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Welcome to EECO Ask’s Why – A podcast that dives into industrial manufacturing topics and spotlights the heroes that keep America running. On this weekly podcast, we do not cover the latest features and benefits on products that come to market. Instead, we focus on advice and insight from the top minds of industry because people and ideas will be how America remains number one in manufacturing in the world.

Welcome to EECO Ask’s Why – A podcast that dives into industrial manufacturing topics and spotlights the heroes that keep America running. On this weekly podcast, we do not cover the latest features and benefits on products that come to market. Instead, we focus on advice and insight from the top minds of industry because people and ideas will be how America remains number one in manufacturing in the world.


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Welcome to EECO Ask’s Why – A podcast that dives into industrial manufacturing topics and spotlights the heroes that keep America running. On this weekly podcast, we do not cover the latest features and benefits on products that come to market. Instead, we focus on advice and insight from the top minds of industry because people and ideas will be how America remains number one in manufacturing in the world.






068. Idea - Benefits of Manufacturing Digitalization

Sit back and dream for a minute about what areas of your manufacturing process could be enhanced if it had a digital solution. Perhaps items such as scheduling are still being done via a manual process. What if there were options available to enhance some of these areas that make a significant impact? In this episode Bill Migirditch unpacks this idea and discusses several ways manufacturers could begin embracing digitization and areas of low hanging fruit to consider. Think about how much...


067. Hero - Brett Melancon, Electrical Project Engineer at Bühler Motor

Brett Melancon is a rising star in Engineering and shares his passion for industry. He loves technology in electric vehicles and had opportunities in his career to grow his knowledge in that space. Currently at Bühler he's working on many projects and some are tied directly to the medical field which impacts so many people. With the rapid development of the medical field it's directly impacting manufacturing which can be challenging and exciting at the same time. Typical 3 year projects are...


066. Idea - Defining Digital Transformation for Manufacturing

Companies that embrace digital transformation will be able to attract great talent in the future. That in itself should be enough to get everyone on the train. In this episode Tessa Myers unpacks how companies can begin a digital transformation journey that leads to success. This topic can be confusing and knowing where to get started is tricky. Tessa gives examples to consider around some of the new technologies that are developing and how to use this newly available data can improve...


065. Hero - Jack Lawson, Board Member and former President/CEO at EECO

If you're looking for inspiration this conversation hits the mark. Jack Lawson shares many lessons and stories he had throughout his stellar career. Jack served as the President and CEO at EECO and was able the lead through several areas of significant change. In fact being a "change agent" was something he remembers fondly and gives wonderful advice for those that truly want to make an impact around them. From implementing the first computer system, fax machine and automated inventory...


064. Power Series - Load Flow Study

A load flow study (LFS) determines proper loading as well as whether the proper voltage is maintained at each circuit due to voltage drop. In simpler terms, it helps to determine how much current load you have and whether the equipment is overloaded or not. Kareem Josephs shares what is needed to get started on a load flow study. Items specific to the total load demand in the facility are factors that will play into the LFS. Kareem explains how often a LFS should occur and what changing...


063. Power Series - Arc Flash Study

In this episode Dan Leeman breaks down what an arc flash study (AFS) is and how to use that information to make better decisions in the future to enhance safety and reliability. The AFS takes a holistic look at the entire electrical power system, all the way down to the individual piece of equipment that is being reviewed. An AFS gives valuable information about voltage class and characteristics, incident energy – the arc energy at a distance from electrical equipment, limited approach...


062. Power Series - Coordination Study

A great way to enhance safety and reliability in an electrical system is by performing a coordination study. In this episode Kareem Josephs explains what a coordination study is and how it can positively impact end users. Picture in your mind a set of dominoes. For each domino to fall the previous one has to "trip" and then causes the next action to occur. This happens all the way thru the setup to the last domino which ultimately falls. A coordination study evaluates an electrical system...


061. Power Series - How close can I get to my electrical gear?

Entering an electrical room can be unsettling for those new to industry. How do you keep yourself safe in these environments? Dan Leeman is an expert in this space and walks thru practical ways you can ensure a safe engagement with electrical gear. Dan reviews how being proactive with visual inspections will give tons of data that you can act on. He unpacks terms such as limited approach and restricted approach boundary which define the safe distances that personnel can engage by each piece...


060. Power Series - Short Circuit Study

Protecting equipment from unexpected changes in power is key to a safe and reliable system. One of the best ways to ensure a system is properly designed and will manage faults in the most efficient way is to have a short circuit study completed. Kareem Josephs unpacks why short circuit studies are important in this idea episode. He shares how to start the process of obtaining a short circuit study, how often a study should be considered and what you should expect. Who should be leading the...


059. Season 2 Recap

In this recap episode we look back at the heroes and ideas that made season 2 memorable. Several miniseries were released with the highlight being the first Women in Engineering series. Every hero has a unique and impactful journey that we hope inspires others to pursue their passions. The ideas shared were epic and spoke to how industry is evolving and how many of these ideas will lead innovation in the future that will ultimately impact the world. Season 3 is setting up to be huge. Out of...


057. Hero - Polo Paredes, North American Channel Manager at Rockwell Automation

Polo Paredes shares his unique and inspiring journey thru his career. He spent time teaching technology and opens up about how he made the transition to Rockwell Automation. Polo wrote out his dreams and constantly found ways to make those dreams a reality. His perspective on leadership and wisdom paints a clear picture of how you can personally impact those around you. Trust is a key attribute that Polo emphasizes as being important in creating credibility. Polo walks thru a formula for...


058. Idea - Prioritizing Technology for Industry 4.0

To simplify Industry 4.0 Brandon Mendoza defines it as: Combining smart connected systems with advanced analytics to enable data driven decisions. Knowing that definition the question remains on how to prioritize technology to truly make an impact in industry. Brandon addresses this head on and reviews how the speed of changing technology is impacting decisions and causing headwinds in knowing how to build roadmap that will lead to success in the future. He breaks down a great way to...


056. Idea - What are ANSI and UL Ratings

When it comes to electrical equipment ANSI and UL ratings are important to understand. In this episode Jonathan Fuller walks thru the important areas to know in each and how to ensure you are making the best decision for your situation. This episode is designed to give you the most important information to increase awareness and educate on a sometimes confusing topic. Guest: Jonathan Fuller - Automation & Power Automation Product Manager at Electrical Equipment Company Host: Chris...


055. Hero - Will Gibson, Associate Vice President at AECOM

In this episode our hero Will Gibson shares his journey thru engineering. Will has a passion for learning and helping others. His story started down an electrical path but he found his passion in civil engineering. He speaks to how important it is to not put yourself in boxes in your career and to have the courage to try new things. He's had wonderful mentors throughout his career and now searches for opportunities to help others grow. Will loves seeing large projects come to fruition and...


054. Industrial Future Series - Closing the Industrial Skills Gap

Workforce attrition is a real problem in industry and Jason Simon is on the frontlines combatting it head on. At AMTEC he works hand in hand with industry professionals and educators to bridge the gap of skilled labor for the industrial workforce. In this episode Jason opens up about how significant the issue is and how by listening to the needs of industry they are designing solutions to get the skills taught in an efficient and effective manner. The gap in education and industry is wide...


053. Industrial Future Series - Manufacturing Perspective

What do you think about when you think “manufacturing”? Maybe you envision an assembly line like Henry Ford invented. Perhaps you think of a monotonous task where you’re standing the same spot doing the same action for eight hours a day. THAT COULDN’T BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH Linda Freeman does a fantastic job of breaking down perspectives around manufacturing and will leave you eager to learn more. She walks thru how manufacturing has evolved and the extremely high level of technology...


052. Industrial Future Series - S.T.E.M Invent the Change

Jay Flores makes STEM fun! In this conversation Jay unpacks how we all have a responsibility to encourage and support the next generation in their pursuit of knowledge. Jay reveals how engineering "talk" can be confusing and the impact that has on others. He creates unique ways to engage on STEM topics and explains how he has incorporated magic to bridge the gap. There are other ways that he suggests we all could begin using: STEM is important for the future because it comes down to how we...


051. Idea - Innovation in Industry

As industry evolves the technologies and solutions being utilized continues to push the limits of innovation. Renee Eddy leads the charge at Eaton and spends her time thinking through the latest problems end users are trying to solve and applying cutting edge thinking to meet those needs. She speaks to the importance of truly understanding the voice of the customer and how to use data, market, and technology analytics to design the best path towards a robust and powerful solution. She gives...


050. Hero - Alexus Hancock

Alexus Hancock is an outstanding engineer with a personality that makes every room she's in brighter. She speaks to how anyone can accomplish their dreams with the right perspective and attitude. There are many memorable quotes and advice from Alexus around how to grow engineering and STEM for the next generation of engineers. There are hurdles when entering industry and she speaks to how asking questions, finding mentors and being personable will accelerate your career and open doors. She...


049. Idea - How to Safely Rack A Breaker

Let's face it power rooms can be intimidating and rightfully so. There is danger present and if you aren't careful disaster could strike. Knowing how to keep yourself safe in these situations and elevating your level of expertise is the goal of this conversation. Mike Rathbun has extensive experience with power and walks thru several areas to consider when assigned this task. Often mistakes are made by the most qualified individuals as with human nature the repetitiveness of a task can open...