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Ben Acker

From audience member at LA's famous Largo, to door guy, to working on his favorite show, to bringing his own show to the same venue, Ben Acker's success story certainly wasn't overnight. Ben has worked his way up, from his stints on Will and Grace and The Michael Richards Show after college, to his bartending job after both of those positions ended, Ben never gave up. Listen as Ben talks about all of this, plus his work on his famous podcast/stage show Thrilling Adventure hour, writing...


Heather Matarazzo

Heather Matarazzo (The Princess Diaries, Welcome to the Dollhouse) began acting at just six years old. The very first movie she was in won an Academy Award, but it has definitely not always been easy for Heather. On this week's show, Heather candidly discusses her successes and failures and everything in between. Today, Heather is not only a success, but she also is very grounded, something she attributes to an Ayahuasca ceremony she did. But, listen for yourself! Follow us on twitter:...


Larry Karaszewski

He has written and produced some of the most iconic biopics of all time. Larry Karazewski, along with his writing partner Scott Alexander brought us such films as The People vs. Larry Flint, Man on the Moon, and Ed Wood. The duo also penned and produced the award winning TV show, The People vs OJ Simpson. Larry wasn't always a success and certainly discusses all of the ups and downs of his career. Listen now! Give to Larry's charity: Follow us all on twitter:...


Beatrice Springborn

International Women's Day is the perfect time to release this podcast with Beatrice Springborn. Beatrice has worked her way up from being an editorial assistant at a Texas monthly, to a Manager of Development at Pixar, all the way to her current title, Head of Original Programming at Hulu. Beatrice tells her story and dishes out some great advice to the listeners. Donate to Beatrice's charity: Follow us all on twitter: @beespring @failinguppod @eden_eats @theguydf


Sarah Treem

After coming from the world of theater, Sarah Treem began her career in television writing for the hit show "In Treatment". Then, after spending time on the Netflix juggernaut "House of Cards", Sarah got her own show after creating "The Affair". Of course, Sarah had her share of struggles as well. In this episode, Sarah shares about her triumphs and failures, and offers great advice to young writers. Give to Sarah's charity: Follow us on twitter:...


Aaron Abrams

Aaron Abrams is an actor and writer who worked his way from the mean streets of Toronto Canada, to Chicago, then all the way to Los Angeles to realize his dream. He ran in to some bumps along the way, but that didn't stop Aaron. Listen in as he talks about his struggles and his triumphs as he departs wisdom and lessons along the way. Follow us on twitter: @mraaronabrams @theguydf @eden_eats @failinguppod Aaron's Charity:


Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn didn't grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth. In fact, this self proclaimed daughter of hippies woke up one day and realized that she had a big issue, and that issue was money. So what did this writer, comedian, journalist, actress, YouTuber(and sometimes Postmates courier), do? She started a podcast about her own journey and to help others, simply titled "Bad With Money". We talk to Gaby about her journey from being heavily in debt to YouTube star who is financially solvent....


Duncan Birmingham

Duncan Birmingham is currently an Executive Producer for the show Blunt Talk starring Patrick Stewart, but Duncan's path to success didn't come overnight. After writing for various small local newspapers, being the Bigfoot "expert" for the Weekly World News, and then landing a job as a writer's assistant on Queer as Folk, Duncan really paid his dues. Duncan was also a writer and executive producer for the TV show Maron. We dig in deep with Duncan about his success, failures and everything...


Andy Lassner Part 2

Our first guest, Andy Lassner, makes a triumphant return to the podcast this week. The first time we spoke to Andy, he spoke candidly about his past drug use, alcohol abuse and other transgressions. This time, we pick up where we left off. How is Andy doing today? Does he deal with depression still, and if so, how does he do it on a day to day basis. We also speak with Andy about the people he helped by being on our show the first time. Once again, Andy is an open book; he shares with us...


Travon Free

Raised in Compton, Travon Free did not have an easy childhood. As he got older, he was a star athlete at his high school, which translated to him playing basketball for his college team. An injury forced Travon to quit the game, and forced him to follow his other dream, comedy. Travon was scratching by as a writer and comic, when he landed his dream job writing for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and then Trevor Noah. Now working for Bill Simmons, Travon has seen his career skyrocket, but...


Eliza Bayne

Eliza Bayne is a writer, producer and performer from Vancouver, B.C. She began her career working in radio, performing and writing comedy bits for a local morning show. She moved into acting shortly thereafter, and in addition to acting in commercials and television, she produced and hosted several shows on G4TV as well as providing voice-over for commercials and animation. Eliza is a great talent and has been named one of the funniest people on twitter too many times to count. We talk to...


Alex Capecelatro

Alex Capecelatro is a young man who has already seen a lot of success. From leaving high school to go work for NASA and Harvard, to being on Space X's Zero Gravity Flight, to being the CEO to his own startups. But Alex has also had to face a lot of adversity, he was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes when he was 9 and faced a ton of rejection along the way. In the end, we think that you'll agree Alex's words of wisdom can help everyone. Contribute to Alex's charity: Follow us...


Comedy Writers Roundtable

Listen to the first ever LIVE Failing up broadcast from The Hollywood Improv! This episode takes a more lighthearted approach to the subject of failure. Eden and Guy sat down with three of our generation's most successful writers/executive producers, Danny Zuker (Modern Family), Alec Sulkin (Family Guy) and Mike Scully (The Simpsons) and talked about what it took for them to become successful. We also play a game called "Who Tweeted It" for charity. Listen! Danny's charity: Autistic Self...


Brandon Michael Koch

Brandon Koch is a successful hypnotherapist with a very interesting story. When he was a teenager, his mother found out some information from his phone that caused them to not speak for two years. Soon after, Brandon moved to LA and fell in with the wrong crowd and spiraled downhill. But don't worry, Brandon has a story of triumph that you must listen to. Brandon's charity: Contact Brandon: Follow us on twitter: @hypnoangel11...


Joey Greco

As the former host of the TV show Cheaters, Joey Greco has seen it all, and has personally witnessed many relationships fail. But did you know that Joey began his career working as a counselor? Or that he later donned tights and was on a fitness show on ESPN? This week we speak to Joey about the personal and professional successes and failures that led him to who he is. We ask Joey to come clean about the alleged 2003 stabbing incident on the show, and talk about his 2005 arrest as well....


Dustin Penner

Dustin Penner is an amazing story of someone who triumphed over adversity. After being cut by his home team three times, Dustin's chances of realizing his dream of being in the NHL seemed slim. Dustin never let adversity slow him down, proving himself through unusual means to get a chance to live his dream. After arriving in the NHL, Dustin promptly won the Stanley Cup and then went on to a wonderful career where he picked up a second one. Then one day, Dustin realized that hockey wasn't...


Zeb Newman

Zeb Newman is a true story of someone who triumphed in the face of adversity. As an actor studying at Juilliard, Zeb fell for the trappings of drugs, that eventually took control of his whole life. After seeing some success with acting in his twenties, Zeb's life went downhill. By his late twenties, he was on the street, literally living in LA's Skid Row. Shortly after that, Zeb had a stroke that temporarily paralyzed half of his body. And what did Zeb do when he recovered? He got high...


Elan Gale

Elan Gale is a creative man who lives to get reactions from people, from his blind date that he live tweeted, to his now infamous Thanksgiving plane ride row with a fictional young lady named Diane in 7A, Elan is no stranger from controversy. Elan also runs the hit Instagram accounts @textsfromyourex, @unspirational and @tindernightmares, entertaining millions of people daily. Through all of his success in the cyber world, and even in real life as a Producer for The Bachelor, Elan was...


Neal Brennan

Neal Brennan helped create one of the greatest TV sketch shows in history. But the co-creator co Chappelle's Show wasn't always successful. Neal began his career as a doorman at a comedy club in NYC. When he got up on stage for the first time as a comedian, the experience was so traumatic, he didn't go up again for years. His first movie, Half Baked, although a cult classic, was not exactly a hit when it first came out. Neal walks us through his successes, his failures and how he deals...


Alec Sulkin

Alec Sulkin has seen wild success as a writer and Executive Producer and the voice of Jesus (and many other characters)for Family Guy, a writer of the movie Ted and Ted 2, and has even written for The Oscars. Things aren't always fun and easy for Alec though, he has seen his share of failure. His controversial tweet about a Japanese earthquake in 2011 caused an uproar online. Some of the shows he has written, including Dads and A Million Ways To Die in the West didn't have the same...


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