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(S.4 Ep.9) African Solutions to African Problems

The phrase “African Solutions to African Problems,” however difficult it may be to define, remains crucial to finding ways of improving peace and security in Africa, according to Africa experts interviewed in this final episode of Carnegie Corporation’s Peacebuilders podcast. Posting weekly on Tuesday mornings, Peacebuilders features nine episodes from East Africa on everything from the future of the African Union to immigration to media and elections in Kenya. The interviewers are Aaron...


(S.4 Ep.8) The Modern African State

The African nation-state is in a period of profound transformation, according to African experts interviewed for episode 8 of Carnegie Corporation’s Peacebuilders podcast series. In this episode: Alagaw Ababu Kifle (African Leadership Centre), Pamela Mbabazi (Institute for Peace and Security Studies in Addis Ababa), and Sagal Abshir (Somali lawyer and former government advisor). Peacebuilders features nine episodes from East Africa. The final episode, “African Solutions to African...


(S.4 Ep.7) Refugees and Migration

Displacement has become a common feature of life in East Africa over the past decade, leading to a wide range of creative solutions, according to Caroline Njuki, senior program coordinator at the Intergovernmental Authority on Development’s regional secretariat on forced displacement and mixed migration. Njuki discusses the socioeconomic integration of displaced populations in this seventh episode of the Peacebuilders podcast series. Posting weekly on Tuesday mornings, Peacebuilders...


(S.4 Ep.6) South Sudan

As Africa’s newest state, South Sudan was meant to be an example of what cooperation between the international community and African political actors could achieve. According to the African experts interviewed in this sixth episode of the Peacebuilders podcast series, South Sudan’s devastating descent into civil conflict has instead transformed the young country into a laboratory for competing security solutions and a humanitarian catastrophe with no clear end. Posting weekly on Tuesday...


(S.4 Ep.5) Violence, the Media, and Elections in Kenya

The violence that attended Kenya’s 2007 elections shocked the nation’s media as well as the larger society. According to African experts interviewed in this fifth episode of Peacebuilders, Kenyan media has become both more responsible as a result and more oriented toward reaching ethnic-group audiences rather than national ones. Whether this will lead to an increase or decrease in the importance of ethnicity for Kenyan politics remains to be seen. Posting weekly on Tuesday mornings,...


(S.4 Ep.4) The African Union

The African Union continues to play an important role in enforcing peace and security on the continent, but the political momentum is shifting toward “coalitions of the willing” and regional economic commissions, according to Africa experts interviewed in Nairobi and Addis Ababa for episode four of Peacebuilders, a nine-part series produced by Carnegie Corporation of New York for its podcast Diffusion. Posting weekly on Tuesday mornings, Peacebuilders features nine episodes from East Africa...


(S.4 Ep.3) Militarization of Solutions

The militarization of policing and counterterrorism operations in East and West Africa has chiefly multiplied the numbers of people seeking vengeance against the state, contend regional experts Nanjala Nyabola and Obi Anyadike in the third episode of Peacebuilders, a Carnegie Corporation podcast series. The militarization of regional security policy, partly in response to foreign funding agendas, is abetting insecurity and encouraging corruption from Somalia to Nigeria. Posting weekly on...


(S.4 Ep.2) International Interventions

The era of large, international peacekeeping missions is over, according to experts interviewed for the second episode of Peacebuilders, a Carnegie Corporation podcast series. Focusing particularly on the hybrid United Nations/African Union mission in Somalia (AMISOM), they find that, for better and worse, the waning of interest among the major funding powers means that conflict resolution is becoming more a local and regional challenge. This podcast episode features Séverine Autesserre of...


(S.4 Ep.1) Evolving Ethnicities

Ethnicity continues to shape East African politics in ways both predictable and unexpected, according to African experts featured on Peacebuilders, a new podcast series from Carnegie Corporation of New York. “The question of ethnicity,” George Gathigi, lecturer at the University of Nairobi, says, “always features in every conversation.” What role does ethnicity play in post-conflict countries in East Africa? Hosts Aaron Stanley and Scott Malcomson speak with experts from the region in this...


(S.3 Ep.3) Boom: The Economic Benefits of Immigration

In a modern economy, how can the U.S. adapt its immigration policies to the benefit of the country? Jeremy Robbins of New American Economy discusses the need for comprehensive immigration reform, the future of the DACA program and more.


(S.3 Ep.2) Keeping the Faith: Religion and Immigration

Carnegie Corporation of New York visiting media fellow Gail Ablow speaks with religious leaders from three different faiths to discuss core values and immigration in the United States. Her guests are Reverend Jennifer Butler, founder and executive director of Faith in Public Life and former chair of the White House Council on Faith and Neighborhood Partnerships; Pastor Rich Nathan, senior pastor of Vineyard Columbus, a multicultural megachurch in Columbus, Ohio; and Rabbi Renee Bauer,...


(S.3 Ep.1) Our Town, Your Town: Welcome

Badges, Bibles, and Business is a series that offers sharp insight and thoughtful conversation about immigration policy, and the social and economic integration of immigrants in the United States. We will share the unique perspectives of experts who research best practices in policing; provide guidance to faith communities; and who bring business leaders and mayors together to understand how immigration reform will bolster the U.S. economy. In this episode, host Gail Ablow speaks with Chuck...


(S.2 Ep.7) China's Dramatic Pivot Towards Global Leadership

Paul Haenle, founder of the Carnegie-Tsinghua Cetner for Global Policy, and a former advisor to President George W. Bush and Barack Obama on U.S.-China, speaks about China's trajectory on the world stage.


(S.2 Ep.6) China Beyond the Asia Pacific: Afghanistan and Pakistan

This week, the U.S. outlined an updated policy on the war in Afghanistan, sending more troops to assist Afghan forces. What role has China played in protecting its own interests in South Asia, particularly vis–à–vis Afghanistan and Pakistan? Sarwar Kashmeri speaks with Barnett Rubin, director of the Afghanistan-Pakistan Regional Project at NYU's Center on International Cooperation.


(S.2 Ep.5) Is China Winning African Hearts & Minds?

China continues to expand its economic and infrastructure partnerships on the continent, but is the strategy working? China in Focus host Sarwar Kashmeri speaks with Yunnan Chen of the China Africa Research Initiative at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies about the successes—and controversies—of the China/Africa relationship.


(S.2 Ep.4) China's $9 Billion New 'Silk Road'

China in Focus host Sarwar Kashmeri speaks with Matthew Goodman of the Center for International and Strategic Studies about China’s $9 billion “One Belt, One Road” initiative, a project some refer to as the new “silk road.”


(S.2 Ep.3) China Power: Is the U.S. Ceding Leadership?

Have China's security capabilities and changes in American foreign policy given Beijing a more influential role on the world stage?


(S.2 Ep.2) Pressure Point: Can China Really Help on North Korea?

As North Korea continues to provoke the U.S. and East Asia with missile tests and nuclear proliferation, Leon Sigal, director of the Northeast Asia Cooperative Security Project at the Social Science Research Council, discusses the current state of security in the region and North Korea’s new nuclear device.


(S.1 Ep.12) Sweet or Sour? Recapping U.S.-Russia Relations

Visiting Media Fellow Michael Moran hosts this final episode of our series, Diffusion: Russia in Focus. Over the course of this series, we’ve explored the historical context of the relationship, its development since the end of the Cold War, and the economic, military and political rivalry between the two. We’ve examined Russia’s domestic politics, global energy politics, the crisis sparked by its invasion of Ukraine, it’s fraught ties with NATO and intervention in Syria. Now it’s time to...


(S.2 Ep.1) Xi and Trump: What's the Big Deal?

Host Sarwar Kashmeri speaks with Orville Schell, Arthur Ross Director of the Center on U.S.-China Relations at the Asia Society, and Susan Shirk, Chair of the 21st Century China Center and Research Professor at the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy, as President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping prepare to meet at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Schell and Shirk are co-chairs of the Asia Society report "U.S. Policy Toward China: Recommendations for a New Administration."