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15: Steve Agee | Failing Up Podcast | Comedian, Writer, Actor, Photographer

Steve Agee 01:03 Eden’s wallpaper 04:01 Eden has an update on her rejection letter from last week 05:58 Names getting pronounced wrong 10:32 Steve as a young man 14:12 Going to college 17:55 Eden breaks her hips 19:52 Steve gets an art scholarship 27:04 Steve discovers The Groundlings and experiences failure 31:22 Meeting Sarah Silverman 38:38 Steve talks about auditioning 39:12 Auditioning for Curb Your Enthusiasm 42:12 His approach to acting now 45:21 Is there a show he wishes he got?...


14: Rafael Casal|Writer and Actor | Failing Up Podcast|Guy Opochinski and Eden Dranger

00:35 Eden reads a rejection letter 01:55 Is it better to hear back or not? 05:44 The Bay Area hates LA 08:43 Growing up in Oakland 11:25 Guy and a 7th grade bully 15:35 When did he figure out he wanted to be an artist? 22:33 What does he love about poetry? 26:12 Is he proud of everything he has written? 28:08 Blindspotting 31:52 The 10 year journey to make the movie 38:35 Does he care about the critics - 93% Rotten Tomatoes 44:37 Ethan Embry and Sunny Mabrey 50:38 What’s next? 57:02 Eden’s...


13: Josh Radnor

How I Met Your Mother's Ted Mosby 01:32 Born in Columbus- Went to an orthodox Jewish school but was raised conservative Jew. 04:25 Milk and meat 10:00 What did a young Josh want to do 13:41 Ohio people loving Ohio State 17:56 Robot writers 22:06 Turning in to a writer and getting fired from a pilot 26:01 Everything is a struggle 28:46 What does he consider his “big break”? 37:02 Failure and success and How I Met Your Mother 40:41 Josh doesn’t like Jewish “money jokes” 44:08 Transcendental...


12: Eric LeGrand

4:00 Signed by Rutgers as a high school freshman 9:23 The injury that changed his life 11:20 He said he is proud of the hit, why? 12:20 Malcom Brown’s text to Eric 17:30 Walking on a treadmill 19:58 Winning the Jimmy V Award on ESPN 20:30 Tweeting Lolo Jones and the drama it caused 23:13 Getting signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 28:10 Would he ever want to be a coach 29:30 Fan questions 36:20 What is Eric doing now? 38:51 Eric’s Favorite charity: Follow us all on twitter:...


11: Erin Gibson

Erin Gibson 01:20 living in a construction zone 06:02 Heathers and other problematic movies 9:38 Risky Business 32:00 It’s hard to hate someone when you’re handicapped 34:35 S&M guy 44:50 How did she start podcasting 53:30 Erin’s book Feminasty 57:00 Favorite charity: Follow us on twitter: @gibblertron @theguydf @eden_eats @failinguppod


10: Ben Blacker

Author and writer Ben Blacker 02:26 Ben’s origin story 06:34 Where did he get the confidence to be a writer professionally? 11:47 Master classes 17:45 Thrilling Adventure Live 24:20 Star Wars and Supernatural canon 31:30 Does Ben care about reviews? 39:35 Are three fights with his writing partner Ben Acker? 41:34 Hex Wives comic book 50:30 Advice to young writers 55:49 Favorite charity: CHIRLA - Follow us on twitter: @BenBlacker @theguydf @eden_eats @failinguppod


9: David Iserson

The Spy Who Dumped Me - In theaters August 3rd 02:02 Guy and David grew up in the same town 04:32 Theater Camp 09:30 Los Angeles isn’t intimidating 12:00 Coming out to LA without a job 15:25 The first writing, was it good or crap? 19:14 What is Failing at writing a script 22:45 Writing for Saturday Night Live 29:36 Moving on from SNL 34:47 what type of writing does he enjoy most 38:15 Pitfall younger writers have 40:09 Does David have a mentor? 42:40 Writing “The Spy Who Dumped Me” was born...


8: Failing Up - Guy and Eden

00:02 No guest this week 01:04 Where Eden gets most cyberstalked 04:33 Eden’s unwanted “guests” 09:40 Talking failure 18:56 Dating worries - Are her parents alive? 23:10 It’s not about you... 24:20 Being taught how to flirt 30:06 Esther Perel 32:30 Instagram has a mute function 36:01 Cast your net wide 36:42 The chocolate cookie is a failure Give to Guy's favorite charity this week! Follow us on twitter @theguydf @eden_eats @failinguppod


7: Jay Duplass

Jay Duplass director, author, and actor (Transparent) 2:52 Does everybody “bomb”? 15:51 The jump in to writing and making movies 20:10 No one’s first movie is great 23:58 Eden’s dad invented the Arm Waving Tube Man! 25:30 Jay’s belief in how success happens 25:50 Transparent 29:25 Inside Baseball of filmmaking 36:00 What people like to watch 37:15 How do you know when your baby is beautiful (The Puffy Chair) 42:40 Watching old people watch movies 44:10 Getting cast on Transparent 48:48...


6: Ben Wexler

Ben Wexler 05:00 Casting for Forrest Gump? 12:26 The new thing that reads your thoughts 23:44 The Comedians/ Bill Crystal 41:00 Consulting producer - Arrested Development 45:37 Inside story about Arrested Development Season 4 47:29 What is he most proud of l Favorite charity The Christopher Reeve foundation for paralysis Follow us on twitter: @mrbenwexler @failinguppod @eden_eats @theguydf


5: Ben Lee

Ben Lee knew what he wanted to do for a living by the time he was 10 years old... a rockstar. And although many of us dream of stardom at the age of 10, by 14 years old, Ben had his first successful band, Noise Addict. Since then, this composer and musician's music has been featured in There's Something About Mary, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs and many other places. Now married to 80's icon Ione Skye, Ben even shares a little information about his famous wife. Donate to the "B is for Beer: The...


4: Alex Edelman

Alex Edleman grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family in Boston. Son of a noted biomedical engineer and brother of an Israeli Olympian, Alex had a lot to live up to. At 15, Alex started performing standup and found his career. Now Alex tours the world as a comedian and has won multiple awards for his calling. Follow us on twitter @AlexEdelman @eden_eats @theguydf @failinguppod Save an elephant or two! Donate to Alex's charity:


3: Amir Blumenfeld

9:12 2nd place in a Yahoo IM contest 11:08 Comedy Origins 14:15 Getting on 17:04 Prank Wars starts with fake pranks 20:35 College Humor TV show cancelled quickly 25:30 Food talk - Bread makes you fat 35:24 Pranked on MTV 36:02 What people expect from Amir 39:39 Head Gum podcast network 44:40 Writing and selling TV shows 46:30 Getting ahead of the curve: Luck or skill? 51:02 Favorite charity: Foodbank LA Give to Amir's favorite charity:


2: Sara Benincasa

Sara Benincsa 00:35 Technical issues to start the show breeds some laughs 9:00 Some New Jersey Talk 12:19 What’s a ‘Benny’? 13:55 Talkin about Skeeball 15:00 Sara just did another podcast titled Failing Up 16:27 A criminal fails 25:27 Why people who have been single a long time are better partners 31:16 Talking about Getting Wet 34:19 Margaret Cho gets naked 34:23 Donald Glover gets naked 41:09 Surrounding yourself with people who are better at shit than you 45:50 Bruce Springstein vs Bon...


1: Chris Regan

Emmy award winning writer Chris Regan (The Daily Show, Family Guy) comes by and inaugurates Season 2, Episode 1 of Failing Up! Chris talks about his successful times and the failures he endured along his journey. From getting punched by Donald Trump to getting rejected by Reading Rainbow, Chris has his fair share of great stories. Listen now! Chris's Charity: Follow us on twitter: @ChrisRRegan @eden_eats @theguydf @failinguppod


Ben Acker

From audience member at LA's famous Largo, to door guy, to working on his favorite show, to bringing his own show to the same venue, Ben Acker's success story certainly wasn't overnight. Ben has worked his way up, from his stints on Will and Grace and The Michael Richards Show after college, to his bartending job after both of those positions ended, Ben never gave up. Listen as Ben talks about all of this, plus his work on his famous podcast/stage show Thrilling Adventure hour, writing Star...


Heather Matarazzo

Heather Matarazzo (The Princess Diaries, Welcome to the Dollhouse) began acting at just six years old. The very first movie she was in won an Academy Award, but it has definitely not always been easy for Heather. On this week's show, Heather candidly discusses her successes and failures and everything in between. Today, Heather is not only a success, but she also is very grounded, something she attributes to an Ayahuasca ceremony she did. But, listen for yourself! Follow us on twitter:...


Larry Karaszewski

He has written and produced some of the most iconic biopics of all time. Larry Karazewski, along with his writing partner Scott Alexander brought us such films as The People vs. Larry Flint, Man on the Moon, and Ed Wood. The duo also penned and produced the award winning TV show, The People vs OJ Simpson. Larry wasn't always a success and certainly discusses all of the ups and downs of his career. Listen now! Give to Larry's charity: Follow us all on twitter: @Karaszewski...


Beatrice Springborn

International Women's Day is the perfect time to release this podcast with Beatrice Springborn. Beatrice has worked her way up from being an editorial assistant at a Texas monthly, to a Manager of Development at Pixar, all the way to her current title, Head of Original Programming at Hulu. Beatrice tells her story and dishes out some great advice to the listeners. Donate to Beatrice's charity: Follow us all on twitter: @beespring @failinguppod @eden_eats @theguydf


Sarah Treem

After coming from the world of theater, Sarah Treem began her career in television writing for the hit show "In Treatment". Then, after spending time on the Netflix juggernaut "House of Cards", Sarah got her own show after creating "The Affair". Of course, Sarah had her share of struggles as well. In this episode, Sarah shares about her triumphs and failures, and offers great advice to young writers. Give to Sarah's charity: Follow us on twitter:...