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9: African Solutions to African Problems

The phrase “African Solutions to African Problems,” however difficult it may be to define, remains crucial to finding ways of improving peace and security in Africa, according to Africa experts interviewed in this final episode of Carnegie Corporation’s Peacebuilders podcast. Posting weekly on Tuesday mornings, Peacebuilders features nine episodes from East Africa on everything from the future of the African Union to immigration to media and elections in Kenya. The interviewers are Aaron...


The Modern African State

The African nation-state is in a period of profound transformation, according to African experts interviewed for episode 8 of Carnegie Corporation’s Peacebuilders podcast series. In this episode: Alagaw Ababu Kifle (African Leadership Centre), Pamela Mbabazi (Institute for Peace and Security Studies in Addis Ababa), and Sagal Abshir (Somali lawyer and former government advisor). Peacebuilders features nine episodes from East Africa. The final episode, “African Solutions to African Problems,”...


(S.4 Ep.7) Refugees and Migration

Displacement has become a common feature of life in East Africa over the past decade, leading to a wide range of creative solutions, according to Caroline Njuki, senior program coordinator at the Intergovernmental Authority on Development’s regional secretariat on forced displacement and mixed migration. Njuki discusses the socioeconomic integration of displaced populations in this seventh episode of the Peacebuilders podcast series. Posting weekly on Tuesday mornings, Peacebuilders features...


(S.4 Ep.6) South Sudan

As Africa’s newest state, South Sudan was meant to be an example of what cooperation between the international community and African political actors could achieve. According to the African experts interviewed in this sixth episode of the Peacebuilders podcast series, South Sudan’s devastating descent into civil conflict has instead transformed the young country into a laboratory for competing security solutions and a humanitarian catastrophe with no clear end. Posting weekly on Tuesday...


(S.4 Ep.5) Violence, the Media, and Elections in Kenya

The violence that attended Kenya’s 2007 elections shocked the nation’s media as well as the larger society. According to African experts interviewed in this fifth episode of Peacebuilders, Kenyan media has become both more responsible as a result and more oriented toward reaching ethnic-group audiences rather than national ones. Whether this will lead to an increase or decrease in the importance of ethnicity for Kenyan politics remains to be seen. Posting weekly on Tuesday mornings,...


(S.4 Ep.4) The African Union

The African Union continues to play an important role in enforcing peace and security on the continent, but the political momentum is shifting toward “coalitions of the willing” and regional economic commissions, according to Africa experts interviewed in Nairobi and Addis Ababa for episode four of Peacebuilders, a nine-part series produced by Carnegie Corporation of New York for its podcast Diffusion. Posting weekly on Tuesday mornings, Peacebuilders features nine episodes from East Africa...