creating fourteen albums of soothing, relaxing instrumental piano music. Dave is also the author of the new book, touched by the music: how the story and music of Rachel’s song can change your life. 3 TAKEAWAYS TO LISTEN FOR: 1. You can succeed even if others tell you that you can’t 2. Advice on doing something you do not believe you can achieve 3. Advice for aspiring musicians. LINKS TO CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST · Website:...


How to change your life to get what you want out of it with Philip Smith

In 1998 Phil’s appendix burst and he didn't know for 3 days. during surgery, Phil died twice in the operating room and he was brought back. several days later he had a near death experience and saw the white lights. These experiences changed his life. Today Phil works in the financial sectors in twelve countries. he is an educator and has had more than 13,000 participants in his classes and seminars. Phil’s newest book is entitled, "You Are the Most Important: The Road to Everything You...


Overcoming Dating Disasters From a Wheelchair with Kristin Beale

Kristen Beale is an athlete, the author of “Date Me” is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury and a spinal cord injury from a jet ski accident at the age of 14, shares her journey through recovery from her injury and her adventures as a young person who is dating and in a wheelchair. Kristen shares the hurt and rejection she experienced while she dated for two years. She wrote a book about her “Bad dates” but she did not give up. She endured and found true love and married Christopher, a...


Grow Your Emotional Intelligence for Success with Noble Gibbens

Nolel Gibbens, a graduate from West Point, former Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army is now an EQ Practitioner and teaches Emotional Intelligence to help corporate clients, entrepreneurs, leaders & influencers get their emotions working for them, not against them. Noble will help you start building your emotional intelligence so you can succeed in your personal and professional lives. 3 TAKEAWAYS TO LISTEN FOR: 1. Every decision we make goes through our emotional side of our brain before...


Surviving and Thriving after a Hostage Situation with DR. Karen Gedney

DR. Karen Gedney, the author of 30 Years behind Bars, the Trials of a Prison Doctor, was the first female physician to work in the Nevada state prison system. Dr, G discusses her experiences behind bars, including a situation where she was taken hostage, and how she was about to overcome that experience and continue to work in the prison system. LINKS FROM THE EPISODE · 30 Years Behind Bars: Trials of a Prison Doctor available on Amazon - https://amzn.to/36LBiMs HELP SUPPORT THIS...


How to be Motivated to be Kinder with Beth Duffy

Beth Duffy, the creator of the Christmas tree of Kindness shares how her app can help both children and adults find the spirit of Christmas by performing acts of kindness – and being a kinder person will help you build success in your lives. LINKS FROM THE EPISODE · http://christmastreeofkindness.com/ · Christmas Tree of Kindness app on Apple - https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/christmas-tree-kindness-pro/id1132945164 · Email: christmastreeofkindness@gmail.com HELP SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ·...


Life After, pornography, gangs, and crime with Mickey Royal

Mickey Royal is a former gangster, drug dealer, legendary pimp, paid enforcer, pornographer and now the bestselling author of the book The Pimp Game: Instructional Guide, a book that has been used for the past 11 years as a textbook for FBI agents to get into the minds and inner workings of Human Trafficker. Mickey shares his stories of the 2 times in his life he came close to being charged with attempted murder – the first at the age of 5. Mickey shares what inspired him to get out of the...


Writer, speaker and Dance event boss and survivor of Bell’s Palsy Barbie Wharton

Writer, speaker, and dance event boos Barbie Wharton has overcome Anxiety, Depression, a concussion, and Bell’s Palsy to build a successful career for herself. Barbie talks about dealing with depression including how medicine has helped her and can help others. Barbie also discuss the importance of therapy with battling depression. Barbie explains Bell’s Palsy from a layman’s perspective including how it affected her and how it affects others and how some recovers from it and others do...