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The Dr. Chris Show is a daily update filled with guidance and insight into instructional design & instructional technology. With luck, you will be able to make your own course development efforts be even more effective with what you'll learn here.

The Dr. Chris Show is a daily update filled with guidance and insight into instructional design & instructional technology. With luck, you will be able to make your own course development efforts be even more effective with what you'll learn here.
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The Dr. Chris Show is a daily update filled with guidance and insight into instructional design & instructional technology. With luck, you will be able to make your own course development efforts be even more effective with what you'll learn here.




2019 - 09 - 21 - Servant Leadership

Out of all of the models of leadership, I find that servant leadership is the one that I resonate with most, and also the one I think resonates with most instructional designers. And that's because we tend to have a "natural desire to serve others." This natural desire to serve others is at the core of servant leadership. And although in all of the research and all of the studies people come up with many attributes and characteristics, in the end, it boils down to that core. Essentially with...


2019 - 09 - 20 - Transformational And Situational Leadership

There are many leadership styles worth looking deeper at and trying to emulate. Two of them are the Transformational Leadership style and the Situational Leadership style. Transformational leadership is when a leader identifies a need for change and brings that change about through inspiration. And there are four components that we can work on if we want to be transformational leaders. 1. Intellectual stimulation: transformational leaders challenge their team to challenge the status quo...


2019 - 09 - 19 - Laissez - Faire And Transactional Leadership

There are a variety of leadership models and two of the important ones to know about early and to know the descriptions of are the laissez-faire model of leadership and the transactional model of leadership. They both have their place but are best left to small scale or short term situations. The laissez-faire model of leadership is quite literally a "hands-off" approach where the person in charge of the situation just does nothing. And while I don't advocate this model of leadership for...


2019 - 09 - 18 - Leadership Traits

Instructional designers often find themselves in leadership roles, even if they don't have any formal authority in projects or situations they have an opportunity to truly be effective leaders. But there are some fallacies about leadership. First that people are "Born Natural Leaders" and second that Charisma has something to do with leadership. Effective leadership mostly has to do with: Providing a compelling vision, setting and communicating clear goals, and developing a healthy working...


2019 - 09 - 17 - Thinking About The Instructional Designer As A Leader

When I was in school I had limited leadership training, which was a bit unfortunate because of the importance for instructional designers to be leaders in their organizations. Most of the training I received was simply either on project management or some light interpersonal items. For me, I find that some of the traits that help instructional are technical competence, emotional intelligence, tact, and not only trustworthy but being trusted. I wanted to spend some time exploring the IDs role...


2019 - 09 - 16 - Adobe Flash Is Dead Long Live Adobe Animate

I've been frustrated with Adobe Flash since before it was Macromedia Flash. And now that we're finally looking like it might just go away with the imminent death of the Flash Player in December of 2020 that leaves a WHOLE lot of flash-based training that needs to be dealt with. After I spent part of my morning fighting with Chrome to play some ancient flash based training I did some poking around and found a tool I want to share https://swf-decompiler.org has a nifty app that will convert...


2019 - 09 - 15 - Project Management Closing The Project

When a project goes well and everyone is happy there are still several critical things to do. These involve closing out any accounts that are project-specific, especially internal budget line items that can easily be forgotten, getting an official sign off that the project is complete and the product delivered, collecting feedback both internal and external, and most importantly the PARTY! And I'm serious about the party, even a small ritual such as donuts or pizza helps to close out a...


2019 - 09 - 14 - Project Management The Excecution Phase

What are the key steps in executing a well-planned project in instructional design? For me they are keeping a tight view and control over the "Critical Path" that we talked about yesterday, ensuring there are formal signoffs and approvals for changes to the scope of the project, and ensuring that everyone is well informed and on the same page.


2019 - 09 - 13 - Project Scheduling The WBS And Instructional Design

One of the more critical planning steps in project planning is scheduling the individual project tasks. A big reason for this is that there are so many moving pieces. Deadlines, availability, and everyone's favorite "The Critical Path" or "the hunt for what's making this take so long" I often describe project schedule as a messed up game of Tetris and in this video, you'll find out why.


2019 - 09 - 12 - The Relationship Between The WBS And Project Budget

Continuing our talk about project management in instructional design today I wanted to share an important connection between the development of a project budget (or at least a budget proposal) and the work breakdown structure (affectionately referred to as the WBS). The key, of course, is to have a very detailed work breakdown structure, properly notated, and then to systematically move through and estimate, price, or get quotes for each item on the work breakdown structure. And as a bonus,...


2019 - 09 - 11 - Project Scope Document And The WBS

Once a project has been initiated and is moving forward it's important to plan the project. Probably a tie for most important documents with regards to project management are the Project Scope Document and the Work Breakdown Structure. There are several components to the scope document which serves to "set the stage" for the project and to clarify the goals of the project, the deliverables of the project, and to place limits on the project. The specific elements are: * Project justification...


2019 - 09 - 10 - My Key Pieces For A Project Charter Document

As I continue to share about project management in instructional design I wanted to take some time to talk about the "Project Charter" which is a very important document. And the specific format and formatting of the document aren't very important but what goes in the document is critical to setting a project up for success. Here are my must-haves in a project charter: * Title of the project * Basic description of the project * Projected start and finish dates * Estimated budget * Project...


2019 - 09 - 09 - Important Project Management Responcibilities And Skills

Project managers working on instructional design projects have the same types of responsibilities as project managers working on other projects. With the addition of needing to have a solid understanding of instructional design. Some of these involve hard project management skills such as: * Defining scope * Activity and resource planning * Developing schedules and timescales * Budgeting * Project Documentation * Risk management * Project Process Monitoring * Managing the Project Team *...


2019 - 09 - 08 - The Importance Project Management Skills

One of the key skillsets an instructional designer should have is solid project management skills. After all much of what we do as instructional designers is to manage projects and understanding what a project is and how to effectively manage a project can make a world of difference. Essentially a project is something that has a defined beginning and end so it's temporary in nature. A project also produces a unique product or service, such as a workshop or course. A project will have...


2019 - 09 - 07 - The Importance Of Credibility Behind The Credential

These days there is a lot of talk about credentials. And sometimes it comes from large tech firms and other big corporations declaring that they are removing the need for the classic credentials of a Bachelors or Masters. Sometimes it is in the quest for a replacement for the ancient credentials in the form of certifications or badges. Ultimately the value of a credential is determined by the reputation of the authority behind it. This is why I think that the current state of the university...


2019 - 09 - 06 - The Invisible Nature Of Instructional Design

I've been reflecting a bit about the invisible nature of instructional design lately and have started to seek out examples of instructional design in my day to day life. Things like the instructions left for the warehouse workers on the ladders and lifts themselves. Invisible things that no one else would notice. I've also been starting to look for examples of instructional design in the different training departments and organizations that I am connected to. Those examples are harder to...


2019 - 09 - 05 - Contingency Planning And Being Prepared

Part of what's expected of kids in the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts is that they "Be Prepared" and this is important in all aspects of life including instructional design. When giving a presentation or teaching a course/workshop there are a number of things that we can do to be ready for anything. This can include having an extra projector in our car, carrying extra whiteboard markers, or even chalk. As instructional designers, there are things that we can do to support instructors in their...


2019 - 09 - 04 - My Top Ten Places To Find FREE Photography For ELearning

Finding photography that is free and easy to use is often a critical component of eLearning projects. Not all of us can afford the eLearning Brother's Stock package. The good one today at least is $1,500 a year per designer! Now if you can afford it I highly recommend you go for it. https://elearningbrothers.com/stock-assets/ For the rest of us there are other sites to look for from Pixabay to the collection of "Stock Photos of Women of Color in Tech" and of course our own cameras. I cover...


2019 - 09 - 03 - Pre - Workshop Materials

One of the ways that instructional designers can make learning experiences more effective and enjoyable is providing learners with pre-workshop materials. A collection of resources that can help bring everyone up to the starting line, something to cover the entry-level skills that are not going to be covered in the workshop. This week I was given just a set of materials for a course my son and I are going to be taking later this week. It was literally a textbook. Read the book and learn all...


2019 - 09 - 02 - My Top Ten List For Royalty Free Music And Sound

Below is my list of audio sources. Enjoy. 1 – https://www.freesound.org/ Freesound has an excellent collection of audio artifacts. Easy to search with many recorded by volunteers who contribute to the site. 2 – http://soundbible.com/ Sound Bible is another excellent source of free audio effects with a quality search function. 3 – http://www.audiomicro.com/free-sound-effects Audio Micro has a free sound effects section. However, make sure they don’t wander into the paid section and find the...