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We all have points of pain in our lives, whether emotional, relational, spiritual, physical or sexual, that have for too long, kept us from victoriously moving past them and reaching our summit. It's to that end that this podcast's commitment to you exists. Join me as together, we take A Walk In Progress!


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We all have points of pain in our lives, whether emotional, relational, spiritual, physical or sexual, that have for too long, kept us from victoriously moving past them and reaching our summit. It's to that end that this podcast's commitment to you exists. Join me as together, we take A Walk In Progress!






When it Comes to Child Sexual Abuse, Silence Isn't Golden...It's Poison! - Featuring Psychologist and Author, Dr. Kelli Palfy MA, Ph.d

Brief Episode Summary: “You can trust me, said the next-door neighbor to seven-year-old Tommy, can’t you? Your parents love you very much and want the very best for you. They just don’t understand you the way I do. We have a special friendship! It’s best that it be our little secret, after all, we wouldn’t want you to get in trouble, would we?” The predator has learned his or her craft well! They know that it’s the very element of secrecy that binds the victim to their predator. The...


As a Person Thinks in Their Heart, So They Are - Featuring World-Class Thought Leader. Advisor, Speaker and Author, Syed Shoaib

Brief Episode Summary: What seizes upon the heart and sets us free, is a knowing and acceptance that we become less and less important to more and more people with the passing of time. They become consumed with themself! What’s really in play and what we can control and foster, is an acknowledgment of our uniqueness and purpose and that our greatest potential and progress occurs when we’re in seasons of desperation, not comfort! #uniqueness #purpose #seasons #desperation #potential...


Namaste...honoring the light in those we love - Featuring Dr. Kelli Palfy MA, Ph.d

Brief Episode Summary: Recently, my wife and I were out to dinner with friends. As Fran continued her conversation with Sally, I was gently led to share with Patrick how excited I was as to the upcoming podcast series I’d arranged with Dr. Kelli Palfy, its focus being on the young victims of sexual abuse and just how widespread it is under the age of 18, as high as 1 in 3 with girls and 1 in 6 with boys. Patrick was clearly taken aback. I on the other hand, was not surprised when he...


So, You Want to be a Financial Advisor...Are You Nuts? - Featuring Cindy Crossett, RICP, WMCP

Brief Episode Summary: When one is contemplating their life-purpose, their chief reason for being, there are a myriad of reasons that someone might choose to become a career financial advisor…thankfully, some of them solidly grounded in a deep sense of ethics and morality, committed to putting the needs of others before their own, not just in word, but most importantly, in deed. For these true servants, their involvement goes well beyond financial remuneration and peer recognition, where...


The Best Avenues of Communication Have Traffic Going Both Ways, Featuring Author, Coach, and Transpersonal Psychologist, Alan Carroll

Brief Episode Summary: The heart of this podcast, “Discovering and Living the Best Version…of YOU!” is to provide content to the listeners of the podcast from some of the best minds in the fields of personal and spiritual growth and in a way that will empower the listeners to grow into becoming the best version of them self. After much thought and due diligence, I thought I’d reached the point where I could confidently say I’d arrived, that audio only was the best way to effectively...


Claiming YOUR Divine Heart Transplant...You Rebel You! Featuring Mind Hacker, Coach, Author and Hypnotherapist Karin Tyden

Brief Episode Summary: It didn’t take very long at all as I feverishly dove into our guest’s book, “Mind Hacking for Rebels,” to discover something that means a great deal to me…I’m an authentic unapologetic Rebel! You dear listener may end up making the same claim! This I promise you…wherever you are on your life-journey, if you will carefully read and diligently apply this book to your life, it will not be long before you experience exciting positive change on a myriad of levels! I...


Life-Lessons From The Mango Featuring Author, Speaker, Certified City Planner, the Mango Lady...Tanya Wilson

Brief Episode Summary: When it comes to a fruit being acknowledged with its own special day, National Mango Day in India to be precise, the mango is in a class of its own, its diversity unmatched! “Each mango season provides a symbolic reminder, that nature and the things we cherish experience disruption, uncertainty, and change. All natural systems have a cycle with a beginning and a definite end.” There is a “Last Time” for all things! #mango #NationalMangoDay #diversity #disruption...


An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Featuring Registered Nurse, Author and Holistic Health Coach Sarah Dawkins

Brief Episode Summary: One only sees the truth when one is ready. As we age, the laundry list of dis-eases and health problems we encounter with the accompanying pharmaceuticals and prescriptions, for most of us, seems to be a never-ending one! Ask yourself this question and be honest with the answer! In recent years, are your medical referrals and visits increasing in number, staying the same or decreasing? I know how I would answer the question. The answer to this dilemma doesn’t lie with...


There's Nothing Common About Common Sense Featuring Somatic Therapy Practitioner and Author Todd Nils Nyholm

Brief Episode Summary: Common sense dictates that you can’t give to others what you don’t have yourself, and you cannot give what you cannot sustainably create! Whatever it is that you wish to bless others with, you must first develop in yourself. Your inner self deserves the same conscious priority as your environment! It’s all just common sense! #innerself #somatictherapypractitioner #lifepurpose #nytalitymethod #health #ego #innerguidance #intuition #feelingsense #mind #wealth...


Cici Gets It Done! NOW, You Can Too! - Featuring Business Leader and Author Extraordinaire Cici Castelli

Brief Episode Summary: Over the almost two and a half years that I’ve hosted my podcast, Discovering and Living the Best Version…of YOU, I’ve had the immense privilege of interviewing some of the planet’s top thought and strategic leaders, positively impacting the thousands globally who have listened to the show, helping each one on his or her journey to becoming the best version of them self! The wisdom you’re about to open your heart to, if you’ll do what others can’t, won’t, or don’t do,...


Even A Podcaster Needs A Break!

Brief Summary: I appreciate you and your loyalty to our show so very much! That said, we're taking a brief break until August 11, but do we ever have an array of life-changing guests coming up! August 11 features Cici Castelli. If you'll do what others can't, won't, or don't do, Cici will quite simply, take you higher! Cici gets it done! NOW, you can to! August 25 features somatic therapy practitioner Todd Nils Nyholm. Whatever it is that you wish to bless others with, you must first...


We're Only Successful if We're Always Busy...Fact or Fallacy? - Featuring Thought Leader and Author Jennifer Peavey

Brief Episode Summary: “The best decisions aren’t made with your mind, but with your instincts.” – Lionel Messi, worldwide recognized soccer superstar. Common sense in the developed world, suggests that to be truly financially successful, one must be in motion…action, almost 24/7. Notwithstanding the tremendous mental cost associated with this mindset…it’s simply wrong! #instincts #financially successful ##burnout #reflection #actions @future #cults #auto-pilot #future #productivity...


It's All Energy And The Supply...Is Simply Unlimited! - Featuring Psychic Medium And Spiritual Counselor, Chris Wasko

Brief Episode Summary: If energy is all there is, full stop, and if according to Einstein, if you match the frequency of the reality you want, you cannot help but get that reality, then wisdom suggests to me that all one’s time, talents and treasures, ought to be invested in maximizing this truth! There should be no other way! #energy #Einstein #frequency #reality #spiritual #psychicmedium #trauma #soullessons #survivors #narcissisticabuse #oldsouls #aura #veterinarian #blocks...


Trauma...Shifting From Surviving to Thriving! Featuring Trauma Coach, Speaker and Mental Health Advocate Joy Nettie

Brief Episode Summary: NO…2 letters that carries with it tremendous power yet can take so long to master! It can be a complete sentence! It doesn’t require explanation, validation, or justification, to anyone! What a gift! So, if you’ve surrendered your power to anyone or anything, it’s time to take it back! In the interim, be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack! You’re worth it and you deserve to be free! The biggest betrayal we can ever experience, is when we betray,...


On Your Mark, Get Set...Slow, Right Down and Check Your Spirit! - Featuring Certified Christian Counselor, Ordained Minister, Business Coach, and Author, Daniel Tezeno

Brief Episode Summary: “A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels” – Albert Einstein My dear friend, William E. Halal, Professor Emeritus at George Washington University, and the founder of TechCast, a firm focused on Strategic Foresight for a Changing World, asserts that the present global order is not sustainable. Given the climate crisis, Covid pandemic, government gridlock, global conflict, and other threats makes it clear, that...


Angels In Our Midst - Bruised But Not Broken, Featuring 21 Year Former Army Special Forces Veteran and Warrior's Heart Co-Founder, Tom Spooner

Brief Episode Summary: "The chains which are unseen, are the heaviest of them all!" This podcast episode is about angels, their mission, to heal our nation's warriors. It's about warriors healing warriors...the warriors way. Warrior's Heart! Key Topics: Discover the three (3) invisible wounds that are the causes of so much veteran and first responder suicide.What are the greatest threats to the mental health of our military, frontline workers, doctors, nurses, other...


Putting Humpty Dumpty 2.0 Together...With Better Codes, Featuring Author, Life Coach and Strategy Consultant Babs Faseesin

Brief Episode Summary: Humpty Dumpty version 1.0 didn’t need to die! Notwithstanding his/her anthropomorphic nature, climbing up on the wall was a death wish, a paying attention to and acting on bad codes which had been installed years earlier. I mean, what was he/she thinking? Had those broken codes been addressed before the fatal event, far more effective choices would have been made by H.D! #lifecode #codes #worth #negativecodes #positivecodes #hardcoded #beliefs #mindsets Key...


The Fallacy of the Half-Filled Glass - Featuring International Trainer, Coach and Author Trevor Lynch

Brief Episode Summary: For years, I’ve heard people in conversation, question whether someone’s glass was half-full, a supposed positive inference, or half-empty, just the opposite. It’s all a matter of perspective. I would suggest that neither is in an ideal place! If one is to be able to successfully weather life’s challenges, and some of them are doozies, it will require resilience and lots of it…a full glass that is continuously and effectively, being topped up! #life-transforming...


The Emptiness of a Life Lived, in the Rear-View Mirror featuring Author and Attorney Poonam Bhuchar, introducing her Life-Changing Book SAFE From The Pain!

Brief Episode Summary: “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”- Denis Healey. To do otherwise, is to find ourselves in an ever-deepening, ever-darkening, abyss! That’s what happens with our emotional pain when we bury it, fooling ourselves into believing that we’re okay, that it’s normal! We believe the lie which tells us that if we simply shove it down and ignore it, even numb it in a variety of ways, all will be well! To make progress toward real healing, requires just the...


The Joy of Having Less...the key to receiving more of what you REALLY need! - featuring eco. advocate Lisa Melendy

Brief Episode Summary: Every significant global evolutionary change that has taken place, has been accompanied by a revolution…no exceptions! To be clear, the existing world order and much of its leadership, is not able to effectively resolve the myriad of existential threats facing civilization. A major transformation, a global reset, is needed to avert disaster. But there is cause for optimism! Our world is entering an Age of Consciousness, led by those possessing the courage of espousing...