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Welcome to EECO Ask’s Why – A podcast that dives into industrial manufacturing topics and spotlights the heroes that keep America running. On this weekly podcast, we do not cover the latest features and benefits on products that come to market. Instead, we focus on advice and insight from the top minds of industry because people and ideas will be how America remains number one in manufacturing in the world.

Welcome to EECO Ask’s Why – A podcast that dives into industrial manufacturing topics and spotlights the heroes that keep America running. On this weekly podcast, we do not cover the latest features and benefits on products that come to market. Instead, we focus on advice and insight from the top minds of industry because people and ideas will be how America remains number one in manufacturing in the world.


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Welcome to EECO Ask’s Why – A podcast that dives into industrial manufacturing topics and spotlights the heroes that keep America running. On this weekly podcast, we do not cover the latest features and benefits on products that come to market. Instead, we focus on advice and insight from the top minds of industry because people and ideas will be how America remains number one in manufacturing in the world.






103. Hero - Renee Eddy, Director of Innovation, Operations, and Methods at Eaton

Renee Eddy is the first in her family to go to college and she has been making an impact in the world ever since. She has the opportunity to work on F22 Joint Strike Fighters right out of school and learned quickly the importance of delivering on a solution and the importance of the system to meet all requirements. Her career has led her through Defense, Data Analytics, Commercial Systems and now she's leading innovation at Eaton! Renee has wonderful advice for those considering industry...


102. Idea - Integrating Microdrives with Ethernet IP

What better way to hear about why Ethernet/IP is a great way to enhance your VFD solutions than directly from the engineer himself that designs these systems daily. Matthew Simmons is a brilliant controls engineer and walks through how he utilizes this communication protocol to improve his systems. He is joined with Harvey Eure who is the VFD specialist in NC for EECO and they talk openly about why this solution works for ANCO Rendering and what benefits they are seeing. Matthew gives...


101. Hero - Jay Flores, Global STEM Ambassador at Rockwell Automation

Jay Flores is a hero to many and is inspiring young minds everywhere he goes. He's focused on educating people about the wonderful world of STEM and is using extremely creative ways to reach people. In this hero conversation he discusses how his passion got started and some of the twists he's taken along the way. From creating amazing videos that are heavily consumed on YouTube and Tik Tok to giving inspirational TED talks he's living out his passion daily. For those that love America Ninja...


100. Idea: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 101

When most people think about UPS systems they think about the basic system that may keep their computer running if power goes out. In the industrial world this looks very different and can be a new area for people. Come along as Jonathan Fuller breaks down the key areas of an uninterruptible power supply system. He discusses brown outs, battery considerations and different types of UPS systems to consider. Sizing up UPS systems can be tricky and Jonathan provides general guidelines that...


099. Hero - Chris Luecke, Host of Manufacturing Happy Hour

What happens when you mix passions of manufacturing, rock bands, adult beverages and seriously amazing content? You get an industry leading show called Manufacturing Happy Hour and it's stellar host Chris Luecke. In this episode Chris steps away from being a host and shares his personal story with us. At his time at Rockwell Automation he was always trying to find ways to change the game and did so through many videos that helped many people understand about some of the changing technologies...


098. Idea - Preventative Maintenance for Electrical Distribution Equipment

If you change the oil in your car or replace the filters in your home HVAC system you're doing preventative maintenance. It makes sense as you're trying to extend the life of your assets. The same philosophy exists for electrical distribution equipment and in this episode Dan Leeman walks us through tips and best practices to give you the most reliable and safe equipment possible. Dan breaks down how to start a preventative maintenance program to yield the best results out of the gate. He...


097. Hero - Daniel Vaughn, Product Service Representative at EECO

Daniel Vaughan loves the family atmosphere he found at EECO and has a passion for serving others. Whether he's at home, church, hanging out with friends or with the customers he supports his heart is happiest when he's helping others. Daniel shares about his journey and how he is able to support so many industries in Virginia. He's seeing a big increase in how vendor managed inventory is being utilized and recognizes that many industrials will be adopting more partnerships around this space...


096. Idea - Manufacturing Recipe for Differentiation

Paul Van Metre is the Co-Founder of ProShop ERP and offers insight to areas that make a significant impact for those supporting industries. Paul specializes in helping machine and fabrication shops grow and support the changing market needs around them. Many of these businesses begin through the industry knowledge that the owners themselves have and bring to the table. Scaling that is where it can get tricky, and Paul unpacks many areas to consider to get past this headwind and onto the road...


095. Season 3 Recap

What an exciting season for EECO Asks Why. It had multiple series, brand new heroes and ideas that are cutting edge. In season 3 we began releasing 3 episodes per week due to your wonderful feedback and enthusiasm. The idea episodes covered many new areas and highlighted several discussions with innovators of industry. We started releasing all episodes on our YouTube channel and started and Instagram account to find new ways to reach others with the wonderful world of industry that we are...


094. Idea - Taking Action to Support Industry

TW Controls is an innovative panel builder with a heart for teaching others about the exciting world of automation. Tim Wilborne is taking his passion for industry and is creating quite an impact. He and his wife Amber began creating outstanding how to videos on various industrial automation topics and posting them weekly. Together they have grown to over 25K subscribers on YouTube and are reaching people all over the world. Tim talks about how he determines the topics that will help people...


093. Hero - Santa Thangavel, Network Security Information Product Manager at EECO

Santa Thangavel is one of the sharpest minds in industrial networking. He's accomplished great things in his career and shares about his journey to industry. He attended the University of Texas and after graduation has served in several roles supporting the evolution of technology in industry. He offers great advice to others around not limiting your thinking about your career. As he puts it if you have the skills and experiences you can land wherever you desire. He is an avid outdoorsman...


092. Idea - Expanding Industry Knowledge with Video

Dan Carnovale is the Power Systems Experience Center (PSEC) at Eaton and he has been taking a unique approach to helping others learn about the exciting world of power. On an average year Dan hosts 7000-8000 people at the PSEC and the engagement with others is what he loves. Through these interactions he noticed consistent themes around power topics and began addressing these areas with outstanding videos. The topics can be complex, and their team has been extremely creative in developing...


091. Hero - Brandon Mendoza, Director of Sales at Oden Technologies

Our hero Brandon Mendoza has a passion for engineering and helping people. He found a great intersection to be the exciting world of sales engineering. He first got exposure to this world working with Rockwell and now leads Oden Technologies as their director of sales. Brandon offers up many areas of advice for those wanting to pursue their passions and practical tips for making those dreams a reality. He emphasizes how important it is to find mentors that care about your success. He refers...


090. Idea - Machine-As-A-Service (MaaS)

If the topic of Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) is new to you this conversation covers the model in detail. Michael Cromheecke is the CEO of Steamchain and he unpacks this exciting new approach to industry. Essentially it is a business model that uses the data from the machinery to establish a contractual relationship. In traditional business models OEM's build equipment to a designed set of standards and once the solution is running the manufacturer owns it from there. In the MaaS model end...


089. Hero - K Sorsenginh, Solution Architect at EECO

K Sorsenginh has a powerful story and shares his journey as one of our heroes. K has supported industry in many ways and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and is skilled in many areas such as welding, HVAC and mechanical services. As a solution architect he is on the front lines and living out Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing every day for the clients he supports. He's constantly building new solutions that help industrial end users grow. He has great advice for young engineers...


088. Idea - Hey Manufacturers – It’s OK to ask for help!

Don't get trapped in your own head. Referencing how things used to be done doesn't always work and that stops progress. Ray Ziganto is the Manufacturing Unicorn and he has a passion for helping those in manufacturing get unstuck and move forward in their pursuits to be the best in their industry. Engineers learn from other engineers and Ray speaks to how embracing others can help you grow personally and create meaningful relationships that your career will benefit from in the...


087. Hero - Bill Medcalf, Director of Information Systems at Global Process Automation

Our hero Bill Medcalf has been a regular contributor on EECO Asks Why and in this episode he opens up about his journey throughout his career. After graduating from Florida State (Go Noles) he's career blossomed and he's been able to make a significant impact in many different roles. Bill discusses the challenge of living up to Industry 4.0 and how being ready to accept new challenges has always kept him moving forward and being in a position to help others. He is intentional about mentoring...


086. Idea - Systems Integrator Evolution

What do system integrators of the future look like? What better way than to hear directly from an integrator that is leading the way in this space. Bobby Cole is the president and founder of Think PLC and let's just say that Bobby is shaking up things in his industry. He focuses on helping OEM's see the future that could exist and then takes ownership of designing and supporting new solutions to give them a competitive advantage. Think PLC has been embracing remote monitoring technologies...


085. Hero - Michael Tricario, Plant Electrical Engineer at CertainTeed

Solving problems and helping people - that is what drives our hero Mike Tricario. He serves as the Plant Electrical Engineer at CertainTeed and gives us an inside look at his journey. After completing his degree at State University of New York at Binghamton he found his way to the largest shingle manufacturer in the world (possibly universe per Mike)! He's worked his way to the plant engineer and is loving every minute of his career. Working at an aging facility provides Mike opportunities...


084. Idea - Exploring Lifecycle Services for Industry

Lifecycle services is a comprehensive approach to professional services that provides long-term partnership to end users, their needs and how others can support them meeting needs. This applies to whatever stage of the life cycle journey they're in. It's really providing end users a simplified approach at solving their problems. End User needs are changing the way they want product is shifting to more of an on demand requirement. Lisa Scanlon unpacks how partnering for lifecycle services...