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A podcast featuring insight from music educators and school leaders discussing their philosophies on the administrative leadership of a comprehensive music program.

A podcast featuring insight from music educators and school leaders discussing their philosophies on the administrative leadership of a comprehensive music program.
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A podcast featuring insight from music educators and school leaders discussing their philosophies on the administrative leadership of a comprehensive music program.




Scott Lang - Episode 20

This episode features my interview with leadership expert, Scott Lang. Scott is an internationally known speaker and advocate for music education. As a lead author and contributor to publications like “Leader Of The Band” and “Be Part Of The Music”, Scott has helped in leading thousands of students in start their adventures in music. Topics include: (04:37) Scott talks about his life and professional background (05:27) Scott talks about his background of being an administrator (10:05)...


Frank Battisti - Episode 19

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Frank Battisti about his views on music and music education. Known affectionately to many of his students as “Mr. B”, Battisti has led a prolific career as an educator at Ithaca High School (NY) and the New England Conservatory. Bonus features of this episode include ideas on the importance of music to the human experience and a remarkable story of an impromptu performance featuring Benny Goodman playing a student’s...


Derrick Fox - Episode 18

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Derrick Fox from the University of Nebraska-Omaha on what it’s like to have a background in instrumental music and leading a renowned collegiate choral program. Topics include: (05:34) Fox talks about his life and professional background (15:52) Building community within your program. (17:22) Repertoire Selection (29:14) Managing a career as a conductor, educator, and composer (37:04) Fox discusses his book “Yes You Can: A Band Director’s Guide to...


Stephen Gage - Episode 17

This episode features Dr. Stephen Gage from Youngstown State University. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on a wide array of subjects ranging from imagination to repertoire selection. Topics include: (04:33) Dr. Gage talks about his life and professional background (07:30) Dr. Gage talks about his ensembles at YSU (10:08) Working with the legendary coach, Jim Tressel, as the YSU President (14:45) Repertoire Selection (27:24) Symphonic Repertoire (36:12) Ways conductors can...


Brenda Brenner - Episode 16

Have you ever wondered what it would be like having a career as a renowned performer and music education training specialist? In this episode, I speak with Dr. Brenda Brenner from Indiana University to discuss her roles as a professional musician, studio instructor, and professor of music education. She also talks about her work with the Fairview Violin Project, a program in which every first and second grader in an underserved school is taught violin as part of the curriculum. Topics...


Scott Rush - Episode 15

This episode features my interview with the acclaimed author and music educator, Scott Rush. Mr. Rush is widely known for his Habits of Success book series as well as being a renowned band director in South Carolina. Scott shares stories about his career, work as an author, and his current role working in administration. Topics include: (05:12) Scott talks about his life and professional background (07:45) Scott talks about how his background as a professional performer has affected his...


Christopher Cicconi - Episode 14

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Christopher Cicconi from Towson, MD. Cicconi shares how he conducts his band and orchestra programs at Towson University. Also being a professor of music education, Cicconi shares how he prepares his students as they enter the workforce. Topics include: (04:05) Cicconi talks about his professional background (05:55 ) Cicconi discusses his band and orchestra programs at Towson University (10:07) Establishing cultures within multiple ensembles of a music...


Len Lavelle - Episode 13

In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Len Lavelle from Pittsburgh, PA. If you are from PA, you are sure to be familiar with Len’s work with his bands at North Hills High School. If you are not from the Keystone State, make sure to check out this episode featuring one of the best in the business as he shares ideas on inspiration, teaching, and music education. Topics include: (03:25) Len talks about his professional background (08:55 ) Len stalks about why he decided...


Frank Parker - Episode 12

Frank Parker is director of bands at Quakertown High School in Quakertown, PA. In his program, Frank teaches a wide range of ensembles including two concert bands, two jazz bands, and the award winning Panther Marching band. As a highly sought after conductor, Frank has been featured as a guest conductor at many honors band festivals and has also directed his students in performances at several state and national level music education conferences. Topics include: (03:53) Frank talks...


Ramona Wis - Episode 11

This special episode features the renowned choral conductor and author, Dr. Ramona Wis. In this interview, I discuss several key components of leadership with Dr. Wis that she was written about in her popular book, “The Conductor As Leader: Principles of Leadership Applied to Life on the Podium.” Topics include: (03:55) Dr. Wis shares some stories about her professional background as a conductor and educator (05:50) Dr. Wis discusses how she went about learning principles of leadership,...


Joe Santanello - Episode 10

I chat with Joe Santanello as he discusses his views on attaining student excellence and transitioning into a new position. Joe is a phenomenal musician, educator, and human being and this episode is jam-packed with tons of valuable insight for anyone interested in developing a program or moving into a new music program. Topics include: (07:02) Joe discusses his program at Strayer Middle School and developing the program in both quantity and quality. (09:30) Developing a focus on...


Bob Phillips - Episode 9

In this episode, I sit down with Bob Phillips to discuss his career as an educator and the Director of String Publications for Alfred Music. Topics discussed include: recruitment of student musicians, building a new program, using alternative styles in a string curriculum, and writing a method book. Facebook:


Brad Townsend - Episode 8

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Brad Townsend who is the director of bands at the University of Pittsburgh. He shares his thoughts on developing music programs at multiple universities, entering as a new director in a program that is rich in tradition, taking student input into consideration for show planning, and implementing growth in a collegiate program. Topics discussed: Entering a new program, working at the university level, effective problem solving through teaching, program...


Bob Matchett - Episode 7

Bob Matchett discusses his work as a band director at Seneca Valley Senior High School in Harmony, PA. With an accomplished career as an educator and musician, Bob discusses characteristics of an outstanding leader, taking over a new program, and how working as a professional musician can impact teaching. In April, Bob will conduct the Seneca Valley High School Wind Ensemble at the NAfME All Eastern Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.


Stephen Benham - Episode 6

Dr. Stephen Benham speaks about his leadership roles as a former president for the American String Teachers Association and as an Associate Professor of Music Education at the Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. As a leading expert in string pedagogy and teaching, Dr. Benham shares his thoughts on music advocacy, servitude leadership, and working as an administrator at the collegiate level.


Scott Koter - Episode 5

Scott Koter sits down with us to discuss his extensive carrier that includes experience as an assistant superintendent, band director, and program coordinator for several DCI drum corps. In this episode, Scott will share his thoughts on building a comprehensive program, working with administrators, and the planning that goes into a championship winning season. Scott will also give us a sneak peak on his upcoming presentation at the 2018 Midwest Clinic that focuses on increasing professional...


Greg Johnson - Episode 4

In this episode, Greg Johnson shares his experiences on leading his jazz program at the Marin School of the Arts. Topics discussed include: teaching improvisation, gaining appreciation for all styles of music, programing repertoire, and utilizing experience as a professional musician to motivate students. To learn more about Greg and his music, please visit


Ryan Beeken - Episode 3

Dr. Ryan Beeken shares his thoughts of effectively connecting with students and building a choral program of over 300 musicians during his time as an educator in public schools. In addition to his work as the director of choral studies at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Beeken frequently serves as a clinician and conductor across the country.


Jeff Ball - Episode 2

In this episode, Jeff Ball discusses his approach to building a band program of over 350 students at the Grand Street Campus in NYC and conducting the Brooklyn Wind Symphony around the country in venues such as Carnegie Hall and Alice Tully Hall.


Scott Sheehan - Episode 1

In this episode, Scott Sheehan discusses his thoughts on leadership, advocacy, and serving as a leader for the National Association for Music Education and Pennsylvania Music Educators Association.