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Being “Just Dumb Enough” is all about being okay with yourself, and the situation you find yourself in, after you bring up a topic in front of a real expert. The premise of the show is exposing the general listening audience to topics, careers, experiences, or lifestyles they may otherwise know very little about. My name is Colton Petry, I am the Host of the Just Dumb Enough Podcast, and I‘m your professional idiot.

Being “Just Dumb Enough” is all about being okay with yourself, and the situation you find yourself in, after you bring up a topic in front of a real expert. The premise of the show is exposing the general listening audience to topics, careers, experiences, or lifestyles they may otherwise know very little about. My name is Colton Petry, I am the Host of the Just Dumb Enough Podcast, and I‘m your professional idiot.


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Being “Just Dumb Enough” is all about being okay with yourself, and the situation you find yourself in, after you bring up a topic in front of a real expert. The premise of the show is exposing the general listening audience to topics, careers, experiences, or lifestyles they may otherwise know very little about. My name is Colton Petry, I am the Host of the Just Dumb Enough Podcast, and I‘m your professional idiot.






Antique or Junk with Duane Scott Cerny

Did you know there's a difference between Collectable and Collectible? I didn't either, until I started putting this episode together. My guest today is Duane Scott Cerny, Founder and Co-owner of the Broadway Antique Market, the oldest antique shop in all of Chicago. He is also the author of several books which have spent time as #1 on the best seller list, and here to speak about selling dead peoples things... also known as antique dealing. I want to celebrate for a moment because this...


Gamification with Yu-Kai Chow

How much would your life change if you could see a status window for your real body? If you could actually watch fast food decrease your overall health, or if reading a book gave you a physical confirmation that you are smarter. That's "gamification" in action. My guest today is Yu-kai Chow, a man who many credit with the creation of gamification as we understand it today. He owns businesses, has written novels, speaks publicly, and advises privately on all aspects of gamification and how it...


Public Relations with Dick Grove

Did you listen last week to hear how you could write your own story and get it read? But what if you don't have a natural talent for writing or storytelling? Perhaps your best bet to garner attention for your creative endeavor, business, or startup is through PR. My guest today is Dick Grove, Chairman and CEO of Ink Public Relations. Dick brings over 50 years of PR experience, making him one of the most experienced guests to appear on the show. He was also on the team responsible for one of...


Getting Discovered Online with Maddy Osman

Let's write something that wont be ignored! My guest today is Maddy Osman, Founder of The Blogsmith, as well as author of "Writing for Human & Robots". She specializes in beating the algorithms of the digital age and helping creators not be buried in search results. Sorry my mic quality is noticeably worse for this intro, I promise it doesn't effect the rest of the show, but I'm doing all my post production work on my laptop while in Texas. If you're in the Austin area, let me know so we can...


Therapy for Trauma with The Therapy Twins

Therapists going to therapy?! Well what respected therapist would do something like that... except... you know... any reasonable person? My guest today are Joan and Jane or the "Therapy Twins" are, as you might guess, identical twin sisters who worked professionally as therapists for a combined total of over 60 years. Despite being twins they lived very different lives, experiencing trauma through different filters and processing in different ways. Being upfront This interview is a...


Writing Horror with Michaelbrent Collings

What would you do if you got a human head in the mail? What if the return address was Steven King's? That was the house my guest grew up in... Kind of... you'll see. For those unaware, Michaelbrent Collings is an incredible author recognized globally as one of the top 100 authors to ever write in the horror genre. He's got a very impressive resume with over 50 published works in various genres. If you enjoyed the show, please share it with people you know. If you didn't like it or thought...


Movie Critics with Tyler Smith

Who doesn't enjoy watching movies? It's a staple of entertainment in the world we live in, and many of these movies live or die on the words of professional film critics like my guest today. Tyler Smith is a: Professional film critic, script consultant, collegiate professor of film history and film aesthetics, documentarian, host of the Battleship Pretention Podcast which just celebrated it's 15th year in production, and finally host of a film critic tv show on the Rediscover...


Beekeeping with Ben Cooper

There is a whole lot to be learned from this episode and after doing the interview I'll never see a one quarter cup the same way ever again. Embrace the bees with me for the next hour as we dive into the life of a bee keeper. Ben Cooper has been Beekeeping since the age of 14, giving him nearly five decades of experience first hand, and for the past ten years he has been teaching a college level course to those wanting to become bee keepers. If you want to suggest topics or have questions...


Lightsaber Combat with Austin Wells

May the fourth be with you. Get it? For Star Wars day! I actually thought this was a new joke that I was just hearing too much in recent years, but the phrase dates way back to this date in 1979 and was even used to welcome Margret Thatcher into office as Britain's Prime Minister. I'm Colton Petry and today my guest is Austin Wells, Leader and operator of Portside Rogues, the Lightsaber academy. He has over 16 years experience in Lightsaber combat as well as a mix of other martial arts in...


New York City with Christina Stanton

New York City! Let's get to walkin' here! Today my guest is Christina Ray Stanton, a New York City tour guide with over thirty years of experience showing the Big Apple to people who've never experienced it. We cover all kinds of things from planning a trip, to staying safe while out and about. On top of that we briefly discuss her experience living through the 9/11 attack and the award winning book she wrote about pressing through the fallout from just six blocks away. I don't want anyone...


Fashion Startups with Martina Carello

How much do you know about the clothes you are wearing? Do you think you could start your own fashion line if you had to? Would you be shocked to know it could take as long as two years before your first product launch and sale? I'm your host as always, Colton Petry, and this week's Guest, Martina Carello, is a Fashion Industry Facilitator with over Thirty years of experience working in the field both running clothing lines, and helping those hoping to join the fashion community to break...


Surviving Criticism with Bill Lee-Emery

What is the difference between who you are and what you do? If criticism blurs the line between feedback and insult, or if you lay awake at night thinking of all your mistakes like me, you are handling it wrong. I'm your host, Colton Petry and my guest today, Bill Lee-Emery, has been a therapist, author, and public speaker for over thirty years. His newest book (or as I now prefer Resilience Guide) "How To Be Bulletproof From Criticism" addresses the overly harsh things we do and say to...


Psychiatry with Dr. Michael Blumenfield

Todays guest is Dr. Michael Blumenfield, a psychiatrist with four decades of experience, a Former Tenured Professor of Psychiatry, medicine, and surgery from New York Medical College, a Former President of the American Psychiatry Association, and now author of the book "Shrink Talk. We do talk about mental health problems, but seeing as this is a psychiatry episode I feel like people listening are probably expecting to hear about those topics come up. We also discuss everything from the most...


What is Art? with Dan Henk

What is art? Is there an overlap between the classic oil painting by the Renaissance masters, HP Lovecraft, and a 21st century tattoo artist? Yes of course there is. No matter how they differ as people, they are all contributing a form of art into the world. That's what my guest, Dan Henk, and I discuss today. Dan has his hands in a lot of art fields, and by that I mean A LOT of fields. Over time he's also become well recognized in many of them. From political cartoons to fantasy novels,...


Porn Addiction with Matt Sinkovitz

Adult content warning! This episode revolves a lot around the topics of sex, porn, and masturbation. Today we are talking to Matt Sinkovitz about porn addiction, the damage it can do in our relationships, and the toll it can take on our health. No spoilers, but we talk about some... graphic changes to a work environment. Matt has worked in Porn recovery for close to two decades and currently coaches thousands of men to make healthier, more mindful choices about their relationship with porn...


Compost and Worms with Cathy Nesbitt

Is it "trash" or is it "black gold"? Todays guest is Cathy Nesbitt, owner and operator of Cathy's Crawlers, a worm composting business that's celebrating its 20th year in business right now. If you're like me you have almost no idea what regular composting is, but don't worry we get into that right away to better help you understand the worms! And don't be put off from the idea because of the worms either. You can actually still accomplish most everything we talk about with no really...


Grief & Grieving with Matthew Stapley

My guest today has been the audiences most requested return guest to date, Matthew Stapley! Many of you will remember Matthew from his first appearance on the Psychic/Medium episode. He's one of my favorite people and I'm so glad I could get him back to talk again, this time about grief and the grieving process. I know it might sound really heavy to a lot of you, and it can be from time to time. But as we discuss, everyone loses someone or something that they love eventually. Life isn't...


Emergency Dispatch with Barry Furey

My guest today is Barry Fury, and man who has been involved in public safety since 1970, only two years after the 911 system was established as we know it today. Barry has worked as a fire department officer in two states and a 911 dispatch director in four states! He is also a contributing editor of the very famous Firehouse magazine, and wrote a book on managing a dispatch center. Send me an email at dumbenoughpodcast@gmail.com or just message the show on any of the social media pages....


China with Jason Szeftel

In light of recent world events with Russia declaring war on Ukraine, I elected to push the episode I had scheduled in favor of this episode where I speak with China expert Jason Szeftel about Russia's biggest neighbor and currently their closest ally. I came into this conversation knowing almost nothing, but I feel like I've left it so much richer just because of how much we talk about in this rather long episode. Geopolitical stuff starts around 15min in if you just can't wait to hear...


Sales Psychology with Jay Maymi

Jay Maymi is a ten time author, international keynote speaker, host of a nationally syndicated talk show, and the man who runs a super master class with nearly 20 other industry giants where they discuss sales. Until I spoke with Jay, I never paid much attention to how much psychology goes into every little bit of branding, marketing, or even speech. Come listen and learn how to stand out among the crowd (Cue Goofy Movie Song "Stand Out"). Email DumbEnoughPodcast@Gmail.Com to ask...