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The #DefineYourself Podcast empowers YOU in the disabled community to overcome YOUR COALS: challenges, obstacles, adversities, limitations and setbacks while equipping and empowering YOU to achieve YOUR GOALS for success in YOUR professional, academic and personal lives

The #DefineYourself Podcast empowers YOU in the disabled community to overcome YOUR COALS: challenges, obstacles, adversities, limitations and setbacks while equipping and empowering YOU to achieve YOUR GOALS for success in YOUR professional, academic and personal lives


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The #DefineYourself Podcast empowers YOU in the disabled community to overcome YOUR COALS: challenges, obstacles, adversities, limitations and setbacks while equipping and empowering YOU to achieve YOUR GOALS for success in YOUR professional, academic and personal lives






Overcoming 5 strokes with Judy Balloff

Judy Balloff, author of 365 Days Of Abundance, was diagnosed with a rare heart condition that only 2% of Americans have and most are men. During the surgery to correct the cardiac problem, Judy survived 5 strokes during the operation. The strokes robbed Judy of her ability to drive at night, and the loss of her credit credentials that forced her out of her career in banking. She pivoted from her banking career into a career in the insurance filed and has earned over a half million dollars...


Lung cancer survivor inspires other as an author, Shelly Slocum

Shelly Slocum, a woman who never smoked in her life and never been around smokers, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Shelly shares how she was diagnosed with non smoking lung cancer that took half of one of her lungs, and how that experience, along with her daughter, pushed her to publish her book, Love and Inspiration from Mom. You can purchase Shelly’s book, Love and Inspiration from Mom, on Amazon. You can connect with Shelly by visiting https://loveandinspiration.org/ Hey...


GED to CEO with Roger Smith

Roger Smith, author of The Most Unlikely Leader, An Unbelievable Journey From GED to CEO, shares his story of how went from getting a GED to becoming the CEO of a fortune 500 company. Roger goes into how he became addicted to street drugs for twenty eyas and what got him to decide to get help. Smith shares how his addiction led him to drop out of high school in his sophomore year and how be homeless. Smith talks about how his he survived being addicted to drugs and homeless. Smith shares...


Overcoming addictions to help others with Dana Golden and David Marion

Dana Golden and David Marion were married and owned a successful brokerage firm for several years until David’s addiction destroyed their marriage, their business and landed David in a federal prison. David was addicted to almost everything one can be addicted to: alcohol, drugs, and gambling before he met Dana and those addictions continued for years, with Dana being a codependent. Dana and David share their stories, what motivated David to get cleaned up from his addictions and how,...


Survivor of abuse, rape, domestic violence, homelessness and cancer, Ellie Shefi

Ellie Shefi walked through hell and came out happy. Elli grew up in a family that struggled finically. Ellie and her family would dig in trashcans for aluminum cans and newspapers to recycle for money. She is also a survivor of abuse and rape and a survivor of domestic violence that forced her to live under a fake name and a ghost file. Ellie has also been homeless (or as I prefer to call it “housing challenged”). She has lived in her car and eating food that restaurants were throwing away...


Surviving sex trafficking and helping others with trauma drama with Dr. Kelly Bohnhoff

Dr Kelly Bohnhoff shares how she was caught in sex trafficking at a young age, how she got out of it, and how today she helps others deal what she calls trauma drama. Dr. Kelly, as most people like to call her, shares how she accidently got caught up into a sex trafficking circle by spending a night at a girlfriend’s house for a sleepover. Dr. Kelly shares what she and her 2 pre-teen friends experienced and how it affected their lives. Dr. Kelly also described how she was manipulated and...


Overcoming childhood sexual abuse with Anthea McCarten

Anthea McCarten shares her story about being sexually abused by a family member from the age of seven until she was twelve years old. McCarten shares her experiences being sexually abused for five years, how it ended and how she broke her silence and told others about what had happened to her. McCarten shares how she felt as she prepared to tell her parents, their reactions, and how she felt after breaking the news to mom and dad. McCarten reckons the reaction her abuser had when he was...


Overcoming Bipolar, Coming Out and Finding Love With Brad Shreve

If you looked at Brad Shreve when he was an executive at a major hotel chain with an office with a nice window and a secretary, many would think he was the living definition of success. Importantly images can be deceiving. Brad was miserable and he was not sure why. Although had had recently came out at the time, Brad did not know he had bipolar II and did not know it. In Brad’s own words, “I did some crazy stuff”. He made some choices including partying with subordinates and often late to...


Building a successful life after a car accident with Michelle Kuei

At the age of 11, Michelle Kuei was hit by a speeding taxi as she waited after school for her mom in her native country of Taiwan. Kuri sent the next 4 years in a rehabilitation hospital and get around in a wheelchair. When she was able to return home, Kuei fought to relearn how to walk. Today she is walking with just the use of one crutch. Kuei shares her journey and how she mental attitude helped her to overcome her injuries and more to become successful in her life. You can connect...


The One-Handed Sewing Man Qaysean Williams

Having been injured at birth and developing Erbs Palsy Qaysean Williams left arm has limitations including his left hand is useless. His injury has prevented him from playing in sports growing up, riding roll coasters without looks from those who operate the rides, and to this day he still struggles tying his own shoes. Qaysean’s injury may have caused him some self-esteem issues and feelings of worthlessness. His injury lead to him being called named and picked on by his peers in school....


Homeless Teen To Achieving the Entrepreneur Dream, with Natasha Miller

Natasha Miller, the author of Relentless: Homeless Teen To Achieving the Entrepreneur Dream, her journey from a youth shelter to the Inc. 5000 has faced much diversity in her life starting at the age of sixteen when she was abandoned Christmas night. Miller has also gone through giving birth to a stillborn child and nearly dying during that experience. Despite all the adversity Natasha has experienced, she has developed strategies to beam more independence and confident, that have helped...


Rare Disease Advocate Deborah Vick

Deborah is a very strong woman. She battles multiple rare dieses including Mysthenia Gravis, Auto-immune Disease, Ehlers Danlos, CRPS and Chronic Pain. Deborah not only battles rare diseases, she is also a strong advocate in the rate disease community with grace and humor. Deborah’s has always had a passion for politics, including an ambition to hold a very prestigious office. Although her challenges has forced her to pivot from a political career, her political aspirations and training...


Overcoming Fibromyalgia to writing coach with Synova Cantrell

Synova Cantrell has faced many challenges in her life: fibromyalgia, a spinal cord injury that occurred in high school and a broken tailbone, but she has never allowed any of those struggles limit her. Synova was told by her doctors she would be in a wheelchair by the age of forty and at first she was devastated by the diagnosis that cause her to go into depression, then she became determined to prove the doctors wrong. Synova does not see her diagnoses as disabilities, she sees them as...


Overcoming Dyslexia and Poverty to become an entrepreneur with Victoria Wieck

Victoria Wieck, along with her family of four siblings and her parents, immigrated to the United States with only $30 to their name and life looked bleak for their family. In a new country that she did not know a single English world, and her parents having to work two jobs each. Victoria helped raised her younger siblings, learn English on her on and attended school – with dyslexia that was undiagnosed. Victoria used common sense to overcome her challenges to build a successful business...


From reading challenged to author and reading tutor, Joanne Kaminski

Joanne grew up with undiagnosed Specific Reading Comprehension Deficit and struggled with understanding not only written text, but also verbal comprehension. Joanne’s disability left her believing she was not as smart as others and lead to her the point of attempting suicide, Joanne shares her struggles to overcome her learning disability. She shares her burning to desire to read and how a program her mom gave her turned everything around for her. Joann graduated from high school 10th in...


From homeless to Harvard to entrepreneur, Christine McKay

Christine McKay was dropped off at a homeless shelter at the age of sixteen on Christmas day night. Christine has been homeless, lived-in section 8 housing, mother of 3 girls before she turned 22 and had a goal to go to Harvard University, Christine, on top of all her challenges, had to live life with a bipolar II diagnosis, alcohol dependency, and self-esteem issues, dream of going to Harvard kept her motivated through the tough days. Christine not only achieved her goal of attending...


Successful children’s author, speaker and advocate Annie Streit

Living with an incomplete spinal cord injury at C5 of her spine from a diving accident, Annie Streit’s life goals changed course from creating a career for herself as an interior designer to a desire to help others. Annie shares how attitude, a strong support system including members of the spinal cord injury community, friends, and family, and helping others through motivational speaking and volunteering with the United Spinal Association as the grassroots advocacy director has helped her...


Faith Jones secrets to thriving after being raised in a cult

Faith Jones was born into a religious origination, originally called the Children of God then the family that was founded in the 1960’a by her grandfather as a fundamental Christian organization as one of the founding groups of the Jesus people movement that came out of the hippie movement. Faith spent her childhood living in the community facing many challenges including isolation and only a grade school education. She also witnessed and experienced both psychological, religious, and...


Warriors Heart Co-Founder Tom Spooner Success over PTSD. TBI and more

Former Special Forces / Delta Operator and Warriors Heart Co-Founder Tom Spooner (U.S. Army veteran with 21 years of service, 1990-2011) played an integral role in developing the Warriors Heart healing programs based on his first-hand experience battling PTSD, TBI, substance abuse, depression and more. Spooner shares how he has overcome/is overcoming PTSD, TBI, substance abuse and depression and is using his experiences as a co-founder of the Warriors Heart healing programs Wounded Heart...


Singer/Songwriter recovers from accident with affirmations

Michele, a survivor of a near fatal car accident, spent four months in hospital, underwent many long operations, battled depression and a possibility of struggling to walk again, shares how she found affirmations helped her become, as she calls it, completely healed. You can purchase Michele’s books, The Magic of Affirmation Power, from Amazon by going to https://amzn.to/3w5Bd2k and Become A Magnet To Money Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness, from Amazon by going to...