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Clint Winter (@clintwinter), Lee Green (@itsleegreen), and friends (@friends) get together to discuss what's going on in the world of EdTech and beyond.

Clint Winter (@clintwinter), Lee Green (@itsleegreen), and friends (@friends) get together to discuss what's going on in the world of EdTech and beyond.
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Clint Winter (@clintwinter), Lee Green (@itsleegreen), and friends (@friends) get together to discuss what's going on in the world of EdTech and beyond.




Episode 51 Kevin Kinney Rogers

The gang is back together and it is good times! Music Festivals, The Third Door, the wonderful Hollie Sisk, Google Innovator, and much, much more! Check us out! @edtechrewind @itsleegreen @clintwinter


50 - Pool in the Moose with the Nice Guy

We are at the nifty 50! For this episode Lee and Clint are in the Moose Lodge of the one and only Craig Ellison! This is a great discussion on what the gang have been up to this summer as well as some good EdTech news. Also, be sure to let us know when you hear Kenny Rogers mentioned. Could be a sweatband in it for you!


49 SC Midlands Summit #R2SCMS

Lee is back at the Midland's Summit in beautiful Columbia, SC! In this episode Lee breaks down his love for podcasts and all things podcasting. There was a slight issue with the production in that the card filled up as soon as Chuck Holland started talking about some articles. To make up for that, Lee pulled Chuck back in along with his daughter Grace AND friend of the show, Eric Curts! Be sure to check out the link to Lee's presentation located at goo.gl/hbN65P and follow the Midlands...


48 - Summer Plans

Episode 48 has Clint and Lee discussing what's happening this summer. Lee is heading to New Mexico for the first NOMCON (nomcon.org) and then he will be presenting at the Midlands Summit (www.scmidlandssummit.com). While Lee is a traveling, Clint will be hitting the pool. There is also talk of all the teams Ricky Henderson played for as well as an extensive discussion of how to be a maker! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @clintwinter, @itsleegreen, and @edtechrewind. We'd love to chat!


Episode 47 - #Micropodcasting

It's been too long, but Clint and Lee are back! Talking #johncougarmellenchat, stall wall news, and some exciting plans they have for the summer! Check out Episode 47, Micropodcasting!


Episode 46 #TechTalkGA

In episode 46 Clint and Lee attempt something that has never been done before and that is a #tweetpod! That's right, Lee and Clint attempted to participate in the #TechTalkGA Twitter Chat while doing a Podcast. While not necessarily fully participating in the chat, the questions posed offered plenty of fodder for discussion. Check it out and be sure to give us a follow on Twitter @clintwinter, @itsleegreen, and @edtechrewind!


Episode 45 Older and Wiser with Kris Plummer

With a combined 137 years of experience, Episode 45 is live and Clint and Lee are older and wiser! They are much wiser since they are joined by Kris Plummer, @JDigitalLearn on the Twitter. Kris is the Digital Learning Specialist with Jefferson City Schools, a Google Certified Trainer, and a Soundtrap Certified Teacher. In his former life Kris was a band instructor and he is still a boss DJ and a member of the official band of EdTech Rewind!


Episode 44 Live from EdCampGA!

This is yet another Very Special Episode of EdTech Rewind as Clint and Lee come to you live from the inaugural EdCampGA! Carrie Siegmund and her counterparts put on an incredible half day of learning in the shadows of the hedges at the University of Georgia. Clint, Lee, and the audience discuss a few news stories, play some games, and have a great time! If you would like to check out the articles shared in the discussion, please go to goo.gl/RE26Ng. Big thanks to Cat, Kris, Jason, and all...


Episode 43 - EdTech Team Southern Summit

This is another, what we consider, Very Special Episode of EdTech Rewind. We are coming at you LIVE from the EdTech Team Southern Summit in Peachtree City, GA. It was a great weekend with great presenters AND a great live studio audience. For some of the links we mention in the show be sure to check out this Google Slides presentation, found at https://goo.gl/TPZvut. It has links to the articles. Keep the conversation going and feel free to hit us up on the Twitter @ClintWinter,...


Episode 42 - Flipgrid Founder, Dr. Charles Miller

This is a great discussion with Flipgrid founder, Dr. Charlie Miller. We have a new best friend for the show. Hope you enjoy the discussion and we look forward to more!


Episode 41 - Eric Curts, The Bionic Educator

This is a Holy Wow! Clint and Lee are super excited to welcome the one and only @EricCurts to @EdTechRewind! There is way too much awesome going on in this show to list. Seriously worth a listen to see a different side of Mr. Curts, the Bionic Educator.


Episode 40 - This is 40

Episode: This is 40 In this episode of Edtech Rewind Clint and Lee start off by talking about how their year has started out in 2018. They go on to discuss their favorite music,movies, albums, songs, and Edtech Tools of 2017.They also have a good discussion about Project Based Learning and Lee’s first day of school with students.


Episode 39 - Todd Hollet in China:For Kids, By Kids

Welcome to Episode 39! In major news, it was a true honor to be recognized by Eric Curts as one of the EdTech Podcasts to watch. Looking forward to having Eric on the show in the near future! Also in this episode, you are treated to the audio stylings of Mr. Todd Hollett, @teachwithtodd on the Twitter. Todd is a former co-worker of Clint Winter and currently serves at an International School in Hong Kong. This is a great episode where you get an opportunity to learn more about the life and...


Episode 38 - New Beginnings

Episode 38 is live! It has taken the guys a minute to recover from the awesomeness that was GaETC and things have been crazy! In the big news, Lee has a major announcement related to some New Beginnings. Spoiler alert... Lee is taking a new job! Check out the episode for details. The guys also break down some major happenings in the EdTech-verse. We've got schools being held hostage by ransomware, breaking of Google Chromebooks, and Clint's school district going whole hog on Google by...


Episode 37 #GAETC17 Rewind

Episode 37 is a bit different of an episode as we talk to several companies represented on the floor at #GaETC17. The show kicks off with discussion from Clint, Lee, and Ashley and then moves on to the guests. Among the guests: Allison Lambacher - @a_lambacher: Birdbrain Technologies (@birdbraintech) Marketing Coordinator. Kyle Hickson - @APLazer - Amazing lazer cutters. Bob Ballard - Showing of @padcaster. His company Logisoft offers a variety of EdTech Solutions. Joshua Buce -...


Episode 36 #GEGGA #GaETC17 #CatFlippen

Episode 36 and everything is coming up GEGGA! Cat Flippen and Lee Green talk about all things Google Educator Group Georgia at #GaETC17. Updates include the new Google for EDU Website, Google's efforts for Computer Science, and much more. Cat and Lee also, thanks to friend of the show Drew Sidel, give away $500 worth of Google for EDU Level 1 Certification Certificates. Check us out and be sure to rate us on iTunes or your podcast platform of choice!


Episode 35 - Cat Flippen #GaETC17

In this episode, Clint and Lee speak with Social Media Chair, Cat Flippen! Cat's day job is that of the Director of Personalized Learning and Innovation with Jackson County Schools here in Georgia. Cat is also a longtime friend of the gang as she and Lee went through Google Innovator in Chicago, 2013. Cat shares what she is looking forward to for #GaETC17 as well as how to stay in touch/communicate with those at the conference. They also break down the different meet-ups happening in...


Episode 34 - #GaETC17 Breakdown/Georgia EdTech Christmas!

For Episode 34 Clint and Lee break down what they refer to as EdTech Christmas in Georgia, GaETC! The app is out and the sessions are posted. What are the guys interested in? Who will they go see? Find out here! Also, the guys touch on some other Podcasts such as Check this Out, StartEDUp, and egaming. There is also the normal mention of Kenny Rogers and the Kids from Six Pack! Next week, Clint and Lee also plan to announce their goals for a GaETC Meetup! Tune in and let us know what you...


Episode 33 - EdCamp Whitfield!

Welcome to Episode 33, EdCamp Whitfield! Pay no attention to the name being Episode 34 in the intro... This is number 33. It really was a treat to attend EdCamp Whitfield on Saturday, 10/21/17. Every EdCamp I've been to has been a magical experience and EdCamp Whitfield was no different. Pam Pettyjohn, Ge-Anne Bolhuis and crew put on a great party. That's what an EdCamp really is... an educational party! During this round of EdCamp I (Lee) brought my equipment with me so I did a podcasting...


Episode 32 - Jaime Casap #GaETC17

Episode 32 of Edtech Rewind Tonight Clint and Lee are joined by Google Educational Evangelist Jaime Casap! The guys start off talking about the Major League Baseball playoffs which leads to a discussion about how technology is changing the game. Jaime goes on to talk about how he started off in the education world and how the world needs more problem solvers. The crew discusses what books they are currently reading The End of Average, The Giant of the Senate, and Dan Brown’s Origin,. We go...